Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 205

Chapter 205        What Do You Mean?

“This bastard is a total jerk. How dare he challenge my authority and do whatever he wants in my territory? This sort of action should not be tolerated.” Ted, the deputy commander, stared at Zhou Qingfeng and the others through the blinds in hatred when the latter led his entire team into the logistics center.

When Hashim was still the general commander, he never did anything at all. With the prestige of his uncle, he flirted with the ladies all the time while Ted, the deputy commander, was responsible for all the actual affairs.

However, Lord Ted was now feeling threatened by the appointment of the aide-de-camp. He could feel that the ‘Jim Jones’ in front of him was not someone to be taken lightly. As expected, Zhou Qingfeng had brought his entire team into the camp within less than an hour.

“We mustn't underestimate this guy… We have to find a way to get him out of here.” Lord Ted began brainstorming, “We need to let him know that I’m the boss here.”

Meanwhile, on Zhou Qingfeng’s side, he led Butcher into his general commander office and threw out the staffing table of the Ninth Armored Battalion to him, “First of all, we have some bad news. I’ve just seen the footage of a drone from the headquarters and found out that the ‘Polarlys’ is no longer in the South Bay of Kennedy Airport. What’s worse is that no one knows about its current location.

However, judging from the direction of Hashim’s departure with the helicopter, I feel that Fernando Rethnor has driven the boat to an unknown place, probably off the coast of New York. That guy is quite cautious and smart. He knew that as long as he could control the boat, he would be able to take over the entire world.”

“Then what’s your plan?” asked Butcher.

“We’ll need to form a team first. It doesn’t really matter if the team can perform on the battlefield, but at the very least, the team needs to be useful.” Zhou Qingfeng then pointed at the staffing table of the Ninth Armored Battalion and said, “Perhaps we could take advantage of arranging the staffing table and recruit some men for our team.

This is not only the logistics center but also the military center of Skull and Bones. Just look around you. There are dozens of relief camps that can hold more than tens of thousands of people around us. I have a rough database of identities in my hand. Maybe you could try and find some people with this data.” Zhou Qingfeng handed over a laptop to Butcher which contained the information of more than tens of thousands of people.

“How many people are we planning to recruit?” asked Butcher.

“I’m looking for around a hundred men, but we’ll need to focus on recruiting the technical personnel. ‘Polarlys’ is a scientific cruise ship that can carry up to four hundred and sixty people. There are already around one hundred and fifty people on Lena Fox’s side. A hundred more people will be the max that we can bring for our escape plan.

These people have to be capable enough to help us establish a settlement in a safe place. By the way, recruit as many women as possible… Actually, make sure the ratio of men and women is equal. Women are relatively docile, and hence it’s easier for us to manage the team and ensure the harmony of it. Furthermore, women also play an important role when it comes to birth giving.”

Butcher nodded, “I’ll set up the Ninth Armored Battalion and recruit the logistics company in the meantime for you as soon as possible.”

It would take at least one to two days for the recruitment process, but Zhou Qingfeng knew that he could not just stand still and do nothing. Hence, he headed to the huge tent where Katrina and the others were detained at. There was a company of infantry guards in front of the tent, and it seemed that Hashim Rethnor had taken great care upon his uncle’s wedding ceremony preparation.

Zhou Qingfeng managed to enter the tightly-guarded big tent only because of his position as the aide-de-camp. He walked into the tent, looked at his surroundings, and realized that all the women were specially selected. Many of them were stunning and were about fifteen to thirty years old.

“Let them bathe. These women have been specifically prepared for Mr. Rethnor. We can't just let them meet our boss with their stinky bodies.”

“Go and call the doctor. There are several women here who are obviously ill. I don’t want them to die inside our tent.”

“Go and get some food as well, can’t you see that they’re starving? We need to provide these women with better living conditions, as they may be our first ladies in the future. They should be treated favorably, at least for now.”

All the soldiers inside the tent ran frantically in circles after receiving the orders from Zhou Qingfeng. On the other hand, Zhou Qingfeng had won the favor of those women. He took a closer look at the women and found that there were at least ten who were of excellent quality.

“Register these ten women and give them special privileges. I’m confident that Mr. Rethnor will like them.” Zhou Qingfeng carefully selected a few women based on his own aesthetic standards. He also deliberately chose one of the women, who had a scar on her face, and said in a pitiful tone, “How unfortunate, you’d be the prettiest amongst all of them if it weren’t for the scar on your face.”

“Victor, the way you flatter the others really makes me want to vomit. Get me some food right away, I’m dying already.” The scarred woman turned out to be Katrina. Yet she did not ask how Zhou Qingfeng infiltrated the Skull and Bones’ territory since food was all she wanted at the current moment.

“You recognized me? I actually put some makeup on.”

“I remembered your voice. And, your makeup is just too ugly.”

“How did you end up getting caught by the Skull and Bones though?”

“I starved and ran out of energy, and that’s why I was caught.”

“No way… How is it even possible for you to starve?”

“I gave my food to the kids and the others that needed help. In the end, I could only starve. I have a great demand for food and once I’m hungry, my strength will drop drastically, causing me to lose my combat ability in almost an instant.”

“Then why did you leave in the first place?” Zhou Qingfeng felt that the suffering served her right, “You definitely wouldn’t have ended up in such a situation if you didn’t choose to leave us in the first place.”

“I thought you knew why I left,” Katrina replied in anger and she really thought that Zhou Qingfeng knew the reason behind her departure.

“How the hell would I have known about the reason why you left?” Zhou Qingfeng felt even stranger. However, Katrina did not want to carry on with the topic. The food soon arrived, and the entire tent was then filled with the sound of ravenous eating.

“Eat faster, I’ll get you out of this place once you regain your strength,” said Zhou Qingfeng.

However, the ferocious lady rejected him, “I don’t need you to rescue me. I still got other things to do once I regain my strength.”

“What else are you trying to do? Can you stop being stubborn, please?”

“I’m going to save Rachel. Fernando Rethnor took her away and now she is trapped inside a boat called the ‘Polarlys’.”

“Oh… I thought I was the only one that knew this secret. But aren’t you guys supposed to be eternal rivals? Are you trying to save her because of David Lawrence?”

Zhou Qingfeng envied David Lawrence; he had never encountered a lady that could help him on the battlefield and also satisfy him on the bed, not to mention sacrificing herself to rescue other women. It was the best dream a man could ever ask for!

Katrina went silent for a moment before saying, “I want to put an end to the relationship between me and David. He wants to save his wife, and that’s why I’m helping him. I want to let him know that I once loved him.”

Having said that, Katrina stared at Zhou Qingfeng as if she was expecting him to say something. However, Zhou Qingfeng felt uncomfortable with her stare, “You… You… Why are you staring at me like this?”

“It seems like what the others said was right. Men are indeed slower than women in terms of maturity, and the gap is even wider when it comes to the Chinese race. Since you’re only eighteen years old and you’re Chinese as well, I forgive you for being so dull,” Katrina said seriously.

“Huh…?” Zhou Qingfeng became even more confused.

All of a sudden, two playful voices came from behind Katrina; it seemed that they were enjoying the scene.

Katrina turned her head around to find out that Eileen and Ellie had been watching them the entire time. They seemed to have just finished bathing and they had even put on some makeup. The ferocious lady asked, “Who are they? I know you’re the one that sent them over here.”

“Uh…… Yes, I did.”

“You’re such a pedophile, Victor. They’re not even adults yet.”

“Uh…… What are you talking about?”

“I used to think that you preferred more mature women, but it seems that I’m obviously wrong. Alright then, since you just recently turned into an adult, I forgive you for your immature thoughts. The world is in such a mess now, I really shouldn’t be too picky about you.”

“What……?! What do you mean?”

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