Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 216

Chapter 216        Storm Raging

Undoubtedly, there was a reason why Fernando was famous. Even though Fernando was arrogant and crazy, he was very smart as he was able to survive and own a force in the cataclysm. His assumption about Zhou Qingfeng was completely accurate.

Zhou Qingfeng knew the enemy was strong. Thus, he decided to withdraw. He brought all his resources along with his ninth armored battalion away from the logistic center because he did not want to fight face-to-face with Fernando Rethnor. That will not be good for both sides and it would only benefit the bystanders. Zhou Qingfeng would rather allow the other people to ensure his safety.

Before Zhou Qingfeng left the Queens center, he ‘reminded’ the four leaders of Skull and Bones on purpose and told them that Fernando Rethnor, who has been missing for two weeks, had come back with a bunch of mercenaries.

The drones sent by Zhou Qingfeng found the Polarlys and the ships of mercenaries. The entire Skull and Bones started to panic when they saw the ships coming towards New York. Clearly, Fernando did not come with friendly intentions; he was coming aggressively.

“Everyone, I really want to stay and continue to serve. But, Fernando Rethnor fired me and chased me out of this logistic center. Deputy commander Ted will be in charge of this logistic center from now on. Talk to him if you have any questions.”

The high-level officers from the Skull and Bones event sent people to ask why ‘Jim Jones’ resigned. Zhou Qingfeng simply left everything to Ted and left. Without support from Lena’s management team, Ted and his unprofessional team could not handle the entire Skull and Bones. It was only half a day and people started to complain.

“Stop rushing us. The resources are already on their way. You need to be patient.”

“Where has all the food on the list gone? Only half the food was left in the storage. What do you mean ‘you don’t know’? You’re supposed to know because you’re the guard of storage.”

“We have thousands of transportation vehicles. What’s going on with transport? Are we running out of fuel? How could that be? The records showed that there are fifty gallons in the warehouse.”

As soon as Ted took over the logistic center, he felt like he was stuck in a huge whirlpool. He managed the logistic center like he used to. However, it was only two weeks and everyone despised him. Their looks were filled with contempt.

It was because his management was so much more different than Zhou Qingfeng’s. Even though the people struggled, during the days when Zhou Qingfeng controlled the logistic center, people did not have to worry about their livelihoods and it was obvious that the city was recovering. However, when Ted returned, the entire management system crashed.

It was not Ted’s fault. Zhou Qingfeng took all the professional skill workers. Before Zhou Qingfeng took over the logistic center, Ted drowned him with tons of documents and data that was messy and incomplete. However, the terrible Zhou Qingfeng did not just leave him the incomplete data, most of them did not match the actual record.

“It’s a trap! It’s all planned! That brat is trying to get rid of me.”

Before this, Ted thought Zhou Qingfeng left was due to ethical reason or perhaps, Zhou Qingfeng was afraid. Now, he realized the number of resources did not match the actual amount. He only realized these things when he actually managed the resources himself.

Tons of food were gone, a large amount of fuel had disappeared, all sorts of mechanical devices and equipment were stolen, and many of the professional skill workers even went missing. Zhou Qingfeng left the logistic center, which appeared glamorous from the outside, but in fact, it was empty and rotten on the inside.

Ted was so mad at Zhou Qingfeng but he could not explain to the others. People could care less about the reasons behind it; they only cared that Jim Jones did great and Ted was bad. Obviously, people were very unsatisfied with Ted.

After the four other leaders of Skull and Bones received the information about Fernando Rethnor coming back with a bunch of mercenaries, they had no choice but to work together and face the one strong enemy. Undoubtedly, the entire Skull and Bones did not like Fernando’s imposter; they all stood against him.

Zhou Qingfeng thought it was not enough for Fernando Rethnor. He even spread the news to the Brotherhood of Steel through David Lawrence. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Steel was still recovering from the loss in Staten Island. Everyone was terrified when they heard that more forces will be added to Skull and Bones.

The two largest organizations in New York had reached an agreement - stop Fernando Rethnor and his forces. Otherwise, none of them could run from him.

“Do you think Fernando Rethnor would be able to land?” Lena Fox asked.

Meanwhile, she was on the Bird-of-Paradise. The bulk carrier was filled with resources and complete members which had already left Brooklyn and arrived at Long Island offshore, which was around fifty nautical miles from New York.

“Definitely. Fernando’s plan is perfect. He has a tank landing ship. No one can stop him.”

Zhou Qingfeng was standing with Lena at the front of the Bird-of-Paradise. DogMeat was running around them while playing and barking happily.

There were more than three hundred men under Miss Fox and they were much better than the team before. Her position and ability were approved by everyone. No one would simply leave. No one would like to leave.

The management team of five hundred people was split up. The elites within were all taken by Lena and the rest were taken by David Lawrence.

Even though Lena thought that the rest of them were useless, David Lawrence was very satisfied with them. Very soon, David Lawrence was promoted and became one of the leaders of the Brotherhood of Steel because of the management team.

Zhou Qingfeng had around five hundred men in his ninth armored battalion and more than a hundred vehicles. However, only a quarter of the five hundred men were useful. The rest could only be cannon fodders.

The useful forces were divided into two companies where Roma and Xu Guangrong were the leaders. Roma had all the Caucasian soldiers under him and Xu Guangrong had all the Asian men. Also, he rejected any American-born-Chinese who did not know how to speak Mandarin.

The elite team from Zhou Qingfeng and Lena Fox’s management team added up to five hundred people. There were armed forces, medical personnel, managers, engineers, and logistics workers; there was enough to form a small-scale society. Also, the male to female ratio was balanced. In fact, there were more women than men.

Zhou Qingfeng stared at the waves in the sea and mumbled, “The next two to three days will be crucial for me to get Polarlys.”

Around a hundred nautical miles away from New York, Fernando read the report of the current situation of New York sent by Ted. With a serious face, he sighed and said, “The next two days will be crucial for me to get New York.”

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