Rise of Humanity

Chapter 348

Chapter 348 - The Indomitable Zhong Yue

Suddenly, the Demon Queen said, "How about that, let me add in more bets. The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】is right here, if any senior martial brothers here killed Mister Mo Luo, I will gift this art to him on behalf of the Demon Saint. Mister Mo Luo, how's that?"

Silent struck the entire Heavenly Scent Inn as everyone focused their attention on the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】. Their breath and heartbeat thumped faster; the Demon Queen's offer was too attractive to ignore. Besides, they were also very unhappy with Zhong Yue's arrogant proclamations!

Suddenly, Xiang Jiang from the Tian Myriad Saint Race stood up and said, “The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】is mine!”

“Xiang Jiang, you rank only number six among the ten elites, how dare you compete with me?” shouted Ye Li from the Ye Cha Clan.

Xiang Jiang who was from the Tian Myriad Saint Race greatly resembled Tian Myriad Mother in terms of appearance, while Ye Li had long limbs. His hair was completely made of pale green flame and tusks."

As soon as these two walked out, Asura Saint Clan's Tu Sikong shouted with burning battle intent in his chest, "The ten elites are bullshit. It will only become a proper list if we are placed on the list according to our strength! This time, no one will be able to steal the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】from me!"

"Hahahaha, how could you count me out when we have a chance to compete with Mr. Mo Luo!" The Yan Luo Saint Clan's Yan Xiangti as he laughed as he said that.

Then, Yanmo Yuebo from the Yan Luo Saint Clan, Ji Xiang Saint Clan's Yun He moved forward as well. They stared at each other and the others. With that, aside from Tian Mo Concubine's brother, Mo Duluo and the Demon Saint, all of the demons among the ten elites revealed their strong desire to obtain the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】by beating Zhong Yue.

“These guys, they probably have no idea about how strong my brother-in-law is.”

Mo Duluo's eyes twitched as he recalled the event Zhong Yue gave him a punch that instantly killed his white lion, and he shivered again.

He then thought to himself happily, The loss of the white lion can barely even affect me at all, but these guys will lose even more in the end for challenging my brother-in-law!

And Xiu Hongsuo who wished to challenge Zhong Yue immediately walked away as he saw that many strong Qi Practitioners showed their desires to fight with Zhong Yue. Instead of walking forward, he smirked and decided to back away from the scene. He was originally the strongest Inner Core level Qi Practitioner before the reappearance of the Demon Saint, and he had his pride that barred him from teaming up with the others to win a fight.

Zhong Yue then looked at Xiu Hongsuo and said with a proper tone, “How about you, senior martial brother Xiu?”

Previously, Zhong Yue was arrogant, proud, and wild but now, he became very calm and gentle all in a sudden, with the two type of personalities he showed, things seemed to be very odd.

Xiu Hongsuo replied calmly, “Mister Mo Luo, if I want to challenge you, I would wish to fight you fair and square.”

“I see. Alright!”

Zhong Yue then smiled and said, “Please hold on for a moment, senior martial brother Xiu. Dear senior martial brothers, where do you wish to fight me, pick a place.”

Xiang Jiang was the first to react, he rushed out from the Heavenly Scent Inn and shouted, “Mo Luo, fight me in the air!”

He flew into the air and turned into his true form, a creature with eight heads, spider body, scorpion tail, a pair of mantis claws as sharp as scythes as he said, “Mo Luo, you built your fame by winning the ladies, now, let me show you the power of we Tian Myriad Saint Clan! Come, fight me!”

In the inn, Zhong Yue remained calm and said, “Senior martial brothers, are we going to fight in the air as well?”

Ye Li jumped out from the inn, landed on the ground, and his voice could be heard from below, "I will fight you on the ground, this is the Black Well Keep, you do not have to worry about breaking anything!"

Tu Sikong on the other hand, walked out from the inn and he jumped on top of an 18-level tower somewhere far away before he said, "Mo Luo, I heard that you had bullied the Saint Concubine, you were lucky that I was not there, or I would have beaten you up!"

Yan Xiangti dashed away, stopping at the city walls far away and shouting, "I will fight you here so that everyone can witness me killing you!"

Zhong Yue then looked at Yun He of the Ji Xiang Saint Race, who then laughed and when he was about to fly out from the inn, Ji Xiang Concubine suddenly appeared from nowhere in front of Yun He as she landed her hand on Yun He's ear and pulled him to the side.

Yun He's face quickly turned red from the embarrassment, and he shouted, "Concubine! What are you trying to do, I want to beat him fair and square to obtain the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】and avenge you! Stop twisting my ears… I have grown up already yet you are still pulling my ears every time!"

Ji Xiang however, remained determined, and she beat him up before saying, "You are the only son of my uncle, if he kills you, I will be put into a very awkward position between your uncle and my darling! Shut up and listen to what I say and you will soon learn that it was for your own good!"

Yun He replied angrily, "Why are you embarrassing me like that in front of so many elders! Besides, guys are supposed to be brave and bloodthirsty…."

To his angry remarks, Ji Xiang Concubine gave him a good beating again, causing him to bleed, leaving him with no choice but to stand beside Ji Xiang Concubine obediently as he shouted angrily at Zhong Yue, "Mo Luo! It is not that I am afraid of you, it is my cousin that wants me to let you go without being beaten up by me!"

"Thank you," replied Zhong Yue as he nodded at Yun He.

“You’re welcome!” replied Yun He with a swollen face.

Zhong Yue then diverted his attention to Yanmuo Yuebo, and he said, "Senior martial brother Yanmuo, how about you?"

Yanmuo Yuebo laughed and replied, "These guys have already taken the advantageous location of the Black Well Keep and thought they could kill you by retaining the advantages at their side. Little did they know that I can kill you right here, Mo Luo! Tian Mo Concubine, Luo Duluo, I will kill Mo Luo here, and if I accidentally break something in the inn, I assume that your Luo Sha Saint Clan will not blame it on me, right?"

“Don’t worry, I will not even frown even if you destroyed the entire Heavenly Scent Inn!” replied Luo Duluo with a laugh.

Zhong Yue on the other hand, said arrogantly with a smile, "You will not be able to break even the smallest decoration here, if you manage to break any, I will pay for the losses!"

Right after Zhong Yue finished talking, light wheels appeared behind Yanmuo Yuebo's head. As his psyche gushed out, the area around him turned into a treacherous land with evil spirits floating everywhere, causing a rapid decrease in the temperature within the inn as ghost fire appeared everywhere around him!

A huge green gourd carved with various strange looking totem carvings that looked like spirits and ghosts flew out from his Yuan Shen secret realm.

“Soul Decimator Gourd!”

Xiu Hongsuo raised his eyebrows, and he said softly, "He managed to cultivate it!"

As soon as the gourd appeared, the temperature around decreased even further, causing the young Qi Practitioners in the inn to back off quickly. The other magnate Qi Practitioners' expressions also changed rapidly.

The magnate Qi Practitioner of the Yanmuo Saint Clan touched his beard and said, “Sea King, have you see through the secrets of this gourd?”

The Sea King, Sha Qishan, nodded and praised, "There's another dimension within the gourd. This gourd is made with the blood and soul of millions of humans. The crucial part of forging this gourd is the soul of the humans. Unlike the other races, there is some strange energy within the humans' soul. This gourd, however, is not so powerful, it is probably another soul weapon made by Yanmuo Yuebo using the souls of the humans!"

The Yanmuo magnate Qi Practitioner laughed and replied, "You are indeed very amazing, being able to discover the secrets of the gourd. It is precisely as you say. The humans are weak, but their souls contain a strange power, and their bodies are very nutritious. With that, they make good materials for forging precious items. They are exactly just like living top-grade materials!"

Sha Qishan nodded and said, “The younger generations are filled with talented individuals, I’m afraid that these young men will surpass us old dogs in the future.”

Yanmuo Yuebo then shouted and opened up the cover of the gourd. Countless evil spirits flew out from the gourd before a sword ascended from inside it to surround by evil spirits!

It was the Soul Decimator Sword, a demonic sword created to decimate Yuan Shen, soul and spirit!

"I've poured a huge amount of effort to forge this demonic sword that I have lost count on how many humans I've killed to extract their bodies, souls, and blood!"

With the Soul Decimator Sword in his hand, Yanmuo Yuebo laughed and said, "I've spent all my fortune to make this sword. Before this sword was forged, I was ninth among the ten elites, but with this sword, I might be able to raise my ranking to number two. Xiu Hongsuo will not be my match anymore! Today, you will be the first one to die under my sword!"

Upon hearing Yanmuo Yuebo's words, Zhong Yue's expression turned cold as there were just too many innocent humans that had died under this sword. Zhong Yue's blood suddenly stopped flowing in his body, and suddenly, they flowed quickly and vigorously like the river during a monsoon!

His hair floated in the air as he was utterly incensed by the prerequisites to forge the demonic sword!

Tian Mo Concubine on the side, who knew of Mo Luo's true identity immediately let out a shout in her heart!

At the same time, Xiang Jiang’s voice could be heard from the outside, “Mo Luo, could it be that you only dare to fight the ladies and not us men? Come out and die!”

Zhong Yue turned around, and when he walked towards the outside, Yanmuo Yuebo raised the Soul Decimator Sword towards Zhong Yue and shouted, "Yan Luo, my sword will not be re-enter its sheath before tasting blood! How dare you still dream of walking away? Do you really think you can wa…."

Hong long——-

In less than a second, Zhong Yue turned around, unleashing his full strength as he stomped on the ground. He dashed towards Yanmuo Yuebo, who was still swinging his sword, and he delivered a strong punch that threatened to topple the entire inn!

As Zhong Yue lunged towards Yanmuo Yuebo, everyone in the inn felt like a blood moon had risen and replaced the sun in the sky, dying the surrounding in blood. The blood seemed to rain down from the sky, washing everything in its solemn maroon hue!


Without even touching it, Yanmuo Yuebo's Soul Decimator Sword was shattered by the power of Zhong Yue's fist that passed by it. In Yanmuo Yuebo's eyes, everything turned into slow motion, and little by little, Zhong Yue's fist continued to grow larger in his eyes before finally landing on his body.


Yanmuo Yuebo was crushed into a pile of meat, and his Yuan Shen was vaporized!

Zhong Yue then lunged towards Xiang Jiang in the air outside of the inn.

Xiang Jiang, who was still provoking Zhong Yue in the air, felt something amiss, and when he looked above, a 36 feet tall giant descended from the sky with a scorching demonic sun and nine faint demonic gods' apparitions that surrounded the giant as they prayed towards the giant.


Xiang Jiang shouted, and when the Qi Practitioner that was ranked sixth among the ten elites launched an all-out attack at the giant, his body burst open and turned into a blood mist. The pieces of the eviscerated corpse then fell from the skies. Within the blood mist, Zhong Yue landed on the ground where Ye Li stood, with the bloody pieces of flesh continuing to rain down on him from the skies!

A ground seemed to quake as if it were the stage of a clash between giant prehistoric creatures. The tremors then stopped as quickly as they appeared, and in its wake, a shadow could be seen flying slanted towards the sky, dashing towards the top of the 18-leveled tower.

It was only after a long moment had passed when the magnate Qi Practitioners in the inn could react. Their faces immediately changed as they charged out from the Heavenly Scent Inn. When they looked down, they saw Ye Li, the number three among the ten elites, torn apart by Zhong Yue's brute force!

“Not good!”

The 14 magnate Qi Practitioner's expressions changed again and the Asura Saint Clan's magnate Qi Practitioner shouted, "Stop him at once!"

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