Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 211

Chapter 211        The Missing 'Poser'

“Victor, should we get a few M1A3 Abrams?”

“Are you trying to bring in an oil-sucking machine to burn the precious amount of fuel we have right now? No way!”

“What if we change them into electric-powered vehicles?”

“Butcher! You need to know that Abrams weigh more than seventy tons, seventy tons! Where do we get an engine with 1500 horsepower? We also need a huge battery for that.”

“I’m so disappointed without the tanks.”

“Come on, you know we’re lacking fuel. We need to use electric-powered vehicles as much as possible. I found a number of graphene batteries in the storage area of the logistics center and there are two nuclear reactors on ‘Polarlys’ that can supply electric power. Go and find if there’s any electric-powered armored vehicle in the US armory.”

“There is one, but it’s not cool at all.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a light wheeled assault vehicle. Electric-powered and it weighs two tons. It can run three hundred kilometers per charge with high-intelligent driving mode; it only requires a driver. It’s equipped with a 90mm small-sized cannon. The cannon has an automatic reloading machine with thirty bullets. But the vehicle is too small, even I can’t fit in.”

“Great, I like that. This vehicle can do anything, and it can go anywhere. That’s exactly what I want! From now on, we have to focus on the versatility of the weapon or vehicle.”

Zhou Qingfeng was in the office discussing things with Butcher about what to get out of Skull and Bones. Things like machine guns, missiles, mines or drones would not a be a problem, but Butcher insisted on the main battle tank because it was cool. Zhou Qingfeng was speechless.

In fact, the weapons and resources were not the most important things. Even though Skull and Bones did not have good management, they did surprisingly well on searching for resources. However, after Zhou Qingfeng took control over the logistics center, all those resources opened up for him. He could take anything he wanted.

To ensure the safety of his future journeys, Zhou Qingfeng arranged for a lot of trucks to transfer the resources to ‘Bird-of-Paradise’, which was another ship that he owned. With just food, there were at least ten thousand tons, including rice, flour, and other rations. It would be enough for hundreds of people to survive on for about ten years.

It was not just food: all sorts of clothes, electronic devices, and daily necessities were all transported to the ship. Those resources only belonged to the high-level officers of Skull and Bones to enjoy and now they had all been stolen. Zhou Qingfeng wanted to ensure his quality of life in the future.

Other than that, there were the essential industrial products like mechanical equipment, processing equipment, and so on. Zhou Qingfeng had no idea about their uses but they were strongly recommended by the overall management team under Lena Fox; they were the essentials to restoring a civilization.

In addition, Zhou Qingfeng took all the equipment from field hospital that was in the storage. He even planned to take thirty of the professional medical stuff under Skull and Bones with him.

The last thing was the fuel. Even though ‘Polarlys’ would provide a sufficient amount of electrical energy, it was already 2030 and a lot of the crude oil-based vehicles had been replaced with electrical power. For instance, the ‘Bird-of-Paradise’ required diesel.

All the resources which weighed around forty thousand tons were planned to fit into the ‘Bird-of-Paradise’. The only things left to fill up the ship with were the resources and the appropriate amount of members. Then they would be ready to go.

Wait…., and the main vehicle, ‘Polarlys’!

“Damn you, Fernando Rethnor, where’d you hide the Polarlys?” Zhou Qingfeng had a great plan in his mind. He estimated that after ten days, he’d finish all the preparations. Then, during Fernando Rethnor’s wedding, he planned to sneak into the Polarlys, kill him, and get the ship.

Ten days passed very quickly, and everything went smoothly. The ‘Bird-of-Paradise’ was packed with resources, and all the members were ready to go. Due to the significant improvement of Skull and Bones’ internal management, the Brotherhood of Steel was being chased out of the Bronx. They were even trying to attack Manhattan.

However, Fernando was missing in action. Zhou Qingfeng tried to contact him a few times but he could not reach him. Even Hashim Rethnor went missing.

Zhou Qingfeng was controlling a drone team in the logistics center. This team was monitoring the New York’s off-shore. Zhou Qingfeng had already searched throughout that area with the drones but he could not find the Polarlys.

“Where the hell is that b*stard?” Since Zhou Qingfeng was doing very well, he was technically taking Fernando Rethnor’s position. After all, hundreds of millions of people were satisfied under his management. If it weren’t for him who was managing the logistics center so well, all of them would still be suffering.

Richard was very satisfied with the new commander. However, one day, he received a command from wireless radio questioning the current situation regarding Skull and Bones. It was from the Fernando Rethnor who had been missing for days. Even though Richard thought it was strange, he reported everything that recently happened.

After that, Fernando started to ask about the other Big Five members. Finally, he asked, “Who’s that Jim Jones controlling the logistics center? Is he reliable?”

“Why are we talking about him all of a sudden?”

In fact, all of Skull and Bones recognized Jim Jones’ ability after ten days. Even the Brotherhood of Steel noticed that Skull and Bones was getting stronger and they acknowledged the fact that it was all because of ‘Jim Jones’. They hated Jim Jones.

There were already three attempts to assassinate Zhou Qingfeng. It was the same as when the Brotherhood of Steel sent Zhou Qingfeng to kill Fernando Rethnor. Zhou Qingfeng was already stressed enough because of Skull and Bones, and now even the Brotherhood of Steel was his indirect enemy.

The worse thing was, Zhou Qingfeng had drawn the attention of the other Big Five. If it weren’t for Zhou Qingfeng’s great leadership for Skull and Bones, they totally wouldn’t have tried to do anything to him.

Richard told Fernando Rethnor about the situation in the logistics center since he was not close with Jim Jones anyway.

After knowing that Jim Jones had already become a huge influence for Skull and Bones, Fernando Rethnor ordered, “Check this ‘Jim Jones’ out, see if he’s still loyal to the Rethnor family.”

Very soon, Deputy Commander Ted who had lost his job found Richard. That old man turned from a supervisor of a logistics center to an old man that nobody cared about in just ten days.

Meanwhile, this old man brought a few ferocious mercenaries from South America. He looked at Richard with his cold eyes and said, “Don’t ask any questions, do as I say. Your job now is to check this ‘Jim Jones’ out. I’ll be protecting and watching you at the same time. You know what I’m saying? Nod your head if you do.”

Richard was intimidated and he hurriedly nodded his head.

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