Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 190

Chapter 190        It's Completely Normal!

The Cougar braked and stopped at the front of the tent.

The entire barrack fell into silence as they were trying to listen for any movements out there. All the people from the other squads came out of their tents and they were all astonished when they saw the massive Cougar.

I thought we were just the cannon fodder squad? Weren’t we all in the same desperate and hopeless situation? Isn’t everyone here going to die?

Everyone was laughing at Squad Hugo’s low-quality equipment and members; they thought they were the worst cannon fodders of all. However, the moment they saw the armored vehicle, it was like everyone was hit by a gigantic rock because it blew their minds. It was a huge comeback!

Undoubtedly, Leader Zagey, who has the highest rank in the barrack, received the greatest impact. He looked and pointed a shaking finger at Cougar in front of him. He snapped, “Victor Hugo, what are you trying to do? Are you starting a rebellion? This place is under the Brotherhood of Steel, you won’t be able to make it!”

Zhou Qingfeng lifted his goggles. He smiled but pointed at Leader Zagey with the heavy machine gun. He said, “Officer, I thought the squad leaders needed to prepare their own weapons? Here’s my weapon, it’s completely normal!”

“What….., this is yours? No way!” Leader Zagey’s mind was in a mess. It was a tough way to become an officer in the Brotherhood of Steel. He would really like to have a few heavy weapons to show off to everyone but he did not have any! Without any choice, he wanted to get the sisters, Eileen and Ellie, to protect him as he remembered that they were pretty good at shooting. Unfortunately, they were ‘hijacked’ by Zhou Qingfeng.

“Why is it not possible? I have a total of five Cougars. One was destroyed, one was sold, and I still have another three. I’m bringing one here to fight against Skull and Bones, it’s completely normal!”

Normal, my a**! The moment Leader Zagey heard that Zhou Qingfeng had another three of the armored vehicles, his heart broke. He had been struggling for so long and did not even have a Jeep. No, wait! He had a Jeep, but it was without fuel.

“Where’d you get your fuel? Did you steal them? Was it illegal trade? You’re breaking the rules! The Brotherhood of Steel has already prohibited the outflow of fuel. You must have done something illegal!”

Leader Zagey was trying to find a fault in Zhou Qingfeng. Zhou Qingfeng then explained about the invasion of Fernando Rethnor. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “We got the fuel from two of the ships they abandoned and filled the Cougar. It’s completely normal.”

Does it work that way? Do you know that fuel is one of the top-level resources? Without fuel, many of the advanced weapons were useless. At the moment, both the Brotherhood of Steel and Skull and Bones were trying their best to search for fuel which they were prohibited to sell or trade.

In contrast, Zhou Qingfeng did nothing and got free fuel from the enemy. It’s not fair at all!

“You…., you….” Leader Zagey was speechless. He waved at his men and snapped, “Watch your back, Victor Hugo. Let’s go!”

Leader Zagey was furious and was going to leave. Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng still aimed at him with the heavy machine gun. He deepened his voice and said, “Please leave the two girls here. They’re mine.”

Both Eileen and Ellie were forced to stay with Leader Zagey. As soon as Zhou Qingfeng said that, they immediately got out of the squad and got onto Cougar happily. They were very excited and curious about the armored vehicle.

Zagey’s hard work was all wasted and he was rather embarrassed!

As soon as Leader Zagey left, everyone in Squad Hugo came out to Cougar in front of the tent. They were all crying until only a few moments ago and now their confidence was instantly boosted when they saw the beast.

“Who said we’re the worst of cannon fodders?”

“We’re the elite of cannon fodders!”

“We’re not going to be the first one to die now. Hahaha….!”

Zhou Qingfeng’s squad was happy but the other squads were worried. In fact, all the squads were newly created and everyone had similar abilities and powers.

It was as if they were being chased by a wild beast in a forest. People at the front would think they were safe as long as the people at the back were still alive. Right now, the one who was last jumped to the first place and the other squads started to panic!

“Alright, everybody! Armored vehicles won’t be your shield during the war. You guys need to initiate. It’s not the factor that decides whether or not you survive. Go and learn from Roma about that M2HB heavy machine gun. That’s the key to your survival.”

Zhou Qingfeng led them into the tent. He wanted everyone in his squad to know how to use and control the heavy machine gun. It did not matter if they could not hit the target, as long as they were able to fire it!

Leader Zagey returned to his commander tent and smashed his helmet against the table, “How dare that b*stard ignore me?! Did you all see that? He pointed the heavy machine gun at me, it’s a severe offense and he would’ve been on the military court!”

Zagey, the Junior Assault Unit Leader, was the commander of the cannon fodders. He had two hundred men under him and a bodyguard squad with him all the time. He was doing everything he could to reinforce his bodyguard squad to ensure his personal safety.

However, all his hard work was rather ridiculous when compared to Zhou Qingfeng’s Cougar. All the men and weapons he had could not fight against that armored vehicle.

“Guys, give me some ideas. I need to get rid of this tarter! Otherwise, who’d listen to me?” Leader Zagey decided to play wisely and see what his men could come up with.

“How about we force Victor Hugo to turn in the armored vehicle?” someone suggested.

Leader Zagey snapped, “If I could do that, do I even need to worry now?”

“How about we request for tanks from the superiors to hold them down?” another person suggested.

Again, Leader Zagey snapped, “Dumb*ss! Isn’t that telling the superiors that I’m useless? Even if that works, how about that Cougar? Does it belong to the superiors or me?”

After a few moments of silence, Marco, who was standing in the corner raised his hand and said, “Commander Zagey, maybe we could stop giving them resources like food. I know Victor Hugo. I could go and convince him to turn in the armored vehicle.”

“Ha…., great idea!” Zagey was amazed. “Good job, yellow m*nkey. It’s Asian versus Asian now! You’re right, stop giving them food and let them starve. The reason they joined was because of food, they wouldn’t last long without it!”

Thus… Zhou Qingfeng and his squad did not receive the resources they were supposed to receive the entire day. Roma has reported to the quartermaster three times and the results were all - no resources for you!

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