Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 215

Chapter 215        Suspected

Two shots, two injured. Old man Ted was provoked and outraged by Zhou Qingfeng! However, Zhou Qingfeng did not give a d*mn, he turned around and directly walked away.

Marco and Richard were locked in individual rooms. Zhou Qingfeng, Butcher, Roma, Eileen, Ellie and the members of Squad Hugo appeared. Even the Xu Guangrong who was almost killed by Marco woke up.

“You’re dead!” Xu Guangrong glared at Marco, “If it wasn’t for you, the thousands of Chinese people in Manhattan wouldn’t have to struggle as much as today. We were going to submit to Zhou Qingfeng earlier and you’re the one who disagreed. You confused and forced everyone to stay in Chinatown to wait for the formation of the new government.

“What do we get in the end? A terrible disaster. Everyone in Chinatown just wants to survive but how many of them did? How many of them died?! Everyone is struggling because of you!”

Marco was holding his leg while enduring the pain. He knew he could not run anymore. He could only shout, “Are you blaming me now? The fact that I disagreed doesn’t mean that all of you must listen to me. All of you are brainless and I can’t be blamed for that. I’m already f*cked up and I don’t give a shit anymore.”

Zhou Qingfeng looked at Marco, then looked at Richard who was also terrified. Zhou Qingfeng asked Richard, “Hey there, Richard. It’s me. Tell me what’s going on? I’ll try to make it less painful for you.”

“You… you… you’re Victor Hugo! You’re the commander of our logistics center?!” Richard confirmed that the man in front of him was Zhou Qingfeng. Before this, he thought he might be able to return to the life before the cataclysm because of ‘Jim Jones’, but now he realized that everything was a joke.

Zhou Qingfeng straightened his face and said, “Hurry up, don’t waste my time. It’s not good for you.”

Richard instantly burst into tears because he knew nobody could save him. Under the pressure from Zhou Qingfeng, Richard slowly explained what Fernando Rethnor had asked him to do.

After Zhou Qingfeng, Butcher, David Lawrence and the members of Squad Hugo heard what Richard said, all of them burst into laughter, “I knew that b*stard was going to come back. I’m so impressed that he went at least a few thousand kilometers away to ask for help.”

David Lawrence asked calmly, “Victor, what are you going to do?”

“Ohh….. of course, I’m still going to work under the Rethnor’s family. I’m going to apologize to Ted to show my loyalty. Also, I’ll show that I’m distraught because I accidentally killed a dog. My identity hasn’t been exposed yet, and I need to continue acting as Jim Jones.”

Zhou Qingfeng turned around relaxingly and before he left, he told Butcher, “Kill Richard. As for Marco, since he’s not afraid of dying, take it slowly.”

Butcher shot and killed Richard. Then, he crouched in front of Marco and giggled, “Do you know why people call me ‘Butcher’? You’re going to know why in just a second.”

Everyone left but the screams went on.

Zhou Qingfeng returned to the command post and ordered the workers, “Send all the drones out. Monitor the south of New York and search specifically for Polarlys. Please pay attention, Polarlys could be hiding behind a group of ships.”

After that, Zhou Qingfeng went to Ted’s office to show his regret. He asked for forgiveness from Ted because he ruined Mr. Rethnor’s plan of investigating the logistics center. Also, Zhou Qingfeng said, “Commander Ted, I’ll give up the authority of logistics center to show my loyalty.”

Of course, Ted would not believe Zhou Qingfeng. He was still mad at Zhou Qingfeng. However, he was surprised and stunned when he heard that Zhou Qingfeng was willing to give up the authority of logistics center, “Are you willing to give up?”

Thousands of words were useless without action. As for Ted, Zhou Qingfeng’s action of giving up the authority of the logistics center did not make any sense because the authority was such a great power. Instead, Zhou Qingfeng appeared as if he did not give a d*mn and it was abnormal.

“Yes.” Zhou Qingfeng confirmed with Ted. He thought in his mind, I’ve taken pretty much everything here. More than forty thousand tons of resources are on my ‘Bird-of-Paradise’. The false accounting entries weren’t even enough to cover everything. Since Fernando Rethnor is coming back, I should leave this place. I can’t continue to stay on the frontlines.

“I’m just hoping that the Ninth Armored Battalion can stay with me. There’s nothing else I want other than that.” After Zhou Qingfeng finished talking, he politely left the office. As Zhou Qingfeng left the office, he summoned the Ninth Armored Battalion and withdrew from the logistics enter. Of course, he brought along the people who were in charge of the drones and those who worked with him internally.

As soon as Zhou Qingfeng withdrew from the logistics center with his Ninth Armored Battalion, Ted immediately contacted the Polarlys which was still sailing on the sea with a wireless radio. Ted reported the latest situation to Fernando Rethnor.

Meanwhile, Fernando was on his way back to New York. He accepted more than ten ships and more than fifteen thousand retired soldiers from all of South America. They were all professionally trained and experienced mercenaries. Fernando was very confident that would be able to take over all of New York.

Fernando was not afraid of the other leaders of Skull and Bones and the Brotherhood of Steel anymore. The only worry he had was the Jim Jones who was controlling the logistic center. Fernando would not worry if Jim Jones was ‘normal’, instead, Jim Jones was doing really great and it threatened him.

Fernando heard Jim Jones was willing to give up the authority without any conditions, and he thought Jim Jones’s action was unreasonable.

“Really? Jim Jones left?” Fernando Rethnor thought it was weird.

“Yeah, he actually left.” Deputy Commander Ted recovered his position and authority of logistics center, “He brought five hundred men with him and they’re staying in Farmingdale which is around ten kilometers away from here. Also, he doesn’t have any heavy weapons. Instead, he only took those light-armored vehicles.”

“He’s such a weirdo!” Fernando Rethnor was confused. Again, he asked his nephew Hashim, “You said he knows me very well?”

“Yes, uncle. Even though I only talked to him for a while, he talked about a lot of things that only the people around you know. That’s why I trusted him and gave him the authority of logistics center.” Hashim was proud of himself because he was the one who recommended ‘Jim Jones’. See how smart I am? Praise me, uncle!

However, Fernando Rethnor was suspicious and he shook his head, “Oh my nephew, people who know you very well could either be your friends or your enemies. I’d say enemies might even care more about you than your friends do. I don’t remember this Jim Jones. I think the chance of him being our enemy is higher!”

“We need to be careful with that man.”

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