Rise of Humanity

Chapter 324

Chapter 324 - A God’s Silhouette

Inside of Swords Gate Mountain, there would surely be a hidden second and third dimension. The second dimension sealed the gods' spirits in it, and the third dimension is the altar where the spirits were siphoned to nurture the Saint Spirit.

Of these two dimensions, there should be nothing else left behind, nothing valuable worth plundering.

However, other than these two places, there should be a fourth dimension, and that was the place Zhong Yue was searching for.

The fourth dimension would be the place where the guardian of the tomb resided!

The Black Mountain secret realm was precisely where the East Barren Devil Soul Forbidden Land tomb guardian Monster God Ming King resided in. And if the Black Mountain had one, then the Swords Gate Mountain would also have one!

This Swords Gate secret realm would be tremendously valuable, more than the one in the Black Mountain. After all, the secret realm of the Black Mountain has been plundered by the giant creature, but this one in Swords Gate was left untouched; if he could find it, it would be a great help to Swords Gate.

Elder Pu, the incarnation of Feng Wuji, held the headmaster's jade seal and entered the Swords Gate Mountain. He would have had to tread through this secret realm; however, he was in a hurry, so he didn't have the time to plunder the treasures in it. Thus, Zhong Yue would like to take this chance and find the secret realm.

Xin Huo gazed up, and he said, "Not a big problem, that man has already established the banners into an array formation, a clear pathway that will direct us straight to the altar."

Hearing this, Zhong Yue immediately flew up and under Xin Huo's guidance, he meticulously triggered the totem seals on the top of the internal space. All of a sudden, a bizarre and yet marvelous scene happened, he was slowly dissolving into the mountain rocks and soon, disappeared away in it.

Meanwhile, the whole of Swords Gate stopped quaking, Jun Sixie quickly summoned the ten elders of the Elder Council and said, "There must be an incident that took place inside of the Swords Gate Mountain, this isn't something that can we can ignore. We will run some investigations into this matter. The headmaster's jade seal is now with me, and I invite the elders to follow me into the Swords Gate Mountain. However, I've just been appointed to be the headmaster, so my knowledge of the Swords Gate Mountain's internal structure is not as deep as the elders. I would require some guidance."

The elders nodded and said, "Feng Wuji's incarnation brought the headmaster's jade seal into the underground, he is a man of wild ambition, sly and cunning. He is of utmost danger to our Swords Gate; it is hard to tell whether or not he will leave behind some unwanted gifts underneath of Swords Gate. The earthquake that just happened might as well be his doing. Right now, the jade seal is back in the hands of the headmaster, and it is natural for us to inspect the underground fully!"

Shui Zian was now the grand elder of the Elder Council, he was an old Qi Practitioner of Swords Gate and knew a lot of the Swords Gate secrets; he led the crowd into the golden summit and pleaded the headmaster to cast out her jade seal. As the jade seal shone on the golden summit, the palace slowly moved to the sides from the middle, and a secret path emerged before them that led straight to the inside of the mountain.

"In the internal structure of our Swords Gate Mountain are filled with seals and traps laid down by the first headmaster himself; the first stage is guarded by the Sword Spirit and the first headmaster's godly spirit. The one who enters without the headmaster's jade seal will have to face the wrath of the two spirits. Inside the Swords Gate Mountain, there are many secrets. Not even the first headmaster had fully explored them all." Shui Zian said solemnly to them.

Although Jun Sixie was now the headmaster, this was still the first time she was here. It was an entirely new experience for her. The crowd followed the spiral steps down for tens of miles; along the way, Jun Sixie had disarmed the seals and traps that were laid down by the past headmasters with the headmaster's jade seal. Soon, the view before them grew wider as they continued deeper down the staircase.

All of a sudden, a vast and huge space appeared before them, the internal space of the mountain seemed to have been scooped out, creating nearly seven to eight cubic miles of empty space.

Right in the middle of this space of emptiness was the blade of a massive sword that extended from the top to the bottom. The tip of this enormous sword was pierced through the mountain body down to the underground. None of them knew what was at the bottom of this sword.

That godly sword's godly aura was fully restrained inside of it. Oftentimes, totem patterns would emerge on the glossy sword blade, but they were incredibly abstruse as if they were extracts from the analects of heaven.

This sword was so huge that even they, as experienced Qi Practitioners, were taken aback. Despite them sitting at the height of power in the Swords Gate and having already seen the Great Boundless Divine Sword, they were lost in their marvel of this godly sword in front of them.

"The old headmaster once told me that this internal space was dug out by the first headmaster. When the great headmaster reached this place, his injuries re-erupted, and he felt the end of his life drawing near. Before he left this world, he sealed the sword hilt in the Seal Suppression Hall. If the headmaster heads over to the Seal Suppression Hall, you can see the sword hilt that is incredibly huge."

Shui Zian continued leading them down, and he said, "The first headmaster instructed for this godly sword to be left untouched. But other than this godly sword, there are still tons of secrets left inside the Swords Gate Mountain, such as the three-layer secret realms. Some previous headmasters had tried to dig deeper down, but they were all met with insurmountable obstacles, the outer barrier of a secret realm."

The crowd moved down and after a certain period of time, a huge barrier, which was formed by totem patterns, appeared before Jun Sixie. The thick and heavy totem patterns rippled like a curtain of water inside of the mountain.

"This is it. This secret realm must be left behind by an incredibly powerful god. The totem patterns formed a barrier that blocked our paths into the secret realm."

Shui Zian said, "All the previous headmasters were able to reach this point, but none could enter it. The totem patterns of this secret realm are bizarre. No one could decipher them, and forcibly breaking through the barrier with brute force is nearly impossible. Breaking it from the inside is probably much easier."

Even this was the first time some of the ten elders had seen this secret realm. They looked carefully at it and found the totem patterns flowing inside of the barrier like water one layer after another. Although the figures behind the seal could be faintly discerned, the layers were too numerous that their view was blurred and distorted.

The seal layers appeared to be like an ocean; there were faint images of the godly mountains in the midst of a sea, and majestic palaces with gods sitting atop it.

“Elder Pu, the incarnation of Feng Wuji must have entered the secret realm with the jade seal through this place.”

Jun Sixie said, "The Xiao Mang Celestial Race must have certain ways that allowed him to tread through the totem barrier…."

“Ashes left behind by a burned charm!” Elder Lei Shan spotted something and said.

The others stepped closer and scrutinized the ashes of the burned talisman. They could still sense the leftover godly aura in the ashes. Clearly, Elder Pu had reached here with the headmaster's jade seal and went through the barrier with this godly talisman!

Their hearts sank; this issue had troubled the Swords Gate headmasters for generations, but now they just found out that a Xiao Mang had succeeded. It was truly a huge blow to them!

But Jun Sixie suddenly smiled and said, "I've killed Feng Wuji's incarnation, he didn't have anything of the secret realm. The elders may ease your hearts. But the Xiao Mang Celestial Race is indeed strong, to possess talismans that are beyond what most ordinary gods can procure."

The elders turned solemn and somber. The Xiao Mang Celestial Race was indeed really powerful. The death of the high priest had little to no on the Xiao Mang Celestial Race's overall strength; and as of now, Feng Wuji had become its new high priest. He was taught the cultivation method of the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】and the Earth Innate Spirit Body, and with him being the new high priest, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race would only grow even stronger in the future!

Jun Sixie cast out the Great Boundless Divine Sword, and she slashed it on the totem barrier. With her rudimentary【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, the Great Boundless Divine Sword, and the support of her magnate cultivation base, her attacks were incredibly powerful.

And yet, such an attack only managed to break through a little over ten layers of water curtain seals before its power was depleted. Jun Sixie was afraid that the Great Boundless Divine Sword would be lost in the seals and she quickly retrieved it back.

"There are 64 layers of water curtains. With each being a layered seal, even the second headmaster, the strongest headmaster, could break through only over fifty layers of seals."

Shui Zian's eyes lit up, and he said, "But the headmaster has the Innate Water Spirit Body. Do you have any confidence to decipher these water-style totem patterns to open the secret realm?"

The Innate Water True Spirit emerged behind Jun Sixie; it had the head of a snake and the body of a human. It was standing atop two black dragons, and a dark serpent coiled around its arm. It looked into the layers of water curtains. The elders kept quiet and looked anxiously at their new headmaster and were refraining from making a single sound to avoid disturbing their headmaster's contemplation.

Among all of the headmasters, she was the only one who possessed the Innate Water Spirit Body. And as the Innate Water Spirit Body holder, she was naturally gifted with an incredible affinity for comprehending water-style totem patterns. If one had to choose a person who had the greatest chance of breaking through the seals, it would undoubtedly be her!

After one hour, Jun Sixie raised her head and heaved a breath of relief. She said, "Sixty-four layers, with each having different totem permutations. Thankfully, they are all water-style totem patterns. It's only a matter of time before I decipher all of them. At the latest, 60 years, and at the earliest, at least 30 years. I will be able to fully understand the totem patterns and enter the secret realm."

The elders were overjoyed, they said, "Magnate cultivators have a lifespan of five to six hundred years. Tens of years aren't considered long. We have more than enough time to decipher the seals!"

"If we can break through the secret realm's seals and achieve what the previous headmasters couldn't, Headmaster Jun will be able to leave her own legend in humanity's history!"

The elders were laughing merrily, and Jun Sixie was also in joy. She thought of herself achieving something that not even the previous headmaster go do, and she felt quite proud of herself.

All of a sudden, the ten elders were stunned, and they stared vacantly into the secret realm behind the water curtain seals. Shui Zian rubbed his eyes and mumbled, "Am I seeing things? Why am I seeing the figure of someone in the secret realm…."

Jun Sixie quickly looked over and was stunned as she saw the same figure!

They gazed at one another and saw the same look of shock in their faces, Elder Tao Xinyi stamped her crutch on the ground and said puzzlingly, “Could it be the projection of the master of this secret realm? The projection of that god’s figure?”

"But if it's an image projection, he shouldn't move, should he? But look, he is moving!"

“This is not looking good! He is coming closer to us!”

“He is going to pass through the seals!”

“Brothers and sisters, arm yourselves!”

The ten elders surged out their Sword Qi, cast their soul weapons, and Shui Zian even arranged his 64 Sword Cocoons into a sword array. He stood on guard, while Jun Sixie clenched the Great Boundless Divine Sword in her hands.

They were readied for battle. The silhouette continued to walk closer to them, walking right into the 64 water curtain seals. The water-style totem patterns rippled as he trod through the layers of seals, adding an inexplicable ethereal air to the newcomer.

“Is there really a god in the secret realm?” Elder Li Panhua said in a shuddering voice with her eyes filled with terror.

"Maybe not a god, but a zombie of the god's corpse."

Elder Qiu Zhen was also in fear, he said, "I heard that if the corpse of a god is preserved in perfect condition, it will turn into a zombie, and blood-red hairs would grow on them. Their hands would turn into green claws, and they would crave for brains as food … Brothers and sisters, do you think the earthquake just now was caused by this godly zombie?"

The ten elders all felt a chill travel down their spines at the same time, and Jun Sixie quickly yelled, "No matter what it is, we will kill it on the spot!"

Just as she finished her sentence, the silhouette came into their view. It was a young man. His head was the first they saw, and he said curiously, "So many people? Elder Shui, why are you all here? Hm? Even the headmaster is here? What exactly are you all doing here?”

The crowd was dumbfounded, and all their mouths hung agape as they watched the young man slowly stroll out from the seals they just lauded as impenetrable. They were all caught stammering in their speech and were left unable to form a coherent sentence for a few moments.

All of a sudden, Shui Zian's emotions took a turn of anger, and he reached his hand out and grabbed the young man by the neck before chiding furiously, "Bra- brat! You nearly scared the shit out of us! You rascal, why didn't you tell us before!"

Elder Tao Xinyi was still in shock, and she stammered, "Old Shui, you ar- are the one that got scared, we wer- weren't scared at all. The headmaster also wasn't … headmaster, am I right?"

Jun Sixie's beautiful countenance was flushed with embarrassment, and she quickly sought to shift the topic by asking, "Hall Master of the Seal Suppression Hall, how did you end up here?"

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