Rise of Humanity

Chapter 310

Chapter 310 - Estranged

A few Lei Hu Clan disciples came forward, picked up Lei Shan and escorted him away to safety.

Elder Lei Ting might have crossed the border… How could he treat Elder Lei Shan like that, and his remarks are very inappropriate…

The elders and the hall masters in the palace felt extremely disappointed, and they looked at Grand Elder Yu. From their point of view, Grand Elder Yu was supposed to say something, reprimand Lei Ting for his doings and rebuke the outsiders to protect Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin’er.

All of these were the duties and responsibilities of the Swords Gate’s headmaster!

Grand Elder Yu however, remained silent while Lei Ting blatantly laughed as he looked at Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin’er. “Zhong Yue, Qiu Jin’er, my dear Seal Suppression Hall’s masters, are you not supposed to give an explanation to our friends from the outside? Remember, today is a glorious day for us, we cannot risk any damage in our friendship just because of the two of you.”

Qiu Jin’er was very sad, and just when she was about to listen to what Lei Ting said, Zhong Yue stopped her and said casually, “Elder Lei Ting, who are you to talk? Our headmaster has not said anything yet, are you even fit to talk right now?”

“How dare you!” shouted Elder Lei Ting furiously as he unleashed all of his power, producing lightning sparks all over the Golden Summit Palace.

As a Heavenly Dharma level Qi Practitioner, he displayed his prowess and his aura gushed towards Zhong Yue, trying to press him down.

“How dare me? How dare you!”

Having withstood Elder Lei Ting’s aura, Zhong Yue shouted back, “Lei Ting, where do you think you are standing at? This is the Golden Summit Palace, the spirits of our ancestors are watching us! How dare you shout like a barbarian here! Misbehave again and the spirit of our ancestors will show their wrath to you!”

Elder Lei Ting had a scare, he quickly looked around nervously, as if the spirits of the ancestors were really there, and he unconsciously dispersed his thunder.

Both Elder You and Elder Quan too, quickly looked around and checked everywhere, fearing that the spirit of the ancestors would really appear.

They were very worried because the spirit of the first headmaster of Swords Gate slumbered in the very palace they were standing in. If the spirit was awoken, then the place they were standing on would turn into a hell filled with bloodshed in an instant!

Elder Lei Ting was incredibly unhappy, but this time, he lowered down his voice and said, “You have offended our friend….”

“Friend?” Zhong Yue laughed and said coldly, “Xiao Yuan, Xiao Que, Xiao Qing, and Xiao Yin from the Xiao Mang Celestial Race killed Elder Shui Zian, yet you still see them as your friend? Zhong Li, Xiao Mang, Kui Long Celestial Race, the demons, dragons and the other races constantly chased after me to kill me, a hall master of Swords Gate! Did you do anything? No! Instead of helping your own people, you blame them and your actions have betrayed the humans, the Swords Gate, the teaching of our ancestors! You must die!”

Elder Lei Ting smirked and said, “You are shouting in the Golden Summit Palace…”

Zhong Yue interrupted Elder Lei Ting as he walked forward and said, “The outsiders came here with ill intentions, tried to kill the people of Swords Gate, and a hall master of Swords Gate! As an elder of Swords Gate, you did not even look into the matter closely and you even want to team up with the outsiders to kill your own people! You personally made this decision to ally with the outsiders to harm your people right in front of the headmaster, and caused great trouble for the Swords Gate without any valid reasons! Are you trying to betray all of us? If so, no one except for you should be killed!”

As he spoke, his voice grew louder and louder, his words were straight to the point and in the end, his voice was so loud that it echoed all over the palace.

In just an instant, Elder Lei Ting was intimidated, cold sweat appeared on his forehead and he stammered fearfully, “I…”

Zhong Yue then scolded him, “Shut the hell up! Now kneel at the side and await your punishment!”

Elder Lei Ting shivered, and just when he was about to kneel down, he suddenly regained his cool. He quickly stood up straight and said, “Little child! I almost fell for it, but you are no headmaster of Swords Gate, it is already against our culture for someone as young as you to disobey the elders like me! Besides, you have yet to give an explanation about you slaughtering the people of our friends…”

Shui Zizheng on the other side, laughed and said, “Some good speeches you had there, Seal Suppression Hall’s hall master! The palace, however, is not a place where you can just blatantly talk nonsense! Our friends came to congratulate our new headmaster, we must give them an explanation for your ill-doings!”

Xiao Yin then said calmly, “Headmaster Yu, your Swords Gate is in a state of chaos right now, even a little hall master dares to make the elders kneel down before him. If no actions are taken, the Swords Gate will be a laughing stock in the future!” 

Grand Elder Yu’s face immediately turned black and he said, “As the headmaster of Swords Gate, I now rebuke your position of the hall master of Seal Suppression Hall…”

Zhong Yue however, kept his calm and he said, “Just by wearing that robe does not make you the headmaster of Swords Gate, you still need the godly sword, the seal, and the acknowledgment from the sword spirit and godly spirit. After that, you still need to pray to the heaven and earth. Grand Elder Yu, the true headmaster of Swords Gate is still Headmaster Feng, for you have yet to inherit the godly sword, the seal, the true quintessences of the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】and you did not pray to the heaven and earth!”

Grand Elder Yu’s face changed slightly and he looked at Feng Wuji, his eyes landing onto the sword and seal in the hands of Feng Wuji.

Feng Wuji only gave him the robe of the headmaster, but not the sword and seal, and the prayers to the heavens and earth also had yet to be conducted as well. Without them, wearing a robe only granted Grand Elder Yu an unstable position, a position that could easily be rebuked by Feng Wuji if he desired!

Zhong Yue then bowed towards Feng Wuji as he said, “Headmaster Feng, you are the only one qualified to decide if I am guilty or not.”

Feng Wuji’s face changed slightly because he knew that Zhong Yue was trying to stir up chaos in his relationship with Grand Elder Yu. It was fine if he had to hand over the sword to Grand Elder Yu, but he would not hand over the seal, because he still needed to use the seal, which would determine if he could get his hands on the treasure hidden under Sword Gate Mountain.

Grand Elder Yu’s expression darkened as he saw the hesitation in Feng Wuji’s eyes, and quickly said, “Dear nephew Feng…”

Feng Wuji’s eyes twitched and he burst out laughing as he removed the sword dangling on his waist, handed it over to Grand Elder Yu, and said respectfully, “My error, I forgot to hand over the sword to you.”

Grand Elder Yu quickly took the godly sword, and said as he looked at the seal, “This seal…”

However, how could Feng Wuji possibly hand over the seal to Grand Elder Yu? After he ignored the question from Grand Elder Yu, Feng Wuji silently backed off as he thought, Yu Changji, it doesn't matter anymore if you hold any grudges towards me for not handing over this seal to you. After all, the destruction of Swords Gate is imminent and inevitable, there would be no use even if you had the seal with you…

Grand Elder Yu stared at Feng Wuji and instead of pointing fingers at Feng Wuji angrily, he laughed and said, “The sword is in my hands, we will now proceed with the prayers. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to invite all of you to be witnesses of the ceremony. The tall master of the Seal Suppression Hall, you have disrupted the peace of the saint palace and I will punish you, strip you from your position later, and along with the Elder Council, the friendly races here will decide if you are guilty or not!”

Xiao Yuan smirked and said, “Is there even a need to go through a prosecution? Such a filthy person should just be executed to set an example so that no one dares to disobey the headmaster in the future!”

Elder Lei Ting nodded and said, “Indeed, such a disobedient and ruthless person must be executed!”

“Senior martial sister Xiao Yuan, please remain calm.”

Grand Elder Yu looked around and said, “Dear elders, let us all remove Zhong Yue’s markings on the seal and re-elect a new hall master for the Seal Suppression Hall!”

Shui Zizheng, Lei Ting and another elder nodded, and they all walked forward, while Elder Tao Xinyi from the Tao Lin Clan, Elder Qiu Zhen from the Qiu Tan Clan, and the elders from the Tian Feng and Jun Shan Clans remained silent.

Grand Elder Yu immediately frowned upon viewing this, and he asked, “What is this?”

Tian Zhenru, the elder from the Tian Feng Clan, shook his head and said, “This Sun Innate Spirit Body, the reverse opening of the five wheels; Zhong Yue has proven his talent and a bright future lies ahead of him. I cannot understand why are we trying to harm him instead of protecting him, not to mention that this was all because of these outsiders you call friends?”

Grand Elder Yu said coldly, “You must have lost your mind, I think you should just resign your position in the Elder Council.”

Tian Zhenru sighed and he threw the elder token onto the ground without hesitation.

Grand Elder Yu then looked at the other elders, starting with Elder Qiu Zhen. Qiu Zhen laughed, hurled the elder token to the ground below the feet of Grand Elder Yu and said, “I received news that a bright star had risen and secured a place on the Godlike Board of the Lang ya Board. That bright star is our little Zhong Shan Clan’s member standing here! He is bound to become a very strong person in the future, perhaps greater than Headmaster Feng Shang! But now, with a person like you in charge of the Elder Council and even the Swords Gate, I am ashamed to be your friend anymore! People of the Qiu Tan Clan, the elder token is just right there and if any of you dare to pick it up, you will be expelled from the clan immediately! “

Grand Elder Yu’s eyes twitched and he looked at Tao Xinyi from the Tao Lin Clan, only to see the old lady throwing the token onto the ground immediately as she said coldly, “Grand Elder Yu, I have been friends with you for hundreds of years, but now, our friendship ends right here! Now, I am eager to see how will your life come to an end!”

Grand Elder Yu humphed and looked at Jun Wumei from Jun Shan Clan, who threw his elder token onto the ground, but remained silent.

Li Shan Clan’s Elder Li Panhua hesitated for a moment as initially, she had supported Grand Elder Yu. But after seeing his true colors, she was now on the other side of the fence and quickly said, “Senior martial brother Yu, you and I have been friends for hundreds of years. Right now, I hope that you will take back your words, give an order to cause bloodshed among these outsiders, and use the blood of these foes to proceed with the ceremony. If you do so, your name will be passed down generations from generations as the hero of the humans, but if you insist on killing Zhong Yue and ally with the outsiders, I fear that your name will be tainted eternally…”

Upon hearing that, Grand Elder Yu flinched, but he thought, If I allow Zhong Yue to live, how am I supposed to control him in the future once he has gotten strong enough? In the end, I will still get nothing!

“Junior martial sister Pan Hua, there’s no need to say anymore, I have made up my mind! We must give an explanation to our friends here, and justice must be served!”

Li Panhua showed a disappointed expression, shook her head and lamented, “Justice? How about the justice of our Swords Gate? Senior martial brother Yu, how did you become the monster you are now?”

Grand Elder Yu frowned deeply, and looked at the elders from the five clans who were staring at him expressionlessly without showing any intentions of picking the elder tokens back up.

The angry Grand Elder Yu then said, his voice heavy with disappointment, “I can’t believe that our friendships that have lasted for hundreds of years could not even be compared to a little boy! You have all let me down greatly!”

Elder You then suddenly broke in and said, “If they are not willing to become the elders of the Elder Council, you might consider assigning us as guest elders of Swords Gate! How about that, Headmaster Yu?”

Grand Elder Yu’s heart thumped quickly and he thought, Without the five clans supporting me, my position is very insecure and with only just me, it is impossible for me to control the other clans in Swords Gate! However, if I allow these outsiders to become guest elders, I could secure my position by using their power!

“Alright!” agreed Grand Elder Yu, as he made up his mind.

Madame Hua Zhen immediately spoke up with a happy smile on her face, “If so, please show us your sincerity first by releasing the seniors of our clans who are being sealed in the Seal Suppression Hall. How about we let Hallmaster Zhong redeem his sins by taking us to the Seal Suppression Hall?”

Among the disappointed elders and hall masters, the old Madame Tao Xinyi stood up suddenly and shouted furiously, “Grand Elder Yu, are you forcing us to rebel?”

“Rebel?”Elder Quan smirked and said, “We could let it go if you stopped obeying the order of the headmaster, but rebelling? Headmaster Yu, you should just let us wipe out these rebels and together, we will unite the Swords Gate and you will only become the real headmaster of Swords Gate without their presence!”

The atmosphere tensed up, and the battle was about to erupt at any time! For a moment, Grand Elder Yu’s expression changed rapidly as he struggled with his decision, but his expression soon returned to normal. Suddenly, just when he was about to give out an order, Zhong Yue said, “Please remain cool, everyone. I will bring you all to the Seal Suppression Hall right now! Give me the seal right away!”

In the palace, the intense atmosphere remained as intense as ever even after Zhong Yue voiced his proposal. All of a sudden, Feng Wuji coughed and walked towards Zhong Yue as he passed through everyone, handed the seal to him and said, “I too, have a family member being sealed in the Seal Suppression Hall. Thus, I will need Hallmaster Zhong to release him as well! Let’s go!”

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