Rise of Humanity

Chapter 309

Chapter 309 - The Celestials and Demons

All of the Qi Practitioners furrowed their brows, they were feeling uncomfortable with the sudden transfer of power between Feng Wuji and Grand Elder Yu; but five of the ten Elder Council elders had publicly announced their assentations while the other four remained silent.

The people of the Elder Council were the heads of the clans; their leaders and their decisions were unaffected by others, and the clan members could only remain silent.

However, how could the matters of the headmaster be played around so rashly, like a child’s game?

In less than a few dozen days, two transfers of the headmaster’s power had been made! This would turn into a joke that the celestials would make for years, and they would eventually take the title of Swords Gate headmaster as nothing but a farce.

Furthermore, the direct appointment of Feng Wuji by the late headmaster has already piqued the dissatisfaction of most of the Qi Practitioners. They deemed it against the rules of Swords Gate, but accepted it regardless as Feng Wuji was still young and he was an innate spirit body holder. There was still plenty of time for him to improve, and one day he would be able to stand on the same level as the late headmaster.

However, Grand Elder Yu was way past his prime. It was true he was now at the level of Imminent Deity, and it was rare for an aged man to achieve that, but there was no room for him to improve anymore. When he was still a grand elder, he has already been managing the internal affairs of Swords Gate, and even with him now acting as the headmaster, Swords Gate wouldn’t be able to improve much, either.

Thus, there would be more hope with the position of headmaster being in the hands of the next generation rather than an aged elder.

However, no one had yet stood up to express their objections. A large number of people were uncomfortable and were in opposition with the decision, but they kept it in their hearts, as there were also a considerable amount of people supporting the respected Grand Elder Yu.

As of now, Grand Elder Yu was asking Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie’s opinions. All of a sudden, all the Qi Practitioners were gazing over at Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie, who were seated to the same side.

Fang Jiange was indifferent; he said nothing and stood on the spot unmoving while a little turtle sat in his palm.

The old turtle yawned and said in a nonchalant tone, “My master only cares about the way of sword, he has no interest in this whatever headmaster at all. Grand Elder Yu need not think too much.”

Grand Elder Yu laughed in reply, “How would I? I’ve watched Jiange growing up from a little boy to the magnate he is now; he is talented and strong! I’m just checking if he is alright with me temporarily acting as the headmaster.”

The old turtle then answered curiously, “Then you should just ask my master, why did you even answer me? I’m just an old turtle, you are really thinking too much to even explain so much to an old turtle.”

Grand Elder Yu’s face stiffened up for a second, he then shook his head and said with a smile, “How puckish, but I will not argue with a turtle. Jiange has no other opinions, then how about you, Sixie?”

Jun Sixie stood up, and an elder of the Jun Shan Clan pulled her back by her shoulder, mumbling to her, “Sixie, don’t….”

The muscles on the young lady’s shoulder flexed, and the Jun Shan elder’s hand was flung away. Her eyes were as sharp as swords as she looked over at Grand Elder Yu, striking the figure of a brave heroine. Her voice was smooth and clear like spring water as she said, “Grand Elder Yu, five of the elders in the Elder Council support you, Feng Wuji willingly gave up his power to you, and Fang Jiange couldn’t care less about what is happening. But I’m not them, I’d very much like to know your capabilities!”

Grand Elder Yu smiled, and said leisurely, “Sixie, I’ve watched as you’ve grown up day by day, I’ve even taught you the ways of cultivation. I know very well of your prowess and if you insist, you can still give it a shot, I promise you will not be hurt.”

Jun Sixie’s aura suddenly erupted out, the True Spirit of the Water Innate Spirit Body holder emerged behind her. The celestial being had the head of a snake and the body of a human, a dark serpent coiled on its shoulder while it stood above a black dragon. Beneath it, waters bubbled out and soon, a miniature sea was formed in the air above Swords Gate!

Jun Sixie bolted up into the sky and stood above the ocean, right below the feet of her True Spirit, looking like a midget.

“Go!” she yelled. Behind her, a zither flew out from the light wheels and grew bigger and bigger; eventually it reached the size of a mountain ridge, hovering in mid-air while her True Spirit started playing a melodious song on the zither, resounding throughout the whole firmament.

“Grand Elder Yu, please!”

Grand Elder Yu smiled, and pushed his hand at an oblique angle right at the sky. His hand was getting larger as it traveled upward, looking like a meat mountain as he slapped at Jun Sixie.

The zither music grew louder as the snake-headed celestial being played faster. The changes in the music started to get vigorous and out of order as Sword Qi miles long were continually lashing out at Grand Elder Yu’s hand, each striking at different angles and places. It was a marvelous scene that dazzled the eyes of the Qi Practitioners. Some couldn’t even catch up to the Sword Qi, as they were too fast and too many!

In mid-air, the melodious sounds took the form of swords and formed into all kind of them. There was a sword mountain, some sword pillars, a sea of swords and other shapes, all coming from Jun Sixie’s zither notes!

Grand Elder Yu’s hand continued pushing forward, his fingers quivered rapidly and the all of the Sword Qi were shattered into dust, while his hand continued pressing forward without the slightest reduction in speed.

The zither was played faster and faster; the notes were so dense that they were compressed together. The snake-headed celestial being’s hands were blurs of wind, all of the different notes were mixing together. All of a sudden, another five arms were extruded from the celestial being’s body, a total of six arms thirty-six fingers moved like winds picking the zither strings to their limits!

“Sixie is really strong, indeed you have the prowess of a magnate cultivator.” Grand Elder Yu praised, and then continued leisurely, “But, this is still not enough.”

His hand rammed through all of Jun Sixie’s attacks, crushing the Sword Qi with his fingers and pressing toward Jun Sixie. His arcane energy was simply way too strong; he was, after all, an Imminent Deity cultivator, while Jun Sixie was still at the True Spirit level. She was no match for him in terms of arcane energy.

In the blink of an eye, his hand had reached the miniature sea, his palm was nearly as big as the celestial zither player.

Jun Sixie yelled a war cry, she flew to the top of the zither and swung her sleeves, the volume of the zither’s notes suddenly rose to their maximum, and a skyful of Sword Qi plummeted down at the incoming hand!

Pang pang pang pang pang…!

The zither strings were snapped away one by one, and all fifty strands of zither strings were split in two. They turned into a hundred zither string sword silks, lashing down along with the Sword Qi, targeting Grand Elder Yu’s hand!


The zither player pushed its six palms forward, the miniature sea turned into a huge tidal wave shaped like a palm and slammed down at the incoming hand!

Feeling the appalling power as it came closer, Grand Elder Yu’s face changed and he shook his hand, breaking through the huge tidal wave and sending Jun Sixie flying a distance backward before she started falling down from the lofty sky.

Chi chi chi —— The hundred sword silks pierced through Grand Elder Yu’s palm, and streams of bloody strings started flowing down from his hand.

Jun Sixie fell to the ground, blood trickling out from her mouth as she swung her sleeves and recalled the huge zither back to her. The zither shrunk as it flew towards her and returning to its usual size as it came back to her hands. The zither strings flitted through the air and returned to the zither, laying themselves down and restoring it to normal.

The snake-headed celestial zither player dispersed into smoke and was drawn back to her, disappearing into the top of her head.

“I’ve lost.” Jun Sixie was clearly not an ignorant girl who didn’t accept her defeat, as she conceded without any hesitations.

Grand Elder Yu clenched his hand tightly and the little holes on his palm stopped bleeding right away. He smiled and said, “Sixie, you are doing very well; for you to inflict some damage to me with your full power is in fact, a huge achievement that can place you on the top of most of the magnates.”

Jun Sixie had gone all out, her soul weapon and all of her skills were cast, and yet, she could barely fend off his incoming hand. Grand Elder Yu had defeated her in just one exchange with one hand, and proven his appalling prowess to the crowd. He was incredibly strong, which was why Jun Sixie conceded defeat so quickly. Even if the battle continued, she wouldn’t be able go on for long either.

Senior Martial Sister Jun is still the same ferocious young lady who doesn’t give in easily to things, her daring attitude to challenge the strong didn’t change at all.

Zhong Yue couldn’t help but laugh, thinking, The other four clans, the Jun Shan, Li Shan, Tao Lin, and Tian Feng, have yet to voice their opinions. Clearly they are not on the same side as the others. Other than the elders in the Elder Council, there are still other powerful elders who have yet to declare their positions; they are either just taking this as a farcical show and are watching Grand Elder Yu dancing around like a clown, or they are waiting for the situation to be clear so they can stand on the winner’s side. This is really interesting….

Grand Elder Yu asking for Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie’s opinions was only intending to show his superiority, and let the whole of Swords Gate know of his power!

He had defeated Jun Sixie in one exchange, and this had clearly proved his prowess to the crowd. However, Jun Sixie had returned the favor by making a hundred needle-like holes in his palm, making the situation a little awkward for him.

The conversation with Fang Jiange’s old turtle only added more awkwardness to the whole affair.

Grand Elder Yu glanced around and sighed, “It’s a pity that Senior Martial Brother Feng Shouzhu is not here, but with his magnanimity, he probably would not compete with me either...”

He was still intending to use Feng Shouzhu to show off his superiority, but realized that it was an extra move, and he could only give it up.

The Swords Gate Mountain had turned dead silent. No one spoke a word, and the ambiance was turning eerie.

All of a sudden, a sonorous voice broke the silence, it was laughing as it said, “Hearing that Swords Gate has a new headmaster now, the Zhong Li Celestial Race is here to congratulate him!”

“The Xiao Mang Celestial Race is here to congratulate the new headmaster of Swords Gate!”

“The dragon race is here to congratulate…”

The Shan Shen race is here…”

“The demon race’s Mistress Hua Zhen…”…

One after another, the race’s voices shook Swords Gate Mountain. The human Qi Practitioners were shocked as they looked over at the source of the voices: a huge ship, bird nest, dragon boat, and other transportation methods of the other races were now arriving at the Swords Gate, unbeknownst to them!

Their magnates alone outnumbered the Swords Gate experts!

Elder Tao Xinyi’s countenance changed drastically, she voiced her anger loudly, “Four Ken Beast! What is the Four Ken Beast doing!? Why didn’t he, who is supposed to watch over the Great Wilderness, not alert us of their arrivals!?”


Grand Elder Yu and Feng Wuji exchanged a look, Grand Elder Yu then raised his hand up and said with a smile, “Junior martial sister, there is no need to act this way. They are my old friends, they are just here to congratulate me! Come, follow me and we will receive our dearest guests!”

Tao Xinyi’s face changed drastically again, as she chided him, “The Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s Yin, Qing, Yuan, and Que are the murderers of Senior Martial Brother Shui Zian, how are they friends to us!? Since they have come here on their own, we will arouse the godly spirit, the Sword Spirit, and the divine sword to slay them right here, right now!”

Shui Zizheng suddenly laughed and said, “I’m the one that felt the deepest sadness for the death of my dearest elder brother; but today, it is Senior Martial Brother Yu’s big day, it is not so nice to spill any blood. Furthermore, they have traveled a long way just to congratulate us, they are our guests and since when do we kill our own guests?”

Tao Xinyi was enraged, she was totally furious and her voice even shuddered due to the overwhelming anger. She looked at Grand Elder Yu and asked, “Senior martial brother, what do you say?”

“Guests are guests, stay calm, my dear junior martial sister.” Grand Elder Yu laughed out loud, he was the first to step out and said in welcome, “My dear guests from the faraway lands, the Swords Gate is honored to receive you. Quick, please come in!”

Elder Tao Xinyi couldn’t take it and blood spurted out from her mouth, the Tao Lin Clan disciples quickly supported her before she collapsed to the ground. The old lady said in deep hatred, “Yu Da, our Swords Gate will be destroyed in your hands!”

The huge ship, dragon boat, and the other soul vessels entered Swords Gate and docked in the inner hall.

Grand Elder Yu Da led the crowd and received the guests, inviting them to the golden summit palace while the elders and hall masters followed behind.

You and Quan, the two elders and the others congratulated him when suddenly, Mistress Hua Zhen smiled and asked, “Who is this Zhong Yue of the Zhong Shan Clan? Please stand out and let me have a look at you!”

Grand Elder Yu quickly asked, “Why is the mistress looking for the Seal Suppression Hall hall master?”

Mistress Hua Zhen sneered coldly and said frigidly, “This Seal Suppression Hall hall master of yours has killed dozens of my maidservants, how daring!”

Xiao Yuan also sneered in anger, and said, “Come, I want the two brats of the Zhong Shan Clan and Qiu Tan Clan to come to me now! Killing nearly a hundred of my celestial disciples and stealing my Bright Moon Mirror away, I will sentence the two of you to death right in this palace!”

Elder You and Elder Quan then said to Grand Elder Yu, “The Seal Suppression Hall hall master has killed hundreds of my Zhong Li disciples, and ravaged a few tribes! We plead with Hallmaster Yu to hand out the two culprits!”

Xiao Yin sneered, “If you reject our request, it means that you intend to be on the opposite side from the few celestial races here, and the demon race!”

“Presumptuous!” Elder Lei Shan slammed his hand down and stood up, he scolded, “This is Swords Gate, and we of Swords Gate accept no humiliations! Not to mention the guests, even if it’s the gods themselves, we will also kill them dead!”

Elder Lei Ting quickly pulled him back and said, “Big brother, they are not at fault. Who asked the Zhong Shan Clan member and the Qiu Tan Clan member to kill their people? There is still a long way for you to fully recover to a healthy condition, you should rest more. After all, your grandson is a traitor to Swords Gate.”

“You!” Lei Shan was enraged, and his face turned as red as a tomato in extreme anger.

Elder Lei Ting smiled, “The less trouble, the better; Swords Gate has just welcomed our new headmaster, we are still too feeble now. The two members of the Qiu Tan Clan and Zhong Shan Clan are useless now, and we might as well hand them over as requested. This way, we can enjoy some peace between the races, wouldn’t this be great!”

The words had such an impact that Lei Shen spit out a mouth of blood and collapsed onto the ground like a piece of wood.

Lei Ting then quickly asked in deep concern, “Brother, didn’t I just say, your body is not in a good condition, it’s better for you to go back and get some good rest, you shouldn’t intervene in this matter anymore. Someone, come over and bring Elder Lei Shan back to his palace!”

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