Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 194

Chapter 194        Surrender

The Brotherhood of Steel was indeed a military organization that promoted the ‘white supremacy’, and its contempt for the other races had been deeply entrenched in their system of values. In order to improve the team’s cohesion, the old SEALs member abandoned the system of democracy. Instead of treating Zhou Qingfeng as one of his own, he even treated him as an opponent.

Zhou Qingfeng’s speed boat was not the only boat under the command of the old SEALs member. Four to five speed boats, or in other words, around fifty people were surrounding him, and the numerical ratio of fifty-to-one had caused immense pressure on him.

In that instance, the half-paralyzed face of the old SEAls member appeared to be extraordinarily odious. As the only one with the power to talk, he then laughed nastily at Zhou Qingfeng and said, “Please, just don’t let us win too easily.”

There was no way Zhou Qingfeng could avoid this kind of confrontation. Even though he knew that he was at a disadvantage, he had no other choice but to take the bull by the horns! He understood that he had to put the pride of his nation to the side, as in a world where the law of the jungle ruled, he had to fight in order to live on.

Zhou Qingfeng stood straight and said clearly, “How should we compete then? Based on the number of kills?”

“Of course not, we’ll enter East Rockaway of Queens from the Reynolds Sewers. According to our scout report, there’s an army reserve barrack in that area, and there are probably more than two hundred trained recruits currently camping in that area.

The barrack will also serve as the rear support point for the Skull and Bones. Our objective is to launch a preemptive strike and conquer this support point in order to ensure that our land troops will not receive any interferences. However, if we somehow fail our mission, then you can give it a go.”

F*ck me… Fifty combat elites will somehow fail their mission when confronting two hundred recruits? Are you kidding me?

The old SEALs member then turned around after he finished talking and asked his men, “Tell me, will you fail?”

The elite troops of the Brotherhood of Steel had already been provoked by the bet since the beginning. When they heard the question from the old SEALs member, they shouted excitedly at the same time, “Never!”

“Will you leave an opportunity for this Chinese kid?”


“Do you want to kiss the Chinese kid’s ass?”


“Alright, boys! We’ve now entered the Reynolds Sewers. Now, check your weapons and equipment one last time. We’ll be launching our attack in fifteen minutes and clearing the entire battlefield within ten minutes. Our main force will arrive after half an hour… All hail the Brotherhood of Steel!”

“All hail the Brotherhood of Steel!”

Zhou Qingfeng was completely suppressed by the grandeur of those bastards, and hence he straightened his face even until the final fifteen minutes before launching the preemptive strike. According to the information from Angie’s drone, the Hewlett Beach, which they had to decide to land on this time around, was completely empty.

After fifteen minutes, fifty elite troops jumped down from their speedboat. With their professionalism and extreme speed, they were able to conquer the beach in just the blink of an eye.

The elite troops were busting with the team due to the smoothness of the process when conquering the beach. Then old SEALs member even praised them, “Guys, you’re the best!”

Therefore, Zhou Qingfeng, who was apparently ‘Not Best Enough’, did not have the chance to take part in it. He was being threaded by the old SEALs member as a target to humiliate, “Look at this pathetic Chinese kid, he almost cried when he realized that he didn’t even have the chance to show himself!”

There was a golf course near Hewlett Beach. As the area was quite spacious, the Skull and Bones had set up a trained reserves barrack in that area. The barrack was also responsible for watching out for Skull and Bones’ back to prevent being backstabbed by the others.

After landing on the beach, the first priority of the old SEALs member’s men was to investigate and suppress the barrack when necessary. According to their previous scout report, although there were around a hundred trained troops in the barrack, all of them were mere recruits and they did not even have any weapons with them.

“Mother f*cker, stop making fun of me, don’t blame me for hitting you right in your d*ck!” Zhou Qingfeng was infuriated when he saw the joyfully satisfied Americans. However, when he finally set his foot on the beach, he heard a ‘fwee’ in the air.

“Ambush, mortar!” The troops from the frontline yelled once they heard the sound of a launching artillery shell, followed by the sound of an explosion. Zhou Qingfeng then saw a corpse gliding through the air.

The old SEALs member instantly lays prone on the ground as he tried to seek cover. He then asked through the wireless radio, “Where’s the mortar coming from?”

However, he did not get any answer for his inquiries as several rounds of artillery shells had already landed on his squad. The sound of ‘Fwee…. Bwoom!’ could be heard continuously, and the sound of ‘dhuk dhuk dhuk’ from the machine guns could be heard from all directions. In just the blink of an eye, the five landing speedboats, who had originally conquered the beach, were all destroyed.



All the elite troops that landed on the shores were completely stunned. When they saw all of their speed boats were exploded, they realized that they were in an unfavorable situation - their only escape route was now gone, and hence they could no longer escape out of it.

However, the old SEALs member realized that their bad luck did not end there. If the mortars destroyed all their speed boats with ease, then it means that they could easily prevent the arrival of their main force as well. If their main forces did not make their way up to the beach, due to the numerical inferiority, they would soon be dead even though all of them were elites.

“Where’s the mortar coming from?” The old SEALs member was extremely worried. As the trajectory of the mortar was bent and the launching of the artillery missiles were almost unnoticeable, it was very hard for them to determine the firing position.

One of the elite troop members from the frontline of the Brotherhood of Steels then made a rough guess after relying solely on his sense of hearing, “Sir, I believe that those artillery shells are being launched from the barrack in the golf course.”

“What the hell! Where shall we retreat then?” In such a crucial moment, the old SEALs member took out a pair of binoculars and looked at his surroundings, “There must be a sentry post around here. We must find and destroy it.”

“I think that the sentry post which you’re looking for is in the sky.” Zhou Qingfeng brought DogMeat alongside him and walked towards the old SEALs member. His face was covered with sands as well due to the explosions of the artillery shells. After some observation, he pointed to the sky.

There was a micro-drone about three hundred meters above the sky. As it was extremely small in size, one would not be able to find it without paying close attention. The micro-drone was equipped with a wireless transmission camera, and it was more than enough to detect the distance of mere several hundred meters.

“Damn it, they only have a simple recruit barrack when we did our scouting yesterday. How the hell did they manage to get all these mortars and heavy machine guns within one day?” The old SEALs member lifted his rifle and fired a few shots into the sky. However, since the micro-drone had a random flying pattern, he was unable to do anything about it.

“Do you need me to help you out?” asked Zhou Qingfeng.

“Kid, stop trying to show off. We’ve been completely suppressed, do you understand that? Didn’t you realize that we’re being shot at from all three directions?” The old SEALs member seemed to have already given up. Without the backup of the great American reinforcement troops from the Brotherhood of Steel, he was now left with mere fifty pathetic ‘elite troops’.

The crossfire was coming from all three directions, which meant that whoever that lifted their head would be instantly dead. However, what was even worse was that the land troops from all three directions were not their only threat. A few patrol boats soon emerged from the surface of the sea and slowly approached them with a strong murderous intent.

The face of the old SEALs member instantly turned pale when he saw all the heavy machine guns on the patrol boats, “We’re screwed… Surrender!”

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