Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 509

Chapter 509: Visiting Beijing Again

A splendid performance was the strategist’s merit, while a military exploit and medals of honor belonged to the executors. As the smell of blood enveloping the edifice of the Magnificent Tang Corp gradually faded away, the follow-up actions was of no concern to Tang Xiu. He believed that Kuwako would be able to play her role well.

He didn’t return home but stayed in Kang Xia’s office. Sparks flickered in the dark as the smoke curled up and flooded every nook and cranny of the office.

Thinking was a natural gift of the wise.

Tang Xiu was someone who was adept at analyzing things. Although his EQ was mediocre, his IQ was exceedingly high. Since entering Shanghai University he realized that he seldom contemplated and thought things through, while the past him would need to stop his pace and take a good stroll to contemplate things over.

During his contemplation, he realized something that made him helpless. The mighty torrent of life had been pushing him to continue moving forward. He may be able to control a lot of things, yet there were things that he least expected to appear in his life, many of them even just burst out all of a sudden.

Family, cultivation, and development.

These were the three directions and path of life he had set for himself, yet they had unknowingly drifted away. Hence, he now needed to think. Which issues were light and which ones were heavy? And in light of that, what kind of life did he really want to have in the future?

It was the early morning, and with it came heavy rain. The curtain of rain covered the horizon, causing the entire world to look grayish and grim. It was the kind of rain that pressed the city down, as if seemingly wanting to vanquish all the sights to behold underneath the sky. And such a scene also seemed to blow away all Tang Xiu’s problems. As he stood before the window looking down at the pedestrians below with their colorful umbrellas, as well as the road that was filled with a long queue of vehicles, a smile appeared on his face.

One would have to plan his own life to have a smooth journey.

He didn’t know when he would be able to break through the blue horizon above his head and step yet again on the fertile land of the Immortal World. However, he believed that he would be above the myriads races in the Immortal World someday in the future, thus what he needed to do while living his life on Earth was to enjoy the warmth of his family, as well as cultivate himself diligently, and nurturing the seed of his own force.


The door was pushed open, and Kang Xia came inside wearing high-heeled shoes and a bag of a famous brand. When she saw Tang Xiu standing by the window, her eyes immediately turned bright. Her slender legs elegantly moved forward, as she threw her bag on the sofa and hugged Tang Xiu’s waist from behind.

“You didn’t go back last night?”

Tang Xiu slightly turned his head and replied with a faint smile, “No. I was thinking about something.”

Releasing Tang Xiu, Kang Xiu circled around and asked, “What were you thinking about?”

“About the meaning of living,” said Tang Xiu, faintly smiling.

“I don’t think there’s anything to contemplate about that, no?” Kang Xia couldn’t help chuckle. “We chance upon life, so we just need to live our life splendidly, and never let ourselves reach the end of our life while thinking that we spent our time in idleness.”

Tang Xiu laughed, “Kang Xia, let’s relocate the HQ!”

“Where to?” Asked Kang Xia curiously after she stared blankly.

“Let’s move it to Shanghai,” answered Tang Xiu.

With a doubtful expression, Kang Xia replied, “But, Boss, though our company has good income and funds to spare, I’m afraid moving to Shanghai would affect our development.”

“I’m not saying to relocate immediately. A year ago I drew a design for the HQ of the Magnificent Tang Corp, and the site would be in Shanghai. Thus, I planned to purchase a plot of land there and complete the construction work. Within two years, the construction of the Magnificent Tang Corp’s HQ in Shanghai shall be completed, and thus the company will be relocated.”

“Then, how about our production lines?” Asked Kang Xia.

“We’ll set up an industrial park that completely belongs to the Magnificent Tang Corp. What I need from you is to build a company that’s akin to a hen laying golden eggs, and a huge amount of profits that will flow into the company’s account every day,” said Tang Xiu.

“Such a scale of operation will definitely require an enormous capital. How much are you going to invest in it, exactly?” Asked Kang Xia.

“At least 20 billion yuan,” said Tang Xiu.


Despite her being already aware that Tang Xiu would invest an enormous capital, the amount still shocked her. One must know that the total assets of the Magnificent Tang Corp were definitely not more than 20 billion yuan, yet Tang Xiu said that he would invest 20 billion yuan just to construct the company HQ within two years. That meant it would seriously afflict the company’s financial aspect, hence causing severe financial problems.

“Relax! The progress track and development being carried out by the company will remain the same, just like the present condition. I won’t use the money from the company. Let alone 20 billion, even if it’s 200 billion, I can still get that amount as well,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile.

Shuddering inside, yet eyes shining, Kang Xia asked, “How did you get the funds, Boss?”

“I won’t tell you that for the time being. Your task is to seize the time and make our healthcare product enter the market. Before June 1st next year we must make as much money as possible. Zhengyu and I have discussed some possibilities. His Long Family will very likely propose that the properties in the New City should be opened for sale before June 1st next year.”

“I see,” said Kang Xia with a nod, her eyes lit up.

Patting her shoulder, Tang Xiu smilingly said, “The company’s affairs are yours to handle. If you feel tired, you should spend money to find and hire outstanding talents in business management, as well as train as many talents as possible at the same time. In the coming years, the size of our company will continue to expand, and in due course, we’ll need a lot of talented people so , we had better prepare for the rainy days.”

“You can rest assured about that. I’m already aware of it,” said Kang Xia smilingly.

“Since you’re aware of it, then I won’t say any more.” Tang Xiu nodded. “Anyhow, I must accompany my parents to the capital today, so I’ll be leaving. I’ll head straight to Shanghai after leaving Beijing. Just call me if there’s anything you need.”

“You’re going to leave today?”

A look of disappointment appeared on her face, as she subconsciously caught Tang Xiu’s arm.


Noon came.

Tang Xiu drove the car with his parents on board, and was on the way to the capital. The bad weather didn’t give him any choice but to drive himself there. To his satisfaction, four women in their 30s were closely following them in secret. These four were people personally selected by Kuwako, hailing from the Northstar One Blade School but listed in the people-who-must-die list of the school.

As night fell, two cars came out from the toll booth of the high-speed highway, but were then stopped at the toll gate exit. It was because his license number… was out of the ordinal number limit.

“You’ve been driving for six hours already, Xiu’er. You might as well take it as having a good rest. Let’s just take a break and wait until 12 AM before entering the city,” Su Lingyun got off, as she shifted her eyes and smilingly talked to Tang Xiu who stood in the front, smoking.

Faintly smiling at her, Tang Xiu replied, “I’m in a hurry, Mom. I must enter the city before 12 AM. Stopping here will delay me and Grandpa’s discussion. Nevertheless, I just phoned Auntie, though. I’m sure we’ll be able to enter the city very soon.”

“Son, you know that your Auntie is a very busy person. How can you trouble her over this trivial matter?” Asked Su Lingyun with a smile.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile. Just as he was about to reply, he suddenly creased his brows as his eyes gazed at several top sports cars coming out of the toll booth. Those were very expensive sports cars. As their engines roared, it sped up drastically and quickly disappeared at the end of the road.

“The children of the big families in Beijing are really outrageous,” Tang Yunde got out of the car, as he shook his head and sighed.

“With the existence of big trees in their families, they won’t be blown up by the wind and the rain won’t fall down upon them. They only have such courage due to their family backgrounds. Only, the way they are driving will surely injure some people!” Tang Xiu chuckled and commented.

“Who said it hasn’t occurred already? The number of traffic accidents has been increasing exponentially every year, and numerous people have lost their lives due to traffic accidents each year. If everyone drives a bit slower and steadily, just imagine how many accidents can be avoided, and people won’t have to lose their family members because of it!”

Amid their conversation, a police car stopped nearby. As several traffic policemen came out of the car and approached, Tang Xiu then heard his name being inquired by them.

“Here!” Tang Xiu waved at him.

Immediately after, the policemen briskly approached, as the tall one among them asked with a smiling face, “Are you Mr. Tang Xiu?”

“Yeah, that’s me!” Tang Xiu nodded.

The policeman quickly said, “We have just received a phone call from Minister Tang. She said that you have urgent things to do, so she asked us to escort you to your destination. Shall we go…”

Tang Xiu nodded at him and said, “There’s also another car behind us. Let them go as well!”

“All right!”

After boarding the car, Su Lingyun asked, “Son, what do you mean there’s another car behind us?”

“Those are your bodyguards, Mom,” said Tang Xiu while driving.

Su Lingyun dazed and stared blankly, as she then asked with astonishment, “But when did I have bodyguards?”

“They have been following you for months already, Mom; though you didn’t know about it. Their job is to protect your safety, but they won’t disturb your daily life. Relax! It’s all part of my arrangements, so you can feel relieved,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“But who are they, Xiu’er?” Asked Su Lingyun hastily.

“Since I’m the one who arranged it, then they are naturally my people. Please don’t ask more about their origins, since you won’t know it. Shall we go now? The matter of us coming to Beijing should have entered Grandpa’s ears, and I’m sure he’s already waiting for us,” replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

Despite feeling doubtful, Su Lingyun eventually nodded. Although Tang Xiu had previously told her that he would arrange several bodyguards to protect her, she had never seen any one of them before, so she thought that she had no bodyguards at all. Who could have thought that the bodyguards had been hiding in the dark and secretly protecting her for several months already?

“That’s our son! Good!” Tang Yunde who sat beside Su Lingyun sighed and smiled.


At the Tang Family’s ancestral residence...

Tang Min was nested on the sofa. She was so hungry that her stomach began to gurgle, yet she could only watch the table full of steaming hot meals with a wry smile. What made her speechless was the appearance of her mother and father—the old Head of the family, who kept glancing at the door from time to time.

“Father, Mother, how about we have a meal first? It will take a while for Second Brother to arrive, after all. I was too busy at noon today and only had a bite, I’m starving to death.”

"No can do!" Said Tang Guosheng without a shred of hesitation.

On the other side of the sofa, Tang Guoshou grinned, “Little Min, your Second Brother and Second Sis-In-Law are coming, let’s just wait for them for a while! They’re driving over here, and definitely won’t stop to have a meal on the road. If you’re so hungry that you can’t stand it, just go to the kitchen and find something to wolf down there.”

“I’ll just wait then, Third Uncle!” Replied Tang Min with a wry smile.

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