Rise of Humanity

Chapter 307

Chapter 307 - Live This Life To The Fullest

Swords Gate.

The hall masters and elders were talking ear-to-ear, discussions were taking place between everyone as they were all equally puzzled and shocked by the old headmaster's decision of directly making Feng Wuji the new headmaster.

The ruckus lasted for days; according to the rules of Swords Gate, only the strongest Qi Practitioner could become new headmaster. Feng Wuji, Fang Jiange, and Jun Sixie were all True Spirit Qi Practitioners that had ascended in the same day. It would only be a matter of course to hold a challenge and appoint the strongest among the three as the next headmaster.

And yet, as opposed to the rule of Swords Gate, the old headmaster had decided to appoint his successor unilaterally. Moreover, he had released his dissatisfaction with anger when questioned by his brother, and punished Feng Shouzhu to be locked away in the Heart Questioning Palace. Everyone couldn't help but think that the staunch and unwavering Sword God had already departed from the world to leave an empty husk that was no different from an old simpleton.

What was more puzzling was the silence from the Elder Council, only Grand Elder Yu spoke a few words which didn't matter much at all.

The Elder Council held immense power within Swords Gate; they could even veto the headmaster's decisions in times of crisis. And yet, the Elder Council were uncharacteristically silent by not voicing any objection at all on this occasion.

Faced with such an unjust decision from the headmaster, Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie kept quiet. It felt like as if they had accepted the decision in silent reluctance. The injustice of the whole affair had instigated many to begin criticizing the headmaster as being muddle-headed in his old age and that his actions were acts of pure nepotism.

However, these words were spoken in private. No one dared not say it out loud nor spread it publicly.

Meanwhile, in the golden summit, the old man was carefully imparting Feng Wuji with the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, teaching him how to use the divine sword and the ways to communicate with the godly spirit and Sword Spirit of Swords Gate.

After the session ended, the old man was tottering as he struggled to get up. He gazed deeply at Feng Wuji for a few moments before he sighed and said, "Wuji, you … is there anything you want to tell me?"

Feng Wuji bowed respectfully and answered, “Headmaster, I’m troubled, I’m worried that I’m not perfectly competent to act as the headmaster. Please, may the headmaster reconsider his choices and take back your decisions.”

A flash of disappointment flitted across his eyes, and he continued with a gentle voice, "Anything else?"

Feng Wuji grew even more humble and said respectfully as he bowed, "Headmaster, your disciple is willing to act as your substitute to enter the Devil Soul Forbidden Land…."

The old man was even more disheartened, but he maintained his warm smile regardless, "You are still young, and there is a bright future waiting for you ahead. You need not be sacrificed in this matter, and there is no need to speak of this anymore."

He took out the jade seal of the Seal Suppression Hall and handed it over to Feng Wuji. He said in a serious tone, "The hall master of the Seal Suppression Hall has yet to return, the jade seal will be kept in your hands. Make sure to pass it back to the Seal Suppression Hall hall master when he gets back. This jade seal is of utmost importance. It needs the ten elders of the Elder Council to open the seal and refine it again. Other than that, no one else can use it to open the Seal Suppression Hall."

Feng Wuji's face remained unchanged as he kept the jade seal away and said, "I'll be sure to pass it safely to the Seal Suppression Hall hall master."

The old man gazed at him and heaved a long breath, "You are good, very good … I'm at ease with the Swords Gate in your hands. Wuji, you may come tomorrow to send me off…."

Feng Wuji nodded in silence. After seeing the old headmaster off, he lowered his head and looked at the jade seal in his quivering hands, "The jade seal … I have it now!"

A smile soon spread across his face, "It's finally in my hands! Now, Yin, Qing, Yuan, Que, the four priests, the two elders, You and Quan from the Zhong Li Celestial Race, the demon race's Mistress Hua Zhen and the others must be waiting right outside of the Great Wilderness now?"

“The jade seal is in hand, our plan for the Seal Suppression Hall can now be executed.”

All of a sudden, an old and hoarse voice echoed softly from behind his back into his ears, "The Seal Suppression Hall can never be opened without the elders refining it. However, the Elder Council is thankfully no longer an issue. Furthermore, you are now the headmaster. You can order them to open the jade seal, refine it and reopen the Seal Suppression Hall. With that, you can reopen the Seal Suppression Hall and release your father, but keep our deal in mind. After releasing your father, your current position as the headmaster will be mine to claim."

Feng Wuji smiled and said, "Be at ease, I only want my father and the thing underneath of Swords Gate Mountain, I have no interest in anything else. The Swords Gate will be yours, in regards to competence, I'm no match for you anyway, and neither is Fang Jiange and Jun Sixie, not to mention Feng Shouzhu. You've planned for so long, and it's time for you to reap what you've sown."

The old and hoarse voice guffawed loudly, he then said, "The old man was headed for the Heart Questioning Palace, we need to look closely at him and prevent any unwanted incidents! I'll head over and have a look!"

Feng Wuji laughed, he said, "You are too cautious, the old man will enter the Devil Soul Forbidden Land tomorrow. As long as he is in, there is no way he can come back alive. Tomorrow, everything will be settled, dust to dust and ashes to ashes. You will emerge out of it the ultimate victor!"

The figure behind him said in contentment, "A cautious man can sail said his boat in the mightiest sea for a million years. All of the achievements and powers I have today are only because of my prudence!"

He turned and left, while Feng Wuji held the smile on his face and mumbled, "Ultimate victor? How funny, the real victor can only be me alone … The thing under Swords Gate will only be mine! Whereas for the Swords Gate, I'll just throw it to the celestials to fight for it among themselves!"

In the Heart Questioning Palace, the old man walked into it, and Feng Shouzhu was seen bowing down to welcome his big brother's arrival. The two of them then sat down and gazed silently at one another.

The Heart Questioning Palace was empty with only the lamp lights brightening up the palace. Those who had violated the rules and committed crimes would be punished to this palace. They would have to stay in the palace for as long as need be. Those who entered would question their hearts and be forced to reflect on their transgressions

The two elderly man stayed unmoved for a few moments. All of a sudden, the old man stood up and knelt down at Feng Shouzhu, giving three kowtows solemnly.

Feng Shouzhu was unmoved as his big brother kowtowed to him, he said smilingly, “Big brother, if I refused to your kowtows, you will surely feel very apologetic, so I might as well not reject it.”

The old man finished the kowtows and said, "You deserve these three kowtows, but I'm not doing it because of me feeling apologetic. I'm doing it on behalf of the Swords Gate, and all of the humans in Great Wilderness."

Feng Shouzhu's face changed drastically, he quickly stood up and returned the kowtows, he said, "Please don't! I'll die in place of you, and if you kowtow to me of this, I can accept it candidly. But if you are doing this for the Great Wilderness humans and the Swords Gate, I cannot accept it as I'm also a human. Everything that is necessary will be done to ensure the continuation of our race; sacrificing myself in your place is necessary, but the kowtows from all of the human race and Swords Gate is too heavy for me to receive. I'll return them to you now!"

The two white-haired elderly man kowtowed to one another before sitting down calmly again.

The old man said, “You knew of my plan?”

"I knew ever since you recalled me back to Swords Gate and requested me to imitate your actions."

Feng Shouzhu said smilingly, "You've aged, turned skinnier, slim and thin just like me. It's not hard to counterfeit your appearance, but it sure is difficult to imitate your temperament. However, these two years of spending time together, I can now imitate nearly all of you, ninety-percent at least."

“Ninety-percent is sufficient.”

The old man's voice turned bitter as he spoke, "You knew that I had planned your death and that you will replace me in entering the Devil Soul Forbidden Land?"

Feng Shouzhu nodded, he laughed, "The Sword God Feng Shang must die, only by making sure the Sword God is dead will our enemies let their guards down and swarm out at ease. Yet, the Sword God Feng Shang mustn't die, his death will lead to the fall of Swords Gate, no one else other than him can save us from the destruction. Which is why tomorrow, I'll be the one to enter the Devil Soul Forbidden Land. I'll be in your place while you will be in mine; Feng Shang will be in the Heart Questioning Palace. The legendary Sword God will wait like a deadly cobra, and he will strike at the heart of our enemy when they least expect it! You are my brother, my dearest blood brother. I'm the only one that knows you the best; if you need me to sacrifice for you, I will never say a word and neither will I lock my brows!"

The old man lowered his head as tears started bursting out from his eyes, Feng Shouzhu said, "Don't cry, after my death, you wouldn't live for long either. We will reunite not long later."

He was despondent as he continued, "I've heard from my crazy nephew that there is this thing called the Six Paths Reincarnation and that there is a life after this. So I've been thinking, if there really is one, I want to be the big brother, while you be my little brother…."

The old man then removed his outer clothes and Feng Shouzhu wore it — his voice, face, stature, movements, and aura started to change. Feng Shouzhu later became a complete replica of the old man. He smiled and said, "Big brother, it's time for me to go."

The old man was downcast, while he changed himself into the mirror image of Feng Shouzhu. He said bitterly, "Tomorrow, I will not be there to see you off…."

Feng Shouzhu nodded silently, he walked to the door and just when he was about to open the door, he suddenly stopped, turning his head back and asked, "Big brother, say, does humanity have a brighter future ahead of them?"

The Feng Shouzhu that was sitting in the middle of the palace nodded heavily. His voice was strong and determined, "We will, yes, we will!"

And the true Feng Shouzhu sighed, "How nice would it be if you and I can live long enough to witness the arrival of that day … if we can live to that day, we can then be in peace even after death…."

He raised his head high in the air, and the tears flowed down the wrinkled of his wizened yet tranquil face. "Will anyone ever remember us after we die? Will anyone continue worshipping us? Our spirits ... I suppose not even our spirits can stay in this world? Thousands and millions of years later, no one will remember us, and we will be forgotten in the sands of time. None will know that there were once two old men that fought with their lives for humanity's future. But it's fine ... it's better if the children of the future don't have to think about things like this…."

In the palace, the old man said, “Live this life to the fullest, and leave no regrets behind.”

“Live this life to the fullest?”

Feng Shouzhu nodded, he said, "Yes, we will live this life to the fullest! Big brother, I am not as strong as you, but I am a few years younger, I can endure for a longer period in the underground, long enough to earn another five hundred years of safety for Swords Gate. Promise me that you will kill a few more brats for me!"

He then opened the palace door and tottered his way out of the Heart Questioning Palace.

The palace door closed to leave behind an old man sitting in the empty palace in cold solitude.



The next day, all of the Qi Practitioners stood beside the precipice of the inner hall, flesh and meat were squirmed at the bottom, trying to climb up — below them, was the Devil Soul Forbidden Land.

The headmasters of Swords Gate would all enter the Devil Soul Forbidden Land at the twilight of their lives, and they would cull the disturbances in the forbidden land.

The Devil Soul Forbidden Land had been disturbing the peace of Swords Gate for many years. If the evil creatures in it were released, not only would the Swords Gate be destroyed, but the whole of Great Wilderness would also be ravaged.

However, not a single one of them had ever returned from the Devil Soul Forbidden Land.

They would squeeze out the last bit of their energy, and they would fight with their lives until the end in the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, all so that their people above the ground could live in peaceful oblivion for another five hundred of years. That was ... until the time the next headmaster has to do the same, and the

 cycle would begin anew.

Today was the day where their old headmaster would enter the forbidden land, the whole of Swords Gate was dead silent. Faintly, one could hear the sobbing of the female disciples. Some of the girls were emotional, and they couldn't contain their tears. Even the male disciples were furtively wiping away the tears in their weeping eyes.

The ‘old man' turned and looked around, he called over Feng Wuji, Fang Jiange, Jun Sixie, Grand Elder Yu, and the others. He said, "After my death, the Swords Gate will be in your hands, do not fail my expectations of you. Wuji, don't stir trouble and treat everyone fairly, love your people and work to ensure a brighter future for them. Senior Martial Brother Yu, Wuji is still young and inexperienced, I hope you can help him in dealing with the internal affairs. Jiange, Sixie, there can only be one headmaster; of the three of you, I can only choose one, the two of you must be good aides to the new headmaster, do not have any other unnecessary thoughts."

Grand Elder Yu's eyes turned red, and he sobbed, "Senior martial brother, let me go in your place!"

The ‘old man' laughed, "Nonsense, I'm too old to live any longer, it's natural for me to go. You still have a few years ahead. You can save the rest of your lives and serve Swords Gate better."

Grand Elder Yu turned hesitant as he asked, “Senior Martial Brother Shouzhu….”

"Let him stay in there for a few more days. I'm afraid he might not be able to withstand the impact of witnessing his big brother's death."

The ‘old man' smiled, he walked to toward the precipice, and on the other side, Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er have just reached in time; their eyes met, and the ‘old man’ smiled at them before his figure disappeared to the bottom of the precipice into the forbidden land.

My blood will light up this world. It will cast off the darkness that plagues us, and with this life of mine, I will blaze the path to humanity's future!

Chapter Notes:

My blood will light up this world. It will cast off the darkness that plagues us, and with this life of mine, I will blaze the path to humanity's future!

- Feng Shouzhu

Also, chapters will come out whenever possible for now, so, keep track on the number count.


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