Rise of Humanity

Chapter 163

Chapter 163 - Thunder Blighted Pool

After becoming a Qi Practitioner, he had been traveling around on his own, even staying in the monsters’ land for half a year without any formal instruction or training and armed with only his own wits and Xin Huo’s guidance. This lack of formal education resulted in his complete ignorance of the ways of cultivating the soul.

Besides, Xin Huo was an extremely unreliable guy as well and had never taught Zhong Yue how to properly cultivate his soul. If ‘Shui Qingyan’ had never off-handedly mention that the moonlight could bring benefits to the soul, god knew how long it would have taken him to obtain a proper method of cultivating his soul.

Therefore, ‘Shui Qingyan’ could be considered as pointing out a way to Zhong Yue and providing him with a big help!

He then continued to cultivate day and night. However, as time passed, the moon spirit’s cultivation began to stagnate, whereas the sun spirit’s cultivation speed increased even more.

And this is why although the sun and moon spirit were are considered as the two strongest spirits, the former was deemed superior to the latter.

After all, so long as there were no clouds blocking the sunlight, sun spirit could continue to absorb the sunlight, contrary to the moon spirit whose fastest cultivation speed is restricted to the days where there is a full moon. With that, there are simply far fewer opportunities for the moon spirit to efficiently cultivate as opposed to the sun spirit.

If there were two Qi Practitioners and they cultivated the sun spirit and moon spirit respectively, the one that cultivated the sun spirit would ultimately have greater achievements than the other one. That sun spirit Qi Practitioner would also be stronger than the other one!

But Zhong Yue was different; he cultivated the sun and moon spirit simultaneously. The sun and moon spirit in him had merged together and had long since formed a symbiotic relationship, enhancing each other’s strengths and covering for each other’s weaknesses – forming a rudimentary Yin Yang cycle. Therefore, the sun and moon would strengthen in tandem with one another; enhancing the sun spirit would do the same with the moon spirit and conversely, doing so for the moon spirit would pose the same benefits for the sun spirit.

As such, Zhong Yue had eliminated this potential delay in his cultivation as he could still utilize the sun spirit to nourish the moon spirit despite there being no moonlight in sight!

The human eyes could be separated into Yin and Yang and with the shape of the human eyes, a simple Tai Chi Picture is formed.

Zhong Yue then realized this and he finally knew why did Xin Huo asked him to cultivate the sun and moon spirit into his eyes. It was all because that the eyes were a simple Tai Chi system where the sun and moon spirit could help each other to grow!

And the two eyes could be considered as a Yin Yang Tai Chi and the third eye on the forehead could absorb the energy produced by the moon and sun spirit to obtain incredible power!

Zhong Yue couldn't help but to admire the ancient Fu Xi celestial race as they could achieve something that incredible on just their eyes whereas he needed a few months just to achieve the beginning level of it!

No wonder Tai Yi that created this refining system could become the Heavenly Emperor!

The sun, moon eye and the divine third eye formed a little system where the sun and moon eye helped each other and they generated energy that nourished the divine third eye, increasing each others’ power, making it easier to cultivate.

However, there were still many things that he could not understand and Zhong Yue did not wake Xin Huo up as he is still in his slumber.

Time passed and without knowing, half a month has passed and Zhong Yue’s Yuan Shen grew rapidly, being even closer to achieve the peak level of the Rebirth level.

A Rebirth level Qi Practitioner will never be able to achieve more than the extreme limit of twenty feet Yuan Shen. When a Rebirth level Qi Practitioner’s Yuan Shen reached the extreme limit of twenty feet, it will not be able to grow anymore and in turn, its power will not grow as well.

At this point, the Qi Practitioner will have to find another way to increase his Yuan Shen, which is also why there is the Awakening level that opens the Five Wheel Realm in the body of Yuan Shen that allows the Yuan Shen to grow!

In fact, most of the Qi Practitioners’ Yuan Shen stopped growing before they could achieve the extreme limit, leaving them with no options but to forcefully advance into the Awakening level. This was mostly because of their unstable base that suffered injuries that could not be detected, which restricted their future achievements.

Those that achieved the extreme limit of twenty feet Yuan Shen would be considered as geniuses, just like King Teng, Yu Xuanji, Hu Qimei, Heavenly Monster Li Jun and the others that Zhong Yue encountered. However, these guys were the only ones that achieved the extreme limit among the entire monsters.

This day, Zhong Yue felt excited as the psyche in his psyche ocean became thunderous liquid, sparkling thunder sparks each time they moved, emitting strong currents!

The thunder blighted pool!

The pool was only thousand acres big, only about one third of the previous size but the energy contained within was much stronger. In fact, not a single previous state of his psyche ocean could compare with the current state!

Psyche ocean that evolved into the thunder blighted pool, I have finally achieved it!

Zhong Yue was happy and surprised. As his psyche moved, they turned into a Jiao dragon that charged towards the dropping thunder. Previously, his psyche could not resist the thunder at all and they will be shattered by the thunder. But now, the Jiao dragon formed by his psyche could withstand the power of the nature thunder and it suffered no injuries at all!

Other than that, the Jiao dragon even siphoned the thunder power of the nature thunder and it swam freely and happily among the thunder!


Zhong Yue laughed as Sword Qi flew out, forming into the【Sword Seven Style】. As the Sword Qi flew, he could felt that the power of the Sword Qi was a few times stronger than before!

Nice, nice!

Zhong Yue felt happy and he retracted the Sword Qi. Following after that, various totem carvings emerged from his bodies and his psyche branded all over his bone structures, turning into various Jiao dragons totem carvings that surrounded him. At that moment, he felt the Jiao dragons’ power within him became immensely powerful and each time he moved, he breached the sound barrier, creating loud noises!

He then moved and the Golden Crow Wings extended and the sharp feathers flew everywhere. Suddenly, he moved his psyche and the golden feathers shot out and turned into colorful Sword Qi that ran wildly around the skies!

Then, Zhong Yue retracted his wings and the colorful Sword Qi rampaging in the skies disappeared and turned back into feathers before returning into the wings. Zhong Yue then opened up his wings and started flying, breaching the sound barrier as he flew!

Suddenly the golden wings disappeared and Zhong Yue could be seen running in the air with his legs. As he ran, he brought up strong wind currents and his speed was nowhere slower than the golden wings!

Then, he suddenly descended from the sky and the Yuan Shen behind him turned into the Six Eyed Starry Toad with its mouth opened widely!

Mang gu——

Sound waves were created by the toad and a cloud in front of it was dispersed by the sound waves, causing water to rain towards the ground!

Amazing, truly amazing!

Zhong Yue laughed as he flew even higher and he thought, With my current resistance, the thunder at this level could not do anything to me anymore. If I want to cultivate even faster, I would have to challenge the thunders on a higher level and refine myself with stronger thunders! I guess I should be able to visualize the complete【 Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】 by now so resisting a stronger thunder would be normal!

Up in the sky, the thunder became even stronger and frequent as Zhong Yue flew higher. Heavy injuries were inflicted to him when he once entered the strong current level in the skies when he was trying to shake off the pursuit of the Yin brothers. How strong could the thunders be if they could injure Zhong Yue heavily in just one strike!

As soon as Zhong Yue entered the strong current level, he saw countless thunder shooting out at each direction before exploding. When they exploded, Zhong Yue saw a huge dragon claw appearing faintly behind the clouds!

Ka cha——

Another thunder struck around him and he saw a huge dragon body slithering behind the clouds. It was a thunder dragon formed by the thunder currents in the strong current level! As the thunder kept on exploding, the thunder dragon became even more solid and its power became stronger and stronger!

Now, let’s see if you could injure me anymore!

Zhong Yue immediately visualized and the thunder blighted pool in his psyche ocean immediately formed the structure of the Flame Orderly Palace and the Sovereign Tree with Sui Sovereign sitting in the main hall of the palace. The Sovereign Tree stood highly outside of the Flame Orderly Palace and the Golden Crow circled around the Sovereign Tree and resided in it.

At long last, he finally managed to visualize the complete【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】!

In the strong current level, the thunder dragon was also formed completely. It emitted strong thunders that lightened up the sky that could even shame the sun. Then, a thunder shot out and landed on Zhong Yue!

But the thunder strike that could injure an Awakening level Qi Practitioner heavily only shook Zhong Yue by an inch as he resisted the thunder unharmed!

Instead of being injured, Zhong Yue felt the thunder that struck him only provided thunder power that gushed all over his body, refining his psyche, soul and body, removing the harmful particles in them, thus, purifying his cultivation base! He then thought, Xin Huo is right. The thunder blighted pool is indeed powerful. If Meng She was alive and fought with me again this time, I do not have to retreat anymore!

Other than that, his absorption speed of the Beast God’s essence became stronger and he will no longer risk turning into the Xiang dragon like the last time as the rampant Beast God’s essence gushed out. Now, as soon as the Beast God’s essence surged out, Zhong Yue could immediately convert them into his psyche and bloodline power!

With the thunder blighted pool, my cultivation speed became much faster!

After a few more days, Zhong Yue felt that his Yuan Shen has reached the bottleneck and it would not increase any further even if he cultivated it. Now, all he had to do is to breach open the Wu Xing Wheel in his Yuan Shen and he will advance into the Awakening level straight!

I have accumulated enough Wu Xing power and my Yuan Shen has reached the extreme limit without any obstacles! I would not be able to win the Xiao Mang celestial race if I followed the traditional steps slowly. I have to achieve the Awakening level through the reverse opening of the Five Wheel Yuan Shen realm!

He descended from the sky and walked towards the Golden Summit of the Swords Gate. Not long later, when he got to his destination, he saw the elders walked out from the Elder Councils and they had a serious expression on them. Elder Shui Zian was also among them.

Elder Shui is back, does that mean that the negotiation with the Xiao Mang celestial race is done?

Zhong Yue stood at the side and looked at the elders leaving the Elder Councils as he thought, They looked so serious. Elder Shui must not have be able to convince the Xiao Mang celestial race to allow Fang Jiange to participate in the battle.

He then entered the palace located in the Golden Summit and he saw Qiu Jin’er sitting in her wheelchair at the back of the courtyard with a pretty woman behind her. The pretty woman was Qiu Jin’er’s mother and Zhong Yue has met her long ago. Unlike Grandmother Lu, Qiu Jin’er’s mother treated Zhong Yue very nicely.

Behind the back of the old man was Feng Shouzhu and Feng Shouzhu said, “Madame Qiu, could you please leave us for a moment? Also, get prepared as Jin’er has to leave today to the Western Barren.”

The pretty woman nodded and pushed the wheelchair away.

The old man then looked at Zhong Yue and said with a relieved expression, “You have reached the extreme limit of Yuan Shen? Good, good boy! What a shame, there’s no time left or I could have taught you how to reverse open a wheel first. Now, I could only teach you the way and you will have to open your first wheel by our own.”

He sighed and said again, “Reverve opening of each wheels could be very dangerous. Without me guarding by your side, you will have a slight chance of success but without me, I’m afraid you do not stand a chance at all… If you think that you could not do it, then you should start by opening the Wu Xing Wheels first.”

Zhong Yue nodded and said, “Headmaster, please teach me.”

“Come with me.”

The old man stood up and walked towards the deepest part of the palace and he said, “I will take you to the godly spirit of the Swords Gate. This godly spirit is the spirit of the founder of the Swords Gate. He is also the first one to open the first wheel reversely and the god of us humans. He was also the one that slain the Tian Myriad Mother back when he opened up the Wilderness.”

Chapter Notes:

Hoho, he is going to learn the arts of reverse opening the realms/wheels! Wanna know what's special about reverse opening it? (Other than it being stronger, obviously~)

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