Rise of Humanity

Chapter 338

Chapter 338 - Like A Ragged Doll 

The Asura Saint Clan’s Saint Concubine measured Zhong Yue from toes to top before she stared at Zhong Yue’s eyes and said with a shake of her head, “You are lying. I see no lust in your eyes. You said you wanted to sleep me, but deep down I know that it is just an cover up for your true intentions.”

Zhong Yue’s smile froze immediately while the confused Saint Concubine asked, “What are your true motives? Hmmm, you said you wanted to sleep me in order to force Elder Tu Jiang to accept your demands, am I right? You are actually aiming for the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】of our Saint Clan.”

Upon hearing her question, Zhong Yue replied her with a laugh and praised, “My my, what a smart lady you are.”

“But you are not the match of the Demon Saint and even if he taught you【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】personally, you will still not be able to put up a fight with him...”

The Saint Concubine shook her head and said, “Did you know why Yanluo Mo was the strongest Qi Practitioner among the younger generations and had yet to suffer any defeat? It was not because he was smarter or talented than the others, but he received the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】from the Demon Saint. The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】was given to Yanluo Mo so that he could further enhance the quality of his body and give the Demon Saint a better chance of revival. No matter what, you will still die at the hands of the Demon Saint.”

“Is that so?” Zhong Yue shook his head and walked away while he said, “The outcome will only be determined after a fight between the two of us. Saint Concubine, don’t worry, I will definitely make you a widow.”

“Elder Tu Jiang believes that you can kill the Demon Saint, but I do not. Whether or not I will become a widow will depend on your capabilities,” replied Saint Concubine as she pressed her palm towards the back of Zhong Yue. A demonic sun appeared, shrouded with fiery demonic flame and turned into a three-legged demonic crow!

It was the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal!

Saint Concubine had obviously cultivated the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, and she had achieved quite a high level in this art judging by the strength she displayed. As soon as she formed the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal, she was shrouded with the power of the demonic crow, and looked extremely powerful, unlike her girly beauty!

“You must be relying on something, for you managed to capture Tian Mo and Ji Xiang Concubine, and with that thing you are relying on, you must be able to withstand my attacks. You must show me a certain level of strength if you want my Asura Saint Clan to support you in killing the Demon Saint!”

Her seal was extremely powerful, and six demonic gods appeared behind her, each circling around the demonic sun. In center of the sun was the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】!

With the unbelievably high level she had achieved, the six demonic gods’ apparitions she created were on the verge of being materialized! With that, they greatly enhanced her strength!

With the two ultimate arts she cultivated, she now possessed horrifyingly strong power!

And the attack she delivered was definitely the strongest attack Zhong Yue had ever encountered within the Inner Core level!

When the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal flew towards Zhong Yue, its horrifying power shook the entire palace!

Hong long——-

Never did Zhong Yue expect that Saint Concubine would be that strong. As a result, there was no time for him to turn around. Thus, he could only swing his hand and had to forcefully receive the blow. As soon as the seal slammed against his hand, he was pushed backwards a few steps before he completely neutralized the impact of the seal.

“You are too weak and you will not be a match for the Demon Saint.” The Saint Concubine shook her head and said disappointingly, “You were already pushed back by me before I could even summon my inner core. From that, it seems like you did not live up to your fame. I have no idea how did you managed to capture Tian Mo and Ji Xiang Concubine, perhaps they have gotten weaker than before?”

Zhong Yue contained his anger and turned back as he said, “How about you receiving one attack from me?”

“You can try,” replied Saint Concubine with no expression on her face.


Suddenly, light wheels appeared from the back of Zhong Yue’s head and he was shrouded in demonic flame as he pushed his palm forward. It was the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal! When Zhong Yue stimulated his power, the aura surrounding the seal turned into blazing flames and in an instant, a blazing blood sun was formed!

A screech sounded and the blood sun turned into a blood crow that greatly resembled the three-legged golden crow! It carried overwhelming heat that started to slowly melt the palace.

Upon seeing this, the face of Saint Concubine changed immediately, she quickly raised her hand, pushed her palm towards Zhong Yue’s palm and brought out her own Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal.


Immense shockwaves were created and a figure could be seen sent flying as it rammed into the flames around the Sun Chariot and crashed directly onto the Sun Chariot like a falling meteor!

“A lady with no brains! How dare you remain so proud and arrogant after you attacked me from behind! The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】however, is indeed very compatible with me.”

Zhong Yue retracted his hand, turned around, and as he was about to leave, Saint Concubine’s voice could be heard. A figure could be seen charging out from the demonic flames around the Sun Chariot.

Her hair and clothes were slightly messed up, and as she charged towards Zhong Yue, she stretched out her four limbs, each forming the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal, Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal, Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seal and Heavenly Demon Fearless Seal!

“You did not use your own art, you used the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】that you just learned from my Asura Saint Clan! Perhaps I am wrong about you. Your true art is not the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】nor the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】! You hid your real art through these two ultimate arts, I am now very curious about the real art of yours!”

This lady’s power was very strong. As she showed her true Asura form, the six demonic gods’ apparitions behind her merged and turned into an altar that started channeling power to the her demonic sun, spiking her power to a level even scarier than previously!

Her strength was furthermore increased as an inner core rose from her body and merged with the demonic sun at the center of the altar!

Zhong Yue’s face changed as he saw this scene, as he hadn’t known that there was another way to use the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】.

No wonder the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】is an ultimate art treasured by all of the eight demonic saint clans, it is indeed very powerful. With just six demonic gods’ apparitions, Saint Concubine’s strength was increased to such a powerful state, what if there were nine demonic gods’ apparitions?

Without any hesitation, Zhong Yue formed nine demonic gods’ apparitions behind him. He had only cultivated the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】for a short period of time, and his nine demonic gods’ apparitions were not fully materialized yet. Even so, with only nine faint demonic gods’ apparitions, he could feel that his strength was increased to the utmost!

However, instead of the Sui Sovereign, he summoned the Great Sun Golden Crow Yuan Shen and the nine demonic gods’ apparitions knelt around the Golden Crow Yuan Shen as they prayed towards it.

Hahaha, to be able to create something like this, the Demon Saint is indeed very amazing!

Zhong Yue was struck with joy and happiness as he felt the power surge within him. As he was still laughing, Saint Concubine rushed into the palace. As she raised her hand with the Heavenly Demon Fearless Seal, the six demonic gods’ apparitions became even more lively.

She raised her other hands with the Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seal, Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal and Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal, and charged towards Zhong Yue crazily.

She then summoned her inner core, unleashed her full strength, and clashed with Zhong Yue fiercely, causing the palace to wobble.

As they fought, the Asura Saint Clan’s disciples observing the carvings of the Sun Chariot around the palace were all startled. They quickly looked towards the palace, and even the old monsters of the Asura Saint Clan were shocked.

“What happened? Why is the Saint Concubine fighting so fiercely?”

“Is she fighting with the muscular young man that boarded the Sun Chariot just now?”

A white haired old man then murmured, “It has been a very long time since Saint Concubine fought without holding back… The young man may be muscular and strong, but with only a short time of cultivating the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, he is definitely no match for her.”

Another ancient man nodded agreement and said, “Saint Concubine once had permission from the headmaster to cultivate in the Sun Chariot for three years, and she even managed to cultivate the six demonic gods’ apparitions. With that, she is destined to ascend to the top of the world as a female demonic god in the future. The young man may be strong, but with only such a short period of time cultivating the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, he might not even be able to understand the uniqueness of the art, so how is he going to be able to best Saint Concubine? However, this young man is a very talented genius, so we must ensure his safety.”


At the same time, outside of the mountain, Tu Jiang was rushing towards the scene with sweat all over his head.

This is bad, this is bad… I accidentally exposed Mister Mo Luo’s desire to sleep with Saint Concubine when I was drunk and caused Saint Concubine to look for trouble with him. Be it Mister Mo Luo or Saint Concubine that wins the fight, I will be in deep water from now on… As expected, they have already started fighting!

He rushed to the palace quickly, only to find the palace being shaken tremendously by the battle. The Asura Saint Clan’s palace was forged using materials filled with all sorts of totem carvings and with them, the palace was incredibly solid and strong to an extent much greater than soul weapons. However, this battle was so intense that cracks had appeared all over the palace, just like that!

Meanwhile, many Asura Saint Clan’s disciples were standing around the palace and as they watched, one of them laughed and said, “The brat is not going to walk away without some punishment after he provoked our Saint Concubine… Elder Tu Jiang, what good timing, there’s this brat in there that pissed Saint Concubine off and he is now being beaten up by her! Just look at how badly the palace is shaking, he must be on the verge of dying!”

Another Asura Saint Clan woman laughed and said, “Our Saint Concubine has a very good temper all the time, I wonder what that man did do to anger her so greatly.”

Elder Tu Jiang’s face turned pale and he murmured, “He did not say anything else except that he wanted to sleep with her… Oh no!”

The palace suddenly exploded, and a figure could be seen flying out from the debris, crashing through a few walls and slamming heavily into another palace before everything turned calm.

Then, Zhong Yue walked out from the palace where the figure was sent flying away, clenching his fists. Behind him, the palace toppled and the debris flew everywhere.

“Elder Tu Jiang, half a month has passed and according to our promise, I will leave the Sun Chariot now,” stated Zhong Yue as he looked at Elder Tu Jiang.

Elder Tu Jiang was in extreme shock looked at the position where the figure crashed into and murmured, “She….”

“I’m not dead yet!”

Over where the person had crashed, the debris burst open and Saint Concubine could be seen flying into the air with her clothes and hair all messed up, bruises everywhere, and shouting angrily, “You have yet to show me your true power! Fight me again!”

Upon seeing this, there was an uproar among everyone gathered around the palace.

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