Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 498

Chapter 498: The Power of an Internet Celebrity

Tian Xiaomeng was frustrated. It was depressing to the point of vomiting blood. She was a popular girl, being especially famous on the internet as an internet celeb. Yet now, as she was accompanying her mother to see a doctor today, she was left speechless, for the entirety of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital was fully filled with a sea of people. And it wasn’t even 8 AM! The most important fact was that the number had not only reduced, but had suddenly increased instead.

“Mom, come on! Let’s leave this place and go to another hospital. There are so many people here, we may not be able to get a number even if we wait for three days and three nights!” Said Tian Xiaomeng with a helpless expression while standing in the line nearby the hospital’s entrance.

“No. I heard that the young divine doctor, whose medical skills are extraordinary, has finally come to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital to render his medical services. It will be a pity if we don’t get a number after standing in line. Rumor has it that the young divine doctor, Tang Xiu, can diagnose and treat very fast. If… if we are lucky, maybe we can get on the line today!” Zhao Qin said, as even she herself was not sure about it. Nearly in her 50s, she still retained a graceful bearing.

“Mom, please have a look at the people here. Needless to say that the young divine doctor could treat very fast, but even if he’s able to treat a person every three to five minutes, I’m afraid that our turn will not come today! Just look around, there are so many of them that they look like ants,” said Tian Xiaomeng helplessly.

“Let’s just wait and see,” said Zhao Qin with a forced smile.

Tian Xiaomeng knew her mother’s physical condition. She had a kind of precordium ache that always pained her, yet nobody was able to detect the problem or its condition. It always made her mother worried and uneasy. Since she really wanted that young divine doctor, Tang Xiu, to diagnose and treat her, then she would accompany her herself.

As she looked around, Tian Xiaomeng sighed inwardly, “This Tang Xiu, who is touted as a young divine doctor, is truly amazing. Merely coming to this Chinese Medical Hospital to provide his medical services, yet so many patients have already recognized and come to see him. He’s virtually a model for my generation. If my live broadcast channel was so popular and had so many loyal followers, how good would that be…”

Suddenly, her expression moved, as an idea surfaced in her mind. The glint in her eyes turned more vivid as she glanced around. Her eyes finally landed on a family of three near her, and asked, “Hello, may I ask you something?”

The young woman who was hugging her child smilingly replied, “What do you want to ask?”

“Are you also here for the young divine doctor?” Asked Tian Xiaomeng.

The young woman nodded, “Of course. I came here to see that young divine doctor for consultation and treatment. My daughter has been in poor health, and the problem is with her kidneys. We have already spent a lot of money and visited many hospitals, yet there has been no cure for her. So when I heard that the young divine doctor can cure my daughter’s illness, we rushed from Jingmen Island. And not only that, we have been waiting here for a few days.”

With eyes turned wide, Tian Xiaomeng exclaimed in alarm, “You are from Jingmen Island? And… and you’ve been waiting here for several days?”

“Yeah! Why are you getting excited over this little mater? More than half of the patients here have heard his fame and hail from every part of the country. I even heard that some people have been waiting here for more than a month,” said the young woman.

Badum, badum, badum!

Tian Xiaomeng could feel her heart crazily pounding. The shock made her unable to calm down for a long period of time. After a long while, only then did she remember to take her mobile phone out and access her live broadcast channel.

“WOOT! The anchor is unexpectedly online now! That’s great!”

“Isn’t the broadcast time 8 PM every day? Luckily, I got a reminder set up whenever the anchor gets online, or else I would have missed seeing the goddess-like host.”

“The Meng girl is coming online at this hour? That’s strange, where are you now, girl? How could there be so many people around you???”

“Hey, Goddess, where exactly are you?”

“What kind of situation are you in now, Mengmeng?”


Just as Tian Xiaomeng appeared on her live channel, the number of people online rose. In a few minutes, the number of followers online her channel had reached more than 4,000 people.

After reading the comments, Tian Xiaomeng finally coughed softly and said, “Hello, everyone. I broadcast at 8 PM every day. But today, I just came across a very big event. This is simply an incredible sight if I may say, so I want to share it with all of you.

“Do you see the people around me? This sea of people? I’m now in Shuangqing Province’s Star City, at the Chinese Medical Hospital. As of today, a young divine doctor came to render his medical services here, and tens of thousands people who heard about his fame are now flocking here from every part of the country.

“Just as I learned about this situation, I was so shocked my heart nearly jumped out. There are too many people here, guys! Some of them come from other regions, and they have arrived in Star City a couple days ago; there are some others who have come a month ago, and have been waiting since just because they want to see that young divine doctor, to get diagnosed and treated by him. This makes me unable to imagine to what degree and how extraordinary that young divine doctor is! Why so many people came to see him and consult their health and get his treatment?

“Have you ever saw something like this? There’s too many patients here to see the doctors, and even the police from the Public Security Bureau came to maintain order! I myself just had a look outside the hospital, and the number of policemen inside and outside the hospital has now reached several hundred at the least…”

Along with Tian Xiaomeng’s explanation, the comments section simply exploded. Numerous followers posted their messages and constantly updated the screen.

“Heavens! Are you not kidding us, Young Lady Mengmeng? Western medical science is far more powerful and reliable than the traditional Chinese medical knowledge! Star City Chinese Medical Hospital is but only a small player, how could they possibly have such a big reputation?”

“Goddess Meng, is it for real, or is it a fake?? Is that young divine doctor really that skilled? Is there a chance that he’s a swindler or something?”

“Man, that’s so unbelievable. I thought it was a major event or something like that. Never thought it to be a hospital.”

“Divine Doctor Tang! I know that young divine doctor. His name is Tang Xiu, the most skilled divine doctor from Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. My family has a relative who suffered from a very troublesome chronic illness, but he has turned for the better because of Divine Doctor Tang.”

“Dear Meng, what exactly are you doing in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital? Are you sick or in a bad condition?”


The comments kept flashing without stopping. Tian Xiaomeng found herself somewhat overwhelmed and unable to catch up. However, she still picked some messages with issues she could answer, and told them what she knew and thought of.

When her followers found out that Tian Xiaomeng was accompanying her mother to see the said doctor, comments contained blessings, regards, donation, and rewards kept flashing unceasingly. There were even some local riches, who threw a lot of money in the form of rewards and donations. And quickly, the amount and number rose faster than the total number of her usual monthly live broadcast in the past.

Tian Xiaomeng was thrilled and excited. Never once had she ever dreamed of earning such a big harvest after half an hour of live broadcast. However, the most unexpected thing was that the website management noticed this particularity because the number of viewers in her live channel had continued to rise, and several local riches had been throwing money away.

“I’m at the top? It got pinned up?”

Tian Xiaomeng looked at the spot that displayed the number of viewers and followers on the screen of her mobile phone. Seeing as how it kept increasing so dramatically, her mouth was agape. Her shocked expression was so pure and lovely that it only caused the reward hit and donation to turn more frenzied.

At the same time, many followers and viewers downloaded the live broadcast to edit it into clips, and then shared the video through various channels. In an instant, a lot of people knew that there was a big event in Star City, and knew that Star City Chinese Medical Hospital had a young miracle-working doctor who possessed superb medical skills that could bring a patient back to life.

Among those clips were also some with banners that many people flagged as “The Cops Act as the Hospital’s Escort”. This was because a small-timer young anchor broadcasting a live streaming on her small channel, yet it was like a butterfly effect, for the video was unceasingly being shared, forwarded, and constantly being spread out through various channels.


At 12 PM Tang Xiu was still receiving patients for consultation and treatment. During the whole morning he hardly dared to waste the slightest amount of time. Even so, he could only treat 60 patients in the morning. There were also two patients with very troublesome diseases that he had to ask to go to the hospital’s Inpatient Department first. When he ended the day’s consultations, he then went to the Inpatient Department to give them treatment.

“Please make way. Everyone, please make way!”

Li Hongji and several other leaders were trying to squeeze into the consultation room. When he saw that Tang Xiu was currently giving acupuncture treatment to a patient inside a separated curtain-closed compartment, he then waited for Tang Xiu to come out.

“Dr. Tang, it’s already noon. Please have a rest and go to the cafeteria to eat something! We still have many patients; let us continue the work to give them treatment again in the afternoon,” said Li Hongji.

Tang Xiu was silent for a while. He slowly shook his head and said, “I’m eating there. Could you ask someone to bring it here, President Li? I will only have a bite before continuing.”

Li Hongji was taken aback. He forced a wry smile and said, “Dr. Tang, work must be alternated with rest, please!”

Tang Xiu replied with a reluctant expression, “I also know that it’s necessary to alternate work with rest. But we have too many patients, and if I don’t hurry up and use time efficiently, I’m afraid I will be very busy and unable to finish it by tomorrow morning.”

Squeezing out another forced smile, Li Hongji said, “Dr. Tang, even if you want to hurry up, you will probably be unable to finish treating them by tomorrow morning. Outside is… Well, I’m going tell you, then! There are really too many patients outside. As of now, not only has the hospital’s courtyard already full of people, even the areas outside the hospital have already been crowded. The comrades from the Public Security Bureau have dispatched several hundreds of police officers, yet they are barely able to maintain order. The patients said that they won’t leave until they can see you.”


Tang Xiu’s eyes turned wide, a look of disbelief in his eyes. After a short while, he hurriedly asked, “Haven’t you told them that only the patients who get the number today can get treatment? Didn’t you tell them to come back again tomorrow if they can’t get a number?”

Li Hongji forced a wry smile, “I already told them. Our hospital’s security guards have already broadcasted it a dozen times already, yet they don’t want to leave. It’s simply useless. I just can’t send people to drive them away!”

Tang Xiu gulped, “I can’t manage that much either. President Li, send someone to supervise it. Tell them that the treatment will be given to those who have a queue number; and as for those who don’t, give them the number according to their line number in the queue today, and tell them to come early tomorrow morning. Remember, the total number distributed to the patients must be the same as today’s.”

“All right!”

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