Rise of Humanity

Chapter 352

Chapter 352 - Epic Insect

After heaven knew how many years, the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm was still slowly crumbling and fading away, but a huge portion of the secret realm remained adamantly intact. The crumbled part of the secret realm then turned into tiny totem carving pieces that allowed the black well to grow.

Worlds that were created by a cultivator were all created using their own totem carvings, forming the sun, moon, stars, and clouds, thus creating day and night. Then the heaven and earth, the living things on the earth, and even souls!

However, everything was formed of the creator’s own totem carvings. Hence, when the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm crumbled, everything returned to its original form of totem carvings.

The black well was formed by the broken pieces of the totem carvings, and it kept on absorbing the totem carvings floating around the secret realm. At this rate, the secret realm would one day be completely absorbed by the black well, causing this remnant of its creator to lose its resting place. At that time, an amazing scene would be formed where the black well would transform into a gigantic black river millions of miles long that would flow across the skies!

“Strange... judging by the situation of this secret realm, it should have been devoured by the black well and disappeared long ago. How did this secret realm manage to sustain itself for so long?” murmured Xin Huo, as Zhong Yue and the other strong individuals entered the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm.

With that many strong Qi Practitioners, they were strong enough to cause anyone living on this planet to walk away!

In front of them was a pond. It was not that big, but the magnate Qi Practitioners from the demons got all hyped up upon seeing this pond. Then, the magnate Qi Practitioner from Ye Cha Clan immediately walked towards the pond, threw out a black container as he swung his hand and the water in the pond immediately flowed into the container.

“The Demonic Spirit Water formed by the condensed Innate Demonic Gods’ demonic Qi!”

The magnate Qi Practitioner from Ye Cha Clan laughed happily while those from the other clans got angry and were on the verge of attacking the Ye Cha magnate Qi Practitioner.

Upon seeing this, the heart of the Ye Cha magnate QI Practitioner thumped as he knew that he had offended the others by obtaining the Demonic Spirit Water ahead of them. The water was also incredibly precious, a drip of the water was much purer and stronger than ordinary demonic Qi. This pool of water was worth more than thousands or even millions of spirit herbs and other precious items!

If they obtained this pool of Demonic Spirit Water, they would be able to advance themselves into the next level, or even more than just a level, thus making the pool of water incredibly precious!

The Ye Cha Qi Practitioner immediately laughed and said, “Senior martial brothers, why so angry? The mud in the pool is also very precious, as it was soaked by the water for a very long time. The mud must be nowhere weaker than the spirit water if you ate it!”

The others humphed angrily, as it would be too shameful if they ate the mud and they would definitely not do so. However, if they decided to fight each other for the pool of Demonic Spirit Water, the outcome of the battle was very unpredictable.

The Yan Muo magnate Qi Practitioner laughed and he took away the mud in the pond as he said, “I’m not planning to eat the mud, but there must be quite some spirit water left in the mud and I might be able to extract them out.”

“The bones of those who once lived in the pond!” shouted Sha Qishan suddenly as he looked at the bottom of the pond, where the bones of the dead were uncovered after the mud was taken away.

What appeared in their sights was a gigantic skeleton. When they pulled the skeleton out, they realized that this skeleton was golden in color, and it looked like a Heavenly Bull with two long golden tentacles!

“The Heavenly Bull species of the insect races!” shouted one of the Qi Practitioners.

Everyone had a shock, as this type of insect was one of the royal insects among the insect races. They all had one thing in common; they liked to eat a type of gold called the godly gold, and thus the name, Golden Heavenly Bull!

In the ancient legends, when the Creator created the Golden Heavenly Bull for the demonic gods to give to their subordinate demon gods, these Golden Heavenly Bulls would be sent into the mining pits to excavate the metals, refining out the godly gold inside their bodies.

The godly golds refined by the Golden Heavenly Bulls were pure and saturated with no impurities at all, only a step away from their purest form as the godly golden Qi!

But sadly, the Eighth Barren demon race didn’t have such high grade insect race. Ever since the insurrection of the insect race, nearly the whole insect race on Ancestral Star was wiped away. Those left behind were only the weak and harmless insects.

This Golden Heavenly Bull before them was only left with its skin, with the flesh had gone missing.

The demon magnates were piqued. This Golden Heavenly Bull was stranded in such a devastated land with nothing living. The godly gold eaten by it would probably still be in its body, and after such a long time, the godly gold would be refined into the godly golden Qi!

The Shura magnate was suddenly galvanized into action and crushed the Golden Heavenly Bull into dust. A blast of golden rays blinded their eyes at the same time as an immense heatwave struck them.

The ball of godly rays didn’t fall! It was shining brightly and hovered in mid-air!

The Shura magnate clenched it in his hand and said happily, “This is mine, don’t fight with me!”

The other magnates were filled with killing intent, but they didn’t move. Even the dragon elders and Sha Qishan had their eyes stuck on that ball of godly rays. If only there weren’t so many experts here, they would surely fight for it.

They weren’t the demons and initially, they thought that this Heavenly Demon Secret Realm wouldn’t be able to bring much benefit to them. But now, it seems like the godly gold refined by the insect race alone was an unimaginably huge fortune, even to them!

“The insect race in this Heavenly Demon Secret Realm, could they be the beings brought to life by this demon God?”

Tian Mo Concubine said softly, “These insects were created with only one purpose, to worship him so that his scattered spirit could still live on. However, the existence that killed him was way stronger than he thought and he could only create a limited number of insects, with a portion of them dying along with him!”

Saint Concubine then said abruptly, “Following behind these magnates, we won’t even able to get a single strand of hair out from this place.”

Zhong Yue nodded, the other young demon experts have clearly thought the same. These magnates were too strong, no matter what treasures they would encounter, these magnates would just swung their sleeves and take them all. Following them, one would not able to acquire any treasures at all!

Right on the spot, many demon experts spread out in all directions. They moved in groups ranging from one man to half a dozen, such as Sha Qishan and the five dragon elders.

Not long later, the eight magnates of the eight saint clans have also gathered their own people and left in different directions. The treasures in here were too huge. If they stayed together in a large group, they would surely fight between themselves for the treasures!

Is this Demon Saint’s purpose, to separate the large crowd into small groups?

A chill was sent down Zhong Yue’s spine as he the thought struck him. It was true that the magnates would get more out from the secret realm when separated away from the others, but this also allowed Demon Saint the chance to strike them down one by one!

“Where is the Demon Queen?” He looked around, and the Demon Queen was nowhere to be found.

Zhong Yue then inhaled a deep breath of air, and said softly, “The entrance of this Heavenly Demon Secret Realm, it must be closed now, I suppose?”

Ji Xiang Concubine flew away as she said, “I’ll go and check!”

After a few moments, Ji Xiang Concubine returned and she shook her head, “The entrance has disappeared.”

“What a nice plan, but can he really take down all of the experts present?”

Zhong Yue shook his head and strode forward, thinking, He wouldn’t act too quickly. He still needs these experts to explore the secret realm and gather the treasures for him. After that, he will come out and strike down these experts, offering their lives to the remnant of this innate demon god while taking away the treasures collected by these experts! One stone, two birds!

The Heavenly Demon Secret Realm was incredibly large. There was even a falling star on it; one could infer how vast and huge this secret realm was! However, most of the places were left ignored as they were now worthless pieces of lands burning in fire.

The fire wasn’t the pure demon fire, but the mixture of both godly fire and demon fire. This had most probably happened due to the clashing of arcane energies between the last inheritor and this innate demon god.

The demon fire and godly fire were still clashing with one another and thus the places burning in fire were the most dangerous places one would go to. Even the gods wouldn’t dare to get too close to them.

Other than those places covered in fire, there were also some places that had been turned into a void. These places were also incredibly dangerous, as some of the godly skills were still in action. Zhong Yue saw a flash of rainbow lights make a beautiful arc across the sky, and as it passed through a planet on its path, half of the planet was crushed into dust. It was truly terrifying.

Hence, flying in the sky was also a dangerous action.

On their way, Zhong Yue and the ladies could see some corpses of the insect race. Their skeletal structures were like none other, but despite them founding the corpses, the godly gold and demonic spirit waters were nowhere to be found.

Tian Mo Concubine raised her head and said, “We’re late, someone in front of us is faster.”

“But they are already dead by now,” Saint Concubine suddenly said.

As soon as Zhong Yue heard her, a faint scent of blood rushed into his nose and he looked around with his divine third eye. He then nodded and said, “The Qi Practitioners before us are already dead, just a hundred miles away from us. Be cautious, the insect race created by this innate demon god might still be alive!”

The ladies tensed their hearts, one of the court ladies cast out her five wheels and a jade bottle flew out from her secret realms. She opened the bottle and tiny little, unnoticeable wasps flew out from it.

As these wasps flew out from the bottle, they have grew over ten feet long; they were also from the insect race. Their wings buzzed in the air and they flew away while that court lady took out a mirror. The views of the wasps were shown in the mirror.

A hundred miles away from them, severed limbs paved the ground and the broken pieces of a soul weapon were scattered. Judging from its look, it would be a Heavenly Dharma expert’s soul weapon!

“Yasha Saint Clan expert, Ye Tianming!”

The ladies were shocked as they looked over at the old cultivator. His body was huge, which clearly suggested that he had used his Avatar, over a thousand feet tall, like a demon god.

But now, the old man was lying on the ground with in a distorted posture. His body would frequently twitch eerily.

The wasps flew nearer and suddenly, the old man stood up. His head turned and looked at the wasps, his eyes following the wasps as they turned clockwise around the old man. Horrifyingly, the old man’s head also made a full turn!

The court lady was a playful girl. She controlled the wasps and flew round and round Ye Tianming. Ye Tianming’s head made countless turns along with the wasps, twisting his neck like a corkscrew, tighter and tighter...


Expectedly, the twisted neck broke off, and his massive head fell to the ground. From the opening of his neck, two long and narrow feelers extruded out, the eyes that grew on the end of the feelers looking curiously at the wasps.

Ye Tianming’s neck squirmed as if something was trying to crawl out from it.

“An epic insect!” Tian Mo Concubine was overjoyed.

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