Rise of Humanity

Chapter 314

Chapter 314 - 【Reverse Art】  

Xiao Que was standing at the front of the palace, and trembled as he saw how Elder Yu died, even if he was a magnate Qi Practitioner of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race.

After being sealed for hundreds of years, Feng Xiaozhong was definitely not as strong as he once was; he only managed to kill and devour Elder You because he had the element of surprise, and impaired Elder You in one shot.

However, after he “ate” Elder You, Feng Xiaozhong’s strength exceeded Xiao Que’s. “The madman… He is set free again!”

Right now, Xiao Que dare not move even by an inch and he prepared himself fully, so that when Feng Xiaozhong showed any unusual movements, he would immediately run away.

“Father….” Feng Wuji on the other hand, shivered as fear assailed him; not the fear a son bears against his father, but fear against something atrocious and dangerous.

He was afraid of his own father, worried that his own father would kill him. The reason his father killed him would be extremely abnormal from the point of view of the others, but was going to be very valid for his own father.

Shui Zian too, got all tensed up as Feng Wuji’s sudden move has entirely disrupted his pace.

A man who has completely lost his mind was not that scary, for he has no idea what he was doing anymore, and everything he did was based on instinct. But a madman who kept his cool and was able to rationalize everything was the scariest.

And Feng Xiaozhong was exactly a madman like that, he would do anything just to experiment and research his arts and skills, to the extent that he even dissected godly and demonic spirits!

Suddenly, Xin Huo whispered from within Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, “This madman’s bloodline is even purer than yours, he has awoken about ten percent of the Fu Xi bloodline”

Zhong Yue was shocked and replied, “Ten percent? What abilities did he get after he awoke ten percent of his bloodline?”

The celestial body of the Fu Xi Celestial race possessed various unbelievable abilities; the divine eyes, Huaxu Clan’s innate serpent body, dragon scales, celestial bones and heart… it just went on and on!

The Swords Gate’s first headmaster was from the Feng Clan and the Fu Xi bloodline in the first headmaster was so pure that he awoke his divine third eye and reverse opened the five wheels.

Although Zhong Yue has barely awoken his divine third eye, he had yet to be able to fully unleash its full power, and turning into the true form of the Fu Xi Celestial Race was basically impossible without the help of Xin Huo.

And the ten percent awakened Fu Xi bloodline in Feng Xiaozhong was much greater than Zhong Yue’s, perhaps even stronger than the first headmaster. After achieving this, Feng Xiaozhong had definitely activated some of the abilities of the Fu Xi Celestial Race!

Humans, if they had a slightly purer Fu Xi bloodline in their bodies, would usually awaken part of the Fu Xi Celestial Race’s abilities and achieved an incredible things in their lives. Only a very small portion of them managed to do so, and they mostly came from the Feng Clan.

“He must have achieved the six paths in his body and opened the sixth wheel all by himself, which seemS to have awakened part of his Fu Xi bloodline…” Through Zhong Yue’s eyes, Xin Huo was measuring Feng Xiaozhong, and continued, “He has yet to awaken his divine eyes, there’s no sign of the Huaxu Clan’s serpent body, or the Lei Zhe Clan’s innate dragon scales, so he must have either awakened the celestial heart or bone, probably both!”

There were countless powerful seals in humans that sealed their bodies and souls, making lifting the seals almost impossible. Even Zhong Yue had only managed to lift up a tiny portion of the seals.

If Feng Xiaozhong has awakened the celestial heart and bone, with the addition of the ten percent Fu Xi celestial blood in him, the sixth wheel, and the mad instinct on chasing after the roots of all skills and techniques, then it was understandable why he was so strong!

Celestial heart, celestial bones…

Zhong Yue collected his thoughts, and when he looked at Feng Xiaozhong, he asked curiously, “Senior martial brother Feng, how did you ‘eat’ Elder You just now?”

Hearing his words, Shui Zian almost snapped as this little guy beside him did not run away, but instead, he went ahead to ask how their enemy ate Elder You! Shui Zian explained angrily, “That was a demonic skill from the demons, the【Heavenly Demon Disintegration Art】, an art mastered by not more than five demons in the world right now!”

Zhong Yue thought for awhile and he said, “No… There should be another art other than that, or else he wouldn't be able to immobilize Elder You after being sealed for so long, which greatly weakened him… That’s right!”

He clapped and said, “I know! The Martial Masters! They sealed their bodies so that their Yuan Shen and energy would not be able to leave their body! Senior martial brother Feng immobilized Elder You, sealed his body, and prevented his Yuan Shen from leaving his body! But there should be more than just that…”

Feng Xiaozhong measured Zhong Yue in return, as he was also curious about Zhong Yue. He patiently explained, “Not bad! After dissecting three hundred and thirty-three Zhong Li Celestial Race Martial Masters, I discovered their secrets and in turn, my understanding of the martial way is far stronger than the many Martial Masters out there. When I seal my own body, I will be as strong as any of those Martial Heavenly Masters out there.”

Zhong Yue then asked, “Then you used their art in reverse to seal Elder You’s body? How did you do that? Also, what kind of technique did you use that allowed you to grab onto Elder You’s throat so fast?”

“Reverse usage of the skills and techniques is my own secret, which I cannot tell you.”

Surprisingly, Feng Xiaozhong was very patient with Zhong Yue as he continued, “Just the art of Martial Masters that seals their bodies is not enough to seal the Yuan Shen of someone like Elder You. I also used the【Divine Suppression Art】of the Bai Zhe Clan and the psyche sealing of the insect race, an art that I obtained through trading with that big guy that crawled out from underneath Xian Kong Saint City. In order to immobilize and suppress Elder You’s body, I also used the art where the Shan Shen Celestial Race turns their body into celestial rocks, which was also cultivated by the Shan Shen Celestial Race’s Qi Practitioner that died just now. However, they cultivated the art to benefit themselves while I cultivated it to use on others with my reverse technique, and changed these arts into my killing moves.”

Zhong Yue’s eyes brightened up and he clapped in praise, “Previously, senior martial brother Feng’s strength was not as strong as Elder You. But when you sealed his body, locked his Yuan Shen, suppressed his psyche and turned him into celestial rocks, which greatly weakened him, Elder You panicked. You then disintegrated him with the【Heavenly Demon Disintegration Art】and sucked him dry.”

At this point, Zhong Yue greatly admired and respected Feng Xiaozhong as whatever happened back there seemed very simple, but in truth, one would have to possess incredible knowledge on different kinds of arts!

But the most powerful one was how Feng Xiaozhong managed to reverse-cast these skills, turning these self-benefitting skills into killing blows when he applied them onto others!

His【Reverse Art】was an incredibly horrifying art and only those who possessed deep understandings on techniques would be able to use it!

Feng Xiaozhong then stared at Zhong Yue’s forehead and suddenly said, “I like your eye.”

Theplace he was staring at was where Zhong Yue’s divine third eye was located. When Zhong Yue closed it up, there would only be a tiny little golden line over his forehead, but Feng Xiaozhong once saw him open up his divine third eye, which garnered his interest.

But what made him most intrigued was the Sui Sovereign true from that Xin Huo had performed using Zhong Yue’s body. Zhong Yue remembered that Feng Xiaozhong showed a sickening desire to dissect him in order to research the secrets behind the transformation.

As soon as Shui Zian saw this, his heart thumped, he quickly pulled Zhong Yue behind him, took out a token and said, “Feng Xiaozhong, you gave me this token years ago, and with this token, I could make you do one thing for me. Right now, I’ll return this token to you!”

He hurled the token, and it was caught by the startled Feng Xiaozhong.

Shui Zian then said coldly, “From now on, you will not hurt anyone from Swords Gate any more, get out of Swords Gate right now! Take the token and get out!”

Feng Xiaozhong crushed the token and replied calmly, “Uncle Shui, not hurting anyone and leaving Swords Gate are two different things, which one do you want me to do?”

Shui Zian hesitated. Leaving this monster in Swords Gate and he might pose a major threat to everyone, but if he started killing, then more will fall victim to him.

“I want you…” He let out a long breath and said, “I want you to stop hurting the people of Swords Gate!”

“Then I can stay at Swords Gate?”

Feng Xiaozhong laughed and walked out quickly as he said, “Uncle Shui, you are as cunning as you used to be, prohibiting me from hurting humans anymore, but you did not say that I could not harm the other races, which still gives me quite a vast number options to entertain myself. I have not been out for so long…”

“Father!” Feng Wuji on the other hand, quickly chased after Feng Xiaozhong.

Xiao Que hesitated and followed behind them while he said, “Wuji, open up the other copper palaces and unleash the wraths sealed in the palaces…”

Feng Wuji held the godly sword in his hand tightly as he looked at the other copper palaces, while little old man Shui Zian floated in the air with the sixty four sword cocoons circling around him, prepared to attack at anytime.

Although they were many of them that had lost their power after being sealed for such a long time, they were still some strong Qi Practitioners that were still alive and well, which could be a disaster if they were released!

Thus, even if Shui Zian was very concerned about the godly sword and Feng Xiaozhong, he could not stand aside if Feng Wuji was to release the sealed monsters!

Feng Xiaozhong who was walking towards the outside suddenly stopped, took a careful look at Feng Wuji and said, “You are my son? Let me think...hmm… You must be the child of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s saint lady and I, no wonder you were willing to go through so much to save me. You however, will not be able to outsmart your grandfather, for even I couldn't win against him. Throw the sword away quickly.”

Feng Wuji was shocked as he said, “Father, this sword…”

“The old man purposely gave it to you so that you would release me.” Feng Xiaozhong continued walking as he said, “He is an old fox that has lived for a very long time, but in his heart, he treasures his family very much. He wanted to see me again before he breathed his last breath, but he can’t release me after what I have done. Thus, he gave you the sword so that you could release me, but at this point, you can only unleash bits of the sword’s power. If you try to open up the other palaces with the godly sword, the sword will kill you.”

He then walked out of the Seal Suppression Hall and said, “You are his grandson, but at the same time, you are the traitor of humanity. He can restrain himself from killing you if you only save me, but he would not hold back if you try to stir up chaos in Swords Gate. Throw the sword away, how could you be able to win against him? From now on, hide away as far as you can, because if my old man gets serious, hahahaha…

“I guess he will be starting a great massacre after seeing me?” murmured Feng Xiaozhong.

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