Rise of Humanity

Chapter 215

 Arc Four - The Dragons

Chapter 215 - Eastern Sea Rebellion

Ancestral Star? Flame Order?

Zhong Yue was shocked as he had never thought that the planet they lived on would have such a storied history!

So how has the Ancestral Star declined to such an extent? What happened throughout all these years? Not only that, how did the Fuxi Celestial Race that was a behemoth back then degenerate to become the lowest class human now?

Zhong Yue had a thousand questions in his heart but it was obvious that Chi Liannu and Ao Xiu were incapable of answering them as even Xin Huo who had been around for such a long time was oblivious to the answers to these questions as well.

Then, he thought to himself again, If this is the Ancestral Star, then many things could be easily explained, the Celestial Emperor who built his Celestial Empire in the West Barren must have discovered that there are many secrets hidden here. Thus, he built his empire here on this planet. But he left long ago, could it be that he left because he was unable to uncover the secrets hidden here?

“Other than that, the Heavenly Emperor came back here to bury himself when he sensed that we were going to die,” said Ao Xiu as she threw out this shocking news.

Zhong Yue then quickly asked Xin Huo, “Xin Huo, could it be that the huge graveyard under the Great Wilderness, East Barren and West Barren belongs to this Heavenly Emperor?”

Xin Huo shook his head and replied, “At your current level, you are definitely unable to discover someone like the Heavenly Emperor and as compared to the standards of a Heavenly Emperor, the graveyard under the Great Wilderness is more in line with the standards of a Celestial Emperor.”

“A Celestial Emperor’s graveyard?”

Zhong Yue was stunned and he murmured, “The one that once ruled the entire West Barren is also a Celestial Emperor, could it be that instead of leaving this planet, this Celestial Emperor had buried himself here instead?”

Xin Huo shook his head and said, “This I have no idea. If he died and buried all those demons and gods die alongside him, then there may be a possibility that he left behind his treasures and descendants here. After all, there are still so many celestial races in the West Barren. And also, what the girl said was right, there are many things left unexplored in the Ancestral Star and the many Celestial Stars!”

The sea races rebellion was quickly suppressed and the rebels were all captured and beheaded by the soldiers under Ao Xiu’s command.

These sea race rebel were all incredibly huge and when they were beheaded, their voluminous blood dyed the sea red and their bodies that were the size of a mountain floated atop the sea, attracting thousands of sharks to swarm their corpses to feast on.

The scene of these sharks swimming around and devouring the corpse was extremely macabre, making the girls slightly frightened and repulsed; even someone like Zhong Yue felt the urge to look away from this grotesque spectacle.

Ao Xiu however, was used to it and she signaled her servants to summon her soldiers back as she said with a laugh, “Now, Junior Martial Brother Long Yue, follow me back to the saint city of our Ao Clan.”

Zhong Yue nodded and the golden ship started sinking into the water. When Zhong Yue looked around, he saw that the entire ship was enclosed in a huge bubble.

The golden ship sailed deeper into the darkness that engulfed them. Suddenly in the dark, light could be seen ahead of them and when Zhong Yue looked towards that direction, he saw a huge tower standing firmly in the deep sea. On top of the tower was a bright pearl that shimmered with a dazzling radiance.

Along, there were towers standing in the deep sea at fixed intervals that were engraved with totem carvings all over them and emitted a bright light that also lit up the surrounding darkness.

As they sailed deeper, Zhong Yue realized that in this deep sea, they actually had comprehensive and sophisticated traffic routes that led towards every part of the deep sea!

On their way to the saint city, there were also other huge ships that sailed quickly into the sea as well. Some of them just sailed in the water while some other were enclosed in huge bubbles like they were.

But there were more sea race Qi Practitioners that traveled by themselves as they did not possess any movement soul weapons like ships and boats. They seemed to occupy a lower position in the sea.

Obviously, after many years of managing and ruling over the deep sea, the dragon races had managed to build a well-developed civilization that was no worse than the those on the land!

Zhong Yue also saw towns and tribes of the sea races with many soldiers located along the roads in the deep sea as they stood sentry to guard the safety of the deep sea.

After half a day, the golden ship arrived at a huge city in the underwater depths with its prisoners. The city was incredibly huge, grand and luxurious. It was built atop the mountains in the water, lending it an image of strength and majesty.

As the ship sailed closer, the city became even bigger and majestic in their visions. It was enclosed in an incredibly huge bubble while terrific powers and auras could be felt coming from this city.

The Eastern Sea’s Dragon Palace!

This Dragon Palace belonged to the palace of the Ao Clan and the other huge clans like the Jiao, Yu, Li and Po Clan also had something similar in their palace as well.

Judging from this, it was obvious that the power of the dragon races were leagues above the races that occupied the East Barren and Great Wilderness!

Zhong Yue thought to himself, The power of the dragon race is incredibly terrifying. This race can actually compete with the celestial races in the West Barren or even some other stronger races! If they manage to regain territory on land, then the Great Wilderness and East Barren will be no match for them. But I think that the dragon race is very wary of the celestial races as well. Besides, the dragon race’s control over the entire Eastern Sea seems to be slightly unstable as they are troubled by rebels everywhere and the huge clans of the dragon race seem to have their own agendas.

The golden ship then docked at the platform located right at the front of this underwater dragon palace and Ao Xiu got down the ship as she said to her servant, “Bring Junior Martial Brother Long Yue around and notify Senior Martial Brother Fenglou.”

The servant nodded and when Zhong Yue and the others looked around to measure this legendary dragon palace, they saw that the army of the dragons were beheading the rebels on top of the city walls.

As the humongous heads fell down from city walls and their blood splashed about before being immediately absorbed by the dragon totem carvings on the city walls.

Ao Xiu looked around and said, “Seems like the dragons’ forces are doing well in suppressing the rebels. I wonder if they’ve managed to suppress all the rebels? Junior Martial Brother Long, pardon me as I have to report back to the higher-ups and am unable to accompany you to meet Senior Martial Brother Fenglou.”

Zhong Yue nodded and replied, “Please, do not worry about it, senior martial sister.”

Ao Xiu then walked away quickly and the servant quickly said, “Master, please follow me.”

Zhong Yue then led the girls and followed behind the servant but Chi Liannu suddenly said, “Your senior martial sister will be going to look for a handsome partner, we will part ways here, Junior Martial Brother Yue.”

The girl then quickly disappeared from their sights and the servant immediately shook her head as she said, “Looking for trouble.”

Zhong Yue laughed and asked, “Why is that so, senior martial sister?”

The servant then replied quickly, “They said that Chi Liannu is a snake and her race could be said to be related the sea serpent race. The sea serpent race is a lowly race in the Eastern Sea and this Chi Liannu would definitely be treated as an inferior being. Thus, even a dragon race servant would ignore her existence, not to mention marrying a male dragon. The Jiao Dragon males are naturally very affectionate but they would definitely not put the sea serpents in their eyes and even if she did manage to find one, she would probably be ignored or even made to be a slave.”

Zhong Yue was confused and he asked, “But if snakes cultivate diligently enough, they could turn into a Jiao Dragon. So why do the Jiao Dragons despise the snakes?”

The servant then replied, “Master, after becoming a Jiao Dragon, a snake’s identity will change drastically from a low class being to a high class being, with that, will the snakes’ lowly identity matter to the snake that had already successfully transformed into a Jiao Dragon anymore?”

Zhong Yue laughed but he felt pity towards Chi Liannu as he thought to himself, This monster will definitely run into some walls, this is bad. If she fails everywhere else, will she come back to me?”

Not long alter, the servant led Zhong Yue and the others to one of the palace’s doors and she knocked on it. Moments later, a laugh could be heard and the doors opened while Ao Fenglou’s voice could be heard, “Junior Martial Brother Long, you have finally arrived in the Eastern Sea, I’ve waited more than enough!”

Then, Ao Fenglou, along with an entourage of young men and ladies, walked out and welcomed Zhong Yue and the other girls before leading them into the palace. Ao Fenglou said with a laugh, “I’ve waited for too long and the elders of my Ao Clan were making so much noise and urged me to bring you here. They wanted to meet with you so badly and thank god that you have finally arrived! If you weren’t going to come soon, I would only be annoyed to death by these elders!”

Zhong Yue then laughed and replied, “You’re exaggerating, senior martial brother.”

Ao Fenglou then introduced Zhong Yue to the young men and women followed behind him, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Long Yue that has been making the rounds lately. Now, the many elders of our Ao Clan have made him the lord of East Barren and in the future when we dragons got back to the land, the East Barren will be his territory! Junior Martial Brother Long Yue, these talented handsome men and beautiful ladies are from the Jiao Clan, Li Clan, Yu Clan and Po clan. They are sent to acquire more experience for themselves under me in my Earth Courtyard!”

As Ao Fenglou introduced his companions to Zhong Yue, Zhong Yue greeted every one of them with respect and they all reciprocated in Fenglou in kind, but there were also some that elected to ignore him as well. The cold shoulders Zhong Yue received made him slightly shocked but he immediately realized, Xiang Dragons are half-monster, half-dragon and their bloodline is not as pure as the pure dragons. With the matter of bloodlines being everything in the dragon race, the Xiang Dragons are destined to be looked at with contempt by the pure-bloods among the dragons.

The dismissive gazes of these companions did not cause Zhong Yue to falter at all as his identity as a dragon was fake since the beginning and he only managed to be listed in the family book of the dragons through Ao Fenglou’s assistance. Therefore, the position of the Xiang Dragons among the dragons did not bother him at all.

“Senior Martial Brother Fenglou, I am here because I have a request.”

Zhong Yue then smiled and said, “My maidservants are now on the verge of becoming a Qi Practitioner but there were no other high-quality spirits for them to find so I brought them here to search for one. Could you please….”

Ao Fenglou understood immediately and he replied as he laughed, “No problem, leave it to me!”

He clapped his hand and a muscular sea race member came out. Ao Fenglou then gave a token to that sea race and said, “Bring these pretty ladies to the Million Soul Pavillion.”

The sea race Qi Practitioner nodded and led Long Chun’er and the other girls away towards their destination.

Zhong Yue felt relieved and Ao Fenglou said again, “Junior Martial Brother Long Yue, stay here for a few days and have a look around the Eastern Sea, now, excuse me while I notify the elders….”

Before he finished talking, extremely loud noises could be heard from the ancient dragon city and the noises became louder and louder, and then, a powerful yet horrifying aura rose in the center of the city, rocking the entire city.

“Bad news!”

“The sea race’s Sea King Sha Qishan has rebelled and has secretly created a portal that allows the Kun Peng races in the Wood Celestial Star to teleport here!”

“Elder Council, all departments, your orders are to suppress the rebels with everything you have! Kill the Sea King, the Kun Peng races, and destroy the portal! You must not let the Kun Peng race’s godly spirit to come here together with them!”

Huge waves formed and from the deepest part of the ocean came a horrifying aura, suggesting that there was a horrifying existence there. The huge waves were formed when the strong Kun Pengs teleported here!

Ao Fenglou’s face changed rapidly and he quickly said, “Dear junior martial brothers and junior martial sisters, stay here at my place for a few days while I join the effort to suppress the rebels! Junior Martial Brother Long Yue, stay here in my place for a few days and we will discuss our matters after we eliminate the rebels!”

Zhong Yue nodded and Ao Fenglou immediately walked away hurriedly.

The surroundings suddenly became awkward and Zhong Yue looked at the few young dragon cultivators as he thought, These dragons look down on the people with low bloodlines. But it is a good thing if I do not have to deal with them.

As he was about to leave, a Jiao Dragon young man suddenly provoked, “The lord of East Barren? How dare a low-class Xiang Dragon dare to become the lord of East Barren?”

Zhong Yue stopped his steps and as he turned back, “Is there a problem with that?”

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