Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 213

Chapter 213       Cannibalism

Next day, at the Skull and Bones’ logistics center.

Richard had been hanging out here for the whole day, and the deputy commander, Ted, ordered him to check ‘Jim Jones’ out. However, as soon as he arrived, he realized the logistics center was busy and packed with people. He could not freely move around.

Before this, the logistics center was under Ted’s control and it was a mess. The logistics center was always packed with people all the time. Now, after ‘Jim Jones’ took over, the logistics center was tense, but it was organized. The differences in their abilities in managing the logistics enter were clear enough to be seen.

However, it turned out that Richard was not able to conduct an investigation on Zhou Qingfeng because there were a lot of restricted areas in logistics center. All the weak spots were guarded by the Ninth Armored Battalion; it was impossible for Richard to get closer to the command post.

Apart from that, his investigation was delayed because Zhou Qingfeng never came out of the command post. The information about ‘Jim Jones’ that Richard had in hand was a simple registration record with general information written on it. It was literally useless for him.

“When are you going to have something for me?” Deputy Commander Ted could only stay in his office every day. He appeared extremely annoyed after keeping his hands in pockets for a long period of time.

Richard could not really do anything with regards to the question. He said, “You want me to check if Jim Jones is loyal to Mr. Rethnor, but his loyalty doesn’t just appear on his face. How do you want me to investigate?”

“Based on the current situation, other than the five hundred men in the armored battalion, Jim Jones has no other forces. He didn’t get connected with the other Big Five of Skull and Bones and he’s taking care of Mr. Rethnor’s forces very well. Everyone’s happy with him. I can only say it’d be almost impossible for him to betray Mr. Rethnor.

“But the power behind this Jim Jones is too huge. He recruited more than ten thousand people for city cleaning from the relief station and gave them weapons. Also, he formed a logistics team with more than a hundred million people to collect the resources from the other cities and towns around New York.

“More than eighty percent of the vehicles and fuel of Skull and Bones are under his control at the moment. That’s what I’m worried about.” Even though Ted had no idea about how Zhou Qingfeng managed to do it so well, he had to admit Zhou Qingfeng’s ability. However, it caused the high-level officers of Skull and Bones to feel uneasy.

“Alright, fine. Since all of you are insecure, I’ll send someone to try again. I can’t directly investigate Jim Jones but I might be able to investigate the people around him.”

If there was a choice, Richard would rather ‘Jim Jones’ be the leader because he had the capability. However, Richard had no choice.

Meanwhile, with Zhou Qingfeng’s help, David Lawrence appeared at the Skull and Bones logistics center. He was instantly surprised by the highly efficient logistic system that Zhou Qingfeng was managing, “How did you manage to get so many resources?”

“The resources weren’t insufficient, they were just hiding somewhere and you needed to search for them.” Zhou Qingfeng led David Lawrence to his own office, “I organized a search team with more than a hundred million people to search for resources from other cities. Actually, the industrial and agricultural cities around New York were very well developed.”

In fact, Zhou Qingfeng was just being kind. He was trying to get more people out of New York due to the nuclear war that was coming in a month. Of course, he would not David that.

“The Brotherhood of Steel had the same idea, but we don’t have an experienced foundational leader like Lena Fox. Nobody could integrate a highly efficient team.” David Lawrence added, “I’ll suggest to the higher-ups of the Brotherhood of Steel to accept your team.”

Zhou Qingfeng was stirring his coffee while sitting in his office. He raised his head and said coldly, “Lena won’t join the Brotherhood of Steel, she’ll stay with me. But I’m gonna leave most of the people on the management team and you can take over from there.”

David Lawrence did not understand why Zhou Qingfeng insisted on leaving New York. However, he did not want to discuss anymore at the moment, “Let’s talk about my wife.”

“Actually, it’s very simple. When Fernando Rethnor returns with the Polarlys, we’ll get on the ship and kill all of them. You’ll get your wife and I’ll get my ship.”

“What’s the actual plan?”

“Fernando’s confidence will be boosted when he returns and he will surely organize the wedding with Rachel immediately. For the exact time of his return, I think we should watch the movement of those mercenaries, if they suddenly become active…..”

Zhou Qingfeng discussed the detailed plan with David Lawrence. Meanwhile, Marco, who was wearing the Skull and Bones’ uniform, was forced into the logistics center by Richard. This American-born Chinese man who used to serve the US army was lucky enough to have survived the poisonous gas bomb; he was captured and thus joined Skull and Bones.

Richard picked Marco because he realized there were some Asians going in and out of the logistics center. Thus, he sent the Asian-looking Marco to explore the logistics center.

The moment Marco appeared, Eileen and Ellie noticed him from the top of a building around two to three hundred meters away from the command post. As the observer, Ellie reported through the wireless radio, “There’s an Asian man. Third patrol team, do something.”

Zhou Qingfeng was in a very dangerous position. Therefore, his safety was very important to him. He rescued the two sisters out the tent which the women were kept in. They were in charge of watching movement around the command post.

Meanwhile, a patrol team approached Marco and stopped him. After a few minutes, the patrol team reported, “He’s a low-ranking officer in the troops, he’s here to help out with the distribution of resources.”

Eileen and Ellie stopped sending alert signals when they heard that the identification was correct. After being checked, Marco walked into an open-air tent which was covered with resources. He heard that there was an Asian who could get in and out of the command post.

After passing a few racks of resources, Marco saw a lot of workers. The open-air tent was as huge as a football field. He continued walking, trying to find his target.

“Marco? You’re still alive?!” Someone shouted.

Marco turned his head and saw Xu Guangrong holding a report. He was in charge of the registration of resources. Both of them looked at each other surprised and shouted, “Why are you here?”

Marco knew that Xu Guangrong worked with Zhou Qingfeng. Xu Guangrong also knew that Marco and Zhou Qingfeng did not get along. Marco had clearly joined the Skull and Bones.

“Is Zhou Qingfeng here?” Marco immediately realized, “Brother, you’re not here to do something bad right?”

“What are you talking about? Zhou Qingfeng is already dead. I was lucky enough to survive and I’m here to move along with life. Come, follow me, let’s have a drink.” Xu Guangrong put his arm on Marco’s shoulder enthusiastically and pulled him along.

While both of them were walking, Marco was suspicious of Xu Guangrong. He looked around and saw nobody around. All of a sudden, he held Xu Guangrong’s arm, put his arm on Xu Guangrong’s neck and pulled him to a corner. Marco said ferociously, “Tell me, where’s Zhou Qingfeng? I’m sure that brat is still alive, and you’re not here just to move along.”

Marco was young; he was much stronger than the forty-year-old Xu Guangrong. Xu Guangrong struggled hard and snapped, “B*stard, I knew you’re not with us. We’re compatriots and we should help each other out, but you’re helping those Americans that bully us.”

“Who’s your compatriot? I’m the citizen of the United States.” Marco’s face turned hideous, “Brother Xu, I’m sure you’re here to get some benefits. Skull and Bones is very well-off at the moment and New York will be ours. It’s just the matter of time. I really wanna do something for them so that I can get promoted! Tell me where Zhou Qingfeng is or else I’ll really kill you!”

Xu Guangrong struggled to escape. His face turned red and after awhile, it turned pale. Finally….., he stopped moving.

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