Rise of Humanity

Chapter 332

Chapter 332 - Low-Profile Demon

I’ve never met Sha Qishan before and even when I was in Eastern Sea, I was using Long Yue’s identity; so why is he looking for me?

Zhong Yue was puzzled. Tian Mo Concubine then took out another portrait as she said, “Other than you, there is also the monster race Long Yue. The two of you are everywhere side by side in the city.”

She blinked her beautiful eyes and said with deep meaning, “Sha Qishan wouldn’t do things without any solid reasons, placing the two of you together reminds me of a rumor.”

Zhong Yue took over the two arts and looked at them carefully, his expression was unchanged as he asked with a smile, “What rumor?”

“Just a little rumor spreading in the monster land.” Tian Mo Concubine stared closely at him, her eyes not blinking for even a split second, watching the changes on his face as she said, “There is a rumor in the East Barren that suggests Long Yue and Zhong Yue are the same person. Long Yue, Zhong Yue, they are both the Zhong Shan Clan member! Some evidence includes the same skills and techniques they used, such as… the Golden Crow wings, the Yin Yang Qi; and someone said that the Zhong Shan Clan member was seen carrying Long Yue’s Fang Blade.”

Zhong Yue’s expression remained placid as he shook his head and refuted, “What’s there to be surprise about for two men to cultivate the similar techniques? As for the rumor of me carrying Long Yue’s Fang Blade, that is just pure nonsense, as my soul weapon is completely different from Long Yue’s. He is the strongest and most talented young cultivator of the East Barren monster race, many placed us on the same level and compared us together. If there is a chance, I’d very much like to duel with him and see which of us is stronger.”

Tian Mo Fei couldn’t see through his expression and tell his true thoughts, she smiled and said, “This rumor is quite a popular one in the East Barren and many experts believe it. If you and Long Yue are really the same person, then this will be very interesting!”

The demon lady was excited, “Zhong Yue and Long Yue, both of you are young experts whose prowess exceed the limits of your cultivation levels, and you have different fortes. If you are the same person, the world will be in shock!”

Zhong Yue and Long Yue both had awe-inspiring achievements, they were both said to be the strongest and at the limit of the Qi Practitioners for their cultivation levels. The two of them were the pillars of the young generation of the Great Wilderness and East Barren, ones that their peers looked up to!

For the past few months, Zhong Yue had entered the Godlike Board, which made his reputation higher than Long Yue’s; but in terms of prowess, the two had never met before, and no one could be sure if Zhong Yue could actually defeat Long Yue!

But if they were the same person, then the world would shake apart!

Zhong Yue felt troubled, there were too many clues he had left behind in the early days: the Golden Crow wings, the Yin Yang Qi, and the Fang Blade were all hints he had left behind during his early days where he was still inexperienced and naive. However, only a handful knew of these flaws, and additionally Gu Hongzi had helped him in wiping away these traces. One would have to spent months investigating and get through Swords Gate in order to know these details.

Investigating more deeply into Swords Gate was impossible; thus, the chance of him exposing his identity was nearly zero.

And yet, such a rumor was spreading like a disease, something must have went wrong.

Not many people know about this, only Junior Martial Sister Qiu, Elder Shui, Gu Hongzi, Jun Sixie and Feng Wuji. All of them except Feng Wuji are part of Swords Gate and they surely wouldn’t say anything, while Feng Wuji is in the West Barren as the Xiao Mang high priest, he can’t possibly run to the East Barren … Wait! If it’s Feng Wuji … then it is most probable he still has a monster incarnation in East Barren! Would this incarnation of his be the one spreading the rumor?

Zhong Yue mulled that over to himself. If that’s the case, then it will be really knotty….

Feng Wuji knew too much; he had snatched the lotus saint herb away from Feng Wuji’s incarnation of Elder Pu, and Feng Wuji must think that he had the Saint Spirit. Feng Wuji would surely strike at him, even kill him!

Before, Feng Wuji was nonchalant about him, as he was only a minor figure. But when Elder Pu was exposed by Zhong Yue, Feng Wuji took a huge blow. His decades of plans were taken to the ground in a trice. For that, Feng Wuji would have taken Zhong Yue as his biggest enemy, and started his plotting to take down Zhong Yue!

Being on the target list of such an intelligent man was definitely not a fun thing.

It was a relatively small issue that the rumors were spreading, compared to the suspicions of Shi Buyi toward Long Yue’s identity!

If the magnates of the monster race and Shi Buyi had realized Long Yue and Zhong Yue were the same person, he would definitely die a horrible death!

But how did the rumor reachto the oversea demon race?

He was puzzled, How did the oversea demon land receive word faster than the Great Wilderness? Sha Qishan listed both Zhong Yue and Long Yue in his wanted list, clearly he knows that we are the same person; is Feng Wuji also in the demon land? What an expert of the Feng Clan, the whole three generations of the Feng Clan are really incredible! There is no doubt, Feng Wuji must have someone in the demon land, but is it Xiao Mang experts, or did he have another demon incarnation?

Seems like I will have to conduct the duel between the two Yue’s as soon as possible.

Zhong Yue nodded to himself. Feng Wuji knew of my secret, but he wouldn’t know that I’ve cultivated my Long Yue incarnation. Only the duel of the two Yue’s will eradicate all of the suspicions the world has about the rumor! Hmph, this duel between Zhong Yue and Long Yue will be interesting enough, perhaps earth-shaking news to the world?

For now, his Long Yue incarnation was in Gu Xia City, the wounded Gu Hongzi had hid himself somewhere in the world and the whole of Gu Xia City was in a state of disorder and chaos due to their missing city lord. As of now, the strongest existence in the city was Long Yue, and he had to stay behind to reorder and reorganize the monster factions in Gu Xia City.


Long Yue was sitting in the palace of the lord’s manor while Gu Hongzi’s subordinates were sitting below him. Suddenly, Long Yue thought of something, and summoned a monster Qi Practitioner. He wrote a letter and ordered, “Send it to Swords Gate and pass it to the Zhong Shan Clan member Zhong Yue, this is an invitation to a duel against me! Half a year later, I will await his arrival in the Fiery Capital of South Barren! If, of course, he is daring enough to take up my challenge!”

The Gu Xia City Qi Practitioners were shocked, the monster Qi Practitioner he summoned meticulously kept the letter and rushed toward the Great Wilderness immediately.

Long Yue laughed and said, “Brothers, spread the word, the world shall know of this duel and they will cheer for me!”

The Qi Practitioners quickly stood up and bowed, they said, “Mister Long is the greatest and strongest hero, the Zhong Shan Clan member will never be of your match!”

Long Yue laughed out loud, he swung the Fang Blade and pointing it toward the sky, he said, “When he kneels before me and my blade is placed on his head, I dare the world to mention the Twin Yue’s again!”


Weeks passed, and the letter arrived at Swords Gate; Zhong Yue was not in and Jun Sixie received the letter in his place. She was shocked when she saw the challenge letter ,and quickly summoned Shui Zian over. The two looked carefully at the letter and were both bewildered.

“This little kid of the Zhong Shan Clan, what is he trying to do? Is he too bored or whatever? Trying to have some fun challenging himself to a duel?”

Shui Zian mumbled puzzlingly, “Is this some sort of tactic to erase the rumor spreading in the monster race? I’ve heard of a rumor lately, quite a popular one in the East Barren, it suggests that Zhong Yue and Long Yue are the same person. Could it be that he has also heard of it and is trying to drag out half a year’s time just to ease the rumor?”

Jun Sixie furrowed her brows and said, “But that’s not going to help much, what will he do when half a year’s time has passed?”

The two exchanged looks and saw the same question in their eyes.

Shui Zian said worryingly, “This brat is now in the monster race Gu Xia City, what should we do now? Should we reply to the letter and accept the challenge, or wait for him to come back?”

Jun Sixie mulled things over and grit her teeth. She said, “Reply to the letter, Zhong Yue of the Zhong Shan Clan will accept the duel. Half a year from now, Long Yue and Zhong Yue will duel in South Barren Fiery Capital!”


The duel Long Yue proposed in order to prove the rumor wrong and that Zhong Yue had accepted the proposed duel spread across the East Barren. The giants of the monster race were all shocked and surprised.

The new high priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race, Feng Wuji, also received the news. He was shocked, and a few moments later, he said with a laugh, “Interesting…”

Not long later, Ao Fenglou of the dragon race also received the news, a weird expression climbed onto his face as he mumbled, “You are challenging yourself to a duel…”

On the other side of the Eastern Sea, the land of demons, Tian Mo Concubine was walking alongside h a brawny man, searching for Yanluo Mo’s whereabouts. The man was heavily built, strong and muscular with a thick beard, his tower-like body was surrounded with demonic Qi and when looked at from far, his appearance alone could shudder the hearts of the weak ...this was no doubt Zhong Yue’s new appearance.

Sha Qishan was posting his wanted portraits everywhere, with a high enough price that even the Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners would hunt for him. Hence, Zhong Yue could only change his image into another man.

Thankfully he had cultivated his Immortal Body to a certain stage, and changing his appearances from the inner bones to the outer hairs wasn’t a big deal.

I’m now in the demon land, I know nothing about this place and it’s best I remain a low-profile demon,Zhong Yue thought to himself.

“The Demon Saint has fully devoured Yanluo Mo’s soul and possessed his body. There is no news of him anywhere now, he must be hiding in closed door training and he won’t come out until he has full control over Yanluo Mo’s body.”

Tian Mo Concubine and Zhong Yue was traveling in the boat, she smiled and continued speaking, “That is the Fiend Capital, there are many knowledgeable people there and the saint clans’ informants are everywhere, we can probably find news about Demon Saint. Demon Saint is a very selfish man, he can’t stand people staring at his women and would take their eyes out if they did; speak even a word to his women, and he would remove their tongues. These days, you and I have traveled together like a couple. I don’t believe he can withstand this!”

The boat flew into the Fiend Capital. Tian Mo Concubine swung her sleeves and stashed it away. The two of them stood in mid-air and Zhong Yue laughed out loud, he reached his hand and held onto Tian Mo Concubine’s slim waist, his deep voice covered the whole city as he said, “I’m Mister Mo Luo and I’ve snatched over Demon Saint’s Tian Mo Concubine, I wonder if Demon Saint likes to have his woman in other men’s hands? Demon Saint, where are you?! Get your ass over here!”

Tian Mo Concubine’s beautiful countenance blushed, and she put her head on his chest; Zhong Yue stepped on the demonic clouds and strode into the Fiend Capital. These few days, they did the same to every city they had visited, as they were trying to lure Demon Saint out from his hiding.

Suddenly, a voice smirking frigidly could be heard, “Shameless adulterous couple…”

Zhong Yue looked over and saw a crowd of demon ladies walking toward them. They were beautifully dressed and the voice came from one of them, the most coquettish among all of them. She was incredibly beautiful, dressed in an exquisitely sewn blouse, and held a marvelous air, only a fine line less than Tian Mo Concubine.

Tian Mo Concubine’s eyes brightened up, she whispered softly, “She is another imperial concubine of Demon Saint, Ji Xiang Concubine of the Ji Xiang Saint Clan. The others are the court ladies. If the Ji Xiang Concubine appeared, then it means that Demon Saint knows about us already.”

Zhong Yue was puzzled, he asked, “Other than you, there are still other imperial concubines?”

“After Demon Saint plotted his revival, the eight saint clans each selected an imperial concubine. And in addition to the eight imperial concubines, there is also a demon empress, who has a higher status and is also stronger than me, while the numbers of court ladies selected are countless.”

Zhong Yue was very envious of this, he suddenly laughed and said, “Ji Xiang Concubine, quickly tell your Demon Saint to come out. Tell him, Mister Mo Luo has coupled with his Tian Mo Concubine. If he is daring enough, tell him to come out and fight me!”

Tian Mo Concubine was furious and embarrassed at the same time, she furtively placed her fingers on the soft meat of his waist and pinched it heavily.

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