Rise of Humanity

Chapter 343

Chapter 343 - 【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】

“Chi You?” Zhong Yue laughed as he said, “I will leave this place very soon, I’ve received quite a generous gain from you by researching your bloodline. Hence, before I leave, I will repay you.”

Chi You blurted out happily, “Can you please teach me how to cultivate? Can you train me into someone like like those amazing Qi Practitioners that can fly into the sky, and burrow into the ground?”

“Of course, totem carvings are formed naturally within the body of the Li Clan’s people because of the celestial and demon blood in your body. While they granted all of you incredible bodies, they too, became a natural seal. If you manage to lift the seal, you will be able to become a Qi Practitioner that is stronger than many of the other races.”

He was not lying at all. As long as the Li Clan managed to lift the seal, they would be able to cultivate both the celestial and demonic arts!

Unlike the other clans, the Li Clan contained both celestial and demonic blood that merged together seamlessly, and it had turned into a new kind of blood!

With that, as soon as they lifted the seal, they would eventually have the strength of the celestial races and demons with them at the same time!

Zhong Yue needed to find his own way to achieve the Fuxi true form and even created a Yin Yang Tai Chi Art to control and merge the celestial and demonic Qi inside him. Only with that had he managed to evolve his body into a celestial demonic body. The Li clan’s people, however, had the celestial demonic body ever since they were born, and the only obstacle stopping them from cultivating was the bloodline seal that formed within them naturally.

The young man, Chi You replied hesitantly, “But from what I heard from the elders, there are horrifying elements in our bodies that prevent us from cultivating. Are you perhaps stronger than my elders?”

To the young man’s question, Zhong Yue replied calmly, “Those that said that all of you could not cultivate were probably the magnate Qi Practitioners of the Zhong Li Celestial Race and Luo Sha Saint Clan, but who are they to speak? None of them are superior than me in potential talent, and things that they deemed impossible might be possible to me. The seals within all of you may be strong, but I could easily get rid the seals inside you after spending a few days creating an art for you to lift the seals.”

However, the young man was not fully convinced. To this, Zhong Yue simply reached out his finger, and pointed at Chi You’s forehead as his psyche surged into the young man’s psyche ocean. The psyche ocean of this young man was naturally completely dry, as there was no psyche force since the natural seals in his body prevented him from cultivating.

Zhong Yue’s psyche moved as he passed the art he had created specifically for the Li Clan to cultivate to Chi You and he said, “I name this art as the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】. In the early stages, it focuses on martial arts. Once the time has come where the bloodline seal slightly loosens, psyche will automatically form and you can start to cultivate this art to strengthen your psyche.”

Chi You carefully examined it and tried his best to learn as much as he could about the art as Zhong Yue passed it to him. Although it was called “hundred”, the art actually contained only a total of eighteen patterns. The first nine were about a God of War with eight arms and wings, while the other nine were about battle movements.

The eight arms were based on the【Monster God Ming King Art】’s Ming King true form; the wings were from the Golden Crow Wings; the body refining techniques were based on the art of the Martial Masters from the Zhong Li Celestial Race; the immortal body cultivation art was from the Kui Long Celestial Race; and the visualization part was based on the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】.

The【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】was created by Zhong Yue, but he also created the【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】 after he started to unite and reform everything he learned into one.

If he had not fully merged his knowledge together, he would not be able to create something like the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】, that managed to merge all of the unique features of the arts from the many races.

After passing the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】to Chi You, Zhong Yue continued to dwell into his own【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】, seeking to refine his art to the fullest.

When creating the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】, Zhong Yue did not pour in much effort. There was knowledge involved from the other arts but it was only a tiny portion of them. Unlike the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】, the【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】was directly related to his cultivation! Thus, he poured in much more effort as he tried his best to overcome the difficulty of merging the many arts into one ultimate art.

His【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】used the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】as its base after merging the sun and moon spirit together. But along with the two spirits, the Fuxi and Monster God Ming King true form, the divine third eye, the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, and the other arts were also reforged into one.

Zhong Yue was very ambitious, as not only did he want to merge the celestial and demonic Qi together, he also wanted to reforge all of the arts he learned into one supreme art!

However, this was an incredibly hard task to succeed at, and thus, no matter how hard Zhong Yue tried, his progress was still very slow.

“Brat Yue, this Chi You will definitely rise as a giant figure,” said Xin Huo all of a sudden.

Zhong Yue then quickly looked up, only to find young man Chi You was cultivating the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】at a corner of the village. The young man flew into the skies. As he continued to cultivate, he had gotten stronger and stronger, and it did not take him long to familiarize himself with the art.

A few days later, when Zhong Yue saw the young man again, he realized that the young man has reached a level that was shocking even to Zhong Yue.

Right now, the seal in his bloodline has become slightly weaker but there was still quite some distance before Chi You could enter the level of a Magnate Qi Practitioner.

Then, he would be able to lift the seal and generate large amount of psyche if he continued to cultivate the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】.

At this rate, as soon as Chi You managed to loosen the bloodline seal in him a little bit more, his psyche capacity would definitely surge rapidly to a horrifying level!

When Zhong Yue thought of this, he couldn't help but praise in his heart that the Li Clan’s people really had a good starting point for themselves. With such a strong body and bloodline, a new powerful race would appear in the world for sure if they managed to lift their seals.

The Li Clan’s people are neither celestial race nor demon, I wonder how will they end up?

As this thought appeared, Zhong Yue frowned as he had no idea whether or not the decision was right or not when he created the【Celestial Demon Hundred Battle Patterns】for the Li Clan.


Time slowly passed and in these few days, Zhong Yue performed the Fuxi true form again in an attempt to reforge his arts into one while in the state of the Fuxi true form, but the results were disappointing. However, he realized that there was some kind of a blood-related special bond between the Fuxi true form and his Yuan Shen when he entered the Fuxi true form.

The sixth wheel! The Bloodline Wheel!

His heart thumped quickly and he quickly put his thoughts into action without any hesitation. He forcefully entered the Fuxi true form again as he tried to open up the Bloodline Secret Realm of the Yuan Shen. As he did that, he unleashed terrific power that dyed the sky red and formed hurricanes as he tried to breach through the sixth secret realm!

I’ve failed again…

Suddenly, his aura surged back into his body and dispersed the Fuxi true form, while his face turned pale and he spit out blood.

Chi You looked at the overwhelming power that had turned the sky red in shock. When Zhong Yue unleashed his power, it was a million times stronger than Chi You’s. Things were even more shocking to the other members of Li Clan that had not seen something like this.

The young man then went to Zhong Yue to seek answers for the questions he had encountered in his own cultivation, and his questions were all answered by Zhong Yue.

Suddenly, Chi You knelt down and said, “May I address you as my teacher?”

Zhong Yue however, shook his head and said, “This is just my token of appreciation for the research I did on your bloodline. Take this more like a trade that we both benefit greatly from. I have no intention on taking you as my disciple, and you have no need to call me your teacher.”

Chi You then got up and after a brief moment of consideration, he asked, “Then may I know Mister’s name? I heard Tian Mo Concubine and the clan master refer to you as Mister, but I have yet to know your name.”

This time, Zhong Yue did not try to hide his true identity and he replied, “My name is Zhong Yue.”

Chi You nodded and thought to himself, So this is Mister’s name… I will definitely repay Mister Zhong Yue’s generosity to our clan if our clan manages to rise as a new and powerful clan!

Abruptly, Zhong Yue said, “Seems like today is the day we part ways! Keep up with your hard work in your cultivation, and perhaps we will cross paths again in the future!”

At the moment he finished speaking, a ship flew across the sky from afar, with Tian Mo and Ji Xiang Concubines and the other ladies standing at the bow. When Zhong Yue was about to leave, he remembered something and said, “I am no celestial nor demon. I am a human, and if you became strong enough one day, remember to treat humans fair and square.”

Chi You was greatly stunned by Zhong Yue’s revelation, but he remained grateful towards Zhong Yue regardless.

Zhong Yue then flew into the sky and landed on the fleet’s bow while Tian Mo Concubine asked him, “Who is that boy? He seems like some Qi Practitioner that is not bad at all.”

“That is Chi You, a young boy from the Li Clan that is quite talented. Darling, any news on the Demon Saint?”

Tian Mo Concubine moved her gaze away from Chi You, as she did not take the boy seriously. But if she had the ability to foresee the future, she would definitely kill him right now on the spot.

In the future, the eight saint clans would be merged with the Li Clan and together, this newly formed clan would be called the Nine Li Clan. Under the leadership of the Demon Lord of this new clan, the demons would conquer the Eighth Barren and later invade the Great Wilderness, West, East, and the other Barrens, stirring chaos all over while the humans, celestial races and demons would be dragged into a great war. All of these were the results of Zhong Yue’s unintentional and spontaneous actions right now.

During that period on time, Tian Mo Concubine regretted her actions today.

“There is news about the Demon Saint!”

From the ship came a few ferocious looking Luo Sha Saint Clan’s men, who bore a powerful aura. The man leading the group was sitting on a snowy white lion, fully armed, and he said, “The Demon Saint appeared somewhere near the Black Well Keep. The news said that the Demon Queen and the other concubines are also at the Black Well Keep. The Demon Saint has also spread word that those who are loyal to him must now bow before him at the Black Well Keep. Right now, the elites among the demons are swarming towards the Black Well Keep, among them are those loyal to him and also those that wish to challenge him! Mister Mo Luo, you are one of them, and the Demon Saint did not even mention anything about you.”

Zhong Yue measured the man from head to toe, and the more he looked, the uglier the man became. He quickly laughed as he said, “Darling, mind introducing these gentlemen to me?”

Tian Mo Concubine replied with a smile, “These are some of the best young Qi Practitioners of our saint clan. The one leading the group is my dear brother and your brother-in-law, Luo Duluo. Some people who had nothing to do created a list for the eight strongest Inner Core level Qi Practitioners that wish to challenge the Demon Saint after his reappearance, and my brother is one of the eight Qi Practitioners on the list! Other than the eight strongest Qi Practitioners, there are also the ten best looking Qi Practitioners! Both Demon Saint and you are also in the lists.”

Luo Duluo remained expressionless as he said, “There’s no hurry in calling me your brother-in-law, perhaps he will be another dead man under my spear later!”

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