Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 204

Chapter 204        Good-looking

Zhou Qingfeng looked around and saw that everyone was angry at him!

Traitor, villain, boot-licker, shameless lackey. Those were the terms that the officers at the logistics center could think of to describe Zhou Qingfeng. However, most of them probably thinking, “Why didn’t I act that shameless before this? It’s such a shame! I would’ve been the commander!”

Ahem…., Zhou Qingfeng cleared his throat, straightened his back and shouted to everyone, “Since Mr. Hashim Rethnor has given me this responsibility, I’m gonna….”

All of a sudden, someone in the crowd shouted, “I’m the official officer appointed by the convention of Skull and Bones. I’m not going to agree and listen to your command.”

What?! I just started talking and someone is already trying to mess with me?

Zhou Qingfeng could not cower at this time, he calmly walked towards the middle-aged officer with his head held high and chest out, “Who are you?”

“I’m the deputy commander of this logistics center, and you’re just a little platoon leader, …..” Clearly, the middle-aged officer was trying to get rid of Zhou Qingfeng. He kept on waving his hands to encourage the other officers.

“The deputy commander should also obey the command. No one has extra privileges under the military law.” Zhou Qingfeng shouted, “I’m the aide-de-camp commander now, and I’ll be in charge of this logistics center. If there’s anyone who refuses to obey, he or she will be punished with military law. Somebody take him down….”

What the hell, nobody? Everyone was just standing at the side, staring at Zhou Qingfeng. Nobody gave a sh*t about him.

Under such a terrible situation, Zhou Qingfeng used his final move. Kill everyone in front of him? No, no, no, he already had knowledge of the ultimate skill of fighting - ‘Stay here, I’m gonna call someone!’

Under everyone's eyes, Zhou Qingfeng found the logistics center’s command post. He walked in and yelled at the people who were working in the command post, “I’m the aide-de-camp for Commander Rethnor, and I’ll be taking care of this logistics center from now on.”

Another moment of silence. Everyone was stunned and they stared at Zhou Qingfeng. They had no idea what an ‘aide-de-camp’ really did. In fact, it did not sound cool at all. It was nothing but a piece of sh*t!

Zhou Qingfeng glanced at the command post and he very soon found the radio devices and drone control systems that were used for communication and monitoring the battlegrounds. Those control systems connected the signals and drones that were out there. It was the command center of the entire logistics center.

“Call Mr. Hashim Rethnor, he just departed on the helicopter of Polarlys. I believe he can be easily contacted.” Zhou Qingfeng found a communication officer and forced him to contact the commander.

After he contacted Commander Hashim Rethnor in person, he completed the process of granting the authority for the entire command post. All of a sudden, everyone in the command post started to look at Zhou Qingfeng in a different light.

Everyone thought he was a maniac when he came in. Little did they know that he was the aide-de-camp of Commander Rethnor.

It’s useless to control the entire command post without knowing anyone! Thus, Zhou Qingfeng commanded the patrol team to allow the Cougar to come through. In the meantime, he called Butcher with his own wireless radio and asked him to come along.

“Victor, are you crazy? You’re saying to go straight to their logistics center?” Butcher thought it was unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng was sitting in the individual room that was only for the commander. He opened the drawers for fun and found a few used female lace panties with a few bottles of lubricating oil. “Just come. I’m now Jim Jones, the aide-de-camp commander of the entire logistics center. You’re under me and don’t call me by my real name!”

If it were not for Zhou Qingfeng who always created miracles, Butcher would definitely think that Zhou Qingfeng was being cheated. When Butcher tried to get in touch with the patrol team of Skull and Bones, it went unexpectedly well.

They were led by the patrol team to the logistics center and Zhou Qingfeng proudly welcomed them. Butcher walked towards Zhou Qingfeng and whispered, “Damn it, what the hell is going on? We’re surrounded by at least two hundred of the elite soldiers from Skull and Bones. If something goes wrong, none of us will be able to escape.”

Undoubtedly, the logistics center was one of the main defense areas. It was not just the iron fence— there was a large number of soldiers, tanks, armored vehicles, and there was even an air defender. There were also snipers with anti-material rifles at the top of each building. It was impossible for Butcher to stay calm under such an intense atmosphere.

Zhou Qingfeng was holding a command baton. He hit Butcher’s shoulder with the baton and said out loud, “Sergeant Nicholas Ivan Norwich, you’re now the deputy commander of the Ninth Armored Battalion, ranked major. Your mission is to reorganize this team.”

Butcher was astonished. The members of Squad Hugo were frightened before, but now they were all stunned. Even DogMeat in the Cougar felt strange about Zhou Qingfeng.

Looking at their astonished faces, Zhou Qingfeng could not help but laugh to relieve the tension in the air. He looked at the other officers of Skull and Bones and said, “He’s way too happy, isn’t he?”

Zhou Qingfeng saw that Butcher was still confused, so he lowered his voice and said, “Damn it, you should bow and shout, ‘Yes sir’.”

Right now, Zhou Qingfeng was the most famous person in the entire logistics team. A lot of officers were watching his movements. Butcher did not see any sounds of objection. He instantly shouted, “Yes, sir. It’s an honor to serve you.”

Xu Guangrong and the rest of the squad members were motivated by Butcher. Even though they had no idea what was going on, they thought Zhou Qingfeng was impressive. All of them straightened their back and shouted, “Yes, sir! It’s an honor to serve you.”

They were high-spirited, awe-inspiring, and insufferably arrogant!

Zhou Qingfeng waved his hand and the entire squad was led by the bear-like Butcher, walked towards the logistics center. The Cougar’s accelerator was pushed to the bottom and the engine roared across the entire logistics center.

The people in the logistics center realized that Zhou Qingfeng was not just a shameless man who only knew how to flatter others— he had his own squad.

“What’s going on?” Butcher whispered when he was following Zhou Qingfeng and saw that everyone was looking at them with respect.

“It’s all because of my good flattering skill and the fact that I know Fernando Rethnor. This idiot assigned me as the aide-de-camp to take care of this logistics center, but the people here thought I didn’t have anyone with me. They didn’t give a damn about me.”

“For now, my command only works at this command post. Nobody out there will give a damn about me. So all of you are my trusted aides. You all are going to turn my thoughts into actual work to show my power.”

“So you’re the commander of this logistics center now? That easy?” Butcher thought it was ridiculous, “I hate good-looking people like you who can do anything with their faces.”

Zhou Qingfeng did not deny his statement. Butcher sighed and continued, “I always thought Tony Parker was lucky because something good always happened around him. But now I think you’re the real lucky star. You went straight into enemy’s base and even became the commander! I’m so freaking jealous.”

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