Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 208

Chapter 208        Division

Raymond was very excited when he returned to the man who was holding the megaphone with his wife and child. From the armed men, he finally heard the name - Lena Fox. In the cataclysm, the smart actuary was very familiar with the leaders of foundations.

“Honey, we’re going to survive and return to our lives. We’re getting a chance.” Raymond was hugging his wife and child very tightly; he was shaking from excitement.

Finally, the actuary who was good at making false entries was brought to a school in Staten Island and there were more than five hundred people with him. Lawyers, accountants, directors, administrators, and decision planners were all useless in the cataclysm. However, they were all gathered by Lena Fox.

They were probably the last group of people with any management ability in New York.

All of them were given resources mainly clothes to change into and daily necessities. Their accommodation was around the classrooms and student dormitory. After they roughly washed themselves and changed into cleaner clothes, all of them were gathered in the indoor stadium of the school.

The moment Lena Fox walked onto the stage, five hundred people in the stadium looked as if they had seen their savior and they started to cry. They cheered, screamed, and even kneeled on the floor to release what they have been through for the past month. It was a good feeling to be at the bottom of the society as they were all elites of society before the cataclysm.

“Do you think you’re safe now?” Lena Fox was also holding a megaphone and asked the five hundred people in front of her. Her voice was calm and cool; she was not influenced by their happiness. “In fact, all of you are still in hell. All of you are just my temporary workers, I don’t plan to keep you for very long. I can’t feed you and I’m not planning to.”

Everyone was shocked and they quieted down. Raymond held his wife even tighter; he was not ready for any other bad news. He swore to God that he will never leave his wife and child. Even if they were going to die, they will die together.

“The next seven to ten days will decide your future. Those who don’t work hard will be eliminated; I won’t stand any lazy behavior. Apart from bedtime, all of you will be working all day. I’ll kill those who aren’t able to do it. I’m a woman of my words.”

Lena Fox waved her hand and a projector showed a screen on the wall behind her, “These are Queens and Brooklyn; they’re under Skull and Bones at the moment. In the meantime, all of you will be given a large number of data. You’re gonna manage the data of resources and populations. During the process, get as much benefit out of it as possible.”

“All of you will be divided into groups of ten, pick your own temporary group leader and show me your specific management plans. Remember, you all only have two hours.”

The indoor stadium was already filled with long tables and around five hundred of them were divided into fifty groups. Angie and a few men showed up, each of them was pushing little trolleys. Everyone in the group was given a laptop with raw data. All these computers were useless now and they only required a few canned food.

Meanwhile, everyone was looking at the data when Raymond, all of sudden, had an idea to take a lead. He said to his wife, “We split the work, you look at the first half and I’ll look at the other half. That’d be quicker.”

The data in the computer was the large amount of data roughly sorted out by Zhou Qingfeng in the logistic center of Skull and Bones. The keys of the logistics center contained resources, communications, vehicle distributions, traffic control, updated numbers and levels of soldiers, and the population distribution for two million people.

Raymond’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the data. Everyone in New York was aware that the Brotherhood of Steel was fighting Skull and Bones. However, Lena Fox in Staten Island recruited five hundred people for work for the internal management of Skull and Bones. There must be something behind it.

However, Raymond did not bother about that at all, all he wanted to do was to stand out from the five hundred people and impress Miss Lena Fox to save his family. As an actuary, he had a very good memory and he was extremely sensitive with data.

Every time Raymond saw an important information, he discussed with his wife. It was only half an hour, Raymond had already roughly understood all the problems Zhou Qingfeng was facing. He immediately teamed up with his wife and started to derive the resources distribution, members organization, and road planning.

After an hour, Raymond started to communicate with his teammates and became the group leader with his ability. Ten of them in the group were trying to build a data model by managing millions of people. After two hours, Lena Fox started to collect thoughts from each group.

For each group, Miss Fox raised different, specific problems. It only took her one or two minutes to raise the problem and judge the group accordingly. When she arrived at Raymond, she asked, “I need a ship.”

“The ship has to be able to carry resources to a new settle point for human, how are you going to get it? I will remind you that you can’t alert Skull and Bones. I need you to do it such that no one would notice it. I’ll need to remove this ship and the resources from the database.”

Raymond was excited, he had thought about that question. He replied immediately, “Firstly, we need a ten thousand tons worth of medium-bulk carriers where the lifting equipment must be included. Other than food, we’ll need some simple but useful mechanical devices...”

After talking for three minutes, Raymond’s idea was disrupted. Lena Fox proceeded to the next group. Instantly, Raymond’s face turned pale and he sat on the chair. His wife quickly came to comfort him, “It’s alright, honey. You’re doing a great job. The other group only talked for one or two minutes and you took way longer than them.”

“Really? But, I was just going to talk about the main idea,” Raymond gradually lost his confidence as it was a really huge impact for him.

Lena spent two hours for fifty groups and clearly, the groups at the back had the advantage. With references from previous groups, their plans were more detailed and accurate. Finally, Lena combined every idea from the groups and started to pick managers from the five hundred people.

“I’ll need some of you to help me to run this team of overall planning. I need five directors and fifty deputy directors,” Lena Fox set up five departments including transportation, military, society, and etc. At the same time, she shouted the name of each director.

Raymond’s name was not called and he was depressed. He knew Miss Fox will not keep all five hundred of them and it was just a temporary job for him. If he could not impress Miss Fox, he will eventually be chased out after ten days.

After that came the deputy supervisors for each department. However, Raymond still was not listed. Instantly, his heart was striked and his eyes went blank. His wife was beside him and trying her best to comfort him. However, it was all meaningless.

Very soon, the five departments immediately got to work in the indoor stadium. All sorts of office supplies were moved to the stadium. Most importantly, they were getting out of the radio station and computers were used to process information. The mobile communication vehicle that Zhou Qingfeng got previously was even able to directly contact the logistic center of Skull and Bones.

Five hundred of them were soon divided and arranged to each department. As all of them were distributed, Raymond was astonished because everyone was assigned to a department except him and his wife.

Why? Why? Why?

In the midst of his hopelessness, Lena Fox walked towards him and said coldly, “You’re Raymond? Follow me. I need your skill in making false entries to get resources out of the logistic center of Skull and Bones.”

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