Rise of Humanity

Chapter 400

Chapter 400 - Unstoppable

Along with the skeleton of the Whale Emperor, the Whale Emperor Ship sank to the bottom of the sea. Zhong Yue immediately woke up from his cultivation. But he did not do anything as he was currently in the most crucial juncture in the process of reforging his inner core; if anything went wrong, everything done by Zhong Yue would be in vain.

Bai Zhenbei clapped his hands strongly and created a loud noise that sent a shockwave through the water, rupturing the internal organs of all the sharks that surrounded them.

In an instant, the sea was dyed red with the blood that gushed out from the dead sharks.

Zhong Yue frowned as he hastened the solidification of his inner core, and he thought, Sha Qishan still dares to enter the Eastern Sea? Who gave him such bravery? Can it be he is now no longer afraid of the dragons? 

On the other hand, Bai Zhenbei's face was unusually serious, and as his eyes twitched, he said, "Get out of the water now! Only the dragons' magnate Qi Practitioners would be able to beat Sha Qishan in the water! I'm only able to beat him if we are out of the sea."

“Teacher, Sha Qishan is just a magnate Qi Practitioner like you; you are nowhere weaker than him so why….” asked Bai Canghai softly.

"It's way different," replied Bai Zhenbei with a shook while he lifted Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai towards the top of the sea. He then explained, "There's a huge difference between casting skills on the land and in the water; in the water, the strength and speed of our skills are greatly affected by the water while as a sea creature, instead of being affected by the water, his strength will even be slightly increased. His strength was already so dreadful on the ground, not to mention in the water. We have to get out of the water right now!"

He then said again, "As a member of the Bai Zhe Clan, the clan that possesses the most knowledge about everything, we not only have to know every races' weaknesses but also their strengths."

Moments later, when the three of them got out from the water, they immediately heard someone laughing and say, "Senior martial brother Bai is right! I can be considered as one of the ten strongest Qi Practitioner in the water, and other than myself, the other nine of them are all dragons! However, I am even more curious about my weaknesses that you claim to have in your Bai Zhe Clan's records."

Sha Qishan had arrived!

Underneath, a gigantic white shark with a green back charged towards them with its jaws wide open.

This gigantic shark was the original form, and it emitted an intense monstrous aura.

When it opened up its jaw, saw-like teeth could be seen all over in its mouth, and when it opened up its mouth, a terrifying pressure instantly fell upon Bai Zhenbei, Zhong Yue, and Bai Canghai before they were sucked towards Sha Qishan by a crazy power!

Just when Bai Zhenbei grabbed onto Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai firmly as he tried his best to stop them from being sucked towards Sha Qishan, an attack that was strong enough to break his rib cage landed on his chest.

A bloodied hole appeared on his chest as it was pierced through by an invisible attack.

With the attack that injured him heavily, Bai Zhenbei could no longer stop them from being sucked towards Sha Qishan's mouth.

This was all Sha Qishan's doing; he launched an attack that had the same color as the water so that Bai Zhenbei would fail to notice it.

This was the most frightening aspect of battling a Qi Practitioner that excelled in water-elemental skills in the water. His opponent often would fail to notice their attacks, thus, losing his life!

On the verge of being swallowed up by Sha Qishan, Bai Zhenbei smirked and took out a sledgehammer, hurling it toward Sha Qishan's nose.

Immediately, dizziness overwhelmed Sha Qishan, and blood gushed out from his nose. He then closed up his jaws while Bai Zhenbei seized the precious chance and flew towards the surface of the sea with Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai in tow.

With an angry roar, Sha Qishan suddenly turned into a strange humanoid form that had a shark face and a bloodied nose with broken bones. His eyes also began to tear up from the impact of the attack involuntarily.

"Is this the weakness recorded in the records of the Bai Zhe Clan? Don't you think it is too childish!?"

Then, he cast a series of skills that surrounded the three of them.

Suddenly, Bai Zhenbei hurled Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai out of the water before turning around to shout to Sha Qishan, "Canghai, take him away first! Leave the water right away!"

Without any hesitation, Bai Canghai grabbed onto Zhong Yue, and they headed towards the water surface immediately.

Meanwhile, Sha Qishan unsheathed his sword that looked like a shark fin while a seal flew past Bai Zhenbei's head.

The two of them then fought together, and not long after that, Bai Zhenbei was hit from behind by another one of Sha Qishan's attacks.

They exchanged blows rapidly, and due to the hostile environment, Bai Zhenbei was gradually overwhelmed by his opponent. In the sea, Bai Zhenbei's attacks were weaker and slower. The same also happened to his soul weapon while the water bolstered Sha Qishan's strength. Suddenly, Bai Zhenbei hurled out his hammer again, and it landed on Sha Qishan's nose.

Immediately, tears built up around Sha Qishan's eyes and his vision got blurred.

Beng Beng Beng——-

God knew how many times Bai Zhenbei landed his punches on Sha Qishan's face, but right now, Sha Qishan's face had become entirely swollen to the point of being effectively blind.

Hong Long——-

With his senses disrupted, Sha Qishan started attacking everywhere blindly, and suddenly, one of his attacks hit Bai Zhenbei, sending him flying away as his blood spilled everywhere.

From Bai Canghai's perspective, he suddenly saw his teacher flying towards them before quickly catching him. He was now holding both Zhong Yue and Bai Zhenbei as he brought them out of the water.

And underneath them was Sha Qishan who turned into a shark again, opened his jaws wide as he charged towards them through the blood scent of Bai Zhenbei.

Taking advantage of Sha Qishan's blinded vision, Bai Zhenbei stepped on the gigantic shark's nose, causing Sha Qishan to shriek in pain before fainting and falling back into the sea.

Bai Zhenbei then let out a breath of relief, and he said, "I am no match for him in the sea, but once we are not in the sea, I can overwhelm him with ease… His weakness really is his nose…."

Before he finished talking, his face changed again as he threw Bai Canghai and Zhong Yue away,

and he turned into a white beast with a goat-head, kirin-body, dragon-claws, and a pair of wings.

Immediately after, something struck him, and Bai Zhenbei was sent flying away!

"Bai Zhenbei, it is not strange that you know Sha Qishan's weakness, but I wonder if you know our Zhong Li Celestial Race's weakness?"

After he managed to regain his balance, Bai Zhenbei coughed out even more blood. He then looked towards the sky, and two Martial Heavenly Master appeared over his head with an apparition of a celestial being behind them.

It was the apparition of Xia Hou!

Finally, Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang – the two Martial Heavenly Master of the Zhong Li Celestial Race – had arrived.

"Of course, I know the weakness of the Zhong Li Celestial Race and the Martial Heavenly Master. If you don't believe me, how about you fight me alone, and I will show it to you," taunted Bai Zhenbei while continuing to spit out blood.

“No thanks.”

The two Martial Heavenly Master suddenly moved with lightning speed as they charged towards Bai Zhenbei and said, "A dead Bai Zhe Clan member is Bai Zhen Clan member that we worry about the least!"

In close quarter combats, it was widely acknowledged by everyone that the Martial Masters were almost undefeatable.

Other than that, another widely accepted fact was that if the Martial Masters were to team up, the strength they could display was greater than merely the sum of their individual powers!

If two Martial Masters worked together, the threat they posed would increase by multiple folds!

And when two magnate level Martial Masters teamed up, other than those on the Imminent Deity or above, no one would be able to survive a fight against such a force!

As the two Martial Heavenly Masters moved, Bai Zhen suddenly removed the horn on his head as his body shrunk and turned into a white-robed old man, and he then quickly retreated.

Meanwhile, Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang began to chase after him.

Finally, the three of them clashed together; Bai Zhenbei was continually pushed back as he did everything he could to avoid being surrounded by the two of them while they continually struck at Bai Zhenbei in various ways with their body as the prowess of Martial Heavenly Masters was put on full display.

Be it their hair, head, hands, or legs, every part of their body could be used as soul weapons to unleash the power of magnate level soul weapons!

Even their angry shouts were also a form of an attack which could impact their opponent's Yuan Shen to crush their foes' attacks and inflict heavy internal wounds on them!

The Martial Heavenly Masters were just way too strong that in just a few moments, Bai Zhenbei body was already littered with wounds.

The old man held his horns in his hands and swung them around as he attacked Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang. But it seemed like the horns were ineffective against the two Martial Heavenly Masters’ unreasonably strong bodies!

However, Bai Zhenbei's speed was also extremely fast as the two enemies could not get close enough to surround him.

As time passed, Bai Zhenbei felt his strength draining away as he lost more and more blood. Just when defeat was upon him, Bai Zhenbei suddenly struck his horns on the webbed part between the index finger and thumb of the two Martial Heavenly Masters' palms.

Immediately, their faces turned pale as they felt their blood start circulating in reverse and their Qi become clogged.

At the same time, the part of their body where the horns landed turned numb and the bond between their Yuan Shen and body suddenly weakened.

Beng Beng Beng——-

Loud noises came from their bodies as their skins were torn apart and blood gushed out from their wounds.

The two of them spurted out a massive amount of blood, and suddenly, their body started trembling, and they were frightened to death when their Yuan Shen flew out from their body.

The body of Martial Masters were all sealed up to prevent their Yuan Shen and soul from leaving their body even until they died.

But now, with just a pair of horns, Bai Zhenbei actually caused the Yuan Shen of Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang to fly out from their body.

Bai Zhenbei coughed out blood again, and when he got back to Bai Canghai, he put on a laugh, and he said, "Brat, see? My Bai Zhe Clan is no weaker than any other race out there! As long as we know everything, we will be omnipotent…"


Blood started gushing out from Bai Zhenbei's mouth as his aura suddenly seemed to disappear, and he collapsed onto the ground immediately after.

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