Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 195

Chapter 195        Strike Back

“Hahaha…., a bunch of idiots. They’re so stupid!” Guzman was looking down from the golf course with his binoculars. He saw all the pioneers from Brotherhood of Steel being suppressed at the beach park and they could not do anything.

Richard was beside him and he also observed the situation. He sighed and said, “They weren’t stupid; they’re too proud and arrogant. They thought that we didn’t know about their plans and that’s why they are here with no backup.”

Skull and Bones knew the Brotherhood of Steel’s plan with the drone, but they were not sure which direction they would come from. There were way too many places they could land in New York. Also, Skull and Bones did not have that many people to guard every single direction; they could only have mobile defense teams.

Guzman’s team was one of the mobile defense teams. Guzman’s team consisted of all the drug dealers from Mexico and they were considered high-quality soldiers. After receiving mortars, heavy machine guns, and trucks, Guzman’s team was in charge of guarding and patrolling the island. They were so lucky that they met the pioneers of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Nieto was still with Guzman. Since he was weak and powerless, he was at the bottom of the team. He was in charge of their diet and logistics. After they departed from Staten Island, Sofia, who has been taking care of Nieto, was tortured to death. Nieto started being absent-minded since then. Fortunately, Hailey was still with him and the both of them comforted each other.

“Hey, Nieto. The heavy machine gun in defense point two is running out of bullets. Get a box of bullets over there.” Guzman shouted at Nieto through the wireless radio.

Nieto, who had been on standby, immediately grabbed a box of bullets and ran towards defense point two. While he was running, he heard the sound of a girl screaming all of a sudden. He turned around and saw that Guzman had bumped into Hailey who was also a logistics worker. Guzman was touching and kissing Hailey.

Nieto barely heard Hailey’s screams because it was a little far from him. The moment Nieto heard Hailey scream, “Help”, he immediately threw the box on the ground and turned around. Guzman saw his action, pulled his pistol, and fired in the sky. He snapped at Nieto, “F*ck off, continue with your work.”

Guzman’s shout was clear and loud. Nieto was intimidated by Guzman. He immediately thought of the time when he was being chased by Guzman to the war front. He could not suppress his fear. He started to run and left the box of bullets on the ground.

The so-called defense point two was a small villa at the beach. It was located around three hundred meters away from the place, and it was the location where the frontlines of the Brotherhood of Steel got suppressed. The Brotherhood of Steel had launched two javelin missiles toward the villa. Even when the people around the heavy machine gun were all killed; they could not destroy the machine gun.

As soon as the people at the defense point saw Nieto coming without bullets, they shouted angrily, “Where are the bullets? We only have two boxes left.”

Nieto was astonished. At that instant, he saw a furry tail come out across the defense point. A German shepherd was already less than a hundred meters away and it was slowly getting closer.

“Kill that dog first!” Nieto had a very deep impression of the dog. It was his nightmare. It was the terrifying dog which showed him its sharp iron teeth; it was the terrifying dog which killed all his men and Guzman’s partner, Koval.

However, everyone at the defense point ignored the dog. They were insanely shooting another person that was rushing towards them regardless of the spraying bullets.

“That kid is insane!” The old man from SEALs was stunned while looking at Zhou Qingfeng, “Are the people from China enhanced like supermen now?”

In fact, everyone on the battleground was watching Zhou Qingfeng. It was because the other members from the Brotherhood of Steel could not even raise their heads while the mortar and heavy machine guns were firing. Zhou Qingfeng was the only one who tried to strike back.

Zhou Qingfeng’s physical strength and endurance were far better than a normal person’s. While the old man from SEALs thought it was impossible and he was going to give up, Zhou Qingfeng was not going to give in.

With his powerful explosive speed and the two seconds he gained by using ‘As quick as lightning’ twice, Zhou Qingfeng and DogMeat rushed across the beach. They traveled more than twenty meters in just a blink of an eye and everyone was shocked on the spot.

While the heavy machine gun was targeting at Zhou Qingfeng, DogMeat was running very quickly around the defense point. Due to the fact that it was short and small in size, nobody noticed it.

“Mortar, kill that running man.” Guzman saw Zhou Qingfeng at the top of the golf course. Guzman commanded the mortar team and at the same time, he mandated the Hailey under him, “Suck harder, don’t stop. I freaking love you, gosh, it feels so good!”

As soon as the mortars landed around Zhou Qingfeng, he was already in a house at the beach. Before the mortar and heavy machine guns could destroy the house, Zhou Qingfeng only had a few seconds to shoot back.

Bang….., with a 4x scope, Zhou Qingfeng fired a bullet with his scar rifle. The bullet traveled more than three hundred meters and it accurately hit a person in defense point two.

Combat power increased by five percent, …….

Another member of Skull and Bones pushed the shooter away and tried to get on the heavy machine gun. However, Zhou Qingfeng had already fired his second bullet. The bullet hit the second person in his chest.

Combat power increased by ten percent, …….

The place Zhou Qingfeng attacked was defense point two where Nieto located. The people around the machine gun started to panic as two of the shooters had died all of a sudden. Meanwhile, DogMeat, who had been hiding around a hundred meters away, suddenly rushed towards them.

“Oh, God!” Nieto was terrified. He was not scared of bullets; he was afraid of DogMeat. He immediately turned around and ran away when he saw DogMeat come closer.

There were more than ten people at the defense point; two of the shooters were killed and the rest of them could fill the position with a shooter. However, Zhou Qingfeng kept shooting accurately from three hundred meters away. The more of the people he eliminated, the stronger he was. Finally, none of the people at the defense would dare to raise their heads.

Within the few seconds, DogMeat had already traversed a hundred meters. At the same time, the building that Zhou Qingfeng was in had nearly destroyed by the other two heavy machine guns. The wall and structure of the building were collapsing under the impact of bullets. Moreover, the mortars were also targeting the building.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng’s combat power was already increased by thirty percent. His agility, speed, and ability to judge were boosted. The third ‘As quick as lightning’ was activated.

Within the one second, Zhou Qingfeng held his breath, aimed and launched a 40mm diameter high-explosive grenade with an M203 grenade launcher. Everything was calculated accurately and precisely in Zhou Qingfeng’s brain that had been enhanced by the NTZ-49 drug.

At another defense point, there was a shooter aiming at Zhou Qingfeng. Due to the fact that the building was collapsing, without any cover, Zhou Qingfeng appeared in his scope. All he needed to do was pull the trigger and the strong, scary enemy in front of him would be a goner. Unfortunately, at that instant, he saw a grenade coming towards him.

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