Rise of Humanity

Chapter 339

Chapter 339 - Unstoppable 

“Saint Concubine is beaten up so badly….”

Around the palace, the Asura Saint Clan’s disciples were all for the Saint Concubine. She might not be the strongest Qi Practitioner in her generation, but she was definitely one of the top three! They thought that she was teaching the young man a lesson, but who knew that she was the one being overwhelmed!

Everything happening in that instant was entirely outside of their expectations!

Besides, judging on what Saint Concubine had said, this brawny guy had not even shown his true strength yet!

“He is not the disciple of our Asura Saint Clan, and he dared to attack our Saint Concubine!”

An Asura Saint Clan’s disciple shouted, “And he was using the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】of our clan! He stole our art and attacked our Saint Concubine! Everyone, we must not let him get away with this!”

In a blink of an eye, everyone tensed up and started moving towards Zhong Yue. However, Zhong Yue didn't flinch at all. He raised his eyebrows, looking around before his eyes landed on Elder Tu Jiang.

On the other hand, Elder Tu Jiang’s mind went blank and he thought to himself, The【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】? Didn’t he came for the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】? No… How did he manage to get into the Sun Chariot and obtain the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】? Could it be that his Yuan Shen is also a sun spirit? But even if that’s the case, he will not be able to reach a level high enough to obtain the demonic sun fire on the level of the Heavenly Demon and enter the Sun Chariot…

Questions flooded his mind and before he could collect his thoughts running wild, the disciples of the Asura Saint Clan had already swarmed towards Zhong Yue! The Asura Saint Clan’s disciples all had four arms, and those who had awaken the Heavenly Demon’s bloodline had three faces, but there were only a few of them among those who swarmed towards Zhong Yue.

However, those who were allowed to enter the saint ground to observe the carvings of the Sun Chariot were all the best of the best of their clan, each possessed incredible power!

Especially those who had awakened their Heavenly Demon bloodline, they were only slightly weaker than Saint Concubine, if not on par with her!

Nonetheless, a four-armed Asura was sent flying away after Zhong Yue landed a punch on him. The Asura flew across the sky like a burning meteor and crashed into the peak of a mountain far away.


Another Asura Qi Practitioner exchanged palm attacks with Zhong Yue, only to have his four arms dislocated, was paralyzed and fell to the ground. Then, just when the third Qi Practitioner rushed forward, swung his arms around and formed the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, he was quickly overwhelmed by a gigantic palm seal.

Shock devoured the Qi Practitioner and he couldn't bother attacking Zhong Yue anymore. He tried his best to defend himself from the palm seal, only to be slammed into the ground and disappear without a trace, leaving only a human-shaped hole in the ground.

Somewhere far away, an Asura Qi Practitioner screeched, summoned his soul weapon, an iron fan, and he grabbed the iron fan with his four arms. Then, using his inner core to grant him power, he swung the fan strongly, created a strong dark wind containing demonic flame. Together with the flame, the dark wind surged towards Zhong Yue mercilessly.

Zhong Yue however, inhaled so strongly that the area around him became a vacuum, leaving no air at all, and the demonic wind and flame was absorbed into Zhong Yue’s body.

Upon seeing this, the Asura Qi Practitioner lost his wits and was in a complete panic. He had no idea what he was supposed to do at that moment. Then, he saw Zhong Yue blow the demonic flame-wind back towards him. The demonic flame within the wind burned stronger and stronger as it slowly spread out, before it devoured the Qi Practitioner with the iron fan.

When the flame stopped burning, the Asura Qi Practitioner let out a shout as his iron fan had melted into liquid, his clothes had disappeared, and there was no more hair on his body. Embarrassment overwhelmed him and he quickly ran away as he covered his private parts.

An Asura woman charged towards Zhong Yue with swords in her four arms, immediately raining down attacks onto Zhong Yue.

Dang dang dang——-

In just an instant, loud sword-clashing noises sounded out. When the woman stopped attacking, she felt only numbness in her hands. When she looked at her weapons, she was incredibly shaken when she saw her weapons were on the verge of shattering.

Before she recovered from her shock, Zhong Yue softly knocked on her chest. As his shoulder came in contact with her chest, he broke her bones, causing her originally well-developed chest to sink greatly, and the lady fell to the ground unconscious.


Elder Tu Jiang who just finished processing the overwhelming details of the battle between Zhong Yue and Saint Concubine had goosebumps as he witnessed this scene where the elites of the Asura Saint Clan were all beaten by Zhong Yue easily, and he quickly shouted, “Stop at once!”

Zhong Yue immediately stopped, but to Elder Tu Jiang’s dismay, the Asura Saint Clan’s disciples did not heed his words and they continued charging towards Zhong Yue. Without any options left but to defend himself, Zhong Yue immediately cast the Asura Saint Clan’s art and two more arms stretched out from his chest. With his four hands, he formed the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal, Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal, Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seal, and Heavenly Demon Fearless Seal as he bombarded the surroundings with powerful energy attacks.

As his energy attacks landed in the area, the disciples of Asura Saint Clan flew up into the sky with twisted limbs while blood splashed everywhere before they fell back onto the ground.

Upon seeing this, Elder Tu Jiang was disquieted as he thought Zhong Yue had killed the disciples. He quickly summoned his inner core, and a huge hand stretched out from it towards Zhong Yue as he shouted, “Mister Mo Luo, mercy!”

Zhong Yue put up a very serious expression as his four arms swung everywhere, launching energy attacks towards Elder Tu Jiang that shook the saint mountain, causing the rocks to tumble down the mountain. Under his feet, a hole with a ten-meter diameter appeared as he stomped on the ground.

Even so, the two new arms he formed with his immortal body were crushed into meatballs when he directly received the attack from Elder Tu Jiang.

However, his immortal body was so strong that the two arms that were destroyed cost him nothing and he was barely even affected by it.

Far away, Saint Concubine’s heart thumped quickly, but she remained silent.

Zhong Yue then exhaled a long deep breath as he laughed and said, “Senior martial brother Tu Jiang, you are too nervous, I of course considered properly when I attacked them. I merely paralyzed them by injuring them, not killing them, yet your attack almost cost me my life.”

Elder Tu Jiang, on the other hand, regretted attacking Zhong Yue, and was incredibly startled and shocked when he saw Zhong Yue receiving his attack with ease. He quickly replied, “Don't blame me, Mister! I was worried about the disciples of my clan, so please forgive me for my rudeness! Mister, are you a Sun Innate Spirit Body? How did you manage to learn the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】of our clan?”

Zhong Yue however, laughed and ignored his question by saying, “Elder Tu Jiang, everyone has their own secrets. Please forgive me not telling you about this.”

Elder Tu Jiang frowned slightly before he laughed and said, “Fair enough! Mister Mo Luo is indeed a genius that has the bravery to challenge the Demon Saint! Your strength is no weaker than mine! Please, this way, Mister.”

“Please!” replied Zhong Yue affably.

Then, the two walked away together. Zhong Yue asked, “Any news about the Demon Saint?”

Elder Tu Jiang shook his head and replied, “Not yet, it is not easy for the Demon Saint to completely get used to Yanluo Mo’s body, and besides, he needs to cultivate the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】to return to his peak state. Don’t worry, I will notify Mister as soon as we receive news about him.”

Zhong Yue felt relieved and said, “After observing my strength, what do you think about my strength, as compared to the Demon Saint?”

Elder Tu Jiang immediately replied, “Hahaha, Mister, your strength is unbelievable, you will definitely kill the Dmon Saint and replace him as the new Demon Saint!”

Zhong Yue also laughed and pretended to be very proud and arrogant while his heart tightened.

When Elder Tu Jiang walked Zhong Yue back to his room, he said, “Pardon me, Mister. There was too much ruckus caused this time, I have to go now to settle things down to prevent unnecessary problems.”

Zhong Yue thanked him and when he sent Elder Tu Jiang off with his eyes, he went to Tian Mo and Ji Xiang Concubine and said quickly. “We have to go now! We need to leave Asura Saint Clan right now!”

The two ladies were startled and they asked, “What happened?”

“I fought with the disciples of Asura Saint Clan and injured many of them. Tu Jiang tried to stop me and forced me to use my full strength. Although it was only one hit, I used my true strength when I fended off his attack.”

Zhong Yue said seriously, “Saint Concubine is very sensitive and I might not be able to hide my strength from her.”

Ji Xiang Concubine was very confused but Tian Mo Concubine was shocked. She quickly summoned the court ladies and ordered, “We will leave at once! Saint Concubine is extremely strong, especially her eyes. Her eyes are the Asura God Eye and if you used your full strength, she will definitely see through you! How did you get into a fight with her?”

Tian Mo Concubine quickly ordered the court ladies as Zhong Yue replied, “I beat her up.”

Tian Mo Concubine’s expression froze on her face and then, along with Ji Xiang Concubine, the two young ladies laughed happily while Ji Xiang Concubine said, “Well done! She is very arrogant and she did not even look at us when the Demon Saint selected her as his concubine. We too, have been very unhappy with her for some time!”

Zhong Yue then thought to himself, These demon ladies are always fighting with each other, how did the Demon Saint manage to settle the troubles caused by these ladies? Whatever, I will help you carry some of your burden from now on….

In a short time, everything was prepared fully and they quickly headed towards the city gates of the Asura Saint City.

At the same time, Tu Jiang was reporting to the other elders about how Zhong Yue cultivated the 【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】and said, “Mister Mo Luo might be a Sun Innate Spirit Body, or he would not have been able to pass through the demonic flame and board the Sun Chariot.”

The clan master of the Asura Saint Clan then asked, “Sun Innate Spirit Body? I thought there was only one Sun Innate Spirit Body in this world right now and the person is a human called Zhong Yue from the Great Wilderness. Mister Mo Luo is definitely not human, and humans will probably not try to learn any demonic art. Even if they did, they will have only a slim chance to learn our art completely.”

An elder then suddenly said, “But clan master, do you remember that man that cultivated our demons’ art and even achieved a very high level?”

The clan master’s heart thumped and he lost his voice for a moment before he replied, “Feng Xiaozhong of the human race?”

“Both Zhong Yue and Feng Xiaozhong came from Swords Gate, and if Feng Xiaozhong managed to do it, so can Zhong Yue!”

The elder said determinedly, “From my point of view, be it Mister Mo Luo or Zhong Yue, we must still kill him! If he managed to receive senior martial brother Tu Jiang’s all out attack with ease, he will definitely rise as another Demon Saint if he is not stopped! How dare he beat up our Saint Concubine and our disciples!”

The clan master then looked at Tu Jiang who quickly replied, “Long ago I planned to kill Mister Mo Luo, but first of all, we must kill the Demon Saint!”

The elder then smirked and said, “The Demon Saint is a threat to us and so is Mister Mo Luo! The Demon Saint is still a demon, and if Mister Mo Luo is a human, then things would turn sour quickly!”

The two of them then argued with each other, giving the clan master a major headache and at the same time, Saint Concubine walked in and the clan master quickly said, “Stop fighting with each other! Saint Concubine, you fought with Mister Mo Luo previously, so did you manage to identify anything about him? If he is a human, I will kill him myself! If he is not a human, I will kill him after he kills the Demon Saint!”

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