Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Disparity

The late boat was also boarded by four guests. Two of them were obviously bodyguards judging from their attire, while the other two was a man and a woman. The man was bald with a sparkling gold chain around his neck and was wearing a faint smile on his plump face, while the woman was elegant and beautiful, donned in a professional dress.

Tang Xiu’s eyes only stayed for a moment on the bald middle-aged man, as he gaze then shifted to the woman; he had a deep relationship with her.

“Wang Daoyuan, the owner of Beijing’s Highrise Construction.”

Li Laoshan squinted his eyes and looked at the approaching party, as he touched Tang Xiu’s arm and whispered.

Tang Xiu couldn’t care less about who the other man was. What he cared about was why would Su Yaning appear next to Wang Daoyuan, and even donning a professional outfit.

As the boat drew near, Wang Daoyuan then took a cigar box from his bosom and took out two cigars from the inside. Right as the two boats were only two meters away from each other, he threw one to Li Laoshan and clamped the other in his mouth while glancing at Su Yaning. He creased his brows, however, since his young secretary didn’t even look at him, and instead was looking at the young man next to Li Laoshan.

It’s him?

Wang Daoyuan’s face flickered, since he could quickly recognize who Tang Xiu was. He immediately took out another cigar and handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, “Brother Li, I never thought you knew Divine Doctor Tang. I may be a rough man, but the distinguished name of Divine Doctor Tang is akin to thunder in my ears.”

Though reaching out his hand to receive the cigar, Tang Xiu only gave Wang Daoyuan a slight nod in response. As his vision fell on Su Yaning, he then said in an indifferent tone, “If you have done enough crazy things outside, now scram and go home. I’ve been keeping the key to your house in Star City for you.”

Animosity suffused in Su Yaning’s eyes as she indignantly shouted, “Our Su family doesn’t need to be pitied by you. The winner is always the king and the defeated will become a bandit. That house is yours, and not ours!”

“You still know that your surname is Su, huh? Then if you don’t forget your ancestors, go and return to the Su Village to see your grandmother if you have time. Xiangfei has been behaving great recently, at least he now understands what filial piety means,” Tang Xiu coldly snorted and replied.

“Whether or not I understand what filial piety means is not your damn business!” Su Yaning angrily rebuked.

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly as he turned to look at Li Laoshan and Wang Daoyuan, who looked at them with a strange expression. He then spoke to the two men lightly, “I have to tell the two of you that unexpected things may happen at any time, for misfortune and happiness may come to someone in the morning or evening. Life has never been easy to anyone, yet if enmity is not settled amicably, there will be no end to it. No matter if you two will get what you want today, I hope that the two of you will live in peace together later. When this auction is over, I invite both you to dinner. I hope the two accept.”

Li Laoshan instantly realized the reason why Tang Xiu spoke these words. It was probably because of that batch of steel products. He gently nodded and threw a glance at Wang Daoyuan.

Wang Daoyuan squinted his eyes and smilingly said, “Since it’s the Divine Doctor Tang himself that has spoken, I naturally won’t refuse. But as the local snake in Beijing, it is I who must be the host tonight!”

“No, tonight’s banquet must be on me, for it can be regarded as me helping to resolve some minor conflicts, to begin with. You can rest assured! As a member of the Tang Family, I can still afford to pay for a meal.”

A member of the Tang Family?

Wang Daoyuan was taken aback. His pupils immediately flickered as his round stature straightened up in an instant, and then smilingly replied, “Since it’s a treat from Brother Tang, I’ll be sure to bring the Gods Nectar I had just gotten with great difficulty.”

A hint of laughter could be seen on Li Laoshan’s face as he said, “Brother Daoyuan, since Brother Tang must treat us, it should also be him to treat us Gods Nectar! Besides, however many bottles you have, you won’t be able to defeat him!”

Surprised, Wang Daoyuan said, “Is Brother Tang able to get Gods Nectar through his network and relations?”

Su Yaning was currently sitting next to Wang Daoyuan with eyes suffused with anger, but when she heard that, she whispered to him, “Boss, he’s the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.”

“What?” Wang Daoyuan’s expression changed, as he stared at Tang Xiu with disbelief.

With his keen listening ability, Tang Xiu naturally could hear Su Yaning’s words easily, as he chuckled and said lightly, “Yeah, that’s right. I’m the Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.”

Shocked, Wang Daoyuan sized him up with a deep gaze and then sighed, “Talented people will replace the old ones, and such excellent characters always come out in every decade. Brother Tang is still so young, yet you’re already have such a brilliant business. That’s really not easy at all! Well, I’ll have to thicken my face to have a drink with Brother Tang tonight. Also, that steel shipment belonging to Brother Li will also be returned to him tomorrow morning.”

A faint smile was Tang Xiu’s only response to him.

As for Li Laoshan, he cupped his fists and smilingly said, “Brother Wang, we’re in the same line of business, so I’m hoping that we can get closer and have more cooperation later on.”

“Sure thing,” said Wang Daoyuan with a smile.

After saying that, he turned to look at Su Yaning while secretly pondering what relationship his young secretary had with Tang Xiu.

Intelligent as he was, Tang Xiu was able to guess what Wang Daoyuan had in mind from his expression. He then smiled lightly and said, “Old Brother Wang, since my naïve and insensible cousin is working in your company, I hope you will take care of her well. You don’t have to care about my face later if she doesn’t perform well and you’ve to fire her. Besides, I already have some arrangements for her later.”

“Mind your own business!” Su Yaning glared angrily at Tang Xiu.

Startled, Wang Daoyuan’s mind whirled. His face was immediately covered with a smile, as he cupped his fists and said, “Rest assured, Brother Tang. I’ll definitely treat her well while she’s working in my company.”

Originally, Wang Daoyuan was quite interested in this young secretary of his who was quite capable and hardworking, and was also planning to take her to bed after a period of time. But today, after he learned her relationship with Tang Xiu, he instantly dropped the idea. If Tang Xiu was merely a miracle-working doctor in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, or even only the Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, he wouldn’t be afraid. But Tang Xiu’s another identity as someone from the Tang Family of Beijing was something he would never dare to provoke.

As for Su Yaning, she shifted her eyes to Wang Daoyuan and looked at Tang Xiu again while feeling quite bitter inside. Originally, she thought that she would certainly be able to get a handsome paycheck from the Highrise Construction company in the future due to her recent diligence and ability, thus obtaining a good career. Even if she left the Highrise Construction Group in the future, she would have amassed a lot of capital to regain the past glory of her Su Family.

At that time, she would have a powerful foundation and capital to stand before Tang Xiu, to make him understand that he could not bully her family that easily. She would stand before him, making him regret what he had done to her parents.

However, at this time, she realized that she was literally not an existence that was on par with Tang Xiu whatsoever. Even if she were to go all out and work herself to death, that was a height that was nearly impossible for her to achieve. After all, even her Boss, who was proud to the bones, was almost flattering Tang Xiu about his performance; that attitude was way too humble.

This won’t do. I must never give up!

Su Yaning clenched her fist and shot a cold look at Tang Xiu before she turned her eyes away.

At this time, on the platform built in the middle of the river, Ouyang Lulu held a row of pallet behind her as a beautiful woman then nodded to her. Then, she picked up the microphone, looked around and said with a beaming smile, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome and thanks for participating in the 181st Capital Auction. It’s my honor to have been invited by the Situ Family to host today’s auction. By the way, I’m Ouyang Lulu, a public figure from Jiangmen Island.

“The time is already ripe for this auction to start. I know that everyone who has come here today, each and every one of you is a respected figure with fame and prestige. So I will not waste your precious time. I hope that all of you will be able to buy what you want in this auction. Thus, without further ado, I now announce that the 181st Capital Auction begins now!

“The first item to be auctioned today is the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal! This Imperial Seal is a token symbolizing the highest authority during the period of the Qin Dynasty, as well as a treasured item that is comparable to China’s national treasures. The floor price will be 100 million, and the bid to increase is at 1 million, at least. And now, let the bidding start!”

Just as Ouyang Lulu’s voice fell, the people on the hundreds of boats looked shocked. They had never expected that the first item to be auctioned would be the Imperial Jade Seal of the Qin Emperor, which was also a national treasure.

It had to be noted that the first item to be auctioned in a general auction would usually be a decent one, and the top finale was usually placed on the last three or even the last one. Could it be that there were more precious things than the Qin Emperor's Imperial Jade Seal?

“101 million!”

“102 million!”

“105 million…”

Indeed, the guests who were eligible to participate in this Capital Auction were all great figures with identity and wealth. Tang Xiu heard from Li Laoshan that the people who had the qualifications to attend this action must be recommended by at least two people who had participated in the auction before. Even the applicants must possess a wealth exceeding 1 billion yuan, and each of them could only bring three people to accompany them.

Because of this reason, the auction of the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal caused many to set their eyes on it, making the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal price to steadily increase.

Tang Xiu shook his head. He didn’t have much interest in the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal. The purpose of his visit to this auction was to help Li Laoshan and Wang Daoyuan resolve their conflicts, and at the same time, protect Li Laoshan’s Yuchang Sword from being robbed.

Nonetheless, there was something that Tang Xiu still wanted to discern. What was special about the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal to think that its floor price was set at 100 million yuan? His vision then passed to the back. And when he saw the seal made of bronze, he couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly about how strange human’s thoughts were. Although men tend to collect things whether the world is chaotic or prosperous, yet those things wouldn’t be able to help them. But buying it like staking a thousand pieces of gold on one throw was totally bizarre, for it was simply like throwing money away.


Tang Xiu suddenly creased his brows as he sensed a spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth all of a sudden. A moment just now, it was even probably richer, and there was a fluctuation of a very special aura that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

What happened, exactly?

He looked around, yet he didn’t see anything peculiar on anyone. He instantly released his spiritual sense and enveloped a 200 meters’ radius. After two seconds passed, Tang Xiu observed the drifting spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth that was slowly rising toward the Qin Emperor Imperial Jade Seal in front of Ouyang Lulu. It turned out to be the cause of that fluctuation.

This Imperial Jade Seal…

Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment. Then, he instantly covered the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal with his spiritual sense and tried to slowly penetrate its interior.

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