Rise of Humanity

Chapter 342

Chapter 342 - The Wheel of History

“My collections!”

Tu Geer spurted out blood and fainted again, while Tu Jiang shook his head. He felt extremely confused about why Tu Geer was so angry, and thought to himself, These are just unnecessary things that will not follow you into the afterlife, why are you taking this so hard?

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue continued to stimulate the Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace. Through this, he discovered a new feature of the mace: this mace could actually turn into a bone necklace! When he wore the bone necklace, the nine Demonic Jiao skulls, along with the other bone accessories on him, made him look like truly like a demon.

I look like a proper demon now.

With his tall and muscular body fitted with bone accessories and totem carvings that looked like tattoos, he truly looked like a demon king as he sat on the luxury boat with the many pretty girls around him, out from his lair for a patrol of his territory.

But these things do not belong to me. I can still use them temporarily, but if I keep relying on them, then I will bring myself to an end. Only by improving my own strength will I rise as a strong person.

Zhong Yue collected his thoughts, aware that his own personal wealth was nowhere weaker than the magnate figures. The Bright Moon Mirror and Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace were soul weapons on the same level with the magnate figures’ soul weapons. Other than that, he even had godly weapons like the Azure Dragon Marked Banner, half of the Divine Wing Saber and the Golden Feathery Peng Sword that were not even be easy for the magnate Qi Practitioners to obtain!

Besides, Zhong Yue even had the Fang Blade and unique items like the Demon God Contracted Puppet and the Godly Seal Carving!

Other than that, he even learned the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】,【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, the monsters’【Monster God Ming King Art】, the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, and the immortal body cultivation art of the celestial races.

However, even though these arts were all ultimate arts, there were too many of them and Zhong Yue could not merge them into one. Thus, he had to divert his attention and focus on each of these arts separately. As a result, he was progressing slower than others.

And the same applied to his soul weapons. He had stalled his own progress, as there were too many soul weapons that required him to cultivate before he could fully unleash their power.

As such, Zhong Yue was very troubled. But his case was different; he got frustrated because he had too many arts and soul weapons that he had cultivated to a very high level, while the others were very proud and happy of their high proficiency in their arts and soul weapons.

But if viewed from the roots, his primary art was still the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】, which played the role as a huge tree in his strength. The other arts were merely the green leaves of the tree used to complete the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】.

This art had allowed him to easily control the other arts from the other races, and prevented conflicts between the many arts.

However, ever since he entered the overseas Eighth Barren and cultivated the demons’ arts, things had grown beyond the capabilities of the【Sui Sovereign Flame Oder Palace Visualization Art】.

Unlike the other arts from the other races, the arts of the demons were completely opposite, just like fire and ice. With that, conflicts arose, resulting in a situation where the Qi from the demonic arts and the other arts would go against each other.

The situation got even worse as Zhong Yue’s understanding and proficiency of the demonic arts grew. Right now, he seemed stronger than before, and he could even fight against a Heavenly Dharma level Qi Practitioner head to head. But in the eyes of someone like the Demon Saint, this would definitely be his greatest weakness!

And if his celestial Qi and demonic Qi got messed up, he would not end up any better than that inheritor of Xin Huo that had cultivated the arts of the celestial races and demons!

At this point, his cultivation of the soul weapons could be set aside, but he had to settle the potential threat of the conflict within his power.

“Darling, stop here, I have to cultivate for a period of time,” Zhong Yue ordered suddenly.

Tian Mo Concubine quickly replied, “My Luo Sha Clan’s saint city is only a few days from here. Why don’t we head there to replenish ourselves while you cultivate? Perhaps, the Luo Sha Clan would also let Mister cultivate the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】of our saint clan.”

Zhong Yue shook his head and said, “After taking you away from the Demon Saint for myself, the people of the Luo Sha Clan will definitely be unhappy with me. I’m afraid that we will cause unwanted trouble for ourselves if we head over there. I need to focus on my cultivation so that I can guarantee a win against the Demon Saint. Thus, there is no time to waste, I have to cultivate now.”

Without any options, Tian Mo Concubine could only order the ship to stop.

Below them was a tiny demon tribe with at most four hundred people. Exactly like humans, the young adult demons would go hunting, while the old and the children will stay back in the tribe to do whatever was within their capabilities.

When Zhong Yue examined them, he realized that unlike the eight saint clans, these demons had the head of a cow, wings, eight arms and on their feet were nine toes.

These demons were all very burly; the children were already at the same height as a human adult, and the adult demons were almost exactly the same size as Zhong Yue when he was disguised as Mister Mo Luo!

When they arrived, the adult males of this demon tribe had just returned from their hunts, and on the shoulders of these demons were the bodies of their assorted prey.

“Seems like they are from the Li Clan,” Tian Mo Concubine said as she looked around after entering the tribe. She recognized this demon tribe because this was the territory of the Luo Sha Clan, and the Li Clan was under their power.

Hearing that, Zhong Yue measured the people of the Li Clan and when he looked closely at them, he was shocked. Zhong Yue quickly halted a young Li Clan member, took a close look at him, and said, “Strange, why is there both celestial and demon bloodlines in this demon race?”

“Indeed.” said Xin Huo as he looked at the young Li Clan’s member through Zhong Yue’s vision. The surprised Xin Huo examined the bloodline of the young Li Clan member and said, “They have the bloodline of the Zhong Li Celestial Race and Luo Sha Clan, what a strange bloodline they have! The celestial races and demons are two completely opposite things, how could this be possible!”

“The Li Clan is the result of marriage between the people of Luo Sha Clan and the Zhong Li Celestial Race long ago. However, their bloodline was not pure because of the mixed celestial and demon blood,” explained Tian Mo Concubine.

She then said, “With their mixed bloodline, they are not able to to cultivate, be it the celestial or the demon arts, for either one will conflict with their bloodline. This demon race will not be able to produce any Qi Practitioners, thus, we Luo Sha Clan did not bother with them anymore since they cannot cultivate.”

Zhong Yue, however, retained his interest in the young man, and suddenly laughed as he said, “Darlings, I need to stay here and cultivate for a while.”

Upon hearing that, Tian Mo Concubine summoned the tiny demon tribe’s leader, who managed to recognize her. He quickly greeted her and asked carefully, “Concubine?”

She ordered him to clear out a proper room for Zhong Yue to cultivate in and said, “Mister, I have to return to my clan to learn recent information about the Demon Saint.”

Zhong Yue nodded and told her, “Bring Ji Xiang Concubine and the others back with you. There’s nothing to do here for all of you after I shut myself in for my cultivation.”

That made Tian Mo Concubine happy. She had wanted to bring Ji Xiang Concubine back because the two of them had long been rivals. This time, she could take Ji Xiang Concubine back to show off, since she had planted the Caress God Gu in her.

When the ladies left, Zhong Yue calmed himself down.

Far away from him were a few young teenagers from the Li Clan that looked at Zhong Yue from afar. One of the boys shouted, “You, you, are you still going hunting with us?”

The young Li Clan member in front of Zhong Yue that was about six to seven years old shook his head and said, “The clan master asked me to stay with Mister!”

Seeing this, Zhong Yue laughed and said, “I need to do some research on your bloodline to find out why your race cannot cultivate. For these few days, I will have to ask you to follow beside me.”


Zhong Yue remained in this little tribe, and the longer Zhong Yue explored the secrets of the young man’s bloodline, the more surprised he became.

The Zhong Li Celestial Race and the Luo Sha Saint Clan’s bloodline had fully merged together. There were totem carvings of the celestial race and demons within their bloodline that were formed naturally. Together, these totem carvings had merged and turned into a kind of seal that locked away the ability of the Li Clan to cultivate.

In order for them to cultivate, they would have to tame either the celestial blood or the demon blood, but since the two types of bloodline had merged together, they could not tame either of them, forming a dead cycle.

Through researching the bloodline of the young Li Clan member and understanding the natural bloodline seal in them, Zhong Yue gained quite a generous amount of knowledge. At the same time, he had yet to get himself out from the troubling situation where the celestial Qi and the demon Qi conflicted inside him.

However, he was much luckier than the people of Li Clan, as he could still cultivate, at the very least! Besides, he had discovered the way to solve the incompatibility of the celestial and demon Qi inside him!

But he was also much unluckier compared to the Li Clan. The bloodline seal in the Li Clan was formed naturally, while the seal in the bodies of humans was top of the world, a seal made specifically to curse the humans!


After a few days of researching, Zhong Yue finally managed to understand the secrets in the bloodline of Li Clan, and improved his knowledge on bloodlines greatly.

The bloodline of the Li Clan is mixed, and the totem carvings are very complicated while they contain powerful energy and potential. If they could lift the seal and cultivate, they would definitely rise as one of the strongest races among the demons!

Zhong Yue recollected his thoughts as he went through the gains of the past few days. He then started to stimulate the power inside him to trigger the Fuxi bloodline in his body, in an attempt to achieve the Fuxi true form.

If he managed to achieve that, he would be able to form the Yin Yang Draconic Markings on his body! Using the demonic Qi as Yin, and the celestial Qi as Yang, he could create a Yin Yang Tai Chi to form a cycle of Yin and Yang to merge the two conflicted Qi together in his body!

Each time Zhong Yue stimulated his bloodline, he would gain more understanding on the bloodline seal in his body. The more he did this, the higher the chance he could lift the seal!

After seventeen days at daybreak, Zhong Yue suddenly let out a long scream as rapid changes occured on his body. His body enlarged, his legs turned into a serpent tail as he finally breached through the bloodline seal and turned his body into the Fuxi true form!

As soon as he achieved this, the dimensions around him trembled, the Yin and Yang inside him cut through the dawn as he brought out the Yin Yang Draconic Markings and formed a complete Yin Yang Tai Chi Art!

Once he successfully merged the celestial and demon Qi, the two Qi clashed together again and his Yuan Shen’s height surged, growing to thirty six feet tall along with his body!

Upon seeing this, the people of Li Clan all viewed him like a god, and immediately bowed down and prayed towards him.

Zhong Yue dispersed the Fuxi true form and returned to the Mister Mo Luo’s look. Immediately, he felt that the Fuxi bloodline’s power in him weakened and thought, My Fu Xi bloodline is still not pure enough. If I could find a member of the Huaxu Celestial Race, perhaps I could slightly purify my bloodline through the Huaxu Celestial Race’s ancestor’s blood.

Meanwhile, the people of the Li Clan were still praying towards him. When Zhong Yue saw the young Li Clan’s boy next to him with admiration and fear in his eyes but still standing, Zhong Yue laughed and waved at him while he asked, “I’ve been busy for these few days, and I have not asked your name yet. What is your name?”

The young boy immediately bowed and replied, “My surname is Chi, I am Chi You.”

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