Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 192

Chapter 192        Does The Truth Really Matter After All?

Marco was very confident about his plan. He used to despair because of starvation. It was a feeling that would lead a gentleman into becoming a robber, or even a determined woman into a whore. In fact, he felt that he was actually helping Zhou Qingfeng out as well. He wanted to let him know that he should prioritize survival above other matters in the current cataclysm.

Marco saw Xu Guangrong standing in the doorway when he reached Squad Hugo’s tent. They used to know each other back in Chinatown, so he greeted him with enthusiasm, “Old Xu, have you eaten yet? I can let you have some of my canned meat if you don’t mind.”

Xu Guangrong seemed to be a bit nervous, whispering something into the tent when he saw someone come over. A bunch of messy sounds from the tent was soon heard, and it seemed that someone was packing things up inside the tent.

Marco stepped forward with a smile and reached out to give Xu Guangrong the canned Spam. He thought that Xu Guangrong would definitely throw himself forward like a starving dog and cry for his generosity. However, when Xu Guangrong saw the canned Spam, a weird expression twisted his face. He seemed to be having some internal conflict, but he had no choice but to accept the can.

“Old Xu, I know that you guys have been suffering in the past few days, but you guys left us no choice,” Marco comforted Xu Guangrong as he walked into the tent. Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher were not inside the tent, but the others were wearing weird expressions on their faces too as they watched him come in. Everyone seemed to have done something in order to erase the scene of the crime. Moreover, a strange smell lingered in the air.

However, when Marco realized that Zhou Qingfeng was not in the tent, he then began to bad-mouth him, “Your squad leader is the one to blame…. He’s just a f***ing b*stard! A wise man should know when to act appropriately, but he still insists on confronting the white officer. Why can’t he just give the armored vehicle to Officer Zagey? No one will have to starve anymore, as long as he’s willing to obey the order.”

Marco then distributed the canned Spam which he brought along with him to everyone in the tent. “Come, I know you guys have been starving the whole day. I’m giving you these because I’m just too kind to withstand anyone suffering. But still, I think you guys should really go and persuade your squad leader. There’s still a long way to go, and he can’t just let everyone keep on starving like this.”

Marco felt a bit distressed when he handed out those cans of Spam. Although they tasted extremely awful, they were still his food for the three following days, which means that he too would have to starve soon. However, in order to please Officer Zagey, he made up his mind and gave out his resources as an investment.

“So… where’s your squad leader? I need to talk to him. I understand that everyone has some kind of temper, but one should know when to act appropriately.” Marco even gave some of the canned Spam to Eileen and Ellie, the twin sisters. However, the sisters did not reach out, and they did not seem to be too fond of it.

“Come on…. Don’t be shy.” Marco actually had a favorable impression of the sisters, as they were quite pretty. He even purposefully kept two cans for both of them. However, the bulging cheeks of the two sisters left him curious.

Eileen, the older sister, reluctantly accepted the canned Spam, but Ellie, the younger sister, could not hold her breath anymore. All of a sudden, a bone spat out from her mouth.

Hey… what’s that?

The light source was dim inside the tent, and so Marco did not have a clear vision at first. However, he could still sense that something was wrong with the bone. In the end, he finally realized that the bone seemed to have come from a big, delicious drumstick, and the strange smell in the air was actually the aroma of a deep fried chicken.

F*** me, why the h*ll do they have a drumstick? What the h*ll is going on? We’re out there eating those f***ing canned Spam but they, who supposedly have the worst living conditions, are here enjoying some f***ing huge drumstick?

Marco was instantly shocked. He then saw Ellie, the younger sister, swiftly turn around and spit a drumstick out from her mouth, before ravenously devouring it. The older sister then put herself in front of her younger sister with a mischievous smile on her face.

“What are you guys eating?” Marco instantly drooled. He was already starving.

Eileen only replied with a ‘humph’ with her bulging cheeks. Obviously, her mouth was stuffed full with food as well.

Marco then looked at his surroundings once again, taking in all the details inside the tent that he had missed previously. There were bone fragments, an empty can of sardines, as well as some bread crumbs all over the floor. One of the men even had some jam smeared on his face

“You guys aren’t even starving?” Marco was getting even hungrier and hungrier once he smelled the aroma of the canned fruit in the air. He had been craving for fruits, since the last time he had some was almost a month ago. The world was still at peace during that time!

Xu Guangrong hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Marco out of the tent. He even returned the canned Spam back to him. “Marco, I’m really glad that you have some time to stop by. Indeed, we haven’t eaten any food for the entire day. Can you perhaps kindly put in a few good words for us when you’re meeting up with Officer Zagey?”

“But… you guys just….” Marco turned around as he tried to enter the tent once again. However, he was blocked by two men from Squad Hugo.

“B*llsh*t, I’ll tell the officer now. You guys….” Marco wanted to struggle free from them. He even got angry in the end. M****r f***er. Do you guys know that I even stopped by to try and help you guys out? Aren’t you guys supposed to give me a share of it?

“Marco!” All of a sudden, Xu Guangrong showed a glint of his dark, malevolent eyes and roared, “You may walk along fortune's wide road, but I would choose the risky plank of insecurity. So, please just look after your own concerns and leave me to my own affairs. My wife and children’s lives all depend on our squad leader now. Stop messing around here. Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing you!”

There were three things all wise men feared: the sea during a storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man. Xu Guangrong put all ten cans of Spam back into Marco’s hands and even gave him an extra can. “You better stop messing around. Tell me if there's any news, and I might give you some benefit.”

Marco looked at the can of peas in his hand and cursed in silence, What the f**k? Am I only worth a can of peas? However, he could only bear with it as Xu Guangrong and the others remained wary of him.

When Marco went back to Officer Zagey’s tent, he saw that the junior assault unit leader was in the middle of a quarrel with the Quartermaster. There were a few cans of Spam on top of his table. “Why do I have to eat this kind of canned food as well? What about our bread, milk, and jam paste?”

The Quartermaster, however, replied to him expressionlessly, “According to the orders from Commander Johnson, due to the low supply of food, the troops who are fighting in Queens, including you, should only bring these portable canned food.”

However, Officer Zagey did not seem to trust him. He lowered his voice and asked, “Stop telling me sh*t. Now tell me, have you sold all of them?!”

Smiling, the Quartermaster tilted his head forty-five degrees toward the sky, and his action completely resembled the once arrogant Officer Zagey. Yes, indeed… I’ve sold all of them, but so what? You guys will soon join the battlefield anyway, and no one can guarantee if you guys will return alive. After all, does the truth really matter?

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