Rise of Humanity

Chapter 313

Chapter 313 - So Hungry

The nine malefic weapons were created by eight different clans from the Great Wilderness. The Cloudy Sword came from the Tao Lin Clan; the Blood Ray Sword from the Lei Shan Clan; the Lotus Sword from the Li Shan Clan; the Nan Shan Sword from the Nan Zhao Clan; the Demonic Casket Sword from the Tian Feng Clan; the Golden Bolus Sword from the Jun Shan Clan; the Graveyard Sword from the Qiu Tan Clan; and the Fei Yan and Fish Dragon Swords from the You Yu Clan.

When they distributed the swords, Zuo Xiangsheng and Tian Yanzhong was very wise and selective; they hurled the swords to the person that could exert the swords the best, except for the Fish Dragon and Golden Bolus Swords, which they passed to Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie.

The Fei Yan Sword was passed to another elder from the Jun Shan Clan, Elder Jun Wumei.

The malefic weapons might potentially devour their owners, but at the same time, they were one of the best possessions one could obtain. As soon as the nine malefic weapons fell into the hands of these Elder-level Qi Practitioners, the tables turned immediately. Swords Gate did not have the upper hand, but with the appearance of these weapons, the disciples of Swords Gate immediately changed the tides of war.

The backup plans of Feng Shang!

Grand Elder Yu’s heart tightened when the malefic weapons descended onto the battlefield. The Blood Ray Sword turned into a fiery red gigantic blood ray that glided in the skies, attacking anything in its path with fins as sharp as swords, and killed Elder Lei Ting in the blink of an eye before it struck at another elder from the dragon race!

The Cloudy Sword morphed into various forms in the hands of the old madame, Elder Tao Xinyi; it became clouds that blurred the vision of her foes, turned into sandstorm that impaired her enemies’ movements and sometimes changed into a shield made of vapor to fend off the attack of her opponents!

The Lotus Sword, which Li Panhua used like a real lotus, merged with her Monster Lotus God Yuan Shen, launching the petals on the lotuses toward her enemies, and took their lives.

Tian Zhenru, on the other side, fired a hundred and thirty invisible Sword Qi from the Demonic Casket sword that ricocheted everywhere on the battlefield.

Unlike the other malefic weapons, the Graveyard Sword in the hands of Qiu Zhen came in the form of a tiny coffin filled with shattered pieces of various swords. When Qiu Zhen unleashed the power of the Sword, each of these shattered swords turned into the spirits of their previous owners, who fought fiercely with the outsiders.

The Feiyan Sword from the You Yu Clan, which was now in the hands of Jun Wumei, looked like a flying sparrow. It was the fastest sword among the top ten malefic weapons.

The Nan Shan Sword used by Nan Shuzhen had the most brute strength. The Sword came in the shape of a pillar and when activated, it launched a huge Sword Qi!

The Golden Bolus Sword of Jun Sixie was a tiny golden sword ball, only about the size of a palm, and when she activated it, it spun quickly and fired out countless sword silks.

In the hands of Fang Jiange was the Fish Dragon Sword, the sword with the highest ranking among the top ten malefic swords. When activated by Fang Jiange, the sword turned into a ferocious Fish Dragon that flew into the skies and dived towards the ground at high velocity, crushing and tearing its foes apart.

As soon as Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie received the two swords, they immediately gained the upper hand against their opponents: Elder Quan and the magnate Qi Practitioner from the Kui Long Celestial Race.

Feng Shang, Feng Shang! For my entire life you have been on top of me, and even after your death, you had to make things terrible for me!

Strong killing intent rose in Grand Elder Yu, and his Fish Dragon Flying Sparrow Yuan Shen emerged from his back, charging towards Jun Sixie and Fang Jiange as he said, “Gentlemen, leave these two to me, both of you go and help the others!”

After being suppressed greatly by the two malefic weapons, Elder Quan and that Qi Practitioner from the Kui Long Celestial Race were in grave danger, but with the arrival of Grand Elder Yu, they were relieved and quickly shook themselves free of the battle before charging towards Li Panhua and the others.

Four elders among the ranks of Li Panhua and the others quickly got out and intercepted the two Qi Practitioners, but things got ugly quickly.

“The ten malefic weapons may be very strong, but as soon as the owners of the weapons lose, the weapons will turn against their owners!” Grand Elder Yu shouted, “Elder Quan, Brother Kui, attack a target at the same time and we will thrive as the winner!”

“Traitor!” shouted old madame Tan Xinyi.

Grand Elder Yu flicked his fingers continuously, launching Sword Qi that made Jun Sixie flinch greatly each time she repelled them. He forced her off and said calmly, “I’d become the traitor if I lose, but if I win, I will dictate the history, and you will all be the traitors!”

Fang Jiange, on the other hand, quickly lunged forward and saved Jun Sixie from the dire situation as he controlled the Fish Dragon Sword and clashed with Grand Elder Yu’s Yuan Shen. Grand Elder Yu swung his sleeves, delivering a heavy attack that sent Fang Jiange flying away and blood gushing out from his mouth.

Grand Elder Yu laughed and said, “Xiao Qing and Xiao Yin, deal with Feng Shouzhu quickly!”

Around the Heart Questioning Palace, the net and mist formed by the psyche of Xiao Qing and Xiao Yin surrounded the palace, and the net immediately cut through the palace.

At the same time, the mist of Xiao Yin shrouded the palace. When Xiao Yin activated his skill, the palace turned into dust!

With that, Feng Shouzhu must have suffered extremely heavy injuries even if he did not die, right?

As soon as the palace turned into dust, Xiao Yin and Xiao Qing turned into their three-headed Pan Ao forms and crashed onto the debris!

The mountain shook, the ground fissured, and everything shattered as soon as the two of them landed on the ground!

With the power and impact of their descent, the damage done was enough to kill a magnate Qi Practitioner!

However, to their dismay, “Feng Shouzhu” remained standing unharmed in the debris of the Heart Questions Palace, his position was coincidently directly between Xiao Yin and Xiao Qing.

Fear engulfed the two, as they were standing way too close to this human Qi Practitioner that had spent his entire life cultivating Sword Qi. At such a distance, they would definitely be killed if his Sword Qi burst out!

The two of them immediately flew into the air, but their tails were instantly grabbed by “Feng Shouzhu”. The old man swung them around before slamming them into one another!

Teeth and blood flew out from the mouths of the two Pan Aos, and before they could even regain their balance, they were swung around and slammed into each other again!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Like heavy sacks, they were swung around and slammed everywhere. It did not take long until all of their teeth had flown out from their mouths!

In the midst the chaos, the two Qi Practitioners summoned their Yuan Shen. Butt before they could unleash their powers, countless Sword Qi flew into their bodies, turned into totem carvings, and caused the two of them to shiver in panic.

“No! The prayer’s totem carvings!” they shrieked and cried out loudly. Everything that was going on was about sacrificing them alive for the prayers to the godly spirit and sword spirit of Swords Gate!

“Feng Shouzhu” then released Xiao Yin and Xiao Qing as he bowed towards the Swords Gate Golden Summit and said, “I hereby present you our offerings, oh godly spirit and sword spirit of Swords Gate!”

As soon as the old man bowed, the two Qi Practitioners stopped their struggles and disintegrated. Their blood flowed and rose into the air as it turned into two blood dragons that rushed towards the top of the Golden Summit!

The Golden Summit shook, and the celestial pearl that sealed the godly spirit of Swords Gate flew into the air as the blood dragon lifted it up. As the prayers sounded, it shone brightly.

Then, everyone witnessed the majestic godly spirit standing up from the saint palace of the Golden Summit, shrouded in golden rays.

This godly spirit was the spirit and soul of the first headmaster of Sword Gate! As it was covered with blood of the Xiao Mang Qi Practitioners, blood veins and internal organs grew in the spectral body of the spirit!

Flesh, blood, organs, and skin quickly grew on the body of the godly spirit as if it was being restored from beyond death!

As the godly spirit reached out its hands, a brilliant sword ray emerged from the ground: it was the sword spirit!

The spirit that had formed within the mountain of Swords Gate after being worshipped for years!

The godly spirit pulled out the sword spirit from the mountain. When the two godly auras stacked, the void shook as if the person who had once led the entire human race to fight their way out of the West Barren was reincarnated.

Grand Elder Yu’s heart thumped and he looked blankly at the godly spirit as he thought, How did we lose? How did Xiao Yin and Xiao Qing die so fast and get sacrificed to the godly spirit and sword spirit!? How is it possible that Feng Shouzhu became so strong so suddenly?

With two magnate Qi Practitioners being sacrificed to the godly and sword spirits the two spirits became extremely powerful. Their full power was unleashed, and with that power, the disciples of Swords Gate were fated to win this battle!

Suddenly, a Sword Qi flew across the skies and charged straight into the Seal Suppression Hall!

What happened in the Seal Suppression Hall?

Grand Elder Yu had goosebumps rise, as the Sword Qi was launched by the godly sword, which was one of the symbol items for the headmaster and only Feng Wuji, who was the new headmaster, could use it! All of these suggested that something must have happened, to the extent that Feng Wuji had to use it!


In the Seal Suppression Hall, the【Sword Sixty Four Style】 rampaged everywhere. It was at this time that Elder You, Xiao Que, Feng Wuji and the others understood how dangerous and scary the【Sword Sixty Four Style】was, as well as Shui Zian, who had created the sword cocoon.

When the four of them were trapped in the【Sword Sixty Four Style】, the situation worsened quickly, and they were all at the mercy of little old man Shui Zian!

Suddenly, a sword ray flew towards Feng Wuji and charged straight into the【Sword Sixty Four Style】, slicing apart the sword silks of the sword cocoons!

Without stopping, the sword ray continued charging towards Shui Zian, destroying everything in its path easily as it slashed towards Shui Zian, giving Shui Zian and Zhong Yue a huge shock!

Without hesitation, Zhong Yue quickly grabbed the Golden Feathery Sword in his Yuan Shen secret realm, took it out and shouted, “Enlarge!”

He then swung the Golden Feathery Peng Sword towards the godly sword. As the two swords came into contact, Zhong Yue’s skin evaporated. It was not because Zhong Yue’s sword was weaker than the godly sword, but because Feng Wuji’s own power was much stronger than Zhong Yue, and overwhelmed Zhong Yue easily!

Shui Zian quickly raised his hand, grabbed the sword hilt of the Golden Feathery Peng Sword which was released from Zhong Yue’s hand, and blocked the attack of Feng Wuji.

Upon seeing this, Elder You shouted, “With the godly sword, Shui Zian will not escape death! Nicely done, Feng Wuji!”

Feng Wuji however, immediately backed off when he missed his strike, jumped out from the【Sword Sixty Four Style】and cut his way towards the copper palace where Feng Xiaozhong was sealed.

Elder You, Xiao Que, and the others’ faces changed immediately. All of them quickly ran after him while they shouted, “What is all of this about, Feng Wuji!?”

On the other hand, Shui Zian quickly reconnected the【Sword Sixty Four Style】again, shrouding the Qi Practitioner from the Shan Shen Celestial Race in it while the sword silks infiltrated the body of that Qi Practitioner, broke his joints, and demolished his crazily strong defense.

Elder You and Xiao Que rushed towards Feng Wuji in an attempt to stop him, but they were too late - Feng Wuji had hacked open the doors of the copper palace!

Upon seeing this, Shui Zian’s eyes twitched and he quickly said, “Zhong Yue, get out of here quickly, that madman is loose!”

Before he could even finish talking, a dried and withered hand reached out from the copper palace and grabbed onto Elder You’s throat with unerring precision.


An eerie laughter filled the air, and fear overwhelmed Elder You as he felt his power and energy being siphoned away quickly by the withered hand.

Aside from that, his life force and life energy were also being absorbed by the hand, and when the hand grabbed his throat, his Yuan Shen was locked away!

In just a blink of an eye, Elder You’s body turned shrunken and dry as his essence was siphoned away.

“So hungry! I’ve starved for almost a hundred years!”

A skinny, white-haired young man walked out from the shadow of the palace as he held Elder You up high. His dried-up skin turned white, his hair turned black, and his withered husk of a body swelled and turned muscular once again.

“Help me…” lamented Elder You with his dying gasp.

Before he finished his word, the flesh on his body disappeared, and he died just like that.

Instead of looking crazy, the young man who appeared very gentle and wise as he threw the withered corpse aside, looking at Shui Zian and saying, “Uncle Shui, long time no see.”

Shui Zian’s eyes twitched again as he looked back at Feng Xiaozhong, who had finally broken free from his seals.

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