Rise of Humanity

Chapter 311

Chapter 311 - 【64 Sword Style】! 

Silence overwhelmed the entire saint palace as Zhong Yue's questions stunned everyone and caused those who initially supported Elder Yu to turn against him.

Right now, everyone in the hall had separated into two parties. One of them was the party led by Elder Yu and Feng Wuji, who were keen to ally with the outsiders, while the elders and hall masters from the various clans led the opposing faction.

Aside from the two parties, there were also other elders and hall masters from the other clans that were still on the fence.

In just an instant, the great Swords Gate was already at the brink of collapse!

The party led by Elder Yu might not occupy the moral high ground and had fewer people, but with support from other external forces, the power they commanded could not be underestimated.

On the other hand, the other party that was led by the clans of Swords Gate had Jun Sixie, Fang Jiange – two of the four aces – on their side. In addition to the sword spirit and the Swords Gate's divine spirit, they possessed power that could easily turn the tables!

As soon as Zhong Yue brought forward his proposal, Xiao Yuan and Xiao Que immediately walked towards him, with the former staring at Zhong Yue coldly as she said, "Who else is coming with us?"

Elder You then said, "With the Zhong Li Celestial Race's Martial Divine Master sealed in the Seal Suppression Hall, of course, I would be coming with you. Elder Quan, I'd like to ask you to stay back and help Headmaster Yu eliminate these rebels."

Madame Hua Zhen walked towards them and said, "I'd also like to follow you to the Seal Suppression Hall to welcome the return of our demon saint spirit."

After that, the priests, elders and the other significant characters in the Shan Shen Celestial Races, the dragons, and other races also followed behind them. None of them bothered to conceal their greed towards treasures that were hidden in the Seal Suppression Hall.

They showed little regard for their people that were sealed in Seal Suppression Hall, guessing that they would have passed away after such a long time.

All of the outsiders followed behind Zhong Yue except for one person, the magnate Qi Practitioner from the Kui Long Celestial Race. He seemed unperturbed by the treasures in the Seal Suppression Hall for he came here only for one reason. That reason was to seek vengeance against Swords Gate, not because of Zhong Yue robbing them of the Kui Zheng's skin, but to avenge Kui Zheng's death!

Five outsider magnate Qi Practitioners and around twenty Heavenly Dharma Level Qi Practitioners.

Zhong Yue's eyes twitched; with that many people in addition to Feng Wuji, there were a total of six magnate-level Qi Practitioners. This caused him to worry greatly for Shui Zian who was preparing to ambush these people in the Seal Suppression Hall.

Afterall, aside from these six people, there were another twenty Heavenly Dharma level priests. These people by themselves were already a force that could not be ignored!

Zhong Yue then started to walk towards the Seal Suppression Hall in thought, The monsters have yet to show up, and the East Barren is just right beside the Great Wilderness. With the malice that Shi Buyi has against the Great Wilderness, how is that possible that he hasn't exploited this opportunity? The unseen blade is the deadliest for we have no idea when it will strike ... Other than that, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race sent out Yin, Qing, Yuan, and Que – their four magnate Qi Practitioners. But the Zhong Li Celestial Race that had the entire West Barren only sent Elder You and Elder Quan? Their attitude seems a bit too flippant. But I assume that they must have hidden even more people in the dark where we cannot see… Headmaster, Elder Shui ... can the two of you even handle such a force?

Xiao Yuan, Xiao Que, and the others followed behind Zhong Yue while the remaining thirty plus Heavenly Dharma level elders and priests stayed at the palace to face off with the old Madame Tao Xinyi and the others.

"Headmaster Yu, a parasite must be killed as soon as possible before it worsens the disease."

Xiao Yin then said maliciously, "With these flies buzzing around your ears every day, I'm afraid that there's no point in being the headmaster of Swords Gate."

Elder Yu's expression changed, and he suddenly exhaled a long deep breath as he finally made up his mind!

As soon as Jun Sixie saw him exhaling a deep breath, her face changed, and she shouted, "Everyone! Pray to the godly spirit of we Swords Gate with me right away! Awaken the spirit!"

“Too late!”

The old hag Xiao Qin laughed, and a soul weapon flew out of her Yuan Shen secret realm. It was a pearl-like soul weapon which floated in the air above Jun Sixie. It released all sorts of sounds that reminded one of prayer.

As soon as these noises appeared, the prayers of Tao Xinyi and the others were immediately interrupted, preventing them from awakening the Swords Gate's godly spirit!

"Attack!" shouted Xiao Qin as she plunged towards the elders and hall masters of Swords Gate!

As soon as Xiao Qin moved, her allies all swarmed towards the people of Swords Gate, trapped them all in the palace as they wanted to kill everyone in the palace in one shot!

Suddenly, a bright sword ray shot out and cut across the empty space between the two parties, forcing Xiao Qin and the others to retreat – it was Fang Jiange! He swung his sword and launched a powerful sword ray to temporarily suppress the foes to buy time for the others to withdraw from the palace.

When the sword ray appeared, Elder Yu grabbed the godly sword. When he wanted to strike at the sword ray with the sword, the godly sword suddenly became incredibly heavy, making him unable to lift it up! Elder Yu then thought, So without the coronation, I won't be able to use the sword? Whatever! I could still kill these traitors without it!

He charged out of the palace with Xiao Yin, Xiao Qing, and Elder Quan with the other outsiders in tow while he shouted, "Disciples of Swords Gate! Follow me and kill the traitor Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie!"

His order immediately incited chaos among the Swords Gate disciples.

Jun Sixie then shouted, “Yu Changji has become the culprit of the outsiders! Elder Feng Shouzhu, please help us and cut down this traitor!”

Elder Yu's heart thumped, and he quickly signaled Xiao Yin and Xiao Qing by pointing at the Heart Questioning Palace of Swords Gate.

Having received Elder Yu's signal, the two of them transformed into their three-headed Pan Ao forms and slammed towards the Heart Questioning Palace like meteors!

Before they collided with the palace, a net and mist formed with psyche enveloped the Heart Questioning Palace, sealing off the space around it to stop them from killing Feng Shouzhu before he could even leave the Heart Questioning Palace!

Elder Yu felt relieved upon seeing this. He looked toward Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie and realized that the two of them were both being kept busy by the magnate Qi Practitioner from Kui Long Celestial Race and Elder Quan. The other elders were all facing off with the elders and priests from the celestial races and dragons.

In just in an instant, everyone besides him was engaged with their own opponents.

His eyes twitched, and he walked towards Fang Jiange happily as he thought, After killing Fang Jiange, Jun Sixie and the other elders, the resistance within Swords Gate will finally be quashed! By then, I will be the one in Swords Gate that decides what is right and what is wrong! Hahahaha!

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue and the six outsider magnate Qi Practitioners had arrived at the door of Seal Suppression Hall.

Zhong Yue then walked towards the door, while Xiao Yuan followed closely behind him. She stared fixedly at his neck, and the skin on the nape of Zhong Yue's neck immediately rose with goosebumps.

He then laughed and said, “Senior Xiao Yuan, are you not afraid that I will take you by surprise when you stand so close to me? You will die faster if you are closer to me.”

Xiao Yuan then responded, "I am only standing this close to you because I fear that the others will not be able to contain their anger and kill you first! Don't worry. I will not give you a swift death. I will slowly torture you and crush your will and soul such that you will end up begging for the mercy of a quick death!"

Zhong Yue, however, laughed and said calmly, "I will grant you a quick one."

His words greatly provoked Xiao Yuan, but she managed to refrain from killing because he quickly added, "You still need me to open the seals in the hall. I'm afraid I will not be able to do so if you hurt me."

Xiao Que then said, "Senior martial sister, be patient. We will have plenty of time for ourselves after our business is done."

They then walked into the mountain. Nothing seemed abnormal to them upon a cursory inspection aside from the fact that the copper palaces were connected with chains.

“Open up this one!” said Xiao Yuan.

Zhong Yue opened it up obediently, and the outsiders immediately swarmed into the palace. They explored and scavenged everything inside. Suddenly, battle noises could be heard outside of the palace, and Feng Wuji asked as he frowned, "We have more important matters at hand. Junior Martial Brother Zhong, in which palace is Feng Xiaozhong sealed?"

Elder You's expression faltered, and he said nervously, "You are trying to set that madman free? I will not allow it!"

Feng Wuji laughed, "Don't worry, he is my father. With me here, not only will he not harm you, but he will also become a trump card for us against Swords Gate. You can't possibly think that you can easily take down Swords Gate just like that, can you?"

“Feng Xiaozhong is your father?”

The magnate Qi Practitioners were in shock, and they were still as nervous as ever even after the revelation. Xiao Que then said, "Wuji, that madman may be your father, but he is still a madman. I suggest that we keep him sealed away for the moment and only release him after rescuing the Martial Divine Master and the demon saint spirit so that we can at least have something to rely on in case Feng Xiaozhong loses his mind again."

Feng Wuji then nodded in agreement after some consideration. He looked towards Zhong Yue as he said, "Junior Martial Brother Zhong, I suppose Junior Martial Sister Shui Qingyan is sealed away somewhere around here by you as well? If so, then where?"

“Shui Qingyan? Why the extras?”

Zhong Yue smirked and said, “You might as well call her Tian Myriad Mother. How did you know she was sealed away by me?”

Feng Wuji replied and smiled, "Well with her being gone for so long, it can only mean that you sealed her!"

He then shouted suddenly, “Tian Myriad Mother, where are you?”

Zhong Yue's face immediately changed as he saw the copper palaces all over the Seal Suppression Hall shake and the faces appearing on the walls of these palaces.

This is bad. If all of these old creatures talk and expose my plans, then everything will be in vain….

And at this time, “Shui Qingyan”’s voice could be heard from a copper palace, “Is that the god messenger? I am here!”

The sound was quite muffled, but it was clearly the voice of a female.

Feng Wuji then walked towards that copper palace immediately as he thought, I will still need her help if I wish to enter the underground!

Zhong Yue then looked around, and he was shocked when he saw the faces on the walls only managing to open their mouths but failing to say anything.

These old dogs must have depleted all of their remaining power after being sealed away for such a long time!

When they passed through the copper palace where Feng Xiaozhong was sealed in, his face suddenly appeared, and when he saw Zhong Yue and the outsiders, he laughed and said, "It seems like the time has come! The Swords Gate is plunged into chaos by now, am I right boy? You are indeed very cunning but everything ends now, I will expose you right away…."

Zhong Yue had cold sweat all over his forehead immediately, and he said, "Senior Martial Brother Feng, did you see a huge image of the Reincarnation? The Six Paths Reincarnation

Fear engulfed the face of Feng Xiaozhong, and he shrieked immediately, "Don't come here, no! Get lost!"

"A madman he is, no wonder he is so ruthless to the point that he is even scarier than us demons."

Upon seeing this, Madame Hua Zhen commented with a laugh, "But he would make an incredibly good spirit herb."

After Zhong Yue had Feng Xiaozhong go insane again. He continued to walk straight ahead, and he tried to control himself so that no one would notice anything off when they got closer to the copper palace where Shui Zian was hiding.

"Open it," ordered Feng Wuji as he stared at Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue did what Feng Wuji ordered, and the doors opened up slowly.

Everyone then entered the palace, and Xiao Yuan said in surprise, "How embarrassing, how could a leader of the demons get sealed away by a mere little human… Hmm… Where is this human scent coming from? Strange, it is so familiar…."

"This demonic aura…Something is off…," said Madame Hua Zhen after she scrutinized the aura.

Zhong Yue suddenly laughed and said, “Senior Xiao Yuan, remember that I said that the closer you are to me, the faster you will die?”

Shua shua shua——-

A total of 63 sword cocoons flew out from his Yuan Shen secret realm to float around them. Another sword cocoon flew out from the palace to from the【64 Sword Style】formation!

“The aura of Shui Zian!”

Xiao Yuan's face changed suddenly, and she cried as the body of this old hag became minced into pieces when the sword silks passed through her body!

The 64 sword silks then flew around the copper palace like 64 dragons. They shattered everything in their path while the angry roar of Feng Xiaozhong could be heard, "I remember! Little brat, you hid Shui Zian in the copper palace and set up an ambush against these garbage. I will expose you hehehehe…."

Among the surrounding where the sword silk dragons rampaged all over, Zhong Yue stood there calmly and said, “Too late.”

In just a while, the copper palace shattered and among the debris were pieces of the bodies that belonged to the outsiders!

Under the rampaging sword silks, the Heavenly Dharma level Qi Practitioners died in just a blink of an eye and only the remaining five magnate Qi Practitioners managed to fend off Shui Zian's attack with their soul weapons!

They, however, suffered heavy injuries as well. Soon, Madame Hua Zhen summoned her soul weapon, the skeleton castle, and she quickly hid in the castle. But she was followed by many sword silks as well! Then, blood could be seen gushing out of the castle. Flesh and ruptured organs flew out from the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears of the huge skeleton head on top of the castle!

Within seconds, Madame Hua Zhen was thoroughly minced!

At the same time, Shui Zian showed up with Tian Myriad Mother's mutilated under his legs, while the sword silks emerged from the skeleton castle. They turned into the sword dragon and formed the【64 Sword Style】's sword array that trapped the remaining four magnate Qi Practitioners in it.

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