Rise of Humanity

Chapter 323

Chapter 323 - Six Saint Spirits

Krack … Krack … Krack….

One after another, coffins quivered and their lids opened..

Zhong Yue quickly recalled the Golden Feathery Peng Sword. As the golden sword moved, the dark black coffins followed it into the air, rising up from the bottom of the ground while sounds of lids opening were continuously creaking in his ears. More and more coffins were opening!

These coffins followed behind the golden sword as if they had locked onto it.

After all, Feng Shouzhu wasn’t as strong as the old headmaster. Even if he risked his life for it, he still couldn’t completely wipe away the power of the forbidden land! Even more importantly, the devil souls in the coffins still had their prowess!

A dark breeze blew out from one of the coffins, the element of Yin was incredibly thick and strong while the dark breeze smelled like rotten meat; vaguely, Zhong Yue could see a pair of ghastly eyes opening in the darkness inside of the coffin.

More dark breezes blew out of the other coffins, the whole place was suffused with the smell of rotten meat and the element of Yin. One pair of eyes after another opened in the coffins and glanced outside, Zhong Yue could feel his blood run cold in a trice.

The air turned dark and cold; those eyes in the coffins didn’t focus their sight on the Golden Feathery Peng Sword, but rather on the man who was standing on one of the blood veins.

Cold sweat rushing out from his forehead, he quickly opened the copper lamp and stimulated the beast god inner core!


The dimensional space crumbled in a trice. Beneath Xin Huo’s copper lamp, the dimensional space was devoured; as the galaxy in the copper lamp swirled more quickly, the coffins were starting to move toward the copper lamp, slowly and yet steadily being drawn into it!

Thousands of coffins shuddered rapidly and dreadful growls came from the inside of the coffins. The dimensional space was distorting out of shape and so were the coffins as they were slowly sucked toward the copper lamp!

All of a sudden, godly totem patterns emerged on the surface of that huge heart in the center of the cavern.


A loud heartbeat shook the air, and the distortion of the dimensional space created by Xin Huo’s copper lamp was forced away. The mountain was quaking heavily and the coffins fell to the ground as the pulling force from the copper lamp was destroyed.

Above the copper lamp, countless cracks emerged on the surface of the beast god inner core!

The godly heart was incredibly strong. Although a single wave of sound couldn’t harm the copper lamp, the beast god inner core was struck hard, nearly crumbling away!

Meanwhile, a drastic change took place. The huge sword that pierced through the heart suddenly shone with dazzling rays, and a wave of appalling Sword Qi blasted down from the sword and ravaged away the inside of the heart. In an instant, the godly heart was perforated by the Sword Qi, godly blood poured down like waterfalls from it, and it stopped before it could unleash a second sound wave!

Standing on one of the blood veins of the godly heart, Zhong Yue could feel the Sword Qi surging beneath his feet. The appalling Sword Qi nearly cut through the blood veins, and he could sense that even a tiny surge of this Sword Qi could kill him on the spot without any hassles!

This Sword Qi … how unearthly strong it is!

Zhong Yue quickly stored the Golden Feathery Peng Sword and placed it along with Feng Shouzhu’s corpse into his Yuan Shen secret realm.

That Sword Qi grew even stronger as time passed, it was like the huge sword was trying to slay the godly heart right now. Parts of the godly heart was sliced open, and the lights of the sword turned even brighter.

The Sword Qi flowed in the heart’s veins like a stream inside a river, billowing inside while the blood veins struggled vigorously, whipping in the air like soaring huge dragons. Zhong Yue was launched into the air and could see the mountain quaking violently around him, and stones and rocks began to rain down like meteors above him!

Beneath him, the dark black coffins stopped falling down. They floated up and like huge stone tablets, they surrounded Zhong Yue and the huge heart in the middle of the cavern.

Shit, did I just cause a chain reaction?

Zhong Yue’s scalp tingled, and he quickly stimulated the beast god inner core. Instantly, the beast god inner core exploded into dust while the beast god essences formed a Xiang Dragon and flowed into into the copper lamp!

Enhanced by the beast god essences, the copper lamp unleashed its power again! The pulling force from it was even stronger than before, pulling the space closer and sucking the coffins closer and closer to it!

This was indeed, a chain reaction! Zhong Yue had lifted Feng Shouzhu’s corpse with the Golden Feathery Peng Sword and aroused the devil souls, the reaction of the devil souls caused Zhong Yue to use Xin Huo’s copper lamp, and the power of the copper lamp unsettled the gigantic heart.

The goldy heart was clearly in opposition to that huge sword; when the godly heart beat and broke the pulling force of the copper lamp, it was the moment when its defense had weakened, a fleeting opportunity for that godly sword to unleash its power and slay the giant heart.

While the devil souls in the dark coffins were clearly not allied with the godly heart nor the godly sword, they rose into mid-air and tried to exterminate both the heart and the sword together into nothingness!

The beast god essences enhanced the copper lamp; the dark coffins suppressed the godly heart and the godly sword; the godly sword blasted Sword Qi to destroy the godly heart from the inside; the godly heart crushing away the copper lamp’s pulling force; the copper lamp tried to suck the coffins into it — the situation had now plunged into a state of utter disorder and chaos!

In this whole chain reaction, the weakest point of all was Zhong Yue himself!

With just the slightest moment of inattention, Zhong Yue would be killed on the spot!

Meanwhile, Swords Gate Mountain was trembling constantly, it felt like as if there was an earthquake erupting. The experts of Swords Gate all flew into the sky and looked down at the shaking mountain. The whole of Swords Gate was undergoing tremendous changes; some of the mountains crumbled, some imploded, and some grew out of nowhere. It was incredibly bizarre, looking like a godly beast was ravaging the underground.

“Quick, suppress the mountains!” Jun Sixie ordered ,and all of the elders and hall masters swarmed out to cast the powers contained in the palaces. The immense power surged out to suppress the distortion of the mountains. Jun Sixie and the elders also suppresed Swords Gate Mountain itself from the golden summit; while Shui Zian requested the magnates he invited over help them out.

The intensity of the quakes grew stronger. Some of the mountain ridges even broke apart and huge, deep rifts were created.

These rifts felt like as if the mountains had been cleft. Looking down into the rifts, they could see bloody-red flesh squirming in the dark abyss, truly a terrifying scene.

“What is happening down there?”

The elders and hall masters were shocked and terrified. “Did the Seal in the underground loosen again? Did Elder Feng not eradicate the devil souls?”

Jun Sixie’s beautiful countenance also turned gloomy. As she gazed at the squirming flesh beneath the rifts and reached her hands out for the Great Boundless Divine Sword, she thought in her heart, If Elder Feng Shouzhu failed to exterminate the power of the devil souls, then I, as Swords Gate headmaster, will have to go myself to carry out the rightful duty of a headmaster. However, I will not be able to return anymore … but it’s alright, even if I’m not here anymore, there is still Fang Jiange to take over my place, Swords Gate will stand strong as we were…


The Devil Soul Forbidden Land was quaking violently; the dark black coffins, the godly heart, the godly sword, and the copper lamp were still contending against one another, clashing together while Zhong Yue stood beneath the copper lamp and thought helplessly, I just want to take back Elder Feng Shouzhu’s corpse….

Right at this moment, the beast god inner core’s essences were nearing depletion. If the beast god essences were fully consumed, the copper lamp would stop stop working and Zhong Yue would die a miserable death!

All of a sudden, from the ceiling of this internal space inside the mountain body, flags and banners emerged out of nowhere. They were embedded in the ceiling, extending through the mountain body and the godly totem pattern seals, and arranged in a marvelous array formation that revolved around the godly sword while expanding the banners widely.

With the emergence of these banners, the godly heart was suppressed and soon came to rest.

With that, the godly sword also calmed down, storing its terrifying prowess away.

The dark black coffins also plummeted down from the sky as if they were out of energy, and the blunt sounds of the coffins slamming onto the ground resounded in a cacophonous symphony.

Zhong Yue let out a breath of relief and thought, Phew, the Devil Soul Forbidden Land’s powers are now fully expended, the next eruption will most likely only come after five hundred years.

His beast god inner core was completely used up, exploded into dust. It really made Zhong Yue sad, but nevertheless, it was a price he was willing to pay in order to retrieve Feng Shouzhu’s corpse.

Xin Huo then raised his eyes and mumbled inside Zhong Yue, “Weird, where did these banners come from?”

Zhong Yue stared at them. He was also puzzled; he initially thought that the banners were plundered away by the one who stole the Saint Spirit, but who knew that they were actually still hiding here.

“These banners, they must be the items the gods used to repress the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, that’s how they can pass through the gods’ seals!”

Zhong Yue mulled it over and said “The one that entered this forbidden land must have used these banners to go through the layers of seals to reach the altar and take away the Saint Spirit. That man broke through three layers of seals and the Saint Spirit would be right before him. If he had ways to control these banners, he must also have had some means to take away the Saint Spirit!”

Xin Huo’s eyes brightened up, he said, “This is a funerary tomb for the Godly Emperor Bi Xie; these gods were sacrificed to follow him after death. The only one that can be so familiar with this place, and even control the banners, would be the descendants of that Godly Emperor Bi Xie. I’ve suddenly thought of that young man you met in the Fiery Capital!”

Zhong Yue nodded agreement. He thought of the young man who sent him off from the Fiery Capital, the only descendant of the Godly Emperor Bi Xie!

“Bu Xie is the descendant of the Godly Emperor Bi Xie; could it be him who entered the forbidden land and took away the Saint Spirit? But he is still young, and his cultivation base is still at the Atman Body level, is he really capable of doing this?”

He was puzzled. Did Godly Emperor Bi Xie nurture these Saint Spirits for his descendants?

This Godly Emperor Bi Xie did so many things, he even sacrificed his subordinates for it... this is definitely not as simple as nurturing his descendants! He has stayed in the Ancestral Star for so long, he must have something in mind. The Ancestral Star’s Six Path Reincarnation has been broken away and became a devastated ruin. His target must be the treasures of the past Heavenly Monarchs! But his time was coming to an end, which is why he created five funerary tombs, The West, East, North, and South Barrens, and the Great Wilderness, which also means… his ultimate goal is his own revival to continue his unfinished work...

Zhong Yue then suddenly asked, “Xin Huo, can the gods be revived?”

Xin Huo thought a moment before he answered, “It is a form of revival by possessing the bodies of others, such as what Tian Myriad Mother did, and this is also the only way I know of. But the success rate is too low, it’s too liable to the complete kill the spirits and souls. But if what Feng Xiaozhong said is true about the Six Path Reincarnation, then it seems like there is truly a way for revival. But Feng Xiaozhong didn’t make it clear, I don’t know much about it.”

Without any more clues, Zhong Yue could only put this matter aside and said, “We should ask Feng Xiaozhong about it the next time we meet him. I wonder if he will still go mad now… Xin Huo, of these five forbidden lands, there is one heart each, do you know where these five godly heart comes from?”

Xin Huo shook his head and said, “Six, not five.”

Zhong Yue was puzzled, he asked, “Great Wilderness, West Barren, East Barren, South Barren, and North Barren, there are only five tombs which means five godly hearts, where is the sixth?”

“The sixth would be in the Godly Emperor Bi Xie’s main tomb. There should also be one Saint Spirit there, the head of the other five.” The little flame was thrilled, and continued, “As for the origins of these godly hearts, I have absolutely no idea. Did you consider if they might all be Godly Emperor Bi Xie’s hearts?”

“Godly Emperor Bi Xie had six hearts?” Zhong Yue was puzzled, and suddenly said, “Six Saint Spirits, could there be any relationship between them and the Six Paths…”

He then laughed abruptly, and shook his head while he said, “I’m being oversensitive now, hearing the number six really made me link it to the Six Paths. Xin Huo, is there any way to break through the second layer of seals, and go into the second dimension, and then the third?”

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