Rise of Humanity

Chapter 325

Chapter 325 - Absorbing The Saint Herb

This young man was Zhong Yue, he had traipsed past two layers of seals and reached to a teleportation formation where he was transported to the Swords Gate secret realm. After that, he deciphered the 64 layers of water curtain seals under Xin Huo guidance before finally reaching the other side of Swords Gate Mountain where he met Jun Sixie and the others.

The ten elders saw that it was him, and they all heaved a breath of relief at the same time. They then released their Sword Qi and kept their soul weapons.

"How did Seal Suppression Hall Master come to be in this secret realm?"

Elder Lei Shan’s voice rumbled like thunder, he asked, “How did you go in and how did you get out?”

Zhong Yue hesitated for a second before he opened up to them, "I entered through the Devil Soul Forbidden Land. I retrieved the bodies of all the previous headmasters as well as Elder Feng's. Then, I walked all the way up to this secret realm and saw the headmaster and elders right here. What are you all doing here?"

The elders blushed in embarrassment and had their mouths became tightly shut. The fact that they were planning to open the secret realm but were stopped before even entering was something they would prefer not to say. This was not to mention explaining their fear and anxiety when they mistook Zhong Yue's silhouette for a godly zombie or even a living god.

Those present were the respected elders of the Elder Council, and the great Headmaster Jun — all of them were fully equipped, and there was even the Great Boundless Divine Sword of Swords Gate with them. And yet, none of them could enter the secret realm, whereas an Atman Body hall master had just taken a tour around it as if it were his home.

It was way too embarrassing to say out loud; hence, they would rather steer away from the issue.

Jun Sixie and Shui Zian exchanged looks and saw the joy and surprise in each other's eyes. From Zhong Yue's words, did he mean that he had entered the Devil Soul Forbidden Land and strolled around it until he met with them?

How was that possible?

Shui Zian then quickly asked, "Is the Devil Soul Forbidden Land safe to walk around in now?"

Zhong Yue shook his head, and he answered, "Not now, but Elder Feng has exterminated the power in it, so the Swords Gate will still be safe for the next five hundred years. But despite the little threat it poses now, it is still not a place you would wish to enter. I'm betting that not even Elder Shui will be able to make it out safely."

Shui Zian's face turned dark and gloomy. His eyes glared ferociously at the hall master while he breathed heavily in anger. As of this moment, he had never had a greater urge to beat this kid up.

What do you mean by Elder Shui not making it out?

This brat entered the Devil Soul Forbidden Land and came out like as if it were nothing. What was he implying by saying that Elder Shui can't do it? Is Elder Shui that weak?

Zhong Yue then said apologetically, "Elder Shui, I'm not really good with words, so I hope that you can forgive me for that. But … it is true that you can't come out once you've entered. Although I can, it's not possible if you follow along … Well, I'm not saying that you are a burden ... no, why are you looking at me like that … No, don't, don't hit me. I'm just being honest and truthful … Old man! Stop! If you don't, then I will fight back … Damn it. I'll take you to the grave with me then!"

Shui Zian had pulled him over and pummeled him into the ground. The two of them rolled on the cold floor and fought like brutes. The elders on the side then quickly stepped in to intervene, but somehow, within the confusion, a few more legs joined in on kicking Zhong Yue. Even the new headmaster made sure to land a few discreet kicks on his butt.

After the two kicks she gave him on the butt, Jun Sixie's face blushed in red. She calmed her thoughts and said, "Alright, alright, stop fooling around already. Seal Suppression Hall Hall Master, how exactly did you get out?"

The crowd dispersed and to leave Zhong Yue in the middle, whose clothes were disheveled after being bullied by the elders.

Zhong Yue tidied his clothes and then said smilingly, "Of course I've just walked out like how you walk out from a door. After all, these 64 seals are nothing compared to the gods' seals of the Devil Soul Forbidden Land. It really isn't that difficult."

The elders nearly spurted out a mouth of blood, and their urge to beat him up that had just been appeased suddenly flared again.

Way too easy? If it were easy, why would they, the elders, and even the headmaster be left twiddling their thumbs in resignation outside of the secret realm barrier?

The words that

came out of this brat sounded like a grating taunt to their ears!

“You all can’t get in?”

Zhong Yue was puzzled, "Well, in that case, I guess I can teach you then. Please don't look at me like that again, am I monster or something? It really irks me…."

The elders and Jun Sixie wee speechless, while Elder Lei Shan quickly asked, "Are there any treasures in the secret realm?"

Zhong Yue nodded, “Yes, two divine weapons revolving around the god’s sitting corpse.”

The elders and Jun Sixie's eyes lit up. Jun Wumei quickly said, "Are there any cultivation methods in it?"

Zhong Yue mulled and answered, "Didn't notice, but this secret realm is very big. I suppose this god would have left behind some sort of cultivation heritage. However, that should only be available after passing through the tests that it left behind."

Just like the heritage of the Monster God Ming King, this Swords Gate secret realm would also have the heritage of the guardian god, one that wasn't any more inferior to that of the Monster God Ming King!

The elders were overjoyed, and Zhong Yue said solemnly, "But we can do this later. For now, we shall bury the ancestors I've brought out from the Devil Soul Forbidden Land."

The others concurred, after all, the headmasters and Elder Feng's funeral were more important. They could always come back to the secret realm after that.

The crowd hiked to the golden summit and summoned all of the disciples to hold the grandest funeral they ever had to bury the headmasters and Elder Feng into the Grand Spirit Palace. This Grand Spirit Palace was forged by Jun Sixie and the Elder Council to enshrine the headmasters and distinguished heroes of humanity.

Previously, the Swords Gate headmasters died in the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, and their corpses were never able to be retrieved. This was why there wasn't the Grand Spirit Palace to enshrine them; but now, with Zhong Yue bringing them back, there was finally a purpose for the Grand Spirit Palace.

After that, Zhong Yue had taught them the ways to break there the 64 layers of seals, and after the elders and Jun Sixie learned it, they immediately went down again to enter the secret realm.

However, these elders and Jun Sixie were more aggressive than Zhong Yue. The eleven experts forged the totem godly pillars with mystic gold and implanted them into the 64 layers of seals, forcibly establishing a stable path that would allow safe passage for the others disciples to travel across freely.

After that, they entered the secret realm and scouted it out thoroughly, marking the areas according to their levels of danger, so that the Swords Gate disciple would be able to avoid specific areas to prevent meaningless deaths. Through the months that the survey lasted, Jun Sixie and the elders had finally finished going around the secret realm, and they kept the two divine weapons away. However, the god's corpse was left untouched so that the disciples could head over and study it.

These events were of utmost importance, but it was no longer something that was related to Zhong Yue.

Nowadays, he was in closed-door training, cultivating and preparing to absorb the saint herb.

Now, I think it’d be a suitable time to absorb the lotus into my psyche ocean?

Xin Huo said that there weren't any resentment and hatred of the dead gods in the lotus and that even if there were, it would only be to a negligible degree. But Zhong Yue still opted for caution over expedience. Hence, he had cultivated these few days to get himself into his peak form, even bringing his cultivation up to the peak of the Atman Body level.

Zhong Yue took out the cage and meticulously removed the totem patterns sealing talisman.

Jun Sixie knew that the lotus was with him, but she didn't ask much, because Zhong Yue had already selflessly handed over the Swords Gate secret realm to them. Even the two divine weapons were left behind for them. Thus, Jun Sixie felt that letting him keep the lotus was the least she could do to repay him.

After the totem pattern sealing talisman was removed, the cage opened and released the lotus on the altar. The cage was a sealing medium, and once the talisman was taken down, the cage opened like a blooming morning glory.

Zhong Yue scrutinized it from top to bottom, and he thought, This Nine-pillared Ao Dragon Cage is an incredible soul weapon, Feng Wuji is really rich! Although the Saint Spirit is fake, if he dared to take these two things to seal the Saint Spirit, then these two must be really strong. They should even be able to compete with gods!

This Nine-pillared Ao Dragon Cage was strong, but that totem pattern sealing talisman was even stronger! It must have been the work of that Xiao Mang ancestor. Its power was definitely earth-shaking!

Feng Wuji's incarnation, Elder Pu, brought two of these totem pattern sealing talismans, using one to open the Swords Gate secret realm, and the other on sealing the Saint Spirit. None of those tasks would have been easy without the support of these talismans!

Zhong Yue then kept the talisman in his Yuan Shen secret realm while thinking, I might be able to use it in the future….

He then reached his hand out to the lotus; it had many roots that coiled together, and it was tens of times bigger than the ordinary flowers. The roots swung in the air as if they were alive.

There wasn't any more jade liquid left in the altar. The jade liquid formed by the spirits of the gods would disperse and expire as time went on. Not long after the Saint Spirit had matured, the jade liquid had dried up, and Zhong Yue could only feel regret for the waste.

Zhong Yue breath in slowly, and he surged his psyche to lift the lotus, bringing it into his psyche ocean.

When the lotus entered his psyche ocean, it suddenly enlarged and grew to hundreds of feet in radius. Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen flew over and sat on the lotus, and with his palms pointing up, he visualized the Sui Sovereign.

Instantly, his Yuan Shen morphed into the form of Sui Sovereign. A moon and a sun appeared in his eyes as he started absorbing the energy in the lotus.


He triggered the energy in the lotus and in an instant, an incredibly pure wave of energy engulfed his Yuan Shen like a tsunami!

Zhong Yue's soul and spirit became filled in a split second, and he quickly calmed his mind and started refining the energy. But his visualization speed was not fast enough….

Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen was quickly inflated to 200 feet tall before it broke through the limit and continued growing in increments of ten feet every second!

His Yuan Shen secret realms were spinning rapidly, expanding at a crazy speed that resulted in their sizes doubling nearly every second!

"Oh … I think this saint herb's efficacy is a little more than what I initially expected…." Xin Huo mumbled to himself while he stared vacantly at it.

Zhong Yue was shocked, and he asked anxiously, "Xin Huo, if the medicinal efficacy is too strong, will there be any problems?"

"Well ... not that I know of…."

A tiny little tail emerged behind the little flame's back, and he scratched his head and answered, "But … if the Yuan Shen grows at a rate that exceeds the limits of its endurance …  then the excess energy will crush you, and your secret realms will also burst like a balloon. Mhmm, I think that's what should happen, do you consider this as a problem?"

Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen quickly stood up from the lotus. The raging Zhong Yue hollered, "What do you think? My secret realms will explode, and my soul will be crushed! What can we do now!?"

Meanwhile, the tsunami-like energy continued to billow through his body, strengthening his Yuan Shen and expanding his secret realms without pause.

Zhong Yue yelled, and he quickly cultivated the【Mystic Duplication Technique】to alleviate the burden on himself. After a period of cultivation, his【Mystic Duplication Technique】was seeing huge improvements; both of the Great Sun Demon Spirit and Star Toad Monster Spirit had grown stronger. However, this technique was indeed hard to cultivate, requiring that he split his concentrations into two to nurture his other two incarnated spirits. This was why his other two incarnated spirits weren't too strong.

As the medicinal efficacy of the saint herb billowed over, the Great Sun Demon Spirit and Star Toad Monster Spirit continued to strengthen.

Zhong Yue could feel them nearly ascending to the next step, the Yuan Shen third form; however, at this rate, even these other two spirits of his would burst due to the overly excessive energy!


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