Rise of Humanity

Chapter 331

Chapter 331 - Celestial Demon Tai Chi

This is really the most unique cultivation technique of all, who knew cultivation could still be done like this!

Zhong Yue could tell that his cultivation speed was nine times faster as soon as these nine demon seeds were planted. At the same time, the nine demon gods were also growing at great speed, painting his psyche ocean with the dark and demonic elements.

The nine demon gods were cultivating on their own while the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen was refining them, making his cultivation grow at an incredible rate.

Tian Mo Concubine was still in awe of Zhong Yue’s ability to cultivate the demon techniques, but little did she know that Zhong Yue had supplanted the Saint Demon Sovereign with the Sui Sovereign. That was the sole reason Zhong Yue could have cultivated it.

However, the consequences she said about humans cultivating demon techniques were starting to show.

The demonic Qi cultivated by Zhong Yue was now eroding his own cultivation base. Ater all, it was hard to retain the best of both sides; his own cultivation base was cultivated from the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】, the most authentic cultivation technique of the Fuxi Celestial Race, while the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】was the authentic demon cultivation technique; these two races were long-standing rivals and their cultivation techniques were in opposition and now clashing with one another.

The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】was no match for the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】, but as Zhong Yue had infused the Sui Sovereign into it, the【Heavenly saint Godly Radiating Art】was now strong enough to compete.

The demonic Qi was immensely erosive and was now eating away his initial cultivation base.

Although he could still suppress the demonic Qi for now with the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen, the demonic Qi would still be one of his biggest threats in the future. Whether it was a cultivation technique of the celestials or demons, having one overtaking the other would still be a huge threat to him. The lightest consequence he would have to face would still be the total loss of his cultivation base!

Furthermore, as his cultivation base increased, the threat would grow bigger. Zhong Yue estimated that at his current rate, his cultivation base would soon be crushed into nothingness by the two opposing cultivation techniques.

His mortal body would be crushed, his soul, spirit and Yuan Shen would be ablated, and nothing would be left behind!

Tian Mo Concubine is right, it is truly dangerous for the humans to cultivate the demon cultivation techniques! The just and the evil would not stand on the same ground, just like how the celestials and demons will never be brothers-in-arms. It is close to impossible for one to coalesce the good of both sides!

Zhong Yue furrowed his brow, he asked, “Xin Huo, are there any inheritors who cultivated both at the same time?”

Xin Huo mulled over his words and said, “Yes, but he died, and I moved on to search for the next inheritor. It's hard to cultivate both at the same time, none have succeeded that I know of.”

Zhong Yue then said angrily, “Then why didn’t you stop me from cultivating the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】?”

“You didn’t ask…” Xin Huo answered. “I thought you knew what you were doing….”

“Xin Huo … Somehow, I just feel like your inheritors are more prone to death with you teaching them like this…” Zhong Yue calmed himself down and continued, “That inheritor of yours that cultivated both, how did he do it? How exactly did he smooth out the conflicts between the celestial and demon cultivation techniques and why did he fail? I may need to use him as an example, a reference.”

Xin Huo also exerted himself and answered, “He cultivated the two by having one body, two sides, and also the Pure Yang Pure Yin Qi. The Pure Yin Qi resembles the demon and the Pure Yang Qi resembles the celestial; the front of his body as the celestial and the back of his body was the demon.”

A holograph was projected out from his eyes, and Zhong Yue’s Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen looked over; it was a Fuxi Celestial, huge and grand, as he stood in the space there were planets orbiting around him.

This Fuxi Celestial had two faces, with the second being on his back. The front face was saintly and the back face was dreadful, one Yang and one Yin, his body was split into two sides at the middle, one lively like the spring and the other dreary like the winter.

He had four arms extending out, each had a planet hovering above its palm, and there seemed like there were living beings on the planets.

It was truly a marvelous scene, and it greatly shocked Zhong Yue.

Such a celestial, playing with the planets in his hands like toys, he must be a giant cultivator among the gods!

One could easily tell that he only died because he had cultivated to an incredibly high level and he could no longer suppress the demon and celestial cultivation base from clashing in his body!

“One body, two sides, one side the Yang for celestial and the other Yin for the demon, this is indeed a nearly perfect way to have both celestial and demon cultivation base together at the same time. But how did he die?” Zhong Yue asked.

The holograph changed, showing the war of the gods, a blood-curdling battlefield that shook Zhong Yue’s soul. This was a war between the celestials and demons, that celestial-demon cultivated Fuxi Celestial stood in the center and fought like the god of war himself, cultivating both celestial and demon techniques at the same time allowed him to be like an invincible warrior in the battles!

But it didn’t last long. An ancient zither emerged in the endless space and played on its own; demonic music echoed across the battlefield, and that ancient zither circumnavigated that Fuxi Celestial, disrupting the balance of the celestial and demon in his body. His demon cultivation base erupted, causing the two cultivation bases to clash in his body.

After which, it went as expected, the Fuxi Celestial’s body was crushed and his Yuan Shen was ablated; he died without leaving a single trace behind!

“As expected!” Zhong Yue inhaled a deep breath of air and his face turned solemn, that was the exactly what he had foreseen for his death if he cultivated the demon and celestial cultivation techniques at the same time!

This Yin Yang Qi and one body, two faces was proven to be inefficient by his own death, it is too unstable and although it is strong, the balance can be easily disrupted.

Zhong Yue thought in his heart, This will definitely not work, but are there any other ways to do it? Wait….

His eyes brightened up and mulled, Yin Yang, Yin Yang, he used the Yin Yang Qi to separate the celestial and demon apart with the Yin as the demonic Qi and the Yang as the celestial Qi. Which … doesn’t it correlate with the【Tai Hao Fuxi Tai Chi Art】?

His heart skipped a beat, the【Tai Hao Fuxi Tai Chi Art】takes the Fuxi’s body as the line in the middle of the Tai Chi Art, the sun as Yang and moon as Yin while both the Yang sun and Yin moon revolved around the body.

Zhong Yue had amended the【Tai Hao Fuxi Tai Chi Art】with the middle of his face as the middle that separates the Yin and Yang, while the left eye as Yang and the right eye as Yin, forming the sun-moon Tai Chi system on his face.

He didn’t have the chance to cultivate the authentic【Tai Hao Fuxi Tai Chi Art】as he had yet to achieve the Fuxi True Form; but once he have achieved the Fuxi True Form, he could then cultivate both the celestial and demon techniques with the middle of his body as the divider, the left body as the celestial and the right as the demon!

If the Celestial Demon Tai Chi was complete, the Fuxi True Form would be the link that mixed the two sides perfectly as one!

This way, it will be better than that inheritor; after all, he didn’t mix them perfectly together and eventually, the balance was disrupted by his enemy and led to his death. While this Celestial Demon Tai Chi of mine can mix the both the celestial and demon sides perfectly together in a flawless balance, they will be able to strengthen one another and work together as one.

However, this was just an ideal concept he had in mind, he was still uncertain if it was achievable; whether he could cultivate the Celestial Demon Tai Chi, or if he could mix the two sides in a perfect balance.

Plus, he still hadn’t achieved the Fuxi True Form, so he couldn’t make his body as that dragon carving that acted as the separation line of the Tai Chi; he couldn’t test out anything yet.

“We have arrived, welcome to the Eighth Barren!”

Tian Mo Concubine’s voice suddenly rushed into his ears. He stood up and walked to the prow of the boat, standing side by side with her as they both looked forwards. A long, endless coastline appeared in their sight, while behind the coastline was a thousand mile-long mountain ridge, stopping the waves of the sea.

Their boat flew across the mountain ridge, finding a desert behind it. Tornadoes ravaged the land and blew the yellow sands up into the sky, looking like yellow dragons from afar. The sands were blown high into the sky and clashed with one another, creating sparks of lightnings in the tornados.

In the middle of the sandstorms, Zhong Yue could see volcanoes belching out black smoke like some huge chimneys, and some were even erupting.

Gales swept across the desert’s surface, unveiling the broken bones of huge creatures beneath the sands, and the remains of unknown beings.

He could also vaguely see the demonic Qi looming in the sands like snakes.

Further away, there was a huge city built of bones, lustrous white as the scorching sunlight shone down up on it, really eye-catching in this dreary environment.

The particular city of bones was exactly where the boat was heading. Along the way, Zhong Yue had a clear look of the demon land. He would frequently hear sounds of camels; it would be the demon boys and girls riding on the three-headed camels as they played around in the desert.

Then there was the desert boats that sailed the ocean of sands, lifted by the sands and moving at a great speed. There were also the demon creatures that flew in the sky; some had a few pairs of insect wings, while others grew fleshy wings like bats, and there were even some beautiful flying chariots.

“This city is known as Desolation City. It is one of the biggest cities nearby, built by the demon race to stop the dragons from coming onto the land,” Tian Mo Concubine introduced the city to Zhong Yue.

They were getting closer to Desolation City, and Tian Mo Concubine placed her hand on the prow of the boat. Zhong Yue gazed ahead, and found the city wall’s four watchtowers were actually made from the skulls of huge creatures, most probably the demon gods’ skulls. On the city wall, there was still flesh and meat squirming in between the bones; it felt like as if the whole city was alive!

This is so weird and scary.

Zhong Yue shook his head, the boat alighted, and the two entered the city. Tian Mo Concubine were gathering intelligence regarding the whereabouts of the Demon Saint, while Zhong Yue was looking at the culture of the demons. He saw many demon Qi Practitioners, some were beautiful like goddesses and some were so incredibly ugly that they nearly defined ugly itself.

The most bizarre of all was the Tian Myriad Demon Race, the origin race of Tian Myriad Mother. They had eight different heads, eight legs, a spider’s body, a scorpion’s tail and a mantis’ arms.

What is this demon race, why do they have so many different appearances? The Raksha Demon Race is the closest in appearance to humans, but their men are too ugly and the women overly pretty.

Tian Mo Concubine was exactly a female Raksha, a beauty of the beauties in the Raksha Demon Race. Their men were incredibly ugly, having countless bulging blotches on their bodies and faces.

“Desolation City today seems more lively than before.” Tian Mo Concubine covered her face with a white scarf as she looked around and whispered softly, “The Qi Practitioners are greater in numbers and there are more guards on station. I will go and find out what is going on.”

Moments later, the demon lady came back, her face bearing a weird expression. She said, “The Sea King Sha Qishan was here, and also the four dragon magnates hunting for him. These five magnates have just left. Sha Qishan’s prowess has gotten stronger and the dragon race magnates have divine weapons; the Desolation City Lord is no match for them and could only station more guards and soldiers. Do you know Sha Qishan?”

“Sea King Sha Qishan?” Zhong Yue shook his head. He knew that Sha Qishan was the king of the sea race, fraternized with the Kun Peng Race, and had betrayed the dragon race, but he had never seen the magnate before.

“Then why is he looking for you?”

Tian Mo Concubine took out a portrait art, and the figure was exactly Zhong Yue’s image! She said curiously, “Your pictures are all over the city.”

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