Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 202

 Chapter 202        Imitation

No matter how many times one visualized the cataclysm, it would never be comparable to what he would actually see in reality. A dead city might even be worse than a city that is under attack. Although there were people that could survive the latter, not even a single person could stay alive for the former.

While they were leaving East Rockaway, they saw a light armored vehicle that crashed into a reservoir. Judging by the logo, it was the vehicle from Skull and Bones. There was an M2HB heavy machine gun on top of the vehicle. Although the vehicle was light and agile, it could also be even more threatening than a tank.

Zhou Qingfeng saw the vehicle in the pond and only the rear of the vehicle was exposed on top of the surface of the water. It seemed like it was caused by the poisonous gas and the driver could not see the way. As a result, it was rushed into the pond and could not get out.

“Get it out. See if we can get anything out there.” Zhou Qingfeng waved and called Xu Guangrong over. He specifically reminded him, “If there’s nothing in there, at least get the diesel out.”

Xu Guangrong and a few men hooked and linked the Cougar and the vehicle in the pond together with a steel cord. While he was doing work, he asked Zhou Qingfeng, “Leader, what should we do now?”

The ten plus people in the squad could only count on Zhou Qingfeng now. They were regarded as the only survivors from the Brotherhood of Steel. They did not even need to return to East Rockaway— it was obvious that everyone was dead just by looking and listening from afar.

Zhou Qingfeng opened his armband computer, received the signals, and the GPS data appeared on the screen. Zhou Qingfeng and his squad spent the entire night running from East Rockaway to Long Beach. It was even farther from their targeted landing point, Valley Stream.

“We’ll be able to go along Long Beach to reach Atlantic Beach and cross a bridge to Inwood. That place is close Kennedy Airport and also very close to the head bay where Polarlys is parked. I’m going to have a look there,” said Zhou Qingfeng.

“If we continue with Cougar, the enemy will discover us. After all, this is their place.” Butcher continued, “They will not stop sending drones to look for us. One poisonous gas attack is enough, I don’t wanna get hit twice.”

“But we need Polarlys. We can’t go anywhere without it.” Zhou Qingfeng emphasized what he needed.

“Then you’ll need to avoid enemy’s poison gas, or destroy it.” Butcher continued, “Otherwise, you can pretend you’re one of them.”

“Pretend to be one of them?” Zhou Qingfeng thought for a moment and continued, “I’m Chinese, and I’m pretty sure everyone in Skull and Bones knows me very well now.”

Butcher pointed to the pond and said, “Go and have a look at yourself. You look terribly messy. Who’d be able to recognize you?”

Zhou Qingfeng had not showered for days and was on kill-mode the whole day. It was true that Zhou Qingfeng looked terribly messy and hideous at the moment. The word ‘handsome’ could not even apply to him at the moment. In fact, he looked like a dirty and normal soldier.

“But my hair is black, and I look exactly like an Asian.” Zhou Qingfeng thought it was still unsafe.

“We can solve that problem.” The two sisters, Eileen and Ellie, stepped out. They quickly searched the houses nearby and very soon, they found some cosmetics and hair dye, “We’re involved in the drama department at school, and we can easily change your appearance.”

“What if I meet the patrol teams of Skull and Bones? What if they ask about me? What do I say?” Zhou Qingfeng raised another challenge.

“Maybe… you can try this.” Xu Guangrong replied. The light armored vehicle had been pulled out of the pond, and two of the drivers were dead in the vehicle. They did not manage to escape when the vehicle plunged into the mud of the pond. “I found some Skull and Bones ID cards. They might be useful.”

“Jim Jones?” Zhou Qingfeng looked through the documents. It was the ID card of a platoon leader of the Ninth Armored Battalion of Skull and Bones. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, they actually followed the original order and rank of the US military.

“But I don’t even know what’s going on with this Ninth Armored Battalion. Who’s the commander? Where are they located? Who’s on the team?” Zhou Qingfeng thought it really was not easy to imitate somebody.

“Here are some scripts, they might be useful.” Xu Guangrong found a briefcase with the dead body. It was a compilation of the daily training regimen for the Ninth Armored Battalion which was necessary for every team. All the information Zhou Qingfeng needed to know could be found in those documents.

“Oh…., I really love you guys. You guys keep finding so much information for me to take the risk.” Zhou Qingfeng read through the documents and roughly understood Jim Jones. Eileen and Ellie used about ten minutes to put make-up on Zhou Qingfeng and changed his hairstyle. Right now, Zhou Qingfeng looked seventy-percent like the real ‘Jim Jones’.

“Alright, I’m gonna go and take a look in front and have a glance at Polarlys. Just a reminder, you all need to be quick when I need help.” Zhou Qingfeng looked at Butcher, “Are you not coming with me?”

“The two of us will be too eye-catching, and I have to stay to make sure you’ll get immediate support when you need help.” Butcher looked at the squad members. What he meant was, ‘They might run away at any time under such circumstances.”

“But it’s not very convenient for me.” Zhou Qingfeng glanced at the squad and finally stopped at sisters, Eileen and Ellie, “Two of you follow me, I might need a sniper team to cover me. The journey wouldn’t be too boring if there are beautiful girls.”

The sisters looked at each other and agreed with him. They happily brought their weapons and got into the light armored vehicle. Despite the wet seat, Zhou Qingfeng sat on the driver seat.

“Girls, better keep your weapons in your bags. Just bring a knife with you. If anyone asks, I’ll say both of you are the slaves I caught. Look a bit sadder, and cry if necessary.”

After finishing the preparations, Zhou Qingfeng started his journey with the two sisters. He headed west from Long Beach and crossed the Atlantic Beach Bridge. The moment the crossed the bridge, they bumped into the patrol team of Skull and Bones. Zhou Qingfeng easily got through the patrol team’s questions with the information from the briefcase.

However, Zhou Qingfeng had to cancel the plan to go to Inwood. The patrol team requested him to head towards Valley Stream immediately. According to the patrol team, the poisonous gas had caused a huge loss for Skull and Bones too. A lot of the troops at the frontline were messed up and they needed reorganization.

Zhou Qingfeng could not deny the unexpected request. He followed the patrol team and arrived at Valley Stream. As a result, Zhou Qingfeng skipped the ID check.

However, not long after his arrival, a haughty man came forward and glanced at Zhou Qingfeng. Then, he glanced at the twin sisters behind Zhou Qingfeng. All of a sudden, he commanded, “Hey, kid, let these two girls stay, and I’ll let you be the commander of this Armored Battalion.”

Who’s this guy? Giving up the position of the commander so easily? Cool, huh?

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