Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 196

Chapter 196        Legendary

M406 was a 40mm highly-explosive grenade, weighing 32g with an area of effect of five meters. It would create more than three hundred fragments with a speed higher than a thousand and five hundred meters per second. However, the grenade itself was slow and in fact, everyone could easily see it.

The shooter at defense point three saw the grenade. It could be described as coming towards him ‘slowly’. As a trained anti-narcotic police in Mexico, he was aware that the slow grenade was generous. The moment he saw the grenade, he immediately lowered his head.

Zhou Qingfeng, who was in the building that was going to collapse already realized the presence of the shooter at defense point three. He instantly rushed out of the building.

Zhou Qingfeng had double the physical strength of a normal person and a combat ability that was increased by thirty percent at the moment, his running speed was incredibly fast. However, defense point three was three hundred meters away from him. Even though he was fast, he would still need at least twenty seconds to get there.

“He’s crazy!” the old SEALs member watched Zhou Qingfeng with a pair of binoculars. “The heavy machine gun could start firing at him anytime and there are another two aiming at him.

In fact, when Zhou Qingfeng rushed out of the building, DogMeat arrived at defense point two at the same time. Six of the people at the defense point were killed by Zhou Qingfeng and eight of them remained. All of them knew their job was to stop and stall the pioneers of the Brotherhood of Steel at the beach. When the patrol boats arrive, the pioneers will be eliminated.

“Stack the sandbags and remove these corpses. We need to get this gun running again.”

“We should request backup from Leader Guzman. Do not cease your fire... I repeat, do not cease your fire.”

“Hurry up. Otherwise, we’ll be the ones to die.”

One of the headmen was trying to re-organize the team and continued with the heavy machine gun. He was shocked by Zhou Qingfeng’s incredibly accurate shooting skill. However, he believed that once the heavy machine gun started to run once again, Zhou Qingfeng will not be able to escape anymore.

While they were re-setting the M2HB heavy machine gun, they spotted a dog with its sharp teeth exposed.

The headman did not think too much about it and he shouted, “Kill it!”

Before his men could take any action, DogMeat was already on his chest.

The headman thought it was just a mad dog. He moved his body backward, used his left hand to block and the other hand to aim at DogMeat with a pistol. At that instant, DogMeat bit him and made a huge hole in his chest.

The people at defense point two started to scream and randomly shoot. Nobody bothered about the machine gun anymore, all of them were trying to get rid of the scary dog. The headman looked at the hole in his chest, he could not believe what had just happened.

DogMeat was jumping and dodging the bullets in the building. At the same time, it was waiting for the chance to attack. It was just a matter of time for the rest of them in the building to be killed. That was the result of close-ranged combat with DogMeat. A normal person will not be able to fight against its agility and speed.

Defense point two was down, but there were still another two defense points left. Zhou Qingfeng was running towards defense point three and the machine gun from the first defense point was shooting at him. Zhou Qingfeng’s speed was fast; however, it could not compare to the speed of a bullet.

The old SEAL member saw it from behind and immediately shouted in the wireless radio, “Attack the machine gun on the left, give more time to that Chinese kid.”

The pioneers in the front who were being suppressed replied, “Sir, we’re still being held. There are three machine guns on the left. We’ve tried to attack twice and six of us are gone.”

The old man was outraged and he commanded again, “Sacrifice another six then, we need to give him more time. Otherwise, all of us are gonna die.”

“We can’t do it.”

“There are mortars aiming at us.”

“The machine guns are holding us up.”

“We need backup.”

All those complaints could be heard from the wireless radio and the old SEAL member was confounded. He raised his head and saw that not only was Zhou Qingfeng still alive, he was getting stronger and tougher.

The M406 grenade accurately landed at defense point three.

The shooter who lowered his body felt the explosion behind him. Following that were the severe vibration and waves of the explosion. As he turned around, he saw that the rest of the people in the team were either dead or severely injured. It was a complete mess.

He felt even more terrified when he saw Zhou Qingfeng. Zhou Qingfeng was running towards his direction at lightning speed. He already went across the beach and arrived at the beach park. His speed was so fast that the shooter could barely see him.

M406 killed five of them and Zhou Qingfeng’s combat power increased to a hundred and fifty-five percent. His agility and speed were already beyond what anyone could imagine.

“Idiot, you’re not gonna make it,” the shooter at defense point three felt the death threat from afar. Again, he aimed at Zhou Qingfeng who was around two hundred meters away from him. The distance was enough for the M2HB to create a line of bullets and kill everyone in front of it.

The bullets were fired from the machine guns and it destroyed everything including the cement floor and buildings. Dust and ashes sputtered every time the bullet hit a point.

In the midst of the dust and ashes, Zhou Qingfeng started to move left and right. His sharp eyes stared into the direction of the heavy machine gun at death’s door. Eventually, he was able to maintain a high speed while dodging the bullets.

In the shooter’s eyes, Zhou Qingfeng looked like he was performing on an ice skating ring. He dodged all the bullets with all sorts of incredible movements and his movements were slick. It seemed like Zhou Qingfeng was not tired at all. At that moment, the shooter thought that all of his hard work was useless and ridiculous in front of Zhou Qingfeng

“B*stard! As*hole! Motherf*cker!”

The shooter was like a kid chasing a fly. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng pulled the spring of the grenade launcher and reloaded the launcher with another grenade while he was running.

As Zhou Qingfeng arrived at the distance of a hundred meters away from the shooter, he laid prone on the ground as he could not get any closer anymore. He will not be able to dodge the bullets at that distance. After he laid prone on the ground, he launched M406 to the defense point.

The grenade accurately landed at the defense point, a few of them were killed. Following that, Zhou Qingfeng launched another three grenades.

After the four grenades, the entire defense point was destroyed. In the midst of the explosion, the shooter was not able to shoot Zhou Qingfeng. He could not even raise his head due to the shockwave of the explosion. Unfortunately, he was not killed by any of the four grenades. Finally, when he got up and turned around, he was the only one left in the defense point. There were more than ten people in the beginning.

On the other hand, Zhou Qingfeng was getting more and more excited and his combat power was getting better and better. It sounded like words were being spoken into his mind.

First blood.

Double kill.

Triple kill.

Ultra kill.

Mega kill.

Killing spree.





Finally, Zhou Qingfeng’s ability of ‘Awe-inspiring murder’ has reached its limit and he was now at the stage of ‘Legendary’!

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