Rise of Humanity

Chapter 347

Chapter 347 - Demon Saint Gifting Books

Black Well Keep.

The earth was quaking, and the buildings were shuddering, the black spring water in the sky composed of broken totem patterns was starting to sound out, resounding over the whole city.

The Heavenly Scent Inn was shaking violently, the aura of a demon god descended in the building, suppressing the magnates present. Their faces turned pallid, and their hearts thumped in shock.

A simple sentence from Zhong Yue seemed to cause such a tumultuous change in the Black Well Keep. This wasn't something that could be accomplished by a magnate – only the gods have such means!

The stronger the cultivation base, the stronger the suppression one would feel, and the greater the terror that would be infused in their hearts. All the 14 magnates were ones who stood at the summit of the world. As such, the suppressions bestowed on them were even unimaginable!

The Black Well Keep was built on the top of an ancient demon god, not even the divine weapons could leave a single impression on the mountain. And the black spring waters had never seen a change like this before. Yet right now, the whole place was shaking vigorously, and the spring waters were getting out of control. One could infer how strong the ‘Bo Xun' demon god was!


The magnate from the Yan Mo Saint Race pleaded tremblingly, "Senior, we have no intention of causing trouble, please forgive us!"

No one could tell whether it was the calamity coming to an end or the demon god forgiving them, but the Black Well Keep slowly regained its usual peace, and that magnate fell on the ground. He breathed heavily and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

In the building, the magnates exchanged looks and saw the cold sweat on each other’s head, and even their clothes were also soaked. Their cultivation base was the strongest. Accordingly, the pressure they felt was also unimaginably strong.

Even if they were magnates, they were still helpless against the pressure. It felt like as if they had plunged into a bottomless abyss, unable to struggle or move at all. This was the first time they had a taste of terror ever since becoming magnates.

Sha Qishan's heart thumped incessantly, and he inwardly sighed in relief, Thank god I didn't force this brat … otherwise, I might be dead already….

Even Zhong Yue didn't know that saying ‘Bo Xun' would cause such a significant reaction. However, it worked anyhow, and the magnates wouldn't dare to force on him anymore.

The sudden calamity was most probably be due to the ancient demon god's scattered spirit that had yet to disperse completely, and if one said his name in their head, the scattered spirit would react to the calling.

"I wonder how long this bluff can last. They will soon realize that the same phenomenon will happen no matter who calls out the name 'Bo Xun.'

Zhong Yue blinked his eyes and thought, Then I will most probably have to face a terrible death.

“None of them will cause the same reaction even if they called the name.”

Xin Huo said smilingly, "Bo Xun's scattered spirit recognizes me, and I'm in your body. So, when you called him just now, what he felt was me. He must have mistaken you as the inheritor that killed him, and that's why he threw a little bit of a fit back there."

Zhong Yue felt helpless, and he said troublingly, "So you are saying that Bo Xun's scattered spirit has locked on to me?"

"That should be the case."

Xin Huo mulled in puzzlement, "Brat Yue, why did you say his name? Everything would have been fine if you didn't, but now, you have awakened his scattered spirit drawn his ire onto yourself. However, don't you worry too much, his soul has dispersed, and the rest of his scattered spirit will not be a big deal."

Zhong Yue was speechless, just seconds before this, the magnates were pressured to the extent that cold sweat rushed out of their bodies and soaked their clothes. That happened to 14 magnates at the same time, and Xin Huo said an existence capable of doing such a thing was 'not a big deal....'

The young Shura was shocked, and he looked at the black spring water at the sky before turning back to Zhong Yue. He felt like he sensed something amiss, but opted to remain silent.

Xiu Hongsu was awkwardly standing in front of Zhong Yue, not knowing what to do.

Demon Queen was also shocked, she regained her composure and said politely, "I see, mister comes from a great heritage, I apologize for my rudeness."

Zhong Yue ignored Xiu Hongsu and answered, "May the Demon Queen take a seat, I have questions to ask."

Demon Queen sat down, and she looked at him, another few ladies have also taken their seats, these would be the other imperial concubines. However, the Shura Race's Luo Mo Concubine was incredibly ugly. Although she was deemed a peerless beauty within her race, she still fell short of Zhong Yue's standards.

The concubine from Yan Luo Saint Race, on the other hand, was a bona fide beauty with a green-colored face. The concubine from the Yan Mo Saint Race had skin that was red like fire. Despite their beauty, it was outside of Zhong Yue's ideas of the same.

The demon race was, after all, of a different kind to the human race. Even though Zhong Yue could accept the three-headed three-faced beauty like the Saint Concubine, the other races' beauties couldn't enter his eyes.

Although the Saint Concubine had three faces, she had an hourglass body, and all her three faces were incredibly beautiful. Each of them held having differing expressions and auras.

It seemed like even though their titles of the eight demon concubines of Demon Saint, only Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine and Saint Concubine could be considered beautiful.

Zhong Yue looked at the demon concubines and was stunned when he found the Saint Concubine missing.

“You all don’t have to worry too much.”

Zhong Yue stood up and said smilingly, "The existence that is backing me from behind comes from ancient times. He will not come out easily. I've chosen to train myself around the world, and he had only left a single strand of his psyche in me in case if anything were to happen. He told me that he would only intervene if I am being harassed by those who have a higher cultivation base than me. However, if I were to be killed in a fair fight against peers on equal standing as me, then he said that I could only blame myself for being too weak."

The magnates stiffened up their faces as they understood the message in his words.

The message was simple; it was a warning to them that if they were to take action personally, then the mysterious to Bo Xun demon god would take revenge on them!

As for the battles between the peers, the ancient demon god wouldn't do anything. After all, this was the rule of the demon race, the battles and competitions between the younger generations would be handled among themselves, and the seniors would only watch. This was all so that the young experts could be stronger and better.

Xiu Hongsu and the other young experts heaved a breath of relief, speaking of battling with their peers, none of them were afraid of Zhong Yue!

“Mister Mo Luo, if that senior doesn’t intervene with the battles between the peers, then I will challenge you!”

Xiu Hongsu stood like a spear in front of Zhong Yue. He said with deep killing intent, "Are you daring enough to accept my challenge?"

“Senior Martial Brother Xiu, please wait for a few moments.”

Zhong Yue then turned to Demon Queen and said smilingly, “Why is Saint Concubine not with you?”

Demon Queen raised her brows, and she then answered with a smile, "Mister didn't even intend to send your regards to Demon Saint but asked for his concubine instead, wouldn't this be overly frivolous?"

“Everyone likes the beauties.”

Zhong Yue laughed and said, "Demon Saint's concubines, I've had my eyes on them for a long time already. Especially Demon Queen. You are such a goddess that not a single day and night I have never thought of you, and I can't help but feel regret for such a beauty like you to sleep beside the Demon Saint but not myself. To be honest, I'd only challenged Demon Saint not because I want to kill him and be the rank one in the Inner Core Qi Practitioner, but because of you all, the beauties that surrounded him. I am envious and jealous, and I hated him for being able to enjoy such a luxury by himself!"

“Rea- … really?” Ji Xiang Concubine was stammering.

The Demon Queen, however, chuckled and said, "Of course not. However, your words make it really hard for me to hate you. Mister, don't you worry, Demon Saint is just nearby, and he has heard of you, he knows that you are looking for him and very soon, he will come to you. Also, he's heard that you are looking for the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, you've been to the Asura Saint Race and the Raksha Saint Race. The Demon Saint said the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】in the eight saint races is incomplete. Even if you have learned all of them, you won't possibly win against him either. Hence, he has ordered me to bring the full and completed【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】to you, so that you can study it as you please."

Light wheels emerged behind her and a book flew out from her Yuan Shen secret realms to float in mid-air right before Zhong Yue.

Demon Queen raised her jade-like hand and placed it on the book. She said smilingly, "This is the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, written by Demon Saint himself. He said he could give you some time to learn, and when you are ready, you just need to say it out, and he will come for you."

“The complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】?”

A clamor rose up in the Heavenly Scent Inn, and all eyes fell on the book. Even the fourteen magnates weren't immune to its attraction. They looked over at the demon book with their eyes were filled with greed, and their breaths turned heavy.

The Eight Barren demon race and the eight saint races ... all of them had one part of the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】. Although they were incomplete, these scattered parts of the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】were still strong enough to be the greatest cultivation technique to the eight saint races!

If the separate parts themselves were so incredible, just how strong would the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】be?

"This is Demon Saint. Only this can be the real Demon Saint!"

Zhong Yue looked at the demon book and praised, "No wonder he dares to call himself a heavenly demon god. Such magnanimity, I can't help but admire him. No wonder he was able to conquer and unite the Eight Barren as one. It is an honor to be able to battle him."

Tian Mo Concubine tensed up; she never thought that the Demon Saint would gift his cultivation technique to Zhong Yue. Only a man with such magnanimity could be revered as a ‘saint'!

He was daring enough to show his full cultivation technique to his opponent. This denoted that he was unimaginably confident in himself that even if his opponent knew of his cultivation base, he would still win!

If Zhong Yue accepted the gift, he would be in debt to the Demon Saint, and it would be hard for him to kill him. But if he doesn't accept, then he wouldn't be able to study the Demon Saint's cultivation technique. Either one of the two would put Zhong Yue at a disadvantage!

Zhong Yue himself held no hatred against the Demon Saint – it was only because of the promise and deal he had with her that brought him here. If Zhong Yue didn't have the intent to kill Demon Saint, he would most probably end up defeated.

Furthermore, it would be hard to tell if Demon Saint's magnanimity would move Zhong Yue and if they would end becoming friends instead!

But what was most terrifying was the fact that Zhong Yue had acquired the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】. The eight saint races and others would have their eyes on him; he might not even know how he dies!

Zhong Yue was hesitating; the whole Heavenly Scent Inn have their eyes on him and the demon book in front of him. The ambiance turned eerie and portentous as if a storm would rage anytime!

After a long time, Zhong Yue sighed, and he said placidly, "I've wanted to fight with Demon Saint, but he is too famous, and I was just a nobody. Hence, snatching his concubines away is a good way to force him into a battle with me. But now, it seems like I've underestimated him, an opponent like the Demon Saint ... why would I even have to snatch his demon concubines? Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine and the other court ladies, you all are free to go, there is no need for you to stay with me anymore."

Tian Mo Concubine and Ji Xiang Concubine were stunned, Tian Mo Concubine was even mourning in her heart and was inkling him incessantly.

Zhong Yue then smiled and said leisurely, "Demon Queen, you can keep the book. The battle between the Demon Saint and me will be done fair and square. I will not take advantage of him."

He mumbled, "To think that I will be able to fight with such a strong opponent in a death battle and that only one of us will live … It excites me so much. I can feel my blood boiling in exhilaration! Never once have I had such a desire to kill someone … HAHAHA…!”

Zhong Yue laughed out loud, and his unbridled laughter resounded the surroundings. He tore his upper garments apart, exposing his muscular chest in the air, and he roared loudly in the air as if conveying his heavy desire for battle.

"The desire to battle in me is so strong right now that I can't wait anymore to kill and taste the blood of living! Who was the one that said he wanted to challenge me again!?"

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