Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 513

Chapter 513: The Power of Fate and Destiny

The Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal was placed atop the table in front of Ouyang Lulu. The seal that was made of quality bronze was as though it had not been eroded by the passing years, and seemingly looked bright and clean.

The moment his spiritual sense seeped into its interior, a dimensional space appeared within the void as a torrent instantly devoured Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense.


Tang Xiu, who was sitting on the boat while examining the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal with his spiritual sense, suddenly contracted his pupils. He spurted out a mouthful of blood and his complexion turned ghastly pale.

At the side, as Li Laoshan saw Tang Xiu’s appearance, his complexion greatly changed. He hastily grabbed Tang Xiu’s arm to prop him up and quickly asked, “Brother Tang, you… are you all right?”

With eyes staring fixedly at the Imperial Jade Seal, Tang Xiu was as though unable to hear Li Laoshan. At this time, stormy waves were currently raging inside his heart. Never once did he expect that a void space had actually formed inside the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal, more so that a tremendous amount of power of fate and destiny was residing there.

The power of fate and destiny is a very mysterious existence, for it is ethereal, invisible, as well as imperceptible. However, it affects everything in the universe at all times and everywhere. Either a sentient or an object.

Each and every person has the power of fate and destiny. Those who are lucky will have a stronger power, and those who are plagued by misfortune have less of it.

Every country also has the power of fate and destiny within them. Prosperous countries have a strong power of fate and destiny, while the weaker ones would have either a broken one or a weak power.

The power of fate and destiny represents part of the Heavenly Dao or the manifestation of God’s will, affecting the path of myriad things. Being full of this power would ensure good fortune and auspicious omens, resulting in the power overflowing throughout the country, strengthening and making it prosperous.

During his time in the Immortal World, Tang Xiu had visited too many countries and continents to count, and experienced countless dynasties rising and declining, during which he obtained numerous treasures from them. But he had never seen nor heard of any object that can contain the power of fate and destiny. Not even once had he ever thought about some one-sided revelation from the Gods Realm, which was said that the power of fate and destiny could form such a visible shape akin to flowing water whenever it had reached a certain extent.

It’s limitless and immeasurable. The amount of this power of fate and destiny is akin to an ocean. How powerful could this power of fate and destiny be to form such a shape?

Tang Xiu’s heart was shaken by this shocking discovery, and had difficulty calming himself down. At this moment, his eyes were burning hot as he fixed his gaze at the Imperial Jade Seal.

He must get it! He must obtain it regardless of the cost!

He once received a revelation from the Gods Realm, thus he was perfectly aware of how precious this power of fate and destiny was. Even in the Gods Realm, this object was something countless deities dreamed of. Tang Xiu must obtain it despite being unaware of what effects it could bring.

“280 million!”

“300 million!”

“310 million!”


Its price kept rising, and at least a dozen great figures who were interested kept bidding. However, he was still very cautious about the increasing the bid despite having a lot of funds he could use at will. Yet the price didn’t seem to be increasing very high at all.

“1 billion!”

Tang Xiu took Li Laoshan’s bidding sign and shouted in a deep voice.


On over a hundred small boats, various wealthy and powerful figures turned their eyes to Tang Xiu. The vast majority of them were able to recognize him as Tang Xiu, the young divine doctor of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

Therefore, regardless of whether Tang Xiu’s quote was too high or not, most of them didn’t want to offend Tang Xiu, the young Divine Doctor, hence the disappearance of 90% of the bidders.

On the platform in the middle of the river, however, Ouyang Lulu suddenly felt joyous inside after hearing 1 billion bid. However, she felt that the voice was very familiar, thus piquing her curiosity. After following the direction of where everyone was looking, disbelief instantly filled her eyes.

How could it be… Tang Xiu?

She rubbed her eyes to make sure they weren’t betraying her, as a dazzling smile then immediately covered her flawless, beautiful face a moment after.

“1.1 billion!”

“1.2 billion!”

“1.201 billion!”

The bidding only stopped for ten seconds before it picked up again. However, the number of bidders was reduced by 80%, leaving only four people still competing.

“2 billion!” Tang Xiu once again raised his hand and called.


The crowd fell into turmoil as the guests began to whisper.

“The miracle-working doctor Tang seems to be determined to win this Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal! He dares to bid 2 billion for it. Does he really have so much money at his young age?”

“Divine Doctor Tang and that fellow Li Laoshan are together? Could it be that Li Laoshan is trying to help Tang Xiu? But then again, it would be too costly, and would he even be willing to spend 2 billion for him? Could it be that Li Laoshan’s closest person is sick or something?”

“Oh dear! That’s an outrageous deal! I thought the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal would be sold for 1.8 billion at the most. I didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would actually increase the price so crazily. Surely he isn’t holding hands with the Situ Family?”

“Aargh, forget it! Tang Xiu is a Divine Doctor, after all. Who never had his family members get sick? If we get into his bad graces now, he may refuse to help us later.”

“I don’t think it’s worth the price.”

“Ah, forget it. Forget it!”


Nobody started bidding again amid the animated chattering.

On the platform, Ouyang Lulu took the microphone and said with a beaming smile, “Everyone, I really didn’t expect that today, Ouyang Lulu’s sweetheart would actually come here. He even so boldly burned such a great sum of money just to buy the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal! However, I believe his vision, so this Qin Emperor Imperial Jade Seal is absolutely a great object. Anyone of you still wants to compete with my sweetheart? If not, then I want to thank everyone for helping save the family money…”

Just as her voice fell, everyone burst into laughter. Many loudly teased Lulu. Lulu, however, was unperturbed, and unceasingly cupping her fists toward everyone instead, while repeatedly nodding her head in acknowledgement.

Tang Xiu could only wryly smile as he was at a loss whether to cry or laugh upon seeing Lulu’s smiling face as well as all the fuss in the surrounding. He was already aware of her wild horse-like character, as well as her fiery and unconstrained personality. But now, this was practically the same way as touching his sore spot!

Li Laoshan’s laughter was particularly loud. He grabbed Tang Xiu’s shoulder and loudly laughed, “Brother Tang, your luck with women is truly great! Hahaha, I’ve heard about this little princess of the Ouyang Family. She’s proud like a queen, and is bold enough to even shroud the Heavens. However, I never thought she was this bold and straightforward. To think she dared to announce your affair in public. You really a blessed, buddy!!!”

A smile also hang on the corner of Wang Daoyuan’s mouth as he said, “Yeah! Your luck with women is truly great, Brother Tang! I never thought you would bump into your girlfriend here. Anyways, when you two get married later, this Old Brother of yours will surely send a great wedding gift!”

“Two Old Brothers, would you please not to listen to Lulu’s gibberish? We… We are just friends. Our relationship is nothing but PURELY friends.”

“Hmph, shameless!” Su Yaning rolled her eyes to Tang Xiu as she whispered.

Although Tang Xiu could hear her, he didn’t feel like telling her the truth of the matter. After making up his mind and pretending not to hear it, he looked at Lulu and loudly asked, “Hurry up, there’s no one else competing with me. Just quickly announce that the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal is mine!”

Ouyang Lulu took the microphone and said with a tender smile, “It seems that my family’s Tang Xiu can’t bear to wait. Since no one wants to compete with him, then this Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal belongs to our family. However, since we have yet to get married and I haven’t gotten the financial authority to handle the funds, therefore I can only ask the staff to ask the payment from him.”

“Next, we’ll auction the second item…”

Laughter accompanied the beginning of the second item’s auction. Then, a dozen items were auctioned consecutively. Their prices were not very high, as the item with the highest price was only sold for tens of millions.

Below the platform, Tang Xiu also finalized the business deal with a member of the Situ Family who came by rowing boat. After transferring the money via online banking, he then obtained the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal.

“Brother Tang, I know that this Qin Emperor Imperial Jade Seal is indeed a treasure being handed down for generations, but was it worth it for you to spend 2 billion?” said Li Laoshan, who came to look at the Imperial Jade Seal in Tang Xiu’s hand.

“The things I like are priceless. Since I have taken a liking to it, I don’t care how much it costs,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile.

Expressing his approval, Li Laoshan sighed in praise, “That’s what I like from you. How absolutely true was that ancient wisdom. Something liked by a man, even a thousand gold can never buy it, for it is priceless.”

Wang Daoyuan also repeatedly nodded and exclaimed his approval, “That’s right. Living means to be alive, and it is up to us to spice up our own lives in a free and easygoing manner. Just buy whatever you like at once, and undertake your affairs in life and move forward happily. Though Brother Tang is young, you’re more thorough compared to us! That’s really admirable…”

“Two Old Brothers, you two are overpraising me,” replied Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

Su Yaning was unable to speak out anything about what Tang Xiu did. In her opinion, Tang Xiu’s action was simply an act of a prodigal son. Despite feeling animosity toward Tang Xiu deep inside, yet she felt somewhat distressed. It was 2 billion! Prior to this, the Su Family only had assets amounting to tens of millions, and she had already been proud and smug because of it. But she never expected that Tang Xiu would be this rich.

It must be noted that half a year ago Tang Xiu was nothing but a poor and silly student. Not only did his family live a destitute life, he was also an idiot. But in less than half a year, he had undergone earth-shaking changes she was unable to fathom.

Nevertheless, there was also a bit of regret inside her. She regretted treating Tang Xiu bad before. Had their relationship been better, their Su Family would have been blessed with good fortune after Tang Xiu gained his abilities. Especially after Tang Xiu was discovered to be a descendant of the Tang Family from Beijing. Had this fact been known to their family before, they wouldn’t have given Tang Xiu and her aunt—Su Lingyun a cold shoulder before, nor would they humiliate and persecute them, but rather flatter them.

Is this the fucking train of thought of a human’s heart?!!

A bitter and astringent feeling rose inside Su Yaning’s heart as she silently lowered her head. Although she did have a deep animosity toward Tang Xiu inside, yet she actually regretted it more, self-examining herself through a deep introspection.

Chapter Notes:

The title, as well as the following explanation in this chapter, refers to either the Power of Fate or the Power of Destiny. I opted to have both represented in the term of Power of Fate and Destiny. In the Heavenly Dao, Fate is like out of men’s control while Destiny has slightly more positive connotations that could be interpreted as what you meant to do. Some ancients interpreted that destiny is like the destination of a journey ones can make; while fate is what ones have been given. The two are inextricably linked and is two sides of the same coin. But heck, it’s a confusing subject so let’s leave it at that. LOL… I don’t want to get more headache.

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