Rise of Humanity

Chapter 329

Chapter 329 - Murdering Her Own Husband

"What does this demon lady want from me?"

Zhong Yue locked his brows, and he thought of the deal he made with Tian Mo Concubine, It's only half a year's time now, is she trying to kill her husband already?

Of course, the husband he was referring to was definitely not himself, but the Demon Saint, Tian Mo Concubine's yet-to-reincarnated husband.

Demon Saint was an incredible demon god in the ancient times, he was definitely way stronger than Tian Myriad Mother, or otherwise, he wouldn't have been given the such a domineering appellation of ‘saint.' Those who could hold such a title were usually the ancient ancestor gods.

His influence in the demon race was incredibly high as well, else, the demons wouldn't even deign to go through the trouble of selecting concubines for him, let alone gifting him a lady like the Tian Mo Concubine.

It would be incredibly hard to kill him, and Zhong Yue was only forced to make this deal so that he could escape from almost certain death. He only intended to make good on his promise once he ascended to the level of a god, or at the least, a magnate cultivator. But who knew Tian Mo Concubine would search for him so quickly!

Can it be that she thinks I'm strong enough to kill the Demon Saint?

Zhong Yue shook his head, Tian Mo Concubine's thinking was too naive, but even so, this was an invitation he couldn't afford to miss or otherwise, Tian Mo Concubine would think that he was breaking his word. The next time they would meet, she would bring Demon Saint along to kill him.

Zhong Yue walked out from the Seal Suppression Hall, and he flew into the sky. The Golden Crow wings flapped gracefully, leaving behind beautiful flaming contrails as he flitted across the air toward the Tian Ya Ridge.

He was flying at a steady pace, but his speed was still incredibly fast. Ever since condensing an inner core, his speed had heightened a level, and even his usual flying speed was nearly as fast as the speed of sound. His endurance almost received a boost as he wouldn't feel tired despite traveling for a long time.

Tian Ya Ridge was located at the far east of Great Wilderness, close to the border and his current speed. It would still take a day and night of flying for him to reach it.

This rendezvous location was carefully chosen by Tian Mo Concubine as she was afraid that Swords Gate Four Ken Beast would notice her. After all, she was a demon; rashly entering the Great Wilderness would only get herself surrounded by human Qi Practitioners.

The next day, after traveling for a whole day and night, Tian Ya Ridge had finally come into his view. Zhong Yue reduced his speed and took the time to take in the scenery before him. The sun had risen, and beneath him, an ocean of white clouds floated in the sky. Amidst the clouds that were shone upon by the golden sunlight, was the tip of a mountain protruding out – it was oddly eye-catching.

It was the Tian Ya Ridge, one of the most magnificent places in the Great Wilderness; but the Great Wilderness's topography was like a basin, even though it made the Great Wilderness easier to defend, it also made it harder to exit. Plus, that the human race was still weak, they couldn't afford to leave any Qi Practitioners stationed here to stand guard.

Zhong Yue kept the Golden Crow wings and began to walk on foot. He stepped on the clouds and strolled toward the mountain like an immortal.

Step by step, the Tian Ya Ridge grew larger in his sights as he continued to approach it, and all of a sudden, a pillar of black smoke pierced into the sky. Demonic Qi suffused the air, and the pillar of black smoke rushed over like a dark black demonic dragon. Its mouth opened wide and gnawed over at Zhong Yue!


The demonic dragon ran into an invisible wall, and the wall then pushed it back and bashed it like a biscuit. Its body was pushed back, and in just the blink of an eye, the miles long demonic dragon dispersed into black smoke. And all Zhong Yue did was lift up and flick a finger.

The dispersed demonic Qi then formed into the shape of a fingertip as Zhong Yue's strike continued down the path where the demonic dragon came from and thrust back to the Tian Ya Ridge.

At this rate, whoever it was standing on the Tian Ya Ridge, he would surely be destroyed by Zhong Yue's strike!

It was at this moment that an inner core appeared on the Tian Ya Ridge. The demonic Qi that was Zhong Yue struck back couldn't inflict any damage at all as it was sucked away by that inner core.

That inner core was a bizarre and dazzling red. It glared in rays with the image of a heavenly demon girl dancing in the inner core.

The inner core then fell down into the mouth of a saintly-looking icy young lady. Her little cherry mouth reached for the inner core and gulped it away.

"Senior Martial Brother Zhong, you're now able to unleash a skill with just a flick of a finger. I admit that your strength has been growing at an absurd rate."

Behind Tian Mo Concubine were five light wheels revolving around her as if they were a part of her blouse. Her smile was like the blooming spring; immediately, flowers were blooming out of thin air in the clouds, and her cold and saintly aura was supplanted by a loving and affectionate young girl's.

She greeted him from far and invited him over, "I thought that after breaking through to the level of Inner Core, I could've displayed my superiority in strength to senior martial brother, but who knew you are still stronger."

“【Yu Lan Aroma True Scripture】?”

Zhong Yue looked curiously at the flowers blooming in the sky, and the fragrance of the flowers rushed into his nose. The flowery cloud ocean was definitely a picturesque scene.

He then walked toward the Tian Ya Ridge, but as the flowers flowed beneath his feet, Zhong Yue found himself being at the same distance to the Tian Ya Ridge.

He looked at the flowers carefully, the flower petals were looking like fingers, whenever he took a step, the flower petals would quiver as if trying to grab him.

These flower petals weren't the beautiful ones that could be found outside. They were in fact, the spiteful souls of the innocent. Their faces were contorted in pain and anger, and they were reaching their hands out to grab him.

Suddenly, the cloud ocean looked like a huge flower pot with him in the middle!

“Tian Mo Concubine, you are being naughty again.”

Zhong Yue laughed, his laughter sounded like the sound of drums, and all of the flowers were shredded into pieces. The whole cloud ocean crumbled and rained to the ground.

He took a step and reached to the Tian Ya Ridge to stand face to face with Tian Mo Concubine. He was so close that their nose tips nearly touched together.

Tian Mo Concubine was shocked, she quickly moved back while her face blushed red.

Zhong Yue said leisurely, "My dear lover, you were just killed by me in the Lesser Void World, did you not learn your lesson yet? What makes you think you can beat me? The inner core?"

Tian Mo Concubine rolled her eyes at him, and she acted like a little girl in front of Zhong Yue and said in a sweet voice, "If you kill my husband for me, what's stopping me from being your lover? Master Zhong, you are a true man, far better than my ghostly husband!"

Zhong Yue was between laughter and tears. He was just flirting with her to creep her out, but who knew that this demon lady was more even shameless in her words than he was.

However, Zhong Yue didn't trust a word she said about her becoming his lover after he killed Demon Saint. After all, if this demon lady could orchestrate her husband's assassination, she would undoubtedly hatch another plan to kill him also.

She was sly and cunning, she would prefer being killed by Zhong Yue in the Lesser Void World than reveal her true prowess to the world. This alone was enough to tell how wildly ambitious she was.

Tian Mo Concubine was just like a little mare that was unwilling to be restrained,. She was hard to tame, and one would have to be cautious of falling to their deaths if they decided to interact with her.

Zhong Yue said smilingly, "Dear lover, you are being too anxious and nervous, how can I possibly kill Demon Saint as I am now? He is the ancestor of the demon race, and even if he is dead, his spirit is not something I can handle as of now. I suggest you have patience and wait a few more years. I will not renege on my promise to you, but what you want can only be done once I become a god!"

Tian Mo Concubine sighed, and she said unhappily, "Lover, some bad news had just reached me a few days ago. That dead husband of mine has already come back to life…."


Zhong Yue was shocked, the Demon Saint has resurrected?

"Yes, he has reincarnated back to this world. There is a talented young man in the demon race, Yanluo Mo, he is no weaker than you, and this young man was possessed by him."

Tian Mo Concubine sighed, "I initially thought that his reincarnation will only take place after a few more years. Even the other prominent cultivators of the demon race thought so too. But who knew … he is more sly and cunning, no one foresaw that he would possess Yanluo Mo with no consideration for the possible danger. But he succeeded, and nothing can be done to change it now. There are a lot of giant demon cultivators that didn't want his revival and were prepared to destroy his plan, but he is clearly many steps ahead of all of us. Hence, I can only turn to you now. After all, if he knew of the affair between you and me, he will definitely come after you…."

The delicate and charming young lady seemed morose, and she looked at Zhong Yue with a pair of teary eyes, as if she were a young lady that was worrying over her lover's safety.

Zhong Yue ignored it and said while shaking his head, "Since the Demon Saint has been revived now, this is more of a reason not to kill him now. Let's wait for a few more years when I'm strong enough to kill him…."

"No, we can't wait! If he weren't revived, we can't kill him, after all, the demons are worshipping him, allowing him to return to his previous peak form. But now that he is revived, we now have a chance to kill him once and for all!"

Tian Mo Concubine turned severe, and she said decisively, "He has possessed Yanluo Mo. But that also means he is limited to Yanluo Mo's cultivation. This is our golden opportunity to kill him!"

Zhong Yue shook his and was remained firm in his stance, "Even if he is revived, the demons are still worshipping him, it is too hard to kill him."

“You can do it, can’t you?”

Tian Mo Concubine chuckled and said, "After all, you've killed Tian Myriad Mother, right? Tian Myriad Mother is also a demon god, and if you can kill her, you can kill the Demon Saint!"

Zhong Yue's face changed drastically, "How did you know that I was the one who killed Tian Myriad Mother?"

"Word spread out by Feng Wuji. It has already spread to all of the demon race. Of course, I would know about it."

Tian Mo Concubine's voice turned soft and tender, and she clung onto Zhong Yue and whispered seductively into his ear, "As long as you kill him, I will be yours to claim. Do you know why even the godly emperors favored the demon ladies so much? Because even the godly emperors know that we of the demon race have the best girls and that we are the best in bed…."

Zhong Yue remained apathetic to her words, and he suddenly smiled, "I need to know Demon Saint's cultivation technique and also Yanluo Mo's."

Tian Mo Concubine frowned, and she answered, "I don't know about Yanluo Mo's, but I know some of Demon Saint's. His cultivation technique included almost everything; the whole of the demon race is divided into eight parts. Each is led by one saint clan, and each saint clan has one demonic cultivation technique. All these eight demonic cultivation techniques were extracted from Demon Saint's cultivation technique, but even so, every single one of them is more than enough to cultivate to the level of a demon god! I don't know much about his demonic cultivation technique, and even if I did tell you anything about it, you being a human means you wouldn't be able to cultivate it anyway."

Zhong Yue said smilingly, "Whether I can cultivate it or not is not my concern. What I ask of you is just his cultivation technique."

Tian Mo Concubine winked her eyes at him, and she said word by word, "If I tell you, you will kill him for me?"

Zhong Yue nodded.

Tian Mo Concubine's beautiful countenance instantly changed. She suddenly clenched her teeth and said, "Alright, let's do it then! We will head to the Eight Barrens now, and I will impart all of what I know of the Demon Saint's cultivation technique to you along the way!"

"Eight Barrens?" Zhong Yue asked curiously.

Tian Mo Concubine explained, "We of the oversea demon race have eight saint clans, and the place we stay is the Eight Barrens, with one saint clan residing in one barren. Demon Saint's cultivation technique is called the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, each saint clan possesses one part of it. In the rumors, combining all eight parts from the eight saint clans will allow you to obtain the complete【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, but no one has succeeded in doing this before."

She took out a boat, and the two boarded it. They then set sail for the Eastern Sea.



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