Rise of Humanity

Chapter 349

Chapter 349 - The Asura Divine Eye

Tu Sikong was standing on the peak of the tower and felt a strong wind gush towards him as Zhong Yue lunged at him ferociously. Before Zhong Yue arrived, the wind he created with his high speed turned into a wind wall that pressed Tu Sikong back mercilessly, forcing the startled Tu Sikong to retaliate by launching a palm attack towards the wind wall!

“【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】! Great Sun Heavenly Demon!” Tu Sikong shouted as he used the two ultimate arts of the Asura Saint Clan.

However, everything happened too quickly!

In the blink of an eye, Yanmuo Yuebo, Xiang Jiang, and Ye Li were torn to pieces even before the magnate Qi Practitioners could react!

This was especially true in the case of Ye Li, the number three Qi Practitioner among the ten elites, who was about to reach the peak of the Inner Core level. Zhong Yue took less than a second to kill him!

And all it took was less than ten seconds for Zhong Yue to kill Yanmuo Yuebo, Xiang Jiang, and Ye Li before the magnate Qi Practitioners could react.

A battle between two strong Qi Practitioners that were almost as strong as one another would often be an incredible prolonged battle that could take days or even months, and in rare cases that involved gods, could last for hundreds of years!

However, if the gap between two parties was too huge, the battle would then end quickly, just like the battles, or perhaps the slaughter, between Zhong Yue, Xiang Jiang, Yanmuo Yuebo, and Ye Li!

The gap between them and Zhong Yue was simply overwhelming. Zhong Yue had reached the maximum point in every aspect of the Inner Core level. After being supplemented by the immortal body art and the saint lotus, and having his bloodline awaken, his body was not weaker than any celestial race!

His psyche also became incredibly strong, as his Yuan Shen was thirty-six feet tall, a few times stronger than the Yuan Shen of the other Qi Practitioners!

Besides, he also cultivated the【Mystic Duplication Technique】that split his inner core and Yuan Shen into three, had merged all his arts into one, and formed his own【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】 .

Thus, although Ye Li, Xiang Jiang, and Yanmuo Yuebo were the best of the best among the younger generation of the demons, they were still much inferior to Zhong Yue ,who had fully achieved the maximum limit in all aspects!

In a battle, a single weakness would often result in a terrible loss, not to mention that from Zhong Yue’s point of view, the three of them were full with weaknesses that could be exploited as he wished!

Hong long——-

Tu Sikong’s palm struck the wind wall and at that moment, he felt like he was not standing on the tower anymore, but instead, he felt like he was dragged into a metallic torrent that caused him to lose his balance instantly!

At the same time, a shadow appeared in Zhong Yue’s vision, quickly raising her palms as she attacked Zhong Yue in an attempt to help relieve some pressure on Tu Sikong.

Both the shadow and Tu Sikong unleashed their true forms, turning into Qi Practitioners with three faces and four arms. The shadow that appeared beside Tu Sikong was a lady with her face covered in a veil. She raised two of her hands to resist the attack of Zhong Yue, while her other two hands cast all sorts of attacks towards him.

However, Zhong Yue’s attack was so strong that it quickly overwhelmed them, and injured them to a certain extent even after the two of them worked together to fend him off.

As Zhong Yue’s attack landed, the strong wind brought up by the attack lifted the veil of the lady, exposing Saint Concubine’s gorgeous face. The lady suddenly said, “Senior martial brother, mercy, please! I know your true identity and I have no intention of exposing you…”

Zhong Yue then retracted his hand and landed on the tower while Tu Sikong and Saint Concubine stood on the other side, both with pale faces and trembling arms that had gone numb because of his attack.

At the same time, Zhong Yue’s hair floated, slithering in the air before it shot across the skies towards the city walls like flying swords.

Far away, Yan Xiangti, who had lost his words on the city walls, was immediately shocked and startled by the black sword rain, wasting his precious time to react to the attack.

With an empty mind, Yan Xiangti could only look at the black sword rain that flew towards him, like sword silks cultivated into something as sharp and as amazing as soul weapons.

At that moment, Yan Xiangti was welcoming an attack more ferocious, wild, and overwhelming than he had yet encountered in his entire life!

“Mercy, Mister Mo Luo!” shouted the magnate Qi Practitioners that followed behind him quickly.

The Yanmuo Saint Clan’s magnate Qi Practitioner reacted immediately. Instead of attacking Zhong Yue, he grabbed towards Yan Xiangti, as he was afraid of turning his back on Zhong Yue and potentially inviting his own death. The other reason why he did not attack Zhong Yue was because he wanted to save Yan Xiangti from Zhong Yue’s surprise attack.

The hair attack was immediately neutralized by the magnate Qi Practitioner. Upon seeing this, Zhong Yue swung his head and his hair shrank back and returned to its normal length.

However, Tu Sikong, who was standing beside Zhong Yue, saw bloodstains on his hair!

Then, countless holes appeared on Yan Xiangti’s body, dyeing him red as his blood gushed out from the wounds.

Luckily for him, the magnate Qi Practitioner from the Yan Muo Saint Clan arrived in time, preventing Yan Xiangti from being killed by Zhong Yue!

However, he still suffered heavy injuries. The magnate Qi Practitioner quickly dumped all sorts of spirit herbs and medicine on Yan Xiangti to prevent him from succumbing to the deadly wounds.

Tu Sikong looked at this scene with a blank mind and when he finally collected his thoughts, he shivered and was very thankful towards Saint Concubine.

Back at the Heavenly Scent Inn, Yun He, with a face full of bruises, trembled strongly and murmured, “Sis, thank the heavens that you beat me up…”

Luo Duluo, who was not far away from them, also felt both grateful and scared at the same time as he recalled the time he had taunted Zhong Yue. He was originally unhappy that Zhong Yue killed his white lion, but now, he understood deeply that Zhong Yue had held himself back because of his sister, Tian Mo Concubine, or he would have died long ago!

Xiu Hongsuo too, lost his words, and he took a very long time to calm himself down.

Shura, who was standing beside him, then said, “Hongsuo, I think that it is better if you surrender. His strength is far beyond yours, and he could easily ascend into the godly level in the future. You are not his match.”

Xiu Hongsuo remained silent, and at an angle where no one could see, he clenched his fist.

The Demon Queen’s expression changed as well, but she remained silent while she thought, Demon Saint, you finally have a decent opponent…

On top of the tower, Zhong Yue looked at Saint Concubine in some confusion as on her three faces, her eyes merged together and turned into a vertical eye on her forehead. When she opened that eye, Zhong Yue saw some kind of unique totem carvings flowing within her eye.

“The Asura Divine Eye?” asked Zhong Yue.

Saint Concubine nodded, and as she dispersed the eye, she said, “I saw everything when you exchanged blows with Elder Tu Jiang.”

Zhong Yue felt slightly shocked as he asked again, “Other than you, who else possesses the Asura Divine Eye?”

“Only me,” Saint Concubine replied softly.

Killing intent rose within Zhong Yue, startling Tu Sikong, who quickly took a step to stand in front of Saint Concubine.

The magnate Qi Practitioner from Asura Saint Clan tensed up as well. At such a close distance, he would not be able to do anything in time if Zhong Yue was going to act.

Zhong Yue remained silent before suddenly saying, “Pardon my rudeness. Thank you, Saint Concubine.”

Saint Concubine then pushed Tu Sikong away and said, “How come Mister did not kill me to prevent potential troubles?”

Outside of her expectations, Zhong Yue did not try to hide anything and he replied, “I really did want to kill you just now, but I suddenly realized that if you wanted to harm me, you could have done it long ago. I am indebted to you in some way and my pride does not allow me to harm the person I owe my debt to. Besides, I am sorry for hurting you previously.”

Saint Concubine waved her hand and replied calmly, “It is I that forced you to fight, there is no need for you to feel sorry about it.”

Upon seeing this, Zhong Yue was curious to why this lady always managed to keep her cool, and maintain a very calm expression. The only time he saw her lose control of her emotions was when he defeated her.

No wonder Tian Mo Concubine and the others are so angry with her. With a strength only slightly weaker than the Demon Queen, of course she would anger the other women if she retained such a calm expression after she defeated them.

Zhong Yue then turned around, walked towards the Heavenly Scent Inn. When he re-entered the inn, the atmosphere intensified quickly. Then, when he walked passed Shura, he stared at Shura for a moment before finally sitting back down.

Meanwhile, Xiu Hongsuo suddenly calmed himself down and shouted, “Moluo, fight me when you recover to your peak form!”

Zhong Yue however, rejected him by saying, “There is no need for that. With the magnate Qi Practitioners of your clan here, I will not be able to kill you, so what for?”

Saint Concubine entered the inn while the Demon Queen laughed and said, “So the Saint Concubine is here as well. Come, please have a seat.”

However, instead of sitting beside the Demon Queen, she sat down at the side of Zhong Yue.

The Demon Queen’s expression froze for a while and she murmured as she shook her head, “Foolish girl...”

Not only was Saint Concubine’s action outside of the Demon Queen’s expectations, but also Zhong Yue’s, as he never thought that the lady would sit beside him. Other than that, Tian Mo and Ji Xiang Concubine also quickly sat down and squeezed around Zhong Yue as they saw Saint Concubine sit beside Zhong Yue.

“You are trying to steal our darling again?” whispered Tian Mo Concubine as she bit her lip.

Her question fell onto deaf ears, as Saint Concubine remained silent and ignored her.

Her actions immediately angered the two ladies, and Ji Xiang Concubine promptly scolded her, “Slut, fight me again later!”

Saint Concubine blinked her eyes and said seriously, “What for? You are no match for me anyway.”

Her words naturally provoked the other two women again, and the speechless Zhong Yue could only pretend that he heard nothing at all. Then, the magnate Qi Practitioners all returned to the inn while those from the same clan as Ye Li, Xiang Ji, and Yanmuo Yanbo all stared at Zhong Yue angrily. Nonetheless, they did not dare to harm Zhong Yue, because they were afraid of the “person” supporting him.

Zhong Yue laughed and looked back at the Demon Queen as he said, “Your Majesty, you can now put away the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】.”

Hearing his words, everyone was stunned, and they all quickly stared at the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】! This greatly startled the Demon Queen, as she immediately understood Zhong Yue’s intention to direct everyone’s attention to her!

They did not dare to harm Zhong Yue, but that did not mean that they did not dare to harm her!

She was the wife of Demon Saint, and after hiding their identities, all of these demons would have the guts to lay their hands on her!

Sha Qishan then laughed and said, “Everyone wants to get their hands on the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, but they do not dare to bear the consequences. So be it, let me be the one who takes away the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】!”

Then, he stood up and walked quickly towards the Demon Queen.

However, the Demon Queen suddenly laughed and when she waved her hand, the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】burnt into ashes. She said, “Sea King, why are you being so merciless to a lady like me? Besides, I have something more valuable than the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】to share with everyone here today!”

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