Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Variables

A happy smile fully covered Ashberford’s rough face. He was already fantasizing about what he’d do when he became the godfather of the clan.

There was a time in the past when their clan controlled a lot of grey businesses in Italy, among which were business that posed risks. In recent years, due to the intentions of his father to reduce their number of grey businesses, they began to massively invest in honest businesses.

Therefore, after they appraised the Gods Nectar that was touted as the best wine in the world through a “special” channel, they immediately decided to contact the Magnificent Tang Corp in an attempt to get exclusive rights for selling it in the Italy market. The result made them disappointed, however, since the Magnificent Tang Corp didn’t want to cooperate with them at all.

It left them with no choice, as his father’s orders were akin to imperial orders. Hence, he had to obtain the Gods Nectar’s formula either by hook or crook. Since the Magnificent Tang Corp didn’t want to cooperate with them, they might as well produce the wine themselves.

Ashberford was a particularly astute person, yet he was proud and conceited. He could smell enormous profits from Gods Nectar through the sales figure of the Magnificent Tang Corp. If they could get this wine for their Cubo Clan, their clan would have their wealth multiplied within several years; even their clan’s strength would be enhanced further.

Such a result would aid him in running for the position of the clan’s godfather.

Knock, knock…

The door was knocked. Ashberford strode forward and opened the door himself. After seeing Yu Sasha standing outside, a bright smile appeared on his rough face, as he gentlemanly said, “Welcome, Miss Yu. Please come inside.”

After Yu Sasha entered the room, she directly opened the conversation, “I got some problems. The formula for the Gods Nectar can’t be handed over to you for now. But rest assured that I will give it to you after you’ve transferred the money into my account.”

Ashberford’s face changed. Though he was quite upset, he tried to restrain himself and asked, “May I know what kind of problem it is?”

Yu Sasha stayed silent for a moment before answering, “Last night, the Magnificent Tang Corp.’s General Manager contacted someone from China Special Department. And now the entire Magnificent Tang Corp is under the protection of the country. If not for me getting the Gods Nectar’s formula ahead of time, I would have no means to get it now.”

The Chinese Government?

There was a look of fear in Ashberford’s eyes. He knew perfectly well the situation in China. It would be very troublesome once the government got involved in this matter. Nevertheless, he secretly rejoiced inside because of Yu Sasha’s boldness and intelligence by getting the Gods Nectar’s formula ahead of time.

“Miss Yu, I believe you have figured out what kind of existence our Cubo Clan is in these last few days. I don’t want to threaten you, but you should already know the fate of whoever deceives us. Give me your account number, I’ll order someone to transfer the money to you now.”

After thinking for a while, Yu Sasha finally told Ashberford her account number with a firm expression. The bank account she gave him, however, was not from a Chinese bank, but from a bank in Switzerland.

Several minutes later, a middle-aged man who was sitting in front of a laptop looked up and spoke to Ashberford, “Boss, this Swiss bank account is newly approved, but the name and the information are more or less the same as hers.”

“That’s quite a smart move, Miss Yu,” said Ashberford with a laugh. “A Swiss bank may disclose some information pertaining to their clients, but most of it remains confidential. Anyhow, we have just transferred the money to this account. It’s impossible for others to know that you suddenly have a huge sum of money in your account. Even if you continue working for the Magnificent Tang Corp, there won’t be no danger at all if you keep your shoes dry.”

“Regardless of that, we—Chinese have a saying that it’s better to make a ship that can last for all time,” replied Yu Sasha.

Giving her a thumbs up, Ashberford then turned his head and said, “Transfer the money to her.”

“Copy that!” The middle-aged man sitting before the laptop immediately inputted a string of account numbers, and then began the transferring process via online banking. Two minutes later, 10 million USD had been transferred to Yu Sasha’s account.

“Miss Yu, the money has already been transferred to you. When will you give me the Gods Nectar formula?” Asked Ashberford.

“I’ve taken quite a risk coming here today. It wasn’t easy for me, either, because the top executives of my company are under surveillance by the people from the State Special Department. Hence, meeting during the day won’t do. But I’ll be at the Star City’s River Street Old District at 12 o’clock tonight. I’ll be waiting at the entrance of the supermarket with the Gods Nectar formula.”

Ashberford nodded, “Do you mind if I send people to secretly follow you? Besides, we have already given you 10 million USD. It will be very troublesome for us if you run away, you know.”

“Feel free to follow me if you want to,” said Shasha lightly. “But I gotta warn you, though. Once I return to the Magnificent Tang Corp I will probably be under tight surveillance from the Chinese officials. It’s best not to send people to follow me if you don’t want yourself to get exposed.”

“Got it. I know the situation and what to do,” said Ashberford.

Yu Sasha didn’t say anything more after that. She straightly left the room and vanished very quickly at the entrance of the Long’s Dining Hall.

Meanwhile, the same course of the events was also taking place in another 5-star hotel ten kilometers away from there. Only, the buyer this time was not the Cubo Clan, but the person-in-charge of the Brauns Group from the United States. Certainly, a company as wealthy as the Brauns Group offered a higher price. They offered 20 million USD to buy the formulas of the Gods Nectar, Skin Care Lotion, and Scar Removal Cream.


Dusk arrived. Inside an auto garage shop on the River Street of Old District of Star City, more than a hundred experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall had quietly arrived there. The entire site was full of people, yet nobody spoke.

Among these people, except a dozen or so core experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall, the rest were all peripheral members. They might not be as strong as the core experts, but they were still many times more powerful than common people.

“Boss, Tie Zhongkui is reporting. Ready to accept orders!”

The valiant and powerful Tie Zhongkui finally arrived, as he stood before Tang Xiu and reported respectfully.

Nodding to him, Tang Xiu then said, “Your mission will be quite difficult, since your opponents should be very strong as well. What I’m tasking you with is to capture those people from the Cubo Clan, an Italian mafia syndicate, and the people from the Brauns Group, a United States company, who are currently in Star City. Capture all of them and send them abroad via special means, and then dump them on our mining area in Africa as forced labor. Additionally, send some people to keep them under surveillance there. In the case they are trying to escape, you can kill them.”

“Consider it done, Boss,” said Tie Zhongkui in a deep voice.

Tang Xiu nodded and took out two sheets of information. Handing them over to Tie Zhongkui, he said, “This is the information on the members of the Italian mafia in Star City, and the other one is on people from the United States company, Brauns Group. All of the names listed in these two documents must be captured. Certainly, this document may not have information on some of them if they haven’t been investigated yet. Still, you must find all of them and drag them to the mining area in Africa.”

“Affirmative!” Answered Tie Zhongkui respectfully.

Tang Xiu take a quick glance at everyone around, and said, “Twenty of you come with me. There are some arrangements that need to be done separately.”

Immediately, 20 seasoned burly men stood under Tie Zhongkui’s command.

Following that, Tang Xiu distributed some forged credentials that were made in the afternoon and then said in a deep tone, “Your task is very simple. You all will pose as people from the State Special Department and will appear in the vicinity of the Magnificent Tang Corp. If you guys encounter suspicious persons, do not alert the enemy. Take a look at these photos and memorize their faces. If these four were to appear, do check them out and question them. Do remember that the interrogation must be simple and casual. After that, let them leave.”

“Affirmative!” The 20 strong men then memorized Tang Xiu’s orders.

With all the arrangements properly placed, each and every one of them vanished from the auto garage shop. However, Tang Xiu didn’t leave, but turned and walked into a room next to the repair shop.

“Has everything been arranged properly?” Asked Kang Xia with a smiling face.

“Yeah, everything’s done,” said Tang Xiu with a nod. “Let’s wait until 12 sharp to draw all the fishes in the net.”

“Are you not going to follow them?” Asked Kang Xia.

“If I still have follow them for such a trivial matter, then they are useless,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Relax! These core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall are the cream of the crop. They will definitely be able to deal with this issue easily, for they have done this many times already. I, however, am now thinking about another issue.”

“What is it?” Asked Kang Xia, confused.

“It’s about the people from Japan,” answered Tang Xiu.

“Ah, about that Yamamoto Family from Japan. They did send people, requesting a cooperation with our Magnificent Tang Corp, but I rejected them,” said Kang Xia. “There have been no other movements from them until now, though.”

“I already know the situation on their side. The young lady of the Yamamoto Family, Kuwako Yamamoto, is someone under me. She received an order two days ago, assigning her to command a group of experts and come to Star City. Their purpose is the same as the Cubo Clan and Brauns Group. They are preparing to buy the top executives of our company and steal the formulas of our products.”

“Oh!! When did you turn Kuwako Yamamoto into one of ours, Boss?” Asked Kang Xia, astonished.

“About a few months ago!” Said Tang Xiu.

“Is she reliable?” Asked Kang Xia again, looking worried. “It’s not like I’m discriminating or something, but her people are… I’m afraid that…”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. Her life is in my hands, so she will never dare to betray me,” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “Besides, she also has another identity. She’s the future Master of Japan’s Northstar One Blade School. And I have the intention to nurture and train her well since I will use her as a springboard to control the authority and wealth of some organizations in Japan.”

Knowing Tang Xiu well, Kang Xia knew that she didn’t need to be worried since he was so sure about it, though she was clueless about what method Tang Xiu had employed.

“Boss, since Kuwako Yamamoto is one of us, then what exactly are you worried about?”

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