Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Filming Without Permission

At lunch break, Tang Xiu left the to eat at the cafeteria. However, his expression changed just as he stepped out of the consultation room, since not only were there two security guards at the entrance to the room but also four police officers maintaining order in the corridor.

“Do we need to be this exaggerating?” Tang Xiu glanced at Dai Xinyue, smilingly touching his nose.

“There was actually some peculiar circumstances in the morning, Master,” said Dai Xinyue. “It’s kind of the last resort employed by the President and Chief Deng of Municipal Public Security Bureau.”

“Peculiar circumstances? What exactly happened?” Asked Tang Xiu with a strange expression.

“There were a lot of reporters at the hospital entrance in the morning,” said Dai Xinyue with a forced smile. “Even people from City TV station and Provincial TV station came. As far as I know, there were dozens of reporters wanting to interview you, and squeezed inside. Finally, the security guards and the police force stopped them, hence causing conflicts between the two parties. After the president learned about the incident, he and Chief Deng personally came to drive them out, even issuing a strict order that they are not allowed to step into the hospital.”

“Reporters?” Tang Xiu frowned. “Do they have nothing else to do? Why would they want to interview me, anyway?”

“Master, your fame is very hot as of now. I heard that an anchor of a live broadcast channel came to our hospital, and she broadcasted a live about you and the sea of people in our Chinese Medical Hospital through her live broadcast channel. Therefore, all major media networks have received this news from yesterday. The captured footage has even been shared to many forums and social media such as WeChat and QQ. Put simply, you’re very hot now, a headline.”

“Is that true, Xinyue?” Asked Tang Xiu hurriedly. “I have never liked being exposed, and if it’s true, maybe I’ll become the focus of attention and be followed wherever I go.”

Dai Xinyue stretched out her fingers, saying, “Master, I swear that everything I said is true. You can browse the internet if you don’t believe me. Many websites put you in the headlines, reporting you as a miracle-working doctor.”

Tang Xiu quickly took out his mobile phone. After searching and browsing it on the internet, he could only let out a forced smile. He never dreamed that things would escalate to this situation.

Suddenly, his expression slightly changed, and he quickly said, “Xinyue, go grab a bite in the cafeteria. I need to make a phone call, and then I’ll go straight to you afterward.”

“All right, Master. I’ll help you order a meal,” Dai Xinyue replied with a nod.

Half a minute later, Tang Xiu left the corridor and dialed the Old Tang Family Head in a remote corner.

“Ah, Xiu’er. Why did you suddenly remember to call me?” Tang Guosheng’s tone seemed very happy for receiving Tang Xiu’s phone call.

“I just encountered a small problem, Grandpa,” said Tang Xiu. “I’ve been in the Star City Chinese Medical Service providing medical services, and someone dragged me into the news. I became many media’s headlines because of many people coming here to get treated by me. If my identity is exposed, the Yao Family will probably obtain the news as well. By then, they should be able to guess that curing your asthma wouldn’t be a problem given my medical skills. Furthermore, they should also be able to figure out that my father’s recovery from his vegetative state was my masterpiece.”

Tang Guosheng was silent before he slowly said, “You really are Tang Guosheng’s grandson with that meticulous and careful brain of yours. Anyhow, I’ve already caught the news about you rendering medical services at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital before you called me. But I didn’t expect that such a situation would unfold, though. It seems that I will no longer able to conceal my recovery.”

“Then, what are you gonna do?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“A change in our strategy,” said Tang Guosheng. “Prior to this, the Tang Family employed the strategy to develop our force in secret. Since it will no longer work, I’ll announce that I’ve recovered from my illness, and will develop and exhibit the Tang Family without concealing it. It’s been more than 20 years that our family has been constantly under suppression with a lot of people eyeing on us, while waiting for me to return to the West paradise. Now we should give them some shocks.”

“For us, the Tang Family, to go straight onto the stage after having been developing ourselves in secret all this while, I’m afraid it will be very difficult; those hostile forces surely will not sit idly by seeing whatever the Tang Family does to develop itself,” said Tang Xiu.

Tang Guosheng fell into silence again, and slowly said, “Xiu’er, I want to ask you one thing.”

“Please, do ask!” Said Tang Xiu.

“If I amassed our entire funds, can you train a powerful force without being noticed by anyone?” Asked Tang Guosheng.

“I need to know the exact amount first,” said Tang Xiu.

Tang Guosheng thought for a moment, and said, “50 billion. It’s the maximum amount the Tang Family can mobilize without garnering attention. More than that will be difficult, I’m afraid.”

“Give me four years. I can use the money to train a group of outstanding talents, as well as cultivate a batch of highly skilled experts,” said Tang Xiu. “Moreover, I can invest it and double the amount.”

“Great, then come back in a few days. Let’s have a chat then,” said Tang Guosheng loudly.

“I’ll leave for Beijing on the 5th, then,” replied Tang Xiu.

After hanging up the phone, there was a sliver of excitement in Tang Xiu’s eyes. Though he was not short on funds, being able to obtain 50 billion in a short time would be enough for him to do a lot of things. He may have no other skills, but using money to produce more funds was his strong point. Furthermore, cultivating talents and skilled people would require an enormous amount of funds, and funding was the most fundamental issue for he to go all out.

Having finished his cigarette, Tang Xiu went to the cafeteria.

“Have you been good, Divine Doctor Tang?”

“Ah, you are here for lunch too, Divine Doctor Tang!”

“You really are so dedicated, Divine Doctor Tang. I didn’t see you eat lunch yesterday.”

“It has been laborious for you, Dr. Tang!”


Many doctors came greet Tang Xiu one after another. Tang Xiu didn’t know these people, yet he greeted them back one by one, for the common saying told that no sane people would beat others who gave them smiling faces. After greeting all of them, Tang Xiu then went toward Dai Xinyue’s place.

“Master, I have already ordered your meal. Also, President Li originally wanted to order special servings for you, but I didn’t agree considering your disposition. You wouldn’t blame me for that, would you?” Dai Xinyue got up and smilingly said.

“Anything will do,” said Tang Xiu as he waved his hand.

At this time, a figure came to Tang Xiu’s side. It was Sun Wenjing, who took her lunch plate as she took a seat next to Dai Xinyue and smilingly said, “Divine Doctor Tang, have you been good all this time?”

Tang Xiu looked up to her and smilingly replied, “Ah, hello, too! Have your mother’s condition been good?”

With a grateful expression, Sun Wenjing said, “My mother is very healthy now, and she has always wanted to thank you, Dr. Tang. If it weren’t for you, perhaps…”

“Healing the wounded and rescuing the dying are a doctor’s duty,” said Tang Xiu while shaking his head. “I may not be a pure doctor, but since I’ve promised President Li to provide my medical services at the Chinese Medical Hospital, I was just doing my duty.”

Sun Wenjing nodded. There was a bit of envy in her eyes when she looked at Dai Xinyue. She then talked to Tang Xiu, “Dr. Tang, my mother is always talking about you. If you have some free time, I hope you can visit us.”

“Let us talk about that again later, shall we?” Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and began eating his lunch.

After having lunch, Tang Xiu returned to the consultation room, yet the scene inside the spacious room made him stare blankly. There was a new table moved to the room with a large number of pennants placed on it. Judging the number with his eyes, it should be more than 200.

“Divine Doctor Tang, these were sent to you from the patients. My Senior Brother told us to put the pennants here,” said Chu Guoxiong with a smile.

“Ah, President Li really doesn’t understand me well, it seems,” said Tang Xiu and couldn’t help chuckle. “Placing these brocade flags here doesn’t have any significance at all. Besides, many of the patients come from poor households, and making these brocade flags would be a burden for them. So, let’s just forget it. Anyhow, I recall that the hospital has once set up a relief fund to help those poor patients, right? Then I’ll donate 1 million yuan later and let the hospital manage and arrange it to help those patients whose family conditions are difficult.”

Giving him a thumbs up, Chu Guoxiong praised, “I think your benevolence and compassionate heart, as well as your magical medical skills, have become a gospel for countless families, Dr. Tang. In light of this, I’ll also donate 1 million yuan to express my own intention and respect!”

“The disciples of the Sage Doctor really are kind-hearted,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Master has a motto that virtues are everywhere along the journey, and helping patients is the duty of us, doctors, to begin with,” said Chu Guoxiong with a smile. “Prior to this, I cared a lot about that underserved fame and reputation. But ever since I met you, my Master reprimanded me, awakening me all of a sudden. I learned a lot and finally realized that not only must a doctor possess skillful and powerful medical skills, but he or she must also have two important traits -- medical ethics and professionalism.”

A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he said, “The more I listen to you, the more I’d like to pay tribute to your Respected Master—Gui Jianchou. I would be glad of having a chance to visit him later.”

“I’m very sure my Master will be very happy to meet you,” said Chu Guoxiong hastily.

While the two men were talking in the consultation room, they didn’t notice that Tian Xiaomeng was leaning on the door outside the room with her mobile phone’s camera aimed at them. Hence, everything they said had all been broadcasted on her live channel.

As a result, her live channel simply exploded with comments.

Numerous followers of were emotionally touched and unceasingly threw praises to the two men. Many even hit the reward and donation buttons. In just a few minutes, the total number and amount of rewards already equalled to what she obtained yesterday.

“Everyone, all the donations today will be going to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s relief fund; in the hope that it can help more patients with difficult circumstances,” Tian Xiaomeng quickly stepped back. She directed the camera at herself and spoke in a low voice.

Her speech immediately drew a stream of appreciations and praises yet again.

Some followers even captured the last minutes of the footage and the praising commentaries and then shared it everywhere. Unknown to these followers, the video they intercepted and edited would then cause a big sensation in the country and the world as a whole.

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