Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 219

Chapter 219        Dripping Blood

As a middle-class woman who received tertiary education in the United States, wearing the stupid, ridiculous, and outdated chastity underwear was an absolute shame for Rachel. When she was forced to wear the underwear, her grief, humiliation, and anger drove her crazy.

Therefore, when Rachel, who was already mad, saw Zhou Qingfeng, she shouted and commanded him to get the underwear off of her. Fortunately, her screams were suitable for the current situation. The two female guards out there did not suspect a thing. They took a glance and no action was taken.

“Calm down, calm down. There must be a way.” Zhou Qingfeng took such a great risk not just to see her boobs. He continued to calm her down while typing on the laptop. The screen showed a new line of words.

‘I found that Fernando Rethnor has installed ten tons of TNT on Polarlys. I suppose it’s a self-destruction measure to prevent other people from stealing the ship. I can’t get rid of the TNT but I’m pretty sure that there’s a remote control detonating device.’

‘Based on the distance between here and Polarlys, the power required will be large. Also, it requires the abilities to prevent interference and encryption. Thus, it won’t be very tiny and Fernando could bring it around with him. I need your help, did you see any weird thing like that?’

Rachel calmed down a little and shook her head. She grabbed Zhou Qingfeng’s hand and wrote something on his palm - ‘Hashim’.

Zhou Qingfeng got the message and prepared to leave. However, Rachel refused to let go. She even pushed his hand against her breast and continued to shout, “Get this stupid thing off of me! You have to think!”

“Alright, alright. I promise you, I’ll think about it.” Zhou Qingfeng’s finger was poked by the thorn on the underwear and it started to bleed.

A drop of blood dripped onto the middle of the bras and all of a sudden, both the bras and panties tightened up and they perfectly covered Rachel’s private parts. The thorns were gone and the chastity underwear now looked like usual underwear.

What’s going on….. Zhou Qingfeng and Rachel were astonished. It seemed like something on the chastity underwear was activated.

Zhou Qingfeng walked out of the room and asked the female guards who were guarding the room, “Ma’am wants to know more about the underwear. She thought it was pretty…. interesting.”

One of the female guards replied, “It’s Mr. Rethnor’s idea - an advanced sex toy. It requires blood to be activated. With the DNA high processing speed chip, it could record the user’s identity in just a second.”

“It requires the user’s blood to unlock the underwear. If the wrong DNA is tested or it’s forced to unlock, the underwear will ignite the explosion. It’s powered by a thermoelectric cell where you don’t have to worry about its battery life. It’s made especially for female slaves. Isn’t it cool?”

What…..? He’s such a….. pervert.

Obviously, Rachel would not think it was cool. Only Fernando Rethnor would think it was cool!

The door was not closed and Rachel clearly heard their conversations. Zhou Qingfeng turned around and looked into the room. He saw Rachel glare at him and whisper, “Victor Hugo, you’re an a**hole! I’m gonna kill you!”

Oh shit, it’s a serious issue. Zhou Qingfeng was worried. Then…. he quickly ran away.

Zhou Qingfeng thought in his mind, “I’m going to see Hashim for Polarlys. As for the chastity underwear on Rachel, I’ll think about it later!” As he was the organizer of the wedding, he had obtained a temporary pass for Polarlys.

When Zhou Qingfeng found Hashim, he was enjoying a sunbath with a few naked women on the rear deck. Zhou Qingfeng shouted exaggeratedly, “Mr. Rethnor, what are you doing here? The wedding ceremony is starting soon and you’re a VIP. You can’t miss it.”

“Hey…., Jones, Jones. Come here, I have a few beauties for you.” Hashim waved to Zhou Qingfeng. He has been drinking a lot and he was drunk.

Zhou Qingfeng grabbed him over and said, “You can’t show up like this in the wedding. Oh…, right. I’ve heard something horrible from the guards that there is TNT installed on this ship, is that real?”

Fortunately, Hashim was drunk and unconscious. It seemed like he had drunk the high-level alcohol coca wine which had the effect of illusion and excitement. He was not able to think straight.

When Hashim heard what Zhou Qingfeng said, he immediately raised his finger and said, “Shhhh, it’s a secret. My uncle doesn’t want anyone to know about it.”

“Really? Isn’t he afraid about killing himself? Zhou Qingfeng was trying to dig something out of Hashim.

“Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. It’s under my uncle’s control.”

Hashim pointed to an obvious antenna in the middle of Polarlys and said, “That’s connected with a remote control that’s with my uncle. Nobody could get over that and control this ship.”

The antenna was three meters high; it must be a temporary layout. Zhou Qingfeng told Angie, who was on Bird-of-Paradise, through the wireless radio and asked for an opinion, “Can I break or destroy the antenna?”

“No, the remote control might be sending constant signals to the receiver. If you break the antenna, it’ll not be able to receive signals and it’ll either trigger the alarm or the bomb directly.”

Angie continued, “Put a transmitter on the antenna. I’ll try to get through the encrypted communication protocol.”

Zhou Qingfeng came to Polarlys well prepared. He expected that this would happen and he had created a corresponding control measure. A wireless transmitter was installed on the antenna.

“What should I do now?”

“I’ll need more time for this, your job is to make sure Fernando Rethnor wouldn’t set this bomb off before I solve it.”

“Ohh…., So… I’m going to your mother’s wedding now.”

“Please bring her back safely, and tell her I love her!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring her back safely,” Zhou Qingfeng was going to promise Angie but when he thought about the chastity underwear, he added, “Maybe, there might be a little accident…”

Angie interrupted him, “Victor, please promise me that there will be no accidents.”

“Uh….” Zhou Qingfeng was in a very awkward situation. He thought in his mind, A very, very little accident had already happened.

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