Rise of Humanity

Chapter 351

Chapter 351 - Creator

A thought flashed across Zhong Yue’s mind. He looked around, and those present here were all at least Inner Core Qi Practitioners, with fourteen magnates from three different races.

The eight saint clan magnates were sending their voices to the experts in the Black Well Keep, ordering the cultivators of their respective races to head over. Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners, Inner Core Qi Practitioners, and even Atman Body Qi Practitioners quickly swarmed over to this location and greeted the magnates as they arrived.

Other than that, there were also the strong itinerant cultivators, also following them. Soon, the whole place was filled with cultivators, experts of the various cultivation levels; it was truly a grand scene.

“An abundance of offerings…”

Zhong Yue suddenly asked, “Xin Huo, are these experts enough?”

Xin Huo shook his head and said, “No, even if the magnates and giants are incredibly strong in the eyes of this world, they are just tiny little figures to the innate demon god. They are not enough to change the innate demon god’s petrified head back into flesh and bone. However, this is enough to awaken the scattered spirit.”

Zhong Yue sucked in a breath of cold air, he realized what Demon Saint had in mind, but there were still a few questions he couldn’t answer.

Right now, Demon Saint is just like me, an Inner Core Qi Practitioner. Although Inner Core Qi Practitioners are notable figures, like the hall masters, they are really nothing in the eyes of the magnates. So, what gives Demon Saint the confidence that he can take down these magnates and offer them to Bo Xun’s scattered spirit? Oh, wait a minute….

He raised his head and gazed at the Demon God Blood Charm on the saint mountain. This charm was drawn by Demon Saint in his last life, the blood used was the essence of the blood in his whole body, formed into the marks of totem patterns and bestowed with incredible power.

The blood of heart and mind, that was the name given to the essence of the demon god’s blood. It was the most important part of the blood that circulated in his whole body. However, the Demon Saint, as a saint figure venerated by the demon race, would surely have other means that allowed him to draw more than one Demon God Blood Charm!

I’ve underestimated him, if the Xiao Mang ancestor could bring out godly charms for Feng Wuji, surely the Demon Saint can also take out a few of these Demon God Blood Charms to take down the magnates! Ha, it isn’t easy at all to go against the Demon Saint!

Zhong Yue heaved a breath of relief, rays flashed across his eyes and he thought, Now, the question is, how many of these charms does he have, the number won’t be too high, and thus, only the magnates will be his main targets.

Even though he knew that the Demon Saint had planned their deaths, he was still planning to enter this Heavenly Demon Secret Realm.

After all, the Demon Saint’s main targets were the magnates, and the Demon God Blood Charms wouldn’t be used on him a mere Inner Core Qi Practitioner like him. It just wasn’t worth using a godly charm on him.

As long as the blood charm wasn’t targeting him, he wouldn’t be afraid of Demon Saint at all. Rather, he wanted to have a contest of strength against the former demon god!

Even though his success would be a huge blow to the whole demon race, he would also be the one that would be able to get the most out of this. I don’t really care what he is planning, whether his actions would weaken the whole demon race or no, but I will not allow him to grow any stronger than this!

Outside of the cave, the experts were starting to move into the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm. Demon Queen looked over at Zhong Yue and said with a smile, “Mister, please.”

Zhong Yue laughed, he then strode into the cave with the ladies surrounding him like his shadows. Although he had said that they were free to go, Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine, Saint Concubine, and the court ladies were still following him. This couldn’t help but cause the Demon Queen to lock her brows deep.

However, little did she know that Ji Xiang Concubine and the other ladies were infected with Tian Mo Concubine’s Caress God Gu, they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to.

Furthermore, there was an unique charm about Zhong Yue, a special feeling that caused them to stay close to him. This was not something the Demon Saint, who they had never met before, could give to them.

As for Saint Concubine, she was an independent lady that couldn’t be bothered by the opinions of the others. Even the Demon Queen couldn’t see through her thoughts.

Zhong Yue looked around and saw Xiu Hongsu, Shura, and the Shura Saint Clan magnate walking alongside Sea King Sha Qishan. The young Qi Practitioner named Shura furrowed his brows as he inspected their surroundings. He appeared to be incredibly careful, which clearly suggested that he also had suspicions about what was happening.

Suddenly, their eyes met and Shura smiled gently, he said, “Mister Mo Luo, my apologies for being rude, I hope to have your forgiveness for any actions I have done that have offended you. I hope we can leave our conflicts in the past and be friends together.”

Zhong Yue smiled in return, answered, “Mister Shura is being too polite.”

Shura walked away from his peers and to his side, whispering softly to Zhong Yue, “Mister, you must have also realized it, haven’t you? I hope that we can work together if a predicament emerges.”

Zhong Yue was nonchalant, he answered, “Mister Shura has yet to tell me of your origins, so how could I ever rest my mind cooperating with someone like you?”

Shura then answered leisurely, “You and I, we have nearly the same background. Putting it this way, you should understand what I’m saying, should you not?”

After he finished, he then strode forward and caught up to Sha Qishan and the others, while Zhong Yue in turn slowed his pace and considered his words.

Same background as me? Could it really be Feng Wuji’s new demon incarnation? But if it’s Feng Wuji, why would he ever come to me for help?

Tian Mo Concubine then whispered quietly to him, “What’s with that Shura?”

Zhong Yue shook his head and said, “Nothing much. This is a very dangerous place. We might have to go head on with the Demon Saint. Hence, I suggest you put aside your apprehensions and show your true prowess if you have hidden anything.”

Tian Mo Concubine’s heart skipped a beat and she kept quiet.

Zhong Yue continued walking forward, while the ladies quickly walked faster to catch up to him.

The sides of the cave were as smooth as clean tofu, looking as if something smooth had pierced through it. On the walls, one could also vaguely see the broken totem patterns, but they were too scarce and nobody could gain anything from them.

However, even the cave itself was fascinating enough to the demon Qi Practitioners.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, the demonic Qi around started getting thicker and heavier. All of the demon race Qi Practitioners were feeling incredibly comfortable, their pores opened up wide and absorbed the pure and strong demonic Qi into their bodies, strengthening them.

“The demonic Qi formed by the innate demon god’s psyche!” One of the magnates was shocked and overjoyed, he laughed and said, “Such thickness, the innate demon god must have refined it to an unimaginable extent. If one could cultivate here, he would be able to break through the limits of the cultivation levels and become an expert who achieved the state of extremities!”

Another magnate nodded and praised, “If one could keep absorbing the demonic Qi here, the barrier between the cultivation levels would be non-existent to them! They could easily break through the bottlenecks and reach the next cultivation level!”

However, the five elders of the dragon race and Sha Qishan locked their brows deeply, as the demonic Qi here was too pure, heavy and thick. They weren’t demons and naturally they wouldn’t feel good being immersed in the demonic Qi. Every breath they took felt like they were breathing poisonous gas into their bodies.

Although this wasn’t enough to impair their prowess as magnates, the demonic Qi was still affecting them.

The only human present, Zhong Yue, was surprisingly feeling good. The【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】he had created had fused his celestial and demonic arcane energies together. His demon arcane energy wasn’t as strong as his celestial arcane energy, but with the help of the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】, he was able to convert the energies and balance them. However, as the art itself was newly created, it was still relatively primitive and the conversion rate was slow. Even now, the demon arcane energy and the celestial arcane energy wasn’t quite balanced yet.

However, with the help of the demonic Qi here, he would be able to strengthen his demon arcane energy at a high rate and hence, speed up the process of balancing the two arcane energies!

“This is…”

The road turned wider as they walked further in, and those that had entered the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm before them were standing there staring dumbfoundedly at the scenery before them. When Zhong Yue and the ladies arrived, they were also shocked.

It wasn’t Bo Xun’s head they had entered, but another dimension.

The sky was falling and the earth disintegrating; the halved sun and crumbled moon, the stars that crashed onto the ground and burned in flame as the soil around was melting away.

There was an ancient godly palace in the middle, collapsing with the fall of its supporting pillars.

Far away from them, there was a river where the waters were black in color, flowing down from the sky. And if one looked carefully, the river was purely formed by broken totem patterns, connecting the sky and earth together and piercing through the whole secret realm realm to the outside.

This was the black spring they saw in Black Well Keep!

The place where the black river pierced out from the secret realm was the black spring waters that flowed above Black Well Keep!

This was a world, a secret realm that was slowly dying!

“What is this place…” a magnate mumbled to himself. “What did the innate demon god experience before he dieds…”

Suddenly, Demon Queen stepped forward and said with a smile, “This is the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm, created by the innate demon god before he died. My husband had an absurd conjecture: before this innate demon god died, he tried to create a world to contain and protect his spirit. However, his opponent was way too strong, and his life force was completely struck away, and so was his spirit. While he was creating this secret realm, the skills left in his body by his opponent struck him in the middle of the process, killing him and also inflicted irreversible damage to the secret realm as well.”

Xin Huo nodded inside Zhong Yue’s head as he said, “That little kid, the Demon Saint, was right. The last inheritor indeed struck off all the life force in this demon god, and the skills left in his body were more than sufficient to crush all of his work into nothing. The damage in this secret realm looks just like the work of the last inheritor.”

“Creating a world before his death, this is a Creator of the demon race! A Creator wandering in the universe!”

Tian Myriad Saint Clan’s magnate mumbled, “Too strong, too terrifying … what in this world could inflict such damage to our Creator?”

The demon experts were all shuddering. This was an innate demon god birthed from the heavens and earth, a Creator who could create a world on his own. And yet, the life force in his body was struck away and even his last work was pulled down!

“A Creator that wandered in the universe, what has he experienced?” Shura’s face changed drastically, he said in a low voice, “Is there really such a god that is so strong? Or even …a race?”

All of a sudden, pride arose in Zhong Yue’s heart. An innate demon god Creator of the demon race was just killed like that by the last Xin Huo inheritor!

We, the humans, are just the same as the Fuxi Celestial Race…

He clenched his fist as he thought, The human race is nothing but the sealed Fuxi Celestial Race, the Fuxi Celestial Race that could kill a Creator easily!

It was a completely different thought and feeling from the demons. The demons were feeling terror and shock while he, he felt the glory and honor of his ancestors, the works they had done, and their footsteps were still lingering in this world, not even history could completely wipe them away!

One day, I will wipe away the dust that covers the footsteps of our ancestors and lift off the cloth that covered the glory and honor of our race! We will once again stand into the light and generation after generation, we will live on eternally!

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