Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Losing All Standing and Reputation

Everyone will reap whatever they once sowed. Notwithstanding that heaven may have some good things, yet the chance of it to fall onto one’s head in real life in this world was minuscule. Falling beneath the effect of liquor was never a good thing, for one would lose reason and sanity. It was nothing but a simple trap, yet Tang Zhen and Director Bai’s group of four had easily fallen into the pit though they had unusual statutes. And what awaited them were tragic and miserable ends.

While watching the quartet rain down curses at Wang Zidong as they were taken away by the police, Tang Xiu dialed Ouyang Lulu’s cell number and spoke, “Bring Li Xiaoqian out and accompany her to the Police station to file a report and sue these bastards. It would be perfect if ‘attempted rape’ is filed upon their heads.”

“Okay, we’ll come out shortly,” said Ouyang Lulu with a smile before hanging up the phone.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath. Then, he patted Wang Zidong’s shoulder and said, “I got you wronged because of this. Remember to contact me whenever you visit Star City, I’ll treat you to a drink in the best suite in the Long’s Dining Hall.”

Wang Zidong’s eyes lit up and immediately replied with a smile, “Will do when I have some time to spare.”

He was very excited inside since he could tell that Tang Xiu had accepted him. Maybe he was only regarded as an ordinary friend, but at least it was still a friend. Suddenly, he felt grateful to Tang Zhen and Director Bai. If they didn’t treat Tang Xiu’s female fellow student that badly, how could he have such an opportunity to win his favor?

Tang Xiu didn’t participate in the following matter, but the incident progressed in the direction he had designed. Because of Li Xiaoqian’s report, the thorough and detailed investigation was conducted while the Huang, Fei, and Wang Families helped fan the flames, making the quartet get apprehended under criminal charges. Wang Zidong also sent their orgy video in the Clearlake Club to their families, causing a furor as their four wives as well as other family members made a ruckus in the prison. In the end, four divorce settlements were sent to the quartet. Because it was them who derailed their marriages, the property distribution they would get after the divorce would likely be very pitiful.

Losing all standing and reputation as well as falling from grace, perfectly portrayed the situation the quartet was in.

The second day after the incident came to an end, it was three days away from the New Year’s Day. Ouyang Lulu returned to Jingmen Island with a fulfilled heart, and Long Zhengyu returned from Nine Dragons Island, bringing along with him Mu Qingping and Gu Yin.

It’d been half a year and Gu Yin was already five-plus centimeters taller now. Her small stature was straightly lean and she gave off a bearing of nobility. She was very excited after seeing Tang Xiu as she clung to him and didn’t want to leave even a slight step.

As for Mu Qingping, she reported the detailed situation in Nine Dragons Island at present; she had fully grasped the situation there. Furthermore, she had now become a very qualified steward after going through training after training the instructors. She had even trained many attendants as well after putting in some effort, and the number of attendants in Nine Dragons Island had now reached 80.

“We’re short on money at present.”

Finally, Mu Qingping concluded her report about the situation over there with these words.

Tang Xiu lightly smiled and transferred 20 million yuan to Mu Qingping’s account via mobile banking. Then he smilingly said, “Money is not a problem. Notify me in advance if you’re short on money later.”

The straightforward kindness Tang Xiu displayed was very much to Mu Qingping’s satisfaction and happiness. She realized that ever since she met Tang Xiu, her whole life had turned into splendor as though it was a dream. She used to live adrift, moving from place to place, a miserable and sorrowful woman who brought her daughter to seek medical treatment, who now turned into a respected chamberlain in the eyes of many people. Having an extravagant and luxurious life in a luxurious castle and that was in charge of 80 attendants, as well as in control of dozens of extraordinary armed forces.

“By the way, before coming here Mo Awen asked me to ask you when you will assign them back. They heard that the HQ in Jingmen Island is currently selling resources for cultivation. They have a lot of money but they can only receive the resources provided for them by the HQ but are unable to purchase them with their own money.”

Tang Xiu’s expression moved as he nodded and replied, “I’ll make a note about this matter and will have it arranged later. Sis Mu, you just came back from abroad, so it should be quite laborious and you must be tired, too. Stay here first, we’ll return to Star City together tomorrow.”

“Have your parents been good all this while?” Asked Mu Qingping with a smile.

“They are now in the capital. I just called them yesterday and they said they will return to Star City the day after tomorrow,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “As for us, we’ll go back one day ahead so as to prepare some good things for the new year in advance. Anyways, Sis Mu, we are already a family, so you too must celebrate the New Year with us every year in the future.”

While feeling warm inside, Mu Qingping nodded and said, “We used to be a widowed mother and an orphan, so celebrating the New Year was not that meaningful to us in the past. But now is different since we have you and your parents. Yinyin and I know that we now have several more loved ones; family members.”

Gu Yin held Tang Xiu’s arm at the side and spoke with a smile, “Yinyin misses Grandpa and Grandma. Master, would Grandpa and Grandpa miss Yinyin too?”

“That’s of course!” Tang Xiu smiled. “They often complain to me that they miss you, Yinyin! If there were only a few things to tend to in this less than half a year, they would have left for Nine Dragons Island to see you, Yinyin. Ah, that’s right, tell me, how is your cultivation at present?”

Upon hearing this, Gu Yin looked somewhat downcast as she said, “Master, Yinyin is kinda out of wits and has been unable to break through to the Golden Core in these two months.”

Tang Xiu stared blankly before he quickly asked, “Did your cultivation broke through to the Peak Foundation Establishment Stage?”

“Yeah! I reached the Peak level of the Foundation Establishment Stage two months ago,” answered Gu Yin. “Master, you told Yinyin that I’m quite clever, but no matter how hard I try to condense my Golden Core, I still have no means to condense it like you said. That’s right, Uncle Awen and Uncle Awu also gave two pills to Yinyin, but it still didn’t work.”

Secretly, Tang Xiu was speechless and dumbfounded. Six months ago Gu Yin was nothing but a small child who knew nothing about cultivation. Six months had passed by and her cultivation had progressed by leaps and bounds and she now reached the Peak Foundation Establishment Stage. Such a speed could only be described with one word--Terrifying! Even in the Immortal World, those children who hailed as geniuses were said as outstandingly great if they could reach the Foundation Establishment Stage within six months. Moreover, they were also aided with a lot of cultivation resources.

One’s physique is indeed an innate capital!

Sighing inside secretly, Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “Yinyin, you just entered cultivation for a very short period of time. Breaking through the Foundation Establishment Stage in six months is already very outstanding in and of itself. Listen to Master’s words. The first thing you need to do now is not to let yourself be occupied by the thought of breaking through to the Golden Core in the near future. What you need to do is to solidify your Foundation Establishment Stage firmly. When you feel that you have 90% assurance of breaking through, you can condense your Golden Core and become a Golden Core expert.”

Gu Yin quickly nodded as she laughed and said, “Yinyin will listen to everything Master says.”

Throughout the day, Gu Yin was plastered at Tang Xiu’s side, whereas Mu Qingping went to her room to rest. Huang Xu then caught up and came to the club, as well as Fei Shan and Wang Zidong. They talked with Long Zhengyu and learned from him that he has brought with him Tang Xiu’s little disciple. Immediately, they assigned people to buy a lot of gifts.

Dusk finally came. Inside the luxurious suite of the Supreme Hall, Gu Yin looked at the pile of exquisite gift boxes that was taller than her in front with an excited expression on her adorable and cute small face.

“Yinyin, these are the gifts we bought you. Unwrap them and take a look whether they are to your fancy,” said Huang Xu with a smile.

“Thank you, Uncle.”

After saying thanks, Gu Yin unwrapped and opened the beautifully packaged gift boxes. Clothes, shoes, princess hats, fine watches, mobile phones, tablets…

Under the watchful eyes of Huang Xu and the rest, they could see that the excited expression on her face fading away a bit each time she opened another gift box. When she opened more than a dozen, the excited expression on her face was no longer there.

Huang Xu, Fei Shan, and Wang Zidong exchanged dismayed looks. They couldn’t figure out what happened with Gu Yin at all. How come she didn’t look happy at all after seeing their gifts?

Curious, Huang Xu probed, “Yinyin, are these gifts presented by Uncle not to your liking?”

“Yinyin already has all these things,” replied Yinyin with a low mood.

“What?” Huang Xu and the others were dumbfounded and looked at each other in dismay, being at a loss as to what to say for a period of time. They then remembered that Gu Yin was a treasured disciple of Tang Xiu, and the Master really cherished the performance of his little disciple, so he probably had provided these things for her already.

Then… what kind of gifts should they give?

Wang Zidong hesitated for a moment before he suddenly took a checkbook from the pocket of his coat and wrote 2 million yuan in a brush before handing it to Gu Yin and smilingly saying, “Yinyin, Uncle has not married yet, so I don’t have a child and am clueless about what children like. Therefore, Uncle is gifting you money to buy anything you like. Also, consider it a gift from Uncle for our first meeting.”

Huang Xu and Fei Shan seemed to be inspired by him as well, as they also took out their own checkbooks and wrote 2 million numbers, all of which were then given to Gu Yin.

Gu Yin turned her head to look at Tang Xiu, who was sitting on the sofa at her side with an inquiring look on her face.

“These uncles of yours are rich people, Yinyin. They are giving you pocket money, so just accept it! However, give the money to your mother. After you’ve determined you want to buy, find your Mom and ask for the money to buy them.”

Gu Yin suddenly looked excited and said, “Master, Yinyin wants to take a test to get a driver’s license.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing and said, “You’re still too young, girl. You can’t take that test yet.”

“Even if I can’t get the card now, but at least I can learn it, right?” Gu Yin quickly said. “Uncle Awu secretly took Yinyin several times already to drive yachts and operate the helicopter. Yinyin has nearly grasped all of it. It’s just that I… I haven’t had much practice. Uncle Awu said that practice makes perfect, so Yinyin wants to buy a yacht and a helicopter.”

Cough! Cough, cough…

Tang Xiu, who was sipping tea, suddenly choked and spurted it out, whereas Huang Xu, Fei Shan, and Wang Zidong stared at Gu Yin with dumbfounded and tongue-tied expressions as though they were looking at an alien.

After wiping his mouth, Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “Like I told you, you’re still very young right now, it is not suitable for you to fly a chopper. Anyhow, I’ll tell your Mom to order a few yachts, nevertheless. So you can drive them whenever you want to go to the sea.”

“En, en. Thanks a lot, Master!” Gu Yin immediately cried out with an enthusiastic expression.


Huang Xu, Fei Shan, and Wang Zidong gulped down their own saliva at the same time by the decision made but the master and disciple duo. Their shock was really difficult to add up again.

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