Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 209

Chapter 209        Return

“That b*stard is not going to make it. It has been two days, the soldiers have already started to complain and the entire city was getting worse and worse. I bet that he will be fired tomorrow, or better, be executed!”

In the logistic center of Skull and Bones, the deputy commander, Ted who malingered was sitting in his individual office. He was very happy when he heard the news reported by his men, “If he’s executed, I’ll surely celebrate. It shows that nobody could replace me.”

As for Zhou Qingfeng, the past two days were torture. The deputy commander went on strike and Zhou Qingfeng, who did not know anything, had to handle everything in Skull and Bones. All those problems were complicated. They were impossible to be solved by a single man or a small group of people.

The entire logistic center was helping and doing work for Zhou Qingfeng, the information and data he received was already transferred to Lena Fox. However, it did not make the situation better. Instead, it made it even worse.

Miss Fox was already considered quick. The moment Zhou Qingfeng controlled the logistic center, she spent a day recruiting and forming the overall planning team. She spent another day analyzing the huge database and developing a management program.

During the third day, the high-level officers of Skull and Bones could not stand it anymore. They have been holding in their anger from seeing chaos for three days. Right now, Zhou Qingfeng was under high pressure.

“Victor, our team has already confirmed a management program and it’s ready to transfer at any time. Give us the authority.”

The moment Zhou Qingfeng heard Lena’s voice in the wireless radio, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Skull and Bones has their own set of management and communication system. The fifty workers were in charge of controlling the system. Right now, it was connected to a mobile command vehicle in Staten Island where it had started to be controlled by the vehicle.

The workers in the command post had changed from a decision-making agency to a data collection and communication agency. Zhou Qingfeng allowed the members of Squad Hugo to join and he replaced many of the original officers in the logistic center. Thus, he could reduce chances of exposing his secret.

When the management systems of the mobile command vehicle and the logistic center connected, Lena Fox immediately sent all orders from Staten Island through all sorts of wireless devices and she finally arrived at each department of Skull and Bones. The logistic center which had been quiet for two days started to get lively.

The unloading workers started to work and the vehicles for transport started to honk. The administration of Skull and Bones which had been stopped for two days was activated. The flow of resources and workers had turned smooth and purposeful; the efficiency of work was clearly increased. Compared to the team led by deputy commander, Ted, Lena Fox’s team was so much better.

During the past two days, it has been terrible for Richard. When he reported to Fernando Rethnor that he saw Zhou Qingfeng, the mad leader immediately attacked him with poisonous gas.

He was lucky enough to escape from the poisonous gas and as a senior detective, he has been starving for two days. It was not just him, the entire department for sources of information was starving.

Richard tried to ask about food delivery with his wireless radio and he was told by the people from food delivery that the resource truck was not there. When he asked about resources, they said that there was no shipping order. Finally, he called and asked the logistic center. He was told by the people that there was a new commander and the entire logistic center was dead.

“Who the hell is that new commander? I’m gonna make a complaint!” It was not easy for Richard to hold on for two days. He has already finished all the backup food. He had made countless of complaints to the logistic center but it did not help at all.

“I’m gonna complain to Mr. Rethnor about this ‘Jim Jones’. I’m gonna let him know who I am. No one can make me hungry, no one!” Richard cursed. On the third day in the afternoon, the food delivery truck finally arrived.

“Hey, people in there, come and grab your lunch,” the driver for food delivery was shouting outside the building for sources of information.

Richard poked his head out of the window, he felt even more hungry when he heard the word ‘lunch’. He immediately decided - “I’m gonna eat first then complain.”

There were a few hundred men in the information department. Due to the fact that the businesses and foundations were all gone, they all relied on Skull and Bones. All of them went out of the building when they heard the food truck came. They have been starving for two days.

The people got the food containers out of the truck and they started to distribute the food. Richard picked up a plate, walked towards the food, and realized that the food looked more delicious than usual. They smelled awesome.

“What’s going on today?” Richard asked. “The logistic center started to work again?”

“Yeah. I heard that the new commander completely changed the management team. The flow of resources is getting more efficient and we’re getting more resources.” The food truck driver was very satisfied with the current situation, “Before this, they always made a lot of mistake for orders. But this time, it was rather accurate and surprisingly, there wasn’t any delays.”

“Oh, really? I hope it’d last long.” Richard suddenly thought that maybe he could stop thinking about complaining about the new commander.

After lunch, there were more trucks, carrying the resources that they have always wanted and arriving at the department of information sources. Even though they knew that the resources were in the logistic center the whole time, they could not get them.

Richard received a bullet-proof vest and a new pistol. There were even a new laptop and a wireless radio. They were going to be helpful when he was out.

“Ohh…., good job, new commander in the logistic center! They finally got us some good stuff.” An officer shouted, “Look, they opened a sporting house for us. There are more than two thousand women waiting for us. They’re going to take more care of those women so they could survive.”

Another officer shouted, “Hey, I’ve just received the request from the logistic center, they want us to figure out what’s going on with the congestion at Jamaica. I heard that they are going to form a dozen cleaning teams from the relief station and integrate that into the city.”

During the afternoon, Richard realized that their jobs had increased significantly. They were all requested from the logistics center to investigate the situation in each part of the city. He complained that there was not enough men. After an hour, he received an extra hundred men from the logistic center and they were organized. Richard did not have to worry about their living conditions and they were ready to go.

“What the hell, since when was the logistic center so efficient?” All of a sudden, Richard felt that the whole thing was weird because the logistic center was doing the government’s job. They even tried to contact the Big Five and used the army of Skull and Bones to recover order in society. “It’s actually not that bad. But, are we able return to the peaceful life we used to have?”

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