Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Solving the Problems

“Kuwako Yamamoto being sent out makes me concerned. If she goes back empty-handed her status in the Yamamoto Family will be affected. Also, not only will she gain a bad reputation in the Northstar One Blade School, she will also be considered as incompetent, thus greatly impacting the acceptance of the Yamamoto and the Northstar One Blade School in the future.”

“What are you gonna do about that, then?” Asked Kang Xia.

“I’m still thinking, but I don’t have any idea as of yet,” said Tang Xiu.

Kang Xia’s expression moved as she quickly said, “Boss, that plan of ours, didn’t we have some of our people act as officials from the State Special Department? Since we must deal with the Italian mafia, Cubo Clan, the United States company -- Brauns Group -- as well as a few other forces that have yet to act, why don’t we keep acting as government officials and join in the play with Kuwako Yamamoto?”

“How should we do it, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu, his expression moved.

Kang Xia faintly smiled, “If those attempting to mess with us are all wiped out and disappear, those brought by Kuwako Yamamoto will eventually leave China, though they may suffer some losses. We can impersonate our government officials to get rid of them.”

Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up. He clapped his hands and said, “Yeah, that’s a very good idea! I was originally planning to let Yu Sasha pass the news to the Cubo Clan and Brauns Group. I’m sure they have sent the news back to their homeland that our Special Department is involved in this matter now. If the Japanese team led by Kuwako lost some of their people, and then finally ran away, we can also use Kuwako’s testimony to confirm this point. It will play a very good role in deterring our enemies.”

“Your problems have been solved, then. How will you reward me, Boss?” Said Kang Xia with a smile.

Tang Xiu pulled her and kissed her forehead, and then smilingly said, “This is your reward!”

Coiling her hands around Tang Xiu’s waist, Kang Xia said, “This is far from enough. I told you that I wanna have a child with you.”

Tang Xiu stared blankly. He looked to the bed in the innermost part of the room and immediately took her into his arms and strode toward it.

Colors of spring were overflowing, and the room was filled with reserved moans.

An hour later, Tang Xiu looked at the sleepy Kang Xia as he put on his clothes and went out of the room. After lighting a cigarette, he silently began thinking how to make the game more realistic.


Time flew by.

Inside a certain suite of the Long’s Dining Hall, Ashberford was smoking a large cigar as he looked at Alessandro after hanging up the phone. There was a vigilant look on his eyes as he spoke in a heavy voice, “It’s confirmed. The officials of the China Government are indeed meddling in this issue. Our people have discovered them near the Magnificent Tang Corp. We’ll need to call my father and tell him about this situation.”

Alessandro’s complexion similarly changed. He nodded and quickly picked up his mobile phone. A few minutes later, he hung up the phone and said, “Big Brother, I just called the Godfather. He wants us to get the Gods Nectar formula at all costs without compromising our safety. If those China officials dare to attack us he said to counterattack immediately, then withdraw from Star City and leave China through our special channels.”

“I see,” Ashberford nodded. “Tonight all of us will leave for the Street River Old District Yu Sasha told us. We’ll immediately withdraw after getting the Gods Nectar formula. As of now, China is no longer a safe place for us.”

“Got it! I think so too,” said Alessandro.

“There’s only half an hour left to 12 AM,” Ashberford looked at his watch. “Despite this place being quite near Street River Old District, we had better go there now as to prevent any unexpected accidents! That’s right, have our people there already prepared?”

“All of them are ready!” Alessandro said. “They will stay low if there’s no danger, and will immediately attack should any dangers arise.”



At a very dark entrance of the Supermarket in the River Street Old District.

Covered with a coat and wearing a black hat and mask on her face, Yu Sasha was quietly walking to a dark corner. After arriving there, she stopped and stayed still. Not far from her position, more than ten of the Cubo Clan people were silently observing her through binoculars, and messaged Ashberford about her movements.

About five minutes to 12 AM two cars quickly stopped at the supermarket entrance. After six or seven men got off the cars, Ashberford turned around to look for Yu Sasha.

“What took you so long?”

When Yu Shasha stood up from the dark corner, she looked toward Ashberford. There was a dissatisfied look on her face, as well as a bit of anxiousness.

“It’s only five minutes to our agreement time, so we’re not even late,” said Ashberford. “Miss Yu, did you bring what we want?”

Yu Shasha glanced around, looking like a thief. After confirming that there was nothing exceptional in the surroundings, she quickly took a piece of paper and stuffed it into Ashberford’s hand, and then quickly said, “This is the Gods Nectar formula. You can conduct an experiment to test it. I will not deceive you; I don’t have the courage to do so. However, you must promise we’ll never seen each other again if this formula is authentic.”

A joyful look filled Ashberford’s eyes as he took a fast glimpse at the recipe. Looking satisfied, he smilingly said, “I understand. You’re an employee of the Magnificent Tang Corp, after all. And employees who sell confidential information of their company will be sentenced. Rest assured, though! We will never expose you.”

There was a change in Yu Sasha’s expression as she looked deeply at Ashberford before she turned around and half-run away. Shortly after, her figure had disappeared into the darkness.

Ashberford turned to Alessandro and said in a deep voice, “Tell our people to converge now, and let’s leave Star City immediately.”


There was an excited expression on Alessandro’s face. He quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a string of numbers. However, even though the call ringed until the call ended, no one answered him.

“What could have happened? How could nobody answer?”

Ashberford’s expression slightly changed and asked in a deep voice, “Nobody answered? What is Arinto doing? Isn’t he nearby? Go find them! This damn asshole, maybe he lost his phone again. I will severely punish him after I get back home.”

Alessandro quickly responded and dashed away with a few men. After having inspected the vicinity, he furrowed his brows and returned to report, “Big Brother, I can’t find them. Logically speaking, they should be lurking nearby, but how can I not see their traces at all?”

Ashberford frowned, “Wasn’t Arinto continuously sending us messages about Yu Sasha’s movements from his hiding spot previously? How could their traces suddenly disappear? Keep looking for them! They must be nearby.”

Following that, they kept searching for more than half an hour observing many places with binoculars. Yet they were unable to find Arinto and the dozen other men that were with him even though they searched many of their hiding places.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ghost-like figures silently approached the group with Tie Zhongkui as the leader. His mouth clamped a sharp dagger as he quietly appeared beside Ashberford like a ghost in the dark night. The knife that was previously clamped in his mouth was instantly placed on Ashberford’s neck.

“We meet again, old friend!”

Tie Zhongkui’s cold voice sounded in Ashberford’s ears.

At the same time, several core experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall aimed their muzzles at Alessandro and the rest.

Ashberford’s body turned stiff. He swiveled his head to look at Tie Zhongkui. His pupils suddenly shrank, as he exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh my God! You’re that damn demon… no no no, it should be Dear Zarys. I know that it’s not your real name, but it’s the only name I know to call you by. How could you be here? Are there any misunderstandings between us?”

“There is no misunderstanding between us, Ashberford. But you are interfering with the interests of my Boss, trying to steal his stuff. Hence, you must be punished. I would have killed you directly if I were to follow my previous codes, since I still vividly remember the bullet you left in my left arm.”

“Don’t! Don’t do it, Zarys!” Ashberford hurriedly said. “We had no hostile relationship at the beginning, and I only did that because you killed a lot of my Cubo Clan’s experts. Besides, I think the issue has been cleared between the two sides, no? Also, who is your Boss? Can I talk to him? I think everything can be resolved if we just talk.”

“Nope, there has never been any mistakes nor misunderstandings.” Tie Zhongkui sneered. “You can rest assured, though. Our Boss is kind-hearted and doesn’t want us to kill you. But you will have to make a trip with us. Of course, I will still kill you if you resist.”


In Star City tonight, incidents in which the Everlasting Feast Hall’s members captured the enemies occurred in several other places. Everything was carried out smoothly, and except for a few people who were mercilessly slain due to fighting back, the rest were knocked down and tied up. They were then thrown into a container truck that had been prepared in advance.

Inside the auto garage shop in the Street River Old District, Tang Xiu was sitting in the courtyard and pondering some issues as his mobile phone rang.

“How are things going, Tie Zhongkui?” Asked Tang Xiu directly after pressing the answer button.

“It’s been done, Boss,” said Tie Zhongkui. “All those on the list have been captured by us; we have also captured some who were not on the list and all of them have been sent to the port by our men. We’ll send them out of China tonight.”

“Tell them to pay attention to their safety on the way there, and execute those who dare to revolt,” said Tang Xiu.

“Copy that!” Replied Tie Zhongkui respectfully.

“Come to the auto garage shop. There are some things I need you to deal with. Also, find a quiet place for the rest to settle, and don’t let them attract the attention of outsiders,” said Tang Xiu.

“Boss, I’ll send the men to board the ship first, and then come over to your position,” said Tie Zhongkui.

“Copy that!” said Tang Xiu.

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