Rise of Humanity

Chapter 341

Chapter 341 - Demon God Contracted Puppet

As the saying goes, the few cannot fight the many. Elder Tu Geer was an Asura and had four arms, but Zhong Yue had closely engaged him in melee combat. Zhong Yue have cultivated the Immortal Body and he was not any weaker than the Martial Masters, engaging him in a close-quarters fight would only restrain him from fully unleashing his skills.

Furthermore, Zhong Yue had concealed the Golden Feathery Peng Sword in his Golden Crow Demonic Wings, slashing down on Tu Geer’s head; prohibited his inner core and Yuan Shen from coming out; and in addition to that, both Tian Mo Concubine and Ji Xiang Concubine were Inner Core experts. Add in the other twenty-some court ladies who were also Inner Core Qi Practitioners, and Tu Geer was taken down to the ground without being able to put up a counterattack.

When Tu Jiang arrived, Elder Tu Geer was already lying in the bottom of the pit, tens of soul weapons pierced into his chest from behind, destroying the life force in his body.

The demon race’s soul weapons were incredibly peculiar, as not only could they could damage the mortal body, they could also impair one’s blood, arcane energy, Yuan Shen, and psyche. Some of Tian Mo Concubine, Ji Xiang Concubine and the court ladies’ soul weapons were even more bizarre than that, being able to flow into his body and inflict more damage directly from the inside.

Tu Jiang looked down and saw the almost-dead elder; Tu Geer also saw Tu Jiang at the same time and fainted away, possibly from anger, possibly from shame.

One of the court ladies was overly excited as she asked, “Mister, shall we take down Tu Jiang also?”

Tu Jiang was shocked. His prowess was about the same as Tu Geer; in fact, Tu Geer, who was younger, would naturally have more energy and was stronger than him. If Zhong Yue leading the ladies could nearly kill Tu Geer, they would be able to take him down also!

The other ladies were clearly thrilled by the idea. This was the first time they had ever bullied a renowned Heavenly Dharma expert, it was truly an enjoyable experience!

Zhong Yue forced a cough and a smile, he said, “Senior Martial Brother Tu Jiang, you’ve come at the right time! If you came a minute earlier, we won’t have been able to beat Elder Tu Geer to this state, and if you’d come a little later, Elder Tu Geer might be dead already. Senior Martial Brothet Tu Jiang, you must have some hatred against him, right?”

Tu Jiang quickly answered, “Mister, please don’t make fun of me. I’ve only come because I heard that Tu Geer was coming after you, and I hurried over to stop him. But who knew I was still late…”

He had long thought of what words to say, but what was once intended to be said to stop Tu Geer from teaching Zhong Yue a lesson was now carrying a different message; the smile on his face was still there, but it clearly looked unnatural.

Zhong Yue laughed out loud, “It should be that you were a step early. But whatever, since you are here already, I shouldn’t kill him in front of you; after all, you and I are friends, I should give senior martial brother some face…”

Cold sweat burst out of Tu Jiang, he forced a laugh and answered, “The Asura Saint Clan has no intention of making enemies with Mister Mo Luo, please, may the Mister give me some face…”

The smile on his face was clearly forced, looking incredibly unnatural. He was initially here to employ kindness and severity to Zhong Yue, but who would knew that in the end, their positions would be switched, with Zhong Yue being the one showing kindness and severity.

Tian Mo Concubine smirked coldly, “Elder Tu Jiang has just said that the Asura Saint Clan is an ally with my Mister, and yet, an Asura expert, Elder Tu Geer, was sent over to kill us the second we left! It’s clear to me that the Asura Saint Clan is a race that knows no shame over going back on their words. Thankfully, our Mister was strong enough to stop Tu Geer. However, letting him off so easily from attempting murder on our mister, do you think this is fine, Elder Tu Jiang?”

Tu Jiang was starting to have headache over the knotty situation, and said embarrassingly, “Tian Mo Concubine is right.”

She then smiled and said, “Tu Geer failed in his attempt to murder all of us and is severely injured in turn; hence, that makes him our captive. Our Mister is a kind man and because of his good relations with Elder Tu Jiang, he is willing to spare Tu Geer’s life and put an end to this matter. However, in return, Elder Tu Jiang will have to pay a ransom for Tu Geer.”

Tu Jiang’s face turned sorrowful as he said hesitantly, “About this ransom…”

Zhong Yue furtively raised his thumb to Tian Mo Concubine while praising her in his heart.

Tian Mo Concubine said with an easy smile, “Our Mister is very kind, but even so, I suppose it wouldn’t be too much if Tu Geer’s treasures in his Yuan Shen secret realms now belonged to our Mister, would it?”

Tu Jiang’s eyelids were thumping, he inhaled a deep breath of air and said, “It is not. But Tu Geer’s soul weapon is the work of his life, he has dedicated his whole life and treasures to forge it…”

Tian Mo Concubine then said staunchly, “It must be Mister’s! If Elder Tu Jiang can’t accept this, then alternatively, you can bring back a dead Tu Geer!”

Tu Jiang had no choice and could only accept. He personally went into the pit and moved Tu Geer out to the surface. He sighed as he gazed at the unconscious Tu Geer, and proceeded search the latter’s Yuan Shen secret realms, bringing the treasures out as he thought to himself, Senior martial brother, I’m sorry, but you can’t blame anyone for this except yourself for being too weak. Our Saint Race’s Clan Master sent you to show the power of the Asura, and me to show the kindness of our race. But who knew you were this weak; in order to save you, I can only hand over your treasures to Mister Mo Luo….

Tu Geer’s treasures were many, the ladies’ eyes brightened as they saw his belongings, including seven different soul weapons. Among those, there was a soul weapon that attracted them the most. It was a bone mace with nine faces, and each of the faces were actually triangular-shaped skulls.

Zhong Yue picked the mace up and channelled his arcane energy into it. Hu—— suddenly, the mace enlarged, all nine faces of the mace were as huge as mountains, while the haft was made of snake bone.

Zhong Yue continued pushing the arcane energy into it, and in the next moment, the nine faces suddenly turned into nine demon Jiao waving in the air while blasting demonic fire around them. The haft turned into the body of a huge snake with its tail clenched in Zhong Yue’s hands.

Zhong Yue withdrew his arcane energy, and the nine demon Jiao turned back into the bone mace. It was incredibly heavy, and merely swinging it could generate an appallingly strong power.

“Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace?”

Tian Mo Concubine and Ji Xiang Concubine were shocked, Ji Xiang Concubine exclaimed involuntarily, “This isn’t the soul weapon of Tu Geer, is it? I’ve heard of the Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace before, it was the soul weapon forged by the bones of the demon magnate, Demonic Jiao King. After his death, his soul weapon went missing, how did it end up in Elder Tu Geer’s hands?”

Zhong Yue turned solemn, the Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace was the soul weapon of a magnate cultivator! Before this, Tu Geer hadn’t cast this soul weapon out, or else they would have had to suffer heavy damages to take him down. The ladies would have been severely injured or even killed while Zhong Yue himself would have had to expose the Golden Feathery Peng Sword!

Thankfully Tu Geer was overly proud of his own ability, Zhong Yue have made the first move and struck him so quick and fast that he hadn’t been able to release his Yuan Shen or soul weapons.

Although the other soul weapons he had were also Heavenly Dharma treasures, they were not as valuable and as strong as this Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Mace!

Other than these seven soul weapons, there was another array diagram. Zhong Yue opened up the array diagram and his face stiffened up even more.

The image drawn in the array diagram was an altar with seven demon gods. The array diagram was most probably prepared by Tu Geer, who couldn’t have cultivated the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】. With this array formation, he would be able to bring the seven demon gods and altar out from the array diagram and bestow himself with immense power!

Heavenly Dharma experts really shouldn’t be underestimated.

He calmed his thoughts and looked over at the other treasures. They were mostly medicinal pellets concocted by demonic spirit herbs. Some of the medicinal pellets were suffused with black smoke, and he could even see the contorted faces of the dead souls trying to extricate themselves. These would be medicinal pellets concocted straight from living souls, some of them were humans...

Other than that, the rest would be various kind of materials, some even Zhong Yue had never seen before.

All of a sudden, Xin Huo said, “Ey? There is a Demonic God Contracted Puppet? This little elder, what a surprise this is…”

“Demon God Contracted Puppet?” Zhong Yue was startled, his sight then fell on a demonic puppet made out of wood. It was a wood carving of a three-headed six-armed demon god seated in the lotus position, two of its three nefarious faces were smiling ear-to-ear, its sharp white teeth were clearly exposed, and the tongues were bloody red.

But what was most uncomfortable were the eyes. No matter where you looked at it from, it felt like the demon god’s eyes were staring back at you.

Its last face looked incredibly solemn, its eyes and mouth were fully closed.

“What is this Demon God Contracted Puppet?” Zhong Yue picked it up and inspected it closely. He couldn’t sense anything from it, no totem patterns nor any form of energies, and he was puzzled.

“This is a very rare item, a treasure used by the demon god in the Void World to descend to our world,” Xin Huo explained. “Those gods that could enter the Void World were unearthly strong. These existences have to go through a grand and expensive ceremony of worship to descend down to our world. You can tell how difficult it is just by the dragon race’s Ancestral Dragon Ritual, as even such a grand worshipping event couldn’t bring the Ancestral Dragon fully down to this world. The demon gods that can leave behind the Demon God Contracted Puppets can be considered as giants among the gods. They crafted the Demon God Contracted Puppets before their deaths. Signing a contract with the Demon God Contracted Puppet will summon the demon god down to our world, and the user will be granted a wish by the demon god’s spirit.”

“Is there even such a treasure?” Zhong Yue was overjoyed, he quickly asked, “Does it not require any form of worship to summon the demon god?”

“Of course it comes with a price.” Xin Huo continued, “One would have to offer his own soul for it. The Demon God Contracted Puppet can be used three times, and the first two will work fine, but when the third and final wish is granted, the demon god’s spirit will devour your soul. Look, there is already a face with its eyes closed, this means that this Demon God Contracted Puppet has been used once. The Demon God Contracted Puppets are too rare, most probably even the Asura Saint Clan didn’t recognize it, as if they did, they would surely have used the second time already.”

“Three wishes before the soul will be devoured?” A chill was sent down Zhong Yue’s spine as he thought, I wonder how strong the demon god will be when the Demon God Contracted Puppet is used? This is like the same sealing charm I got from Feng Wuji’s incarnation, things that can only be used once, and not twice or more.

There was another sealing charm in his Yuan Shen secret realms, dropped from the cage in Elder Pu’s Yuan Shen secret realms. As of today, there were already many treasures in his Yuan Shen secret realms. Xiao Yuan’s Bright Moon Mirror and this Demon God Contracted Puppet, the treasures he held were almost the same as magnate cultivators already!

Zhong Yue kept the Demon God Contracted Puppet and Nine Yang Demonic Jiao Hammer, the seven demon god array diagram was taken by Tian Mo Concubine, and the other items were distributed to the other ladies.

Zhong Yue looked over at Tu Jiang and thought, If we can take down Tu Jiang, we can plunder another elder and might find some other good stuff…

Tu Jiang, on the other hand, forced a smile and said, “Mister, can we leave now?”

Zhong Yue cast the thought from his mind and ordered the ladies to remove their soul weapons from Tu Geer’s body. Chi chi chi—— Blood spurted out like fountain from Tu Geer’s body while Zhong Yue said, “Senior martial brother, you are free to leave anytime.”

Tu Jiang heaved a breath of relief and picked Tu Jiang up, fed him some medicinal pellets and helped suppress his injuries before they flew back toward the Asura Saint City.

On the way, Tu Geer awakened and found all his treasures had been plundered away. He was enraged, and the anger caused him to spurt out another few mouthfuls of blood.

Tu Jiang reassured him, “Senior martial brother, the treasures are just items, there is no need to think too much about it. Furthermore, I took some of the important ones away from Mister Mo Luo, such as your clothes, which are actually soul weapons. This brat is still too inexperienced, he couldn’t tell that your clothes were in fact, treasures…”

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