Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 206

Chapter 206        Miss Fox's Comeback

Did she just falls in love with me?

Zhou Qingfeng walked out of the big tent where the women were talking amongst themselves. Undoubtedly, Katrina was an extremely beautiful woman. She was classical and had the glamor of British women. Her figure was even more attractive.

However, she had a bad temper. Even though she appeared soft right now, she was extreme. Her character was clearly shown when she risked death to save Rachel.

Zhou Qingfeng was going to rescue Katrina but she refused. Apart from that, she told Zhou Qingfeng that Martin Baggins, David Lawrence’s godfather, had passed away. He was a great theft and a funny man in the original ‘Wasteland’. He was the one who told Katrina about Rachel. Unfortunately, he died of emphysema.

All the important characters in the original movie had shown up. However, they were all messed up.

As Zhou Qingfeng returned to the command post, he realized that he was in big trouble. He was given a lot of tasks. The workers told him that the deputy commander, Ted, who was in charge of the logistics center had fallen ill. Thus, Chiefmate, Jim Jones, had to take care of everything in the logistic center.

Ted was shouting at his men, “Drown Mr. Jim Jones with all the work. He should have the capability to do it well since Mr. Rethnor trusts him so much. I’m gonna let that shameless kid know that not everyone has the capability to control this logistic center well.”

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng was drowning in all the tasks in front of him. They all required an immediate reply. Apart from that, there were tons of trivial stuff waiting for him, like the problem of livelihood for the troops. A new person like Zhou Qingfeng will definitely be confused by these tasks which did not connect to each other at all.

Following that, tons of people were calling Zhou Qingfeng for supplies. There were more than a hundred units and organizations in Skull and Bones that were managed by The Big Five. In fact, everything was settled by the logistic center. The entire Skull and Bones were shouting at Zhou Qingfeng for supplies. All of a sudden, the command post was in a mess.

“Are you kidding me? Fell ill the moment I come? He’s just giving me trouble!” Zhou Qingfeng thought for a few moments before he called Roma and Xu Guangrong over with the wireless radio.

“I’m afraid that I’ll be staying here for quite a while. We have to solve everything in front of us if we want to stay,” Zhou Qingfeng pointed at the tasks and documents in front of him. “You guys are my only hope now.”

Roma used to work in the logistic department of the U.S. military. After he retired, he went to the University of Columbia. Thus, his ability was sound. As for Xu Guangrong, he has been suffering at the bottom of the society; handling trivial matters was a piece of cake of him. Zhou Qingfeng could help a little. Three of them started to work.

However, they only worked for ten minutes when they realized that the deputy commander, Ted, not only threw the logistic tasks of Skull and Bones to them, he even threw him the tasks of the livelihood of the people at the construction site. He was trying to use the large amount of work to suppress Zhou Qingfeng so that he would give up.

It has been one month since the cataclysm. New York’s population had dropped from its peak of more than one billion to three hundred million. Most of the people were either killed or they had run away from New York. For the three hundred million survivors, there were more than two hundred million people under Skull and Bones’ control.

As Skull and Bones was made up of a bunch of criminals without any management skills, it was a huge problem for them to have so many people. The logistic center had to manage the entire society. In fact, it was like they were creating another disaster for society.

Zhou Qingfeng picked up a document and started reading. It was a report about the fatality of human beings at different places. The number of fatalities was not even stated in the report; there was no actual data. There were only terms like ‘many’, ‘a large amount’, and ‘countless’ in the report. Clearly, there were way more complicated tragedies behind those simple words.

Of course, three of them were not able to finish everything, Zhou Qingfeng had no choice but to ask for all the people in the logistic center for help. There were around fifty of them. First of all, they sorted and then rearranged the tasks on the computer. Even so, Zhou Qingfeng could not stand the large amount of work.

“It’s an impossible mission,” even Roma started to complain. Xu Guangrong was able to deal with those trivial tasks, however, he could not handle the entire society. “We’re not the government of New York, we can’t handle all of these.”

“The Government of New York?” Zhou Qingfeng was annoyed by these complicated tasks. “Wait…, we’re so dumb! Even though we don’t have the government of New York, we have the leader of a foundation!”

Zhou Qingfeng contacted Lena Fox who was still in Staten Island with his wireless radio and told her about his situation. After listening to Zhou Qingfeng, even Miss Fox was surprised, “Victor, you’re saying that you’re doing all the logistic work for the entire Skull and Bones?”

“Well, it isn’t just logistics. There are a lot of problems with livelihoods. It’s out of my control. We can’t handle hundreds of millions of lives. I really don’t wanna do all these and I know they’re troublesome, …..” Zhou Qingfeng was going to explain why was he dealing with all these tasks.

However, Miss Fox started to shout at him, “No, no, no, Victor, you dumb*ss! It’s not trouble. It’s power, a great power! It means that the entire Skull and Bones is under your control. Even though you can’t use any of the soldiers or you may be in great danger, but there will be a huge benefit by just doing something small.”

“Can you deal with these?” Zhou Qingfeng asked hurriedly. “If I can’t solve all these problems and tasks, I’m afraid that we can’t stay for long.

“Not unless you return all my senior managers and thousands of workers from eighteen departments from the Fox Foundation. Otherwise, I can’t do anything about it,” said Lena Fox.

Zhou Qingfeng was upset when he heard her.

Miss Fox added, “But, I can form a temporary team from the people in Staten Island to assist me. Even though they aren’t the most efficient, they’re at least better than the criminals from Skull and Bones. The most important thing is, we might be able to rake it in.”

“Believe me, Polarlys alone isn’t enough. We need more resources. I’m done with Manhattan. I’ve been trying to recruit more people but it didn’t work. I’m gonna take a chance this time. Mr. Victor Hugo, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be my puppet now. It’s time to show my talent.”

Zhou Qingfeng felt like he had just opened Pandora’s box and released a little great elf, “Alright, Miss Genius Fox, it’s an honor to serve you.”

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