Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 193

Chapter 193        Provoke

A speedboat was traveling with high speed on the sea.

Zhou Qingfeng sat at the front of the boat. He and a few other members from the Brotherhood of Steel stayed in the frontline, while Butcher stayed back to command the squad. A drone flew above the speedboat, and Angie’s voice rose from the wireless radio, “Victor, I can see you from here. I’ll be watching your back. Good luck!”

“Thank you, I’m glad that you’re feeling better. It’s such a relief to have you with me.” Indeed, Zhou Qingfeng felt some peace of mind when Angie said that.

The Brotherhood of Steel’s initial plan involved invading the Kennedy Airport because it was Fernando Rethnor’s headquarters. However, a few photos taken by the drone controlled by Angie changed their plan—they switched their target to Valley Stream, a huge logistic base behind Queens.

Zhou Qingfeng was hoping to force Fernando Rethnor to order his mercenaries out of Polarlys by attacking the place that was important to them. Then, he could get the chance to hijack the ship. He would escape halfway through the fight anyway.

In order to leave safely, he needed the drone above him to monitor the things around him.

Similarly, Skull and Bones had been using drones to monitor Staten Island. Zhou Qingfeng believed Skull and Bones would catch wind of their invasion very soon, especially since the cargo ship that carried most of the soldiers was moving too slow. Before the Brotherhood of Steel arrived, the enemy would have already gathered their soldiers and readied to encounter them.

On the speedboat, one of the members from the Brotherhood of Steel was controlling a Javelin missile. He snapped, “Fire!” A missile was launched, and it went into the direction of a big-sized patrol boat, which was moving closer toward them.

Zhou Qingfeng took out his binoculars and saw the patrol boat be hit and burned by the missile. It was a shame that the people on the boat managed to jump out of the boat, thus escaping.

In fact, Skull and Bones possessed far better equipment and weapons than the Brotherhood of Steel. They got a lot of resources from a few barracks and arsenals of the U.S. Army; they even found a lot of patrol boats from the U.S. Coast Guard. However, the advanced weapons were wasted on the quality of their soldiers.

The mercenaries under Fernando Rethnor were considered the strongest in Skull and Bones. There were around seven hundred well-trained and experienced soldiers. However, they were still incomparable with the large amounts of retired U.S. soldiers under the Brotherhood of Steel.

The mercenaries from South America might be a little stronger if the fights were set one versus one. But they were not good at team fights at all. There were a lot of old and experienced soldiers in the Brotherhood of Steel. Even though they did not possess the excess energy to be able to fight in the war, their war experience and command abilities were still outstanding.

The speedboat Zhou Qingfeng was on would clear the way toward Valley Stream. Their job was to prevent Skull and Bones’ boats from getting closer, getting to the island first and opening up the way for the cargo ship. An old SEALs member was on the speedboat.

That old man was bald, with a thick beard and various tattoos on his bulky body. His eyes were sharp, and he looked like a freak. He had been staring at Zhou Qingfeng for the entire trip.

“Sir, do you have any problem?” Zhou Qingfeng was uncomfortable with the old man’s stare.

Another retired soldier teased before the old man could speak, “Lieutenant Wood wants you to kill his a**.”

The soldiers’ words were rather ridiculous during the war; they especially liked to bully the newbies. Zhou Qingfeng had already experienced this kind of treatment from Butcher in the past.

The old man giggled, shocking Zhou Qingfeng with his face. Only half of his face moved—the other half was dead. “I was in the war at Afghanistan twenty years ago. I’ve trained a lot terrorists to sneak into China and make trouble.”

“Oh… and then?” Zhou Qingfeng replied to show that he was listening.

“And China sent their special forces to Afghanistan to get their revenge, too. They destroyed a lot of our training camps and killed our trainees. We fought against each other, and it ended with a draw. This scar was made during that time. My nerve was cut by a reflected blade.” The old man touched the scar to show where it was while he talked.

“Ended with a draw?”

“Ah…. The SEALs are the most outstanding soldiers in the world. It’s a piece of cake to fight with the Chinese, so it was like taking a toy from a kid. It’s a huge loss for China,” the old man talked happily about his past.

“Ha ha ha…. As long as you’re happy.” Zhou Qingfeng could not say anything else, because he did not participate in that war. However, he did not believe what the old man said.

“I don’t mean to insult the Chinese, but you all aren’t as professional as us. All your soldier selections, training, weapons, and equipment are all outdated.” The old SEALs member in front Zhou Qingfeng shouted, “We’re the best, the best in the world!”

Zhou Qingfeng rolled his eyes as he heard the old man, whereas the other retired soldiers started to cheer.

The old man continued, “But I have to admit that Chinese are truly brave. They kept on sending people to fight with us, and they got stronger and stronger. While losing, they learned from us, and that’s what we worried about.

“Their weapons got better, their training became stricter, and they even followed our methods for soldier selection. It was easy to beat them at the beginning, but it became harder as they got better.”

Zhou Qingfeng listened very carefully, then chipped in, “And it ended with a draw?”

The old man snapped proudly, “No! We’re still the best. We have always had the advantage, but the advantage is constantly shrinking. After the war in Afghanistan, I returned to the U.S. and never saw the people from China anymore.

“Kid, you’re the first Chinese man I could feel possessed the temperament of a soldier in ages. I’ve heard that you’re good, and I’m looking forward to your performance. Don’t let me down, kid. Look at these picked soldiers, show me that you’re better than them. Otherwise, your ancestors will be ashamed.”

There were seven retired soldiers on the speedboat. All of them were around the age of thirty, and they came from different units. The common thing about them was that they were selected as pioneers due to their outstanding performances. The soldiers were provoked by the old man.

“He’s just a rookie, I bet he’d wet his pants later.”

“I only let rookies do the cleaning when I was in service.”

“Guys, don’t scare him. Look at this little kid, his face is pale.”

“Shut up, you all.” The old man waved his hand and said excitedly, “Let’s have a bet. Whoever kills the most, wins when we land. If this Chinese kid loses, he has to admit that the U.S. is better China. If he wins, you all will be kissing his ass!”

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